Saturday, April 18, 2015

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On the next GSN The Know....

-Why the network scrambled to do a Jim Lange Tribute...
-What we thought of Lie Detectors...
-And a recap of the 1/2 half of our originals countdown.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Notice A Trend here?

(You want POINTS? You got POINTS! Tune in to @midnight on Comedy Central to see whoat POINTS these comedians have for the internet's funniest. POINTS!)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Jason Kelly.

Me: And it's the best man getting married to a network millions of people watch. Glad to have you all in holy matrimony each week. Now, (as Howard Finkel) Coming Down the Aisle...(/HF)

The Starting Line.

Here's something Shira Lazar won't talk about. It's a pattern that somewhat goes around in the GSN upfronts. And that is introducing the hosts. Ever since my blog first started, there had been a plenthora of hosts. Let's start wiht 2012.

The American Bible Challenge was set to find a host. In it: Jeff Foxworthy. Absent: Kirk Franklin.

2013: The Chase picked Mark Labett over Larissa Kelly. Brooke Burns wasn't around back then.

Last year, Idiotest wanted a funny guy. They got one. It's Ben Gleib.

And this year, Chain Reaction picked a host. It wasn't Stephanie Pressman nor Anatasia Washington. Though those 2 would one day host a GSN show. Hollywood is always calling. It actually went to Mike Catherwood. Yes, Mike Catherwood of "Loveline" fame. What will next year's upfronts bring? We'll never know.

Don't exchange vows just yet, after the break, more of our top 20 originals countdown. " I Do" command you to stay tuned.

Thanks for getting KFC while we were gone. "Lie Detectors" is a week away, people. And with 5:30 CDT as a timeslot against the network newscasts or local FOX newscasts, they will have......
No reruns. NO RERUNS?????? Any reason?
It Takes a Church will lose the Sunday 9pm ET slot. All other rerun slots remain through the week of April 20th (Thursday 11pm, Saturday 1pm and new runs Thursday at 8pm). Steve Harvey's Family Feud will replace It Takes a Church in the 9pm and 9:30pm ET slots Sunday nights, starting April 12th.
To put it another way, no "Church," more Steve. And there you go.
If you want Skin Wars and want to see bodypainting the way it is. June 10th will be the premiere date for the second coming. Many people thought it would fail, but man, it thrived and powered on in the ratings and got a second season in the process. So this summer, it'll be an exhibition of all sorts.
Also this summer is Chain Reaction, and to help, we brought Flasher to "Say Cheese".....In A Snap. What does the new set look like? See for yourself?
Pretty cool than the Lane version itself.
What broke the story is not the end of syndicated Millionaire. In the last 2 years, both Cedric The Entertainer and Terry Crews have not decided to go another year due to other projects. That may end next year when.....Chris Harrison will be the host of the show. The last time he did was "Mall Masters." Let's hope he'll return to true game show form.
And finally, here's a photo of Jeff Thomas from a Steam game called Overlord 2. See if you can recognize a famous game show enemy. It's on the GSN FB page. Come have a look.
And we have now the 2nd intermission presented by We love having Gin & Tonic come to our blog and perform for us during April Acapella Awareness Month. Here's another hit to drop.
And out shakes the 3rd period.

Time once again for.....

 For #11, it's become a favorite TV show of mine.

Idiotest. A game where you solve puzzles that may be easy.....but it can be tricky sometimes. Here's one....
GSN's photo.
Did you guess? It's the name tag. Ben Gleib takes 2 teams of 2 people to solve puzzles for cold hard cash. Some have answers that could be easy to pick one, but can lead to something else, while others have double negative puzzles too. If one team does well, it'll be $10,000. Idiotest is at....
Number Eleventy.
Consider this blog done. Today's blog is presented by "Outlander." The sexist, geekiest show on the planet. Look for it on Starz.
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