Thursday, March 29, 2012

Coming Attractions!!!!

Pierre Kelly, your weatherman here to give you a weather report on the month of April. April Showers bring May Flowers, but GSN The Know wrecks havoc like drunk drivers.

-The Ratings Report accumulates more inches than Snow
-Left your umbrella at home? Don't worry, we got sprinkles of news to cover your pancho.
-We kick off April Acapella Awareness Month with the USC Sirens
-We'll throw thunderstorms at what you thought on watching new GSN shows right now
-and I'll plow like a tornado on why Louie's feud won't come to this network

April 2nd, join me along with the Super Doppler 9000, which is 5 times faster than a hamster wheel for GSN The Know. We track game shows.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

April Acapella awareness month

Hello know-it-alls. Pierre Kelly here to talk to you about what's coming up in April. We are starting an alliterative month entitled: "April Acapella Awareness Month." Even though I'm not making it up, it's strictly for my blog for you look at. Starting in April, it's what WITWICS did to Rockspella as NBC did to "The Sing-off." nice analogy, huh? At halftime, we'll have performances by the USC Sirens, the UNC Loreleis, The Yale Whiffenpoofera and Sonos. So make halftime a voice to be heard. In fact, we might do one more in August later on. So make your singing voice heard as we kick off "April Acapella Awareness Month" next week on GSN The Know. Sing on, playas.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Is there a password in my username?
(theme fades out)

Hey there everybody, Pierre Kelly at the tail end of March and it's spring outside. Everybody at the Video Arcade Lounge on the patio talking about "The Hunger Games," new employees you might meet and one of them is Danielle. She's from Alabama and brought me my chicken tenders with sweet & sour sauce. But enough about that, let's talk GSN. I came to give you 4 quarters of fun and information, starting with the Ratings Report. I will put in the cartridge of the computer named Hilty and we will get started.

Fifth Grader swept all 4 top spots to kick off the top 10. Baggage, Family Feud, another 5th Grader and Newlywed game round out the top 10. Here's the bottom 10:

Pyramid and Card Sharks tie at #213, but some filler programming, goes down a few spots while Newlywed Game beccomes the bottom of the barrel. The highest DWTS airing came in at:

55. The 2nd highest was on the 80-90 range. Everything else was 150-near the bottom. That's the ratings report and I will shut Hilty

Let's continue the quarter with.....
Operation Sherriwed. Week 1 began and she did a foxtrot to "Sherry" by the 4 seasons. Roll the highlights!!!!

For her first week, she scored 23 out of 30 putting her in a 4-way tie for 3rd. Tonight will be jive/quickstep night and we'll let you know how fast she'll run. See you next week for...Operation Sherriwed.

(music stops)

On to the second quarter and you have approximately 4 days to submit your dance for the Dance of a Lifetime contest. Go copy & paste here:

And on the day after April Fools day. We say welcome back to 3 shows: Super Password, Password Plus and The $25,000 Pyramid. The 100K version and the Eubanks edition of Card Sharks will be packing its bags and getting the heck up out of here. Chain Reaction 2006 will also be in the mix, but there's more......

We got some exciting things coming up for the network as the year rolls along. Jeff Foxworthy will host the American Bible Challenge and everything else will be games in real life. Would that be a keeper or a yawner?

Perhaps one writer from a local newspaper mocks the appearance of Foxworthy's upcoming show. Is there controversy involved? We'll see and finally....‘deal-or-no-deal’-game-show-on-most-ships/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+orlandosentinel%2Ftravel-deals+(Travel+Deals%2C+Tips+%26+Trends+-+Orlando+Sentinel)

The next time you go on a cruise, go play a GSN favorite: Deal or No Deal on a ship. Shell out 20 bucks and you'll win money for any...seasickness....cures. That ends quarter 2 and a little angry birdie who becomes a bomb told me that Push The Fish returns to the blog for the 2nd time. This time, it's for your birthday, so If your friends have a birthday, go to this blog and have your friends listen to this:

Thanks, guys and if you don't know the band by now, go to the "Dumpster" section of this blog where my episode is "Sloppy Seconds" and you get some links to it. They also have it on CDbaby:


The sixty one:

On Amazon:

And on iTunes if you happen to own an iPod, iPad or iPhone. Keep spreading the word and tell your server friends and new ones all about this hot new band that's about to sweep America. Ok, on to the 3rd quarter and and we get joys of Password + and SP coming back starting with:

"So with the zap2it change showing Password Plus and Super Password in the place of Card Sharks, I'm led to believe something is happening. As for The $25,000 Pyramid, I don't know what up with that."

Well, it might happen if Flashback Fridays makes a change come next week. We move on....

"Right now, I am taking the returns of Password Plus, Super Password, and $25,000 Pyramid with a grain of salt. But if it's true, then my days of watching GSN will be down the toilet. I hope Card Sharks still airs in the late nights, though I am highly doubtful they will stay. If it does indeed exit the schedule, I am sure they will be back with a different range of episodes next time."

And I'm hoping it'll be the Perry version since the Eubanks version is no longer out come 4/2. Next, a poster who decides which Password he likes better....

"Password Plus all the way. Allen Ludden did great, and Tom Kennedy was the perfect successor. Bill Cullen's 4-week stint was enjoyable. The theme music, the set, it was just awesome. The celebrity choice was excellent too.

Super Password was OK too. Bert did fine, and the Cashword was a nice touch. Glad to see them both return."

Agree with that. On to talk about upcoming stuff and I thought we take it outside to Buzzerblog starting with:

"Really, is Sony and Embassy Row THAT desperate? I am actually hoping that GSN does not green-light Pyramid, so that it might be picked up by another network or cable net that would enable more viewers to watch. Otherwise, it’s like Keith Olbermann moving to Current TV, where almost no one can watch. As to the reality shows, nothing surprises me at this point — it is indicative of the identify crisis at GSN."

Why can't both Sony & Embassy Row have history together? After all, they made hits for the network in general. Here's another one....

"We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of a dear friend. GSN was born Game Show Network on December 1, 1994. It lived an amazing life full of fun and joy and shared that joy with all its loyal friends and viewers for 10 happy years, until, sadly, it was stricken with reality disease. It began distancing itself from its friends, focusing more and more on non-game show programming, until finally, it was alone…totally and utterly alone. GSN is still technically on the air, but its end is near…a moment of silence, please, as we reflect on the life of this once-glorious channel…

GAME SHOW NETWORK (1994-pretty damn soon)"

But GSN's not dead yet. It's in ICU waiting to get cured. My friend Tom Delgado has this....

"Yet another horrible decision from the clueless morons running the network. Once again they fail to listen to their core audience in favor of picking up the next few flavors of the month. I for one am not interested in the new Pyramid revival, because I know deep down in my heart of hearts that it’s not going to be done right…and the fact of the matter is, you shouldn’t be surprised when it isn’t!

There really is no reason to watch GSN anymore. It’s going to be reality shows, Deal or No Deal, and Karn Feud rammed down your throat. Anyone who actually LIKES this kind of lineup should be forced to watch every single episode ever made of Card Sharks 2000, Temptation, and Louie Anderson Feud…but not before they’re forced to listen to Ty Treadway in one ear and Donny Osmond in the other.


Word. But I decide to take to the GSN Forum Palace a few words....

"American Bible Challenge is something different for GSN. What I am wondering is has any type of Bible game show worked in the past on non-religious networks? I can not recall any that has.

The reality TV shows. Honestly I am tired of the Reality TV genre. That being said most of the shows do not sound worse than some of the stuff we have now elsewhere. One problem though is that GSN is not the network for them. They would probably have a better chance on A&E or TruTV.

Beat the Chefs-Seems like an attempt to cash in on Iron Chef. Again GSN is not the network for them.

The Pyramid revival. Oh yes glad someone finally got the brains to do a Pyramid revival. What I am hoping though is that it is more like Clark's and less like Osmond." But is GSN copycatting other shows on another network? We may have to see. I thought I save you with Fact In The Box. Let's see what fact is going to come up:

(jack in the box opens)

Fact: In 2009, Super Password was taken off the air when they aired the 1986 Halloween special.

(closes box)

And that'll bring to the 3rd quarter and we go into some GSN modern love:

"Back in 1994, GSN started out as classics and years later added Extreme Gong, Throut & Neck and plenty of others as interactivity, therefore making them modern shows. Nowadays, 89% of the schedule is modern, save for Flashback Fridays, because the older stuff is whittled down to minuscule hours and everything else is DOND, Feud and relationship shows, not to mention all 40 episodes of Engvall's Lingo plus the Woolery version as well. So why can't they get the classics back? The GSN forum Palace asked what should the network do to the schedule. Their reply....split into 2 networks, have more classics or get a better schedule, but the modern stuff is 10-12years old and it's rerunning over & over. Feud does well in the ratings, so does Fifth Grader and the relationship shows, but DWTS couldn't hold a candle. It's downward slide rattles viewers with the fact that they already know the outcome like bookers do in pro wrestling, but to be honest, most modern shows can sell an audience, and as for GSN, when the originals stop the hiatus, it'll be a climb back to the top, but for now, the moderns continue to strut their stuff by showing endless reruns that baffle the viewers and the minds of Young America."

And we must deprart for now, but I heard Pyramid is making a new one for the network. Wanna learn mroe about it?

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