Thursday, November 1, 2012

Coming Attractions!!!!

Not only will it be a November to Remember, but it will be a time to set your clocks back one hour and when you do on Monday.....

-The Ratings report will backtrack what went down in teh week
-What does Howie Mandel's new NBC show remind you of? We'll step back in time to what show inspires it
-We go back to Buzzerblog to find out what Pyramid did as a downfall
-And our fan of teh 4th quarter from back east

Get back, get into it and get involved with GSN The Know.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Trunk or Tweet
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Good day my fellow witches. Welcome to our haunted escape known as GSN The Know. The Spirits have gathered with us today to listen to Pierre Kelly talk about what's up in the world of GSN. Let's spook up the 1st quarter and have Hilty scare away the ratings for us.

The American BIble Challenge broke a record at teh start, but lost viewers due to whatever else is on. Nonetheless, it remained the man of the mountain all season long, but for the week of Ocotober 15-21st, Feud took up the other 9 slots. Now the funeral home for last placers....

When Card Sharks came back, it wanted to come back strong. Unfortunately, it ended up a cement pond, kicking off the list with 3 spots along with Dawson's Feud, Match Game, and Baggage meing the moldiest sandwich to Feud and Password Plus. That ends the first. Time to shut teh casket on Hilty!

Time for the 2nd quarter. Beat The Chefs, a show that was replaced by Pyramid 2012 a long time ago returns next month on Mondays for 2 back to back hours. It'll be on the 19th of that date. Plus, Sherriwed, who you've seen last week will also run in the same month as a 4-pack of newbies. Other news for you now....

You've played it on ipods, iPhones and iPads, and now Family Feud & Friends, the social game Ludia cereated finally goes to the Android Phones. Wish I had one.

One of the conestants on the very final week of Pyramid won over $2000 for her appearance, but I want to talk about Pyramid for a minute, in fact, J-Spizzle, a little lounge music please.....

Thank you. The Pyramid's game play was somehow broken to the fact that stars forgot to leave their instruction manual in teh car. The reasons being....

1. They couldn't come up with describing something in teh main game.
2. Low-scoring affairs
3. Not much perfect 21s

How do we fix it come next season? Here's why.....

1. Provide celebrites from teh old Clark version who can actually play.
2. Mystery 7s and 7-11s come back
3. ANy perfect 21 gives you $5000.
4. Have a $50,000 tournament

And above all else.....


(song stops)

Now that I've talk about it, I'll go to teh soda fountain for a refill at halftime and all month, Svengoolie has been treating you with some horror parodies and he returns one more time with this....

I hope he comes back next year for some more.....but he left with a bonus, so while Alabama Danielle gives the money I hand over for the pumpkin spice latte and broccoli soup, watch this....

Now that's been taken care of, we head into the 3rd quarter. Earlier, I talked abotu the downfall of Pyramid. It got the GSN forum palace talking, like for instance....

"What exactly could they have done to this format? Front game: you describe a list of things that fit a subject to your partner. End game: You give a list of items that fit a subject to your partner. The set's fairly contemporary. The celebrities are current. There's not much else you can do. I've even grown to tolerate the Perfect 7 Bonuses."

Even Donnymid had done it. Now, on to this:

"My idea would have been to keep the same 30-second time limit, but allow an unlimited number of words in that timeframe. It would allow for more suspenseful gameplay, as one bad round could be overcome by a couple of good ones, and a seemingly insurmountable lead could still lead to a suspenseful ending. However, the contestants and celebs in this version can barely make 6-in-30, so a tighter time limit would be more brutal to watch, and a higher ceiling would almost go unused. I think that as much as anything is becoming the show's demise: just bad quality gameplay and participants."

I would guess 6-in-30, too, to take the game more easier than ever. Next one...

"In the first 6 weeks of the 6:00PM airings, there have been a total of 2 (two) 21-point scores (where a team earned a chance to play for $25,000). 2 out of 120 attempts."

I give a doorbell for that fact, because if that number would've gone higher, that would've been a better hit. Next....

"Started strong in the ratings and fell into obscurity quickly. Personally I think it was a big, big mistake to stick so much with the old school and not even try to update it a little bit. The front loading of good games did not help but the fact that it's no different than what people got tired of a long time ago is the main cause. And the apologists for this are starting to get a little silly. It's fine to admit that the show just doesn't work today without changes. The more that these exact-replica-revivals fail proves that Fremantle, who people undeservedly love to moan and complain about, know exactly what they are doing when they revamp shows. You cannot solely cater to a niche no matter what your network. This was a love letter to fans and that alone."
See kids, Even a great revival can work like LMAD on CBS. Pyramid didn't work. It took about 3 years....3 years people, to get it right. Here's another doorbell for you:

"one of the reasons the Turturro week was cut back severely: at least once that I know of, Nick Turturro went 0 for 6 in the Winner's Circle. I had multiple audience reports tell me he gave 4 illegal clues. The contestants were (rightfully) furious."


I think we found a winner. Evidence has been in play. Although teh 2 uniared should've figured out as to what went wrong. Next one...

"Perfect for the 80s. What worked then just doesn't work now. I nearly guarantee that if Gambit came back as tied to the past as extensively as Pyramid did that it wouldn't have made it. They updated it for modern times to Catch 21, for better or worse, and it worked. I mean even look at the difference between the first and second season. The first season, where they kept a pretty retro laid back feel didn't exactly set the world on fire. I was told it barely skated through with a renewal. They updated it to be modern (and again I'm not a fan of a lot of things in the show) and then it took off. I agree that the bank idea for the Winner's Circle was cool but if that's the extent of the innovation then you're in trouble. Feud can go by decades without changing because it's a host driven show. Jeopardy can go by because of the inherent play-along. It's not easy to play along with Pyramid. Pyramid rests solely on its game play. And not only was it, for the most part, poor game play, but it was the same tired thing people got bored with before."

Go on....

"Again, I'm on the record saying I think Pyramid is the perfect game show, but I think they made a crucial mistake by trying to appease the fanboys and they're suffering a likely cancelation (from GSN) from it. Sony isn't giving up the show (which stuns me), but it's probably gone from GSN. I, personally, just do not like remakes and wish we'd focus on getting some good original concepts since those work the best in the long run. People can make all the excuses that they want, but the game is just not connecting. It's not the time slot: GSN has launched several originals at this time zone to great success. It used to be called their "Jackpot" slot. It's not the production. It's well done. The budget is pretty good. It's the game's execution in 2012."

Okay, continue.....

"To be frank, I think Million Dollar Password did a much better job of updating Pyramid for the 21st century than The Pyramid did. Beyond the look of the show, let's be honest, Donny Osmond's Pyramid (which I think undeservedly gets a bad wrap for not looking like it was from the 80s) is practically the same thing. The only real differences are a more retro and cheaper looking set and tighter judging, but there's little arguing that the judging has been way better."

I think that's abotu enough. We move on to....

The Fan of The 4th Quarter. Today, it's Ben Mason. All the way from Canada, he's a gamer and a GSN-er like I am. Read on as we go for 5 quesions. Enjoy!

Ben, I have 5 questions, so let's begin. Number 1, why is GSN considered a Steve & Jeff network thanks to the likes of Family Feud and Bible Challenge?

Ben: yeah. whatever happened to the Barry/Enright, Goodson/Todman games on the network?

That's what I want to know, they may return at some point, but my 2nd question is was the 2012 Pyramid an homage to the old Pyramids that Donnymid didn't do?

Ben: I'm so glad Pat, Vanna, and Alex never walked on to the Donnymid set.

Third question, Did Bible do a whole lot better than Chefs?

Ben: not much better.

Oh ok, fourth question, does The Price Is Right deserve to come back to the network one day?

Ben: sure maybe even Drew's show.

Final question, if you were to have to air one classic from the GSN library to bring it back on short notice, what would it be & why?

Ben: The 1986-1991 Chain Reaction. It's so much better than Dylan Lame's version.

That's all 5, Ben thanks for joining me here.

And I think that signals the end of the blog. Thanks for joining me here, and I want everyone to have a happy and safe Halloween.

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ANd until next week...scare on, playas....bwa ha ha ha ha...(coughing) Triaminic in the Sundance duster, see ya later.