Thursday, May 31, 2012

COming Attractions!!!

As we get into June, the bugs at GSN The Know would love to know things like....

-The ratings report. A way to find out which 10 made it up the anthill...mob.
-All the news that's got more legs than a centipede
-We firefly to the fans about Harvey's Feud
-and we'll talk about why the word "New" was brought into the 80's Pyramid.

Neither Raid bug spray or roach motel stickers can't stop GSN The Know. Why? Because we bug out.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The after memorial day....thing.
(theme fades out)

Welcome everyone to GSN The Know. Hope everyone had a happy memorial day and we threw a staff BBQ for everyone here at the blog at my manor. It was so much fun, eating, playing MW3, and when my friend Smashcraft arrived for some karaoke, it cranked the party up. While we partied, we decided to switch on GSN instead of Raw for a change and......

GSN (7 - 11pm): THE $25,000 PYRAMID Marathon

For that day, according to, we decided to watch some old school Pyramid. Because that's the joy of how you love this network for a long, long time and that's what everybody comes to learn more about GSN. So with that, we start with the ratings report, and since I don't have the cartridge for any individual shows, I have one for the network. Let's see how it works.

TVNewser published its cable network ranker, and GSN averaged 268K/224K viewers prime time/total day. Ranks were 42nd and 41st, respectively. Hmmm, I was hoping it might get into the top 40, but we'll see. For now we shut Hilty off.

Time now for the second quarter, and while you BBQ'd with us on a day where we salute the deceased veterans, GSN changed their schedule around for the mornings meaning it'll be this when you wake up:

8:00 AM: Family Feud (Dawson); replaces Match Game.
9:00AM: Password Plus; replaces Dawson
10:00AM: $100K Pyramid; replaces Password Plus
11:30AM: Chain Reaction (Lane); replaces Match Game.
12:00PM: Jeopardy! (Trebek); replaces Lingo

But fear not, America's #1 quiz show gets into....the 25th season. Can you believe that? I do. And now news regarding the American Bible Challenge.

The show's host performed the week before hat holiday, but this goes in the WTH file..........

The cable news network out of my favorite city, WCW country, Atlanta, Ga., known as CNN, interviews GSN boss Amy Introcaso-Davis for an interview. I, however, didn't like it because there were a few interruptions between Amy and the anchor. Come on, Fox News would've made more sense into putting promotion into the show. After all, FNC still has Mike Huckabee who once did the pilot.

If all goes well on the new Pyramid pilot, it'll be a casting call for their newest version. Let's hope it'll be better.

Oh, and Craigslist has it too.

This article mentions a few seen on GSN. Can you spot them? And finally, it looks like the upfronts may taken a jump start....

"Beat the Chefs" is looking for somebody who wants to make the fish possible in Cleveland. Good luck. That ends the first half and we play another song from about 10 years ago.

So, we're back to the start of the second half and classic Pyramid has returned and here's why....

"Great news for sure! I had the TV on this morning expecting to watch Donnymid, but 25k came on instead. That was a surprise, considering the (usually reliable) online schedule showed Donny for this morning."

Yep, and Donnymid may be on it's way out. Here's another one....

"Wow, great to hear, especially considering what sounds like "new" episodes are now being shown. I've been watching one episode each (week)day online, posted by people who have generously loaded their collections, so that's filled the void for the past two weeks. Anyway, I'll be very happy to see this tonight.

Thank you, GSN..."

There's more on that....

"Well, I'm glad to see the whole thing with the "new" episodes appears to have come to fruition. I was watching Password Plus this morning, and I expected to see Donnymid follow it, so I was pleasantly shocked when I saw the flashback intros for $25K Pyramid come on. I quickly started to record the episode as it came on, and am looking forward to recording the next 200 or however many they may have picked up."

Me too. One more for this topic.....

"WOOHOO Glad there are some new episodes. The ratings will hopefully increase too... which $25,000 is already the highest rated classic. We can see why GSN is reviving Pyramid "

Oh joy. We keep it in the third about the schedule changes.....

"The American version from the 1980's only had about 50 episodes. That's not enough for GSN to lease. GSN's Chain Reaction had 130 episodes. Still, it's on twice a day which is a little too much for that little episodes."

COrrect me if I'm wrong. This poster says:

"Oh wow, I was wrong. NBC's version ran for 115. 23 weeks, 5 episodes a week = 115 episodes. Still short-lived though."

That would make a good Flashback Fridays block. On to the next one.....

"Well, I don't know what to think. Dawson has proven he cannot start out the day. So I expect Match Game to die there. Looks as if Password Plus is failing so there kind of giving it a throwaway slot it looks like. Good to see The $100,000 Pyramid back. Although this brings up questions why they used Donnymid instead of that. I like Chain Reaction, but not that early in the morning. I think they could've kept Match Game there."

If Match Game was dead, it would be a record setting 18 years on the network, but they need shows they haven't seen in a while, but if Dawson's version was dead, Combs would be a possible replacement to start with on the network. Our last poster says:

"Some very good schedule changes. When they mix the mornings up, I usually like the changes. 95% good changes here. I just wish GSN would have kept the 8am Match Game hour. Dawson will absolutely bomb at 8am, and the 8am MG was a good lead in to the 8:30am episode. Match Game has done well recently in the 8am hour. But moving Password Plus to the 9am slot will do better than Dawson, and will probably boost ratings for the rest of the morning unlike Dawson did. I'm sort-of glad GSN is keeping Karn in the mornings. He does better than Dawson, and should still do well between Password Plus and $100,000 Pyramid."

I was thinking MG used to get good ratings in a dual hour and now with Dawson starting the day, it's hard to get any ratings for it. And now we conclude the 2002 class reunion with this.....

Earlier in a blog post, I gave props to "Whammy!" turning 10, and it shows you why 8 years of reruns and 2 of new shows is still here after all these years. Just to give you the goods, the show had 2 big board rounds with a question round in between. PYL had 2 question and big board rounds, but that was the only gripe I knew about Whammy!

Even double whammies can be painful. Landing on one made you a big mess. (i.e. water, mini basketballs) and despite the lack of extra spins like the original, the show stuck to the basic rules of old school trueness, not to mention the big bank in the second season. Whammy! was and is the show that could draw the spirit of the original, but that original a year later proved why we could all be true to ourselves.

Time for this blog to end, But come next Tuesday, we get to do it all again. Meanwhile, check the FB group page for features you didn't get on this blog and some you have. Not going there? That's okay. You can still go to FB if you:

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