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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It's a Skin-Win situation

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VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Dashing through your computer screens and mobile devices like Grant Gustin in The Flash, it's a one horsepowered-sleigh known as GTK. O'er the field of dreams we always go, laughing with and getting laughed at the best GSN has to offer. Bells & buzzers ring, making lights and neon go bright. What fun it is to ride like a Rocket League car every day & night. Before we ring in, I got a message from Geekie Awards founder Kristen Nedopak, and she has something to say....

Yep, this past 12/1, GSN turned 21. It's old enough to drink and eligible to have Uber for life. I ain't playing. Time to start with.....

The Starting Line.

The secret of the success behind Skin Wars is that of both Rebecca Romijn and RuPaul and it shows. Since the show's inception, Rebecca is the ringleader and Rupaul leads a team of judges and both are outside the bodypainting world. But Rebecca made a name for herself playing Mystique in the X-Men movies while RuPaul.....well, just RuPaul. The judges of Robin & Craig make up the difference. What was supposed to be unwatchable is now watchable after 2 seasons and with Fresh Paint right around the corner, there's no way the "Wet Paint" sign gets taken off.

About to break now, but after this, GSN is changing......or is it? Come back.

(song fades out)

Back to this holiday hangover and Hellevator took a halt on the finale by the time everyone went home for turkey dinner and dressing and cranberry sauce. They will air one show next week and the finale the following week. This was all because of the decline of the show itself. A new one will be tonight as well as Idiotest saying nighty-night for season 2.

But I Heard a rumor.....

That GSN may change its name. It wouldn't happen until late neat year. It that turns out to be true, nd again, this is all because it's an attempt to get younger viewers on the set, I would move out of a office building and head into a public access studio with a studio audience and have this as an announcer.....

Image result for christa nannos

and someone to be musical director of a 16-bit music trio....

Image result for lena nicole thomas

And a backup announcer in case the announcer above it performs.

Image result for stephanie pressman

And have it in the style of a late night TV talk program or Saturday Night Live. That way, it'll get more people. But as far as the change goes, A poem would be nonsense....but then it makes sense at all.

Hey, I just met you...
And this is crazy....
So here's my Girl Scout Cookie Oven....
Comment it, maybe?
Scott T. has a big rant like this:
"Everyone saw this coming, with the shift towards reality programming and the release of the new GSN logo (coincidentally similar to the GOD TV channel logo), which was specifically designed to be more generic in nature, as opposed to the logo giving the impression it's a channel for game shows.

The idiots at GSN probably figure the term "game show" is antiquated and associated with old people, therefore they want to remove it from their network name in an attempt to get more young viewers to tune in, especially with young-skewing shows like Skin Wars and Hellevator.

I mean, even ABC Family changing its name to Freeform is stupid. I didn't even know about that until I read this entry and then did a Google search about it. At least ABC Family made sense, but using the politically-correct excuse that it's too "conservative" of a name and is turning viewers away... Why? Because you want to air more LGBT programming and it contradicts the conservative nature you're implying with the word "family" in your network logo? The network execs are idiots... what can I say... If that logic held up, then The Hub wouldn't have rebranded into Discovery "Family".

It's the same problem with Sci-Fi -- when they rebranded into Syfy and ticked off all the science-fiction viewers by moving into WWE and reality programming, and now all of a sudden, the president says they want to get back into sci-fi to be at the top of the genre again. Well, that won't happen overnight. You may be producing actual sci-fi shows again, but it's going to take a long time before people start tuning back into the channel, because for the past decade, it's been known for everything but science fiction.

I get this feeling GSN is going to take the same route. They'll become a more generic channel focused on reality and general competition-based shows, and then 10 years from now if it still exists, you'll see a press release come out of the clear blue -- "We used to be the #1 channel for game shows and we intend to reclaim our throne." But by then, just like with Syfy, practically all of GSN's core audience will have left, and it'll be an uphill battle to get game show fans back."
And if GSN wants it back, then fine. Amy Doutt says:
"Keep the initials, and get rid of Hellevator, and Fresh Paint. Start airing more gameshows. Skin Wars is fine, but Fresh Paint could take away from it. Fresh Paint is not the same quality. Definitely keep The Chase. Less Family Feud, please. Steve Harvey started out fine, but no longer features contestants. Now it is The Steve Harvey Show. If you do not quit worrying over only the young viewers, the over 50 croud might dump their subsciptions to GSN. I suspect more older people actually subscribe to the network. If they change to another chanel, for example Buzzr, it will definitely hurt GSN's bottom line."
Maybe Lesser Feud work, too. One poster chimes in with:
"How about the PLAYER channel.

I can see the ad slogan for it by the announcer:

"Your watching the PLAYER channel, where it's all play, all day.

The PLAYER channel, get your game on!"'
Uh.....that may work. Robert Eymann closes it out with....
"cable is becoming antiquated, i see whatever gsn becomes not faring any better, cord cutting is eventually gonna start killing off cable channels. i think play network (my guess) is an excuse to go the route of reality programming."
Yep, GSN is taking reality seriously. Very Seriously.
Bit of House cleaning:
*For two weeks (starting 12/14) on Monday-Friday, GSN will air What's My Line? at 3am and I've Got a Secret at 3:30am
*Chain Reaction (Lane) replaces Chain Reaction (Catherwood) Thursdays at 3:30pm
*Chain Reaction (Catherwood) replaces Chain Reaction (Lane) Fridays at 3:30pm
*New episodes of Chain Reaction will air Fridays at 8pm and 8:30pm and will encore at 11pm and 11:30pm; replacing The Chase
CR is back and so is the annual B&W holiday gathering.
Now the gift GSN keeps on giving....and taking away sometimes.....

Say what you want to say. Sherry Gilligan starts it off with....
"I am sincerely hoping that you guys just go away. I used to watch you faithfully but all I see is Family Fued, what is up with that? That is one reason I haven't watched GSN for months and months; It is so sad that your head people have ruined this wonderful network. If you think you are gaining a young audience with your new programming you are sadly mistaken.Can you please at least enlighten your audience as to where you are trying to go with network. As I see is, it is nowhere but down. Sorry, I was trying to be polite, but not sure if I did a good job of it. GSN is one more reason we are thinking of going away from satelite and cable for television. Both seem useless these day with all the other options available to just pay for what we want to actually watch. Sorry for my rant, I mean no disrespect to anyone just want you to know how one viewer feels. Thanks."
They need to. They definitely need to. Here's Brian Wesley Turner.
"Hellevator is just dumb. It is not fun to watch. Honestly it makes me rethink watching your network. Please play more Press your luck. Thanks! ☺"

Hellevator isn't dumb when you see the last show had $51,000. Yes, $51K. Here's Joe Murphy.

"I am thankful for the BUZZR Channel! Finally I can see old game shows on there instead of endless reruns of Family Feud here!"

Yes, Buzzr is the old school heaven! Sonya Morgan Now:

"Love this channel, most of the time
But hellavator stupid show
And please stop putting changing the
11:00 am family feud to hosted by John Hurley
Keep Steve Harvey repeats on...
Its fine at noon, i just change station to a local channel that has family feud with Steve Harvey

Maybe the local one has the new season and if GSN keeps acquiring, what will happen? Carl Chavannes will wrap things up here:

"Hey GSN,
why don't you put down your beef with whomever, and suspend your programming to air a memorial marathon for Mr. Jim Perry?

GSN should've done that a week after his death.

(song stops)

Now the 2nd intermission presented by Let's go back to 1984 and in my hometown, WDIA-AM used to play this song every December. Now it's coming to our blog. Here it is....

And it's time for the 3rd period.

Time once again for.....


Draw 4, please.....

In fact, draw 21. Because Catch 21 starred Alfonso Ribiero and Mikki Padilla in a Gambit revival taken from the old TNN game show Top Card and uses it that way. For close to 6 seasons, players answered questions to build a hand close to or exactly 21 without going over. Players were hyper and excited to watch them play and if 1 person beats 2 others in 3 rounds, it'll be $25,000 if he/she has the right intuition. Catch 21 is a Catch of the day at.....


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