Saturday, April 30, 2016

Sneaky Peeky

On the next GSN The Know....

-Why Wheel and J! can't return....
-ABC adds in a GSN classic....
-and how Harvey Feud went to primetime.

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Overtime #29: Hosting a party

VO: This is Overtime. More about the network you know & trust. Here now Pierre Kelly.

Me: It's overtime, and it's a good one. Someone wanted to know who would host these shows from the upfronts? Well, to start....

Window Warriors would be hosted by....

Mark Curry. The guy who played a coach and a substitute teacher on an old TGIF show from back in the day. I think he would do good in a big comeback.

Next is Breaking App. Who would be the host?

Shira Lazar. The woman behind What's Trending. The lady who wanted to give you the trends the internet talked about. The traveler about the world. She knows tech. She can do this.

The Investigation. Who would do it?

Gary Sinise. He has been in the CSI business and he would have no problem doing this.

Divided. Who would do it? Who would do it?

Mike Catherwood. If you've seen him on Chain Reaction, then he could get a second chance after one season of the show.

Last up, Run & Buzz. And I reveal.....

Trisha Hershberger. Every Wednesday morning on Youtube, she bares all and I mean all just to talk everything and anything. I tried it. My Youtube friend and young mom Madison Brinkman tried it. Paula Rhodes yet to try it. Anna Lore yet to try it. But she's a Twitchhead and SourceFed alum. She can do well, because she's just a short girl.

And I'm done with this hostful goodness. I will let Anastasia Washington take you out to close out April Acapella Awareness Month. Play on, playas.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

When bodypainting got worse......

(We end #TRYDRY month with Degree dry spray. Why Degree? Because it won't let you down.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Let me start with this proverb:

If the adage is true, then GSN takes that proverb and makes it out of it. They have been making their own lemonade for 21 years. That's enough lemonade to open up a chain of nationwide lemonade food trucks around parks and fairs and carnivals. Let's get visual like Beyoncé and start with....

 The Starting Line.

Skin Wars & Idiotest were hot in the past 2 seasons, but this season was kind lukewarm.

GSN Ratings for Wednesday, April 20th (All Times ET):
10:00pm Skin Wars (premiere): 428,000 total viewers/135,000 18-49 viewers
11:00pm Political Idiotest (special): 176,000 total viewers/59,000 18-49 viewers; down 59% in total viewers/down 57% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in
11:30pm Idiotest (new): 228,000 total viewers/69,000 18-49 viewers; up 30% in total viewers/up 17% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in
Skin Wars was down over 20% in both total viewers from last season, but a series low for the 18-49 viewers. Looks like they had enough of bodypainting. As if that wasn't enough, Idiotest had a weak night.
10:00pm Idiotest (new): 304,000 total viewers/78,000 18-49 viewers; down 23% in total viewers/down 35% in 18-49 viewers from last week; down 28% in total viewers/up 7% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in
10;30pm Idiotest (new): 290,000 total viewers/78,000 18-49 viewers; down 19% in total viewers/down 28% in 18-49 viewers from last week; down 5% in total viewers/flat in 18-49 viewers from lead-in
So they may have had enough of Ben. But can this week change? Only time will tell.
Overtime this Friday. And we want to know which hosts of the 4 new shows in the upfronts I predict to have. Hint: It's not Buzz Berry of Sqrambled Scuares.
(song stops)
Now we get to the part where I have to give you the good and the bad of April. It's the Yay & Yawn of April.
The yay: Skin Wars and Idiotest returns. Of course.
The Yawn: Political Idiotest. Can there be an ESPN version on the way?
Just ahead, ABC gets a summer camp treatment. Plus, we figure out who is "Becky?" That'll be revealed as soon as I make lemonade.
(song fades out)

(Quick fade out)
Oh hello there. Thanks for staying with us in this crazy cool chocolate milk jug of GSN goodness. If you like, pay attention to the next story.
ABC had put in a summer lineup since the heyday of Millionaire.
We start with Tuesday June 14th. It'll be a sneak peek of the all new To Tell The Truth. This new incarnation will have a live band similar to that of Cat Gray on LMAD on CBS. Plus, 3 panelists that feature game show legend Betty White and Anthony Anderson hosting.
June 26th on a Sunday will be Celebrity Family Feud. It'll be the second season of the hit Steve Harvey-love fest. Which stars will we play this time around?
On that same day, The $100,000 Pyramid with Michael Strahan. Will it be better than the GSN 2012 version? We'll see.
So there's your ABC summer of fun. Which one will YOU watch?
Brooms out. It's....
 For this week:

*Steve Harvey Family Feud will now air Monday-Friday at 8pm and 8:30pm
*A Skin Wars rerun will air Tuesday at 11pm (following new Idiotest); replacing Family Feud
*On Thursday nights, Family Feud will air at 12am and 12:30am; replacing Chain Reaction
*On Friday, Chain Reaction (Lane) will air at 3:30pm; replacing the Catherwood version.

Harvey Feud will enter the evening and will kick Catherwood's CR out on late Thursday as will Lane's version on Friday Afternoon.

Another thing, next week:

*Chuck Woolery's Lingo will air at 11am and 11:30am Monday-Friday; replacing Whammy!
Looks like the original Lingo hath returned.

(song stops)

Now we go to the ....

Carni-Poll. Where we believe in juggling clowns. First....

Do You believe the older episodes of Jeopardy! prior to 2010 will come back to GSN?

55% say nope. Not in their lifetime.
What about the after 2010 episodes?
54% say the same answer. Notice a pattern here?
On to Wheel of Fortune. Will the Older ones prior to 2010 ever return?
53% say nope. But I wanted to see a younger Vanna.
Post 2010? 61% say they can't. This is getting to be a pattern.
On to Feud. Can the Dawson ones as seen on Buzzr be returned? In a very close one, just 50% say they will.
The Ray Combs version? 53% say no. What a surprise.
The Karn version? 56% say they want it back. I agree. X gets the square.
And finally, would you believe in a return to.....Millionaire?
67% say they want to see the whole syndicated and ABC run. Everything.
(song stops)
Now the 2nd intermission presented by Let's end April Acapella Awareness Month with Straight No Chaser with this little ditty.....
Now......the 3rd period.
Political Idiotest was a one-time thing to capitalize on the name and give some help on the elections and the picking of a new president, but the NBA playoffs and the NHL playoffs killed it. Look at this if you will.
11:00pm Political Idiotest (new, special): 465K total viewers/185K 18-49 viewers
That's not good news for fans of politics and Idiotest alike. Some more bad news.
GSN has pulled one of the Political Idiotest reruns on Friday 4/22 at 12am ET (basically Sautrday 4/23 on the East Coast). Family Feud will replace that run.
That put an end to all this. The lesson is this: Never put a talk show into a popular GSN game show. After all, look what it did for Love Triangle and Without Prejudice? Chase & Chain Reaction, would you come back? Please? Just one time?


Quick PSA before I go: To all you youngsters, please don't do drugs, because after all, if you smoke or drink, your mom will dress like Granny from the Beverly Hillbilles and use a rifle to kill off your smartphone, your Ipad,your HDTV and the like. This message is brought to you by the Southern Mothers Association. They're always southern hospitality. Fa All Y'all. For Real tho.
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