Thursday, April 26, 2012

Coming Attractions!!!

GSN The Know is a blog everybody's getting into. On the next edition....

-We use our fingers to calculate the ratings....
-We open our eyes to see a few schedule changes the network has on store....
-we open up our mouths to hear what you have to say on the Dick Clark tribute GSN planned for us....
-And I'll get a head, yes, ahead on why Flashback Friday isn't doing so well.

Plus, a bonus Acapella video for your ears. GSN The Know. If there's a scalpel, we'll find it.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2002 Class reunion

2002 was a a very good year for GSN. Come here to GSn The Know this May and examine why 2002 was the best year GSN ever had. During the 4th quarter, I'll talk about all the shows and acquistions that made what just happened 10 years ago. I'll even play music from that year. We'll do it 3 mondays and 1 tuesday after the DWTS 14 finale. So jump in the TARDIS 10 years back to 2002 for a class reunion you won't forget, next month on GSN The Know.

Monday, April 23, 2012

So long, Mr. Pyramid!

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Dick Clark. A man who graced our tv screens for years. Dead last week at the age of 82. Pierre Kelly here to pay special tribute to the "World's Oldest Teenager." We'll still have all the news and other stuff, but we gotta get going.
Because I don't have the cartridge for last week's ratings, I will tell you all about Dick.
He was born Richard Wagstaff Clark on November 30, 1929. A disc jockey around upstate New York, he went to Philadelphia to continue his career and often filled in for Bob Horn on his "Bandstand" show. When Bob got arrested for drunk driving, he took his position as host in 1956. By then, the show went national a year later, becoming "American Bandstand" on ABC until 1987, and for a short time in syndication until 1989. In the game show world, his first show was "The Object Is," in which players guess objects to famous people. Next was "Missing Links," which was Dick's only association with Goodson-Todman although he would be a guest on "Beat The Clock" with Gene Wood years later. Fun fact: the man who replaced him: Future Bloopers & Pratical Joles host Ed McMahon.

By 1973, he became the host of the $10,000 Pryamid on CBS. By then, he went to ABC a year later, with the $20,000 version later on, and the $50,000 version in syndication by the time the eighties arrived. By 1982, CBS welcomed him back as the host of the "New" $25,000 Pyramid, a version previously hosted by Bill Cullen. His most recent was the $100,000 syndicated version once owned by Twentieth Television. Both shows went off the air in 1988. He also hosted "The Challengers" on 1990, and "Winning Lines" 10 years later in the wake of "Millionaire" becoming a hit.
He was also a producer for many shows under his company. Other than "Bandstand," he created the American Music Awards, his answer to the Grammys, New Year's Rockin' Eve specials, in which he's most notable for letting people tune in with him to ring in the new year, and more including one of my favorites do far, "So You Think You Can Dance?"

Dick recently died of a heart attack this past week, and he is survived by his wife Kari, his son Richard, writer Duane and producer Cindy. Here is another one of his clips.....

So now that we know all about him in the 1st quarter, how did GSN pay tribute to him? We begin the 2nd quarter by doing what other dead celebrities do....have a marathon of his hits. They ran his 15-second tributes to him during the week when Pyramid aired and Flashback Friday. Million Dollar Password, a rerun abusive hit, was not on this week in favor of him in Donnymid with 2 episodes that feature Betty White. GSN has never aired the 2002 version in more than 4 years. We'll pay respects to him later on, but we got more news to kill starting with....

Feud host John o' Hurley talking about mr. Pyramid, of course....

But the buzz surrounding the "American Bible Challenge" has taken over thanks to "Hollywood Junket," we get a look at the pilot....

In fact, GSN has them with this site:

But you have to sign up in order to wait by the time the kids go back to school and my Titans take the gridiron. From the "Don't tell me I did not see that" file....

FB brings in rapper 50 Cent to do his version of Catch 21. When you think of a "Feud Attitude," you think Steve Harvey. Because.....,0,1931569.story?page=1

He talks about his hit movie "Think Like a Man." No word yet on when "Think Like A Cat" becomes a movie.

(siren wails)

Dead Body report time! From Bobby The Brain's forensics lab, we say adios to Rich Jeffries. He was the announcer in the last season of Blockbusters: Cullen edition and in their Rafferty '87 edition, plus the early weeks of "Super Password." God rest his soul. That'll end the first half, and we end April Acapella Awareness month with a CA group who've you seen on "The Sing-Off." They are Sonos and they have this song.....

That was Sonos and a reminder, we'll do it again in August, but right now, we continue to pay tribute to Dick as we start the 3rd quarter.

"Rest in Peace Mr. Clark. You'll be ringing in more new years up in Heaven. "

"You will be SORELY missed by many, myself included. I credit him (among others) in inspiring me to get into radio, and now a piece of me (and my childhood) has passed away with him. My condolences to his family."

"RIP to the master of the game himself. He handled one of the most suspenseful game shows ever with the most class and finesse."

"R.I.P., Mr. Clark. I will still be recording New Year's Eve countdowns from 11:57 p.m. to about 12:05 a.m., but it just won't be the same without him doing the final minute of the year."

"Mr. Clark is now on that big Bandstand in the sky. He will be missed for sure."

"R.I.P. DiCK CLARK Thanks for the memories. Growing up with you on the tube was a pleasure Thanks.
You are now on the biggest pyramid in the sky."

"in other words mr. Clark, you are going to the "Winner's Circle" to enjoy life with god and the rest of your past away Hollywood friends!"

To the GSN forum palace people, I salute you for that kindness. Let's start the 4th quarter.....

Today, we say goodbye to Dick Clark. When you think of him, you think of American Bandstand. When you think of him, you think Bloopers & Practical Jokes. When you think of him on GSN, you think of the pyramid series. He was the pyramid. The 70's & 80's made him a star and signed him in 1973 until it's last show in 1988. Why his show? It's been on GSN for years. Why his association with New Year's eve? Well, ABC has it. Decades you see him on tv, it's one way to ring in the new year. Well 2012 was the last time Dick rang in and now the bells have tolled as he lies in the grave all the way to heaven. Thank you, Dick, for all the Puramid Power you have.

Thank you for making this GSN the know blog special. Without you guys, you would've helped made GSN the greatest network there is and there's more in the month of May for the 4th quarter tomorrow. So be watching for it. Please add me on Facebook, Tweet me on Twitter, gmail me @, or coppockonsports@yahoo.con and the GSN forum palace as "Gameheadz" all week and every week. Remember, be strong and play on, playas!