Thursday, August 9, 2012

Coming Attractions!!!!

Awesome August on GSN The Know continues to be awesome even if you're in college. And next Tuesday, I'll lecture you on....

-Ratings 101: Why is Family Feud continuing to dominate the ratings and why people chose Sportscenter or The Today Show over classics.
-News Writing: How you write stories regarding he American Bible Challenge and The Pyramid.
-Verbal Reponses: How Buzzerbloggers react to info regarding the Pyramid.
-Opionations: My take on teh teams in teh challenge.

All that and only one extra iĆ® activity: Halftime video watching. Please join us for GSN The Know. There will be a test on it later.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ring the bell, school's back in, suckers!
(theme fades out)

Ah, welcome to August and this blog known as GSN The Know. The kids are all back in school, and it's another year of bad-looking teachers, homework and missing out on your way to watch cartoons all morning long. Here, we provide good-looking hosts, homework we prepared in advance and never missing out on a week's notice. Let's get the first quarter on a roll. Hilty will bring down the projector screen and turn it on.....

Family Feud topped the charts with more than 700k viewers breaking another record for this network. Harvey's version took the first 7 slots along with a tie for 8th place for the newest show, Minute to Win It, which also took up the 10th spot. Now an early trip to the principal's office.

Whammy! takes the first slot, 2nd goes to 25K Pyramid, plus 2 more classics came in between Family Feud and Password Plus stayed out of dead last, because Dawson's version took the last 4. First quarter is gone by and Hilty must go. Now!

Now the 2nd quarter and with the Bible game and Beat The Chefs just 2 weeks away, GSN decided to throw a schedule change sheet to the nation in case they miss one, the other or both. Here they come:

GSN Schedules for August 20-26; August 27-September 2
The pdf's for the weeks August 20-26 and August 27-September 2 are up at Casey's Blog. These are the first two weeks of "American Bible Challenge" and "Beat the Chefs", but the last week before the premiere of The Pyramid

Changes starting week of August 20th....
*Harvey Feud takes 7pm, 7:30pm, 10pm and 10:30pm slots Thursday nights; replacing 5th Grader
*American Bible Challenge and Beat the Chefs repeat 11pm and 12am same night; replacing Harvey Feud and Baggage
*American Bible Challenge and Beat the Chefs repeat 12am and 1am Friday late nights; replacing Baggage, Karn/O'Hurley Feud and Lingo
*Beat the Chefs repeats at 6pm on Saturday; replacing Karn Feud
*American Bible Challenge repeats 7pm Saturday; replacing O'Hurley Feud
*5th Grader only keeps the 6pm and 9pm slots Sunday nights. 'Bible' and 'Chefs' fills 7pm, 8pm, 10pm, 11pm; all replace 5th Grader
*Family Feud (Harvey) takes midnight slot Sunday; replacing Deal or No Deal

Changes starting week of August 27th....
*Jeopardy! takes 11:30am slot weekdays; replacing Chain Reaction
*Whammy! gets 12pm slot weekdays; replacing Jeopardy!
*Deal or No Deal disappears completely from schedule
*5th Grader gets 1pm slot weekdays; replacing Deal or No Deal
*American Bible Challenge repeats Monday night at 7pm; replacing Karn Feud
*Beat the Chefs repeats Tuesday night at 10pm; replacing Minute to Win It
*American Bible Challenge repeats Wednesday night at 10pm; replacing Harvey Feud
*American Bible Challenge repeats Thursday at 3pm; replacing Whammy! and Chain Reaction
*American Bible Challenge repeats Saturday at 1pm and 2pm; replacing Dog Eat Dog
*Beat the Chefs repeats Saturday at 3pm and 4pm; replacing The Newlywed Game
*Sunday before Labor Day features all day marathons of 5th Grader, Beat the Chefs, American Bible Challenge, and two-one hour blocks of Harvey Feud

So to put it this way, DED will lose a day and have it remain on Sunday. Harvey's Feud will be the lead off to Bible and Chefs and to usher in late nights the day before Friday. Jeopardy! replaces CR a half hour before high noon, and DOND is gone. Yes, gone. All network and syndicated versions. No exceptions. But either way to look at it, Bible will repeat 8 times and Chefs will get 6 for a combined total of 14 encore showings. And that left the GSN nation scratching their heads. Here's one you won't scratch your head on:

This past week, we saw Steve Harvey perform standup one last time. He's got a talk show next month that it not to be confused with the WB sitcom of the same name. Wiki that show, would you? And finally.....

Todd Newton of Whammy! Fame will return to TPIR for a stage show. Now we go to halftime and we are in August and we kick off August Acapella Awareness Month with 4 young ladies from Canada named the 4 Quarters. Now, in an age of Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen and The Hunger Games, these 4 young women sing songs that culminates the 50's & 60's all together. And here is a doo-wop medley they put together. Hit play and watch:

Nicely played. Now for the 3rd quarter, I want you to take a look at this.....

That was just the preview of the new fall show called "The Pyramid." and it got the fans thinking....why? We start with:

"The set looks great, and modernized. I really think this could be a hit at 6pm. I like the background of the set the set that changes color, sort of like what The Newlywed Game used to have."

Can't wait to see it. Next one....

'One thing I learned from the promo is that prepositions are still verboten in the Winners Circle. Always seemed like a silly rule to me, but it's (American Bible Challenge?) dogma by now. Contestants will still have to twist phrases around to avoid the evil "of."'

You're correct. Prepositions won't score you any money, the Pyramid rule books say it. One says he may not like it....

"I personally don't think The Pyramid is going to be that great. I mean, $15,000 for a top prize?! That's definitely too cheap, and the set is not as appealing as I think. Dick Clark must be rolling in his grave for sure.

I will give the premiere episode a shot, but I can already declare that based on my seeing the promos, I'll take Dick Clark's versions any day."

Then good. What about the winner's circle? One poster says:

"I think the issue here is that it's probably also going to be nearly impossible to beat the Winner's Circle, which means on average, GSN is only looking at giving away a few thousand dollars per episode (a few thousand in the main game for 7/7s and a few thousand in the separate Winner's Circle individual dollar amounts). You only win $10k, $15k, $20k or $25k if you beat the Winner's Circle, and as we all saw back in the classic Dick Clark version, this wasn't done very often. Even less so when you have incompetent celebrities playing the game.

This makes GSN's average total prize giveaway per episode of The Pyramid somewhere between $2,000 and $5,000 - if no one beats the Winner's Circle in either of the two games in the episode, and assuming that the contestants manage to get 7/7 in all 6 rounds of main gameplay, which also isn't very likely to happen."

I'm guessing the winners circle should've been $50,000 or $100,000 all along. Here's another one....

"That's still more money than most originals GSN have given away in the past year. Lingo beats it with up to an average of $10,000 an episode. The Newlywed Game gives out a 6 to 8-day honeymoon worth a couple thousand bucks. Let's go through other recent GSN originals...

Catch 21...comes close
1 vs 100...comes closer
Baggage...$50 steak dinner
Love Triangle...$100 spa retreat money given away

But I see your points for The Pyramid. Dumb contestants=low amounts of money given away. I have a feeling we'll see a good amount of Winners Circle wins, maybe even a $25,000 win from someone who knows the show, and got a good partner."

I can't figure out why Improv doesn't give away money. It was just a comedy show. Another poster says:

"I have seen the commercial for The Pyramid {Note that GSN refers to this version as The Pyramid} During my Whammy reruns in the morning and my view on The Pyramid is I think it will be very successful and grant GSN a whole new world of viewers to the network and I think Mike Richards will make a GREAT replacement for Mr. Clark because when I watched the commercial for The Pyramid Mike Richards sounds like Dick Clark's twin and it's no wonder that GSN chose Mike Richards to host because they wanted to honor Dick Clark's memory by picking a wonderful guy who sounds like him. As for the celebrities that will be featured on The Pyramid I think we will see hugely popular celebrities try to get on The Pyramid as their big start to fame and that alone will be GSN's big promotion point for the show and the celebrities that The Pyramid should get are as follows,
1. Bruno Mars,
2. Meredith Veira,
3. George Lopez,
4. Kelly Carlson,
5. David Caruso,
6. Jennifer Hudson,
7. Anika Noni Rose,
8. Katy Perry,
9. Kelsey Grammer,
And with a great promotional commercial the third time will be the charm for The Pyramid on GSN."

Are you nuts? I'd rather have Olga Kay, The Screen Team, Greg Behrendt and Annabelle Gurwitch play than see those on the list play. Fourth Quarter time and this past week Chik-Fil-A did an appreciation day that sparked controversy. But we at this blog support our network and here's why:

Why do I support GSN? Last week, Chik-Fil-a had it's appreciation day. They even provided free chicken sandwiches to a different orientation. Look, no matter your race, gender, orientation, occupation, the time you stayed at a friend's house to watch, cable or satellite provider, VCR or DVD recorder, your iPod, iPad, iPhone or Android phone, etc., etc., we all support GSN. When we rise out of bed to pour Fruit Loops and serve Sunny Delight, we watch the classics. By our lunch break, Woolery's Lingo is on. By the time we get home from work, it's time for the Feud. Dinner time, and it's block scheduling night. By the time we go to sleep, it'll be Sherriwed, Baggage and the classics. From sunup to sundown, we support GSN in ways you never thought possible, and if you don't support GSN, watch a few minutes and tell a friend about why GSN is a network we all support for.

And thank you guys for supporting the blog itself. You mean the nation to us and I mean it to you.

Remember to get into our FB group page and tell us about it. Tweet me @ Johnny_Arcade, friend me as Pierre Jason Kelly or email me at and when I'm on the GSN forums, I'm Gameheadz. See you guys later and play on, playas.