Thursday, March 15, 2012

Coming attractions!!!!

Yesterday was Pi Day, but on DWTS 14 premiere day....

-The ratings report will fill you in with ratings filling
-We'll tell you about the new acquisition to the GSN pie crust
-I'll give you the whipped cream to a pointless question I put up on the forums..and the reaction to that
-And is the network annoying? I'll give you my pie in the face.

Join us for the bakery of goodness that is...GSN The Know.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This isn't some Pyramid scheme!!!!
(theme fades out)

Hey there my friends, and this is GSN The Know. This is the only blog worth of stuff every GSN fan needs. We have a good blog to cover today, but we have to start with a quick story. As of last week, will no longer post any GSN ratings, but Malcontent will still be in the studio putting up slides for the second quarter and videos for halftime. So until they change their minds for it, we must do poll...on a pole.

(pole lowers)

Our question is: What non-Sony version of Pyramid would you like to see on GSN?

Our results are:

33% had to go to Cullen's 25,0000 Pyramid, but 67% went with Davidson & Clark's syndie pyramids as well as this one. Poll on a pole must rise up.

(pole rises)

On to quarter 2 with a quick note about this blog. Because I have to recap DWTS for 10 weeks or so, this blog will be on Monday. That's right, Monday. After which, it'll revert back to Tuesday. For the week of 22nd this month, the episodes of DOND look like this....

7:00pm: #111
8:00pm: #112
9:00pm: #113
10:00pm: #115
11:00pm: #116

Any reason why they skipped #114? Anybody? Perhaps this next story will....

Brad Sherwood and Colin Mochrie if Improv-A-ganza fame star in a comedy show, but....

It's star Drew Carey is having a midlife crisis. Seriously. And finally....

Mr. Pyramid Dick Clark is putting up his $3.5 million "Flintstones" for sale. No word yet on when Introcaso-Davis or Goldhill gets a Jetsons-like house. That'll do it for the first half. For halftime, we go back 20 years to an all-time arcade classic: X-Men. This game is based upon the 1989 pilot: "Pryde of the X-Men." It is by far, my favorite arcade game I play and I have it on my iPod. Here's a tune from that game entitled "Dance with a Crocodile."

On to the 3rd quarter and Match game may be gone... Or is it? One poster says:

"Can anybody tell me why I'm getting a repeat of the 7-8 AM infomercials instead of Match Game from 8-9 AM Monday-Friday? This started Friday 3/9/12 and repeated on Monday 3/12. All the other shows are as posted on the GSN schedules and on my cable provider's listings. Is someone sleeping on the job between 8 and 9 AM (Eastern) or could GSN have waited a little too long to renew the right or license to air the show for another year?? I don't know how all that works. My brother used to work in "central control" for a major network before he retired and I just remember seeing a bank of slots for tapes/cassettes containing the shows and the commercials, but that was long ago and it's probably all computerized now."

Well, it might be Daylight Savings Time, but one thinks not....

"It's not a daylight savings time thing because the usual shows that follow it from 9 AM and later are airing as usual. My DVR has been "recording" Match Game too, except in that first morning hour of what's supposed to be regular GSN programming, it's recording the same infomercials I'm seeing when the TV is on at the time (8-9 AM). Match Game is one of the biggest highlights of my day, being home most of the time due to my disability. PLEASE bring it back?? Otherwise I'll have to whine and pout and knock on your doors until you change your minds. LOL"

Okay then. On to DWTS talk...

"Wow. GSN is going to confuse people between them airing Season 13 and ABC airing Season 14, especially since GSN's commercials are stating that "new episodes" of Dancing with the Stars are airing Saturdays at 6 pm (even though GSN is referencing Season 13 and not the new Season 14 on ABC)."

Is this what they call a shameless crossover gone bad? How about this?

"We've already created about 100 threads it seems like on how bad Dancing with the Stars is. The good news it used to be on 25 hours, but now only 15 hours a week. At least GSN is cutting back a little bit. Sunday afternoons are the next to go. GSN has to understand DWTS was not a good show to acquire for the network, and that people are joining GSN forums just to say how bad DWTS is!"

I believe the forum rats should stop this mess. Here's one on the schedule changes.

"I am hoping for the return of some old favorites (more G-T shows and WoF), and maybe some new acquisitions (later O'Hurley eps or maybe Harvey, to replace some of the overrun Feud). I don't get the rationale of more DWTS if it hasn't done well in the ratings thus far. New eps of the originals is a move in the right direction. I guess we shall see around April what will materialize on a more permanent basis. Personally, I'm hoping for fewer reality shows, and more game shows...that's always been the real draw of the network."

Of course, but one can't watch GSN due to this poster:

"And proving how much of a life I have, I'm now watching all the NFL Films Superbowl highlight DVDs I've recorded, I-XLV"

Yeah, better than Skyrim for sure. And it's fourth quarter time. This is my subject....GO!

The Pyramid. A creation led by none other than Bob Stewart made a cash cow to contestants and fuel competition to his empire over his old boss Mark Goodson. With Dick Clark as host emeritus, it attracts stars to help Civilians win cash. The 10k, 20k, 80's pyramid versions and the 2002 version are all owned by Sony, but there are 3 not owned by the same company. They are the $25,000 Pyramid hosted by Bill Cullen, Bob's widely-known host around his company, the 50k version by Clark himself with a bit of wrinkles in the rule book and the John Davidson version of the 100k Pyramid with a couple of things didn't work. All of which are owned by CBS television distribution which were snatched up by Paramount, Group W, and Viacom among others. In order to get it on GSN, they must and I mean must get a lease and then convert the episodes to their type of broadcasting method (Digibeta, etc.).
So in other words, they must sign permission slips like kids would get approval from their parents for field trips in school to have never before to GSN Pyramids everyone wants to see. It'll not only signal what Flashback Fridays may become in the future, but a shot in the arm to turn this ship around and get back to prominence once again.

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