Thursday, December 20, 2012

The 1st Annual Know-It-All Awards

From the Video Arcade Lounge in an outstretched highway in the middle of nowhere, it's....


A celebration and a look back at the year GSN made history. With appearances yet to be seen by....











With musical appearances by....








(song fades out; current plinko intro)

And the man to make it all happen, the master of the oodles, the owner of a Friend or Foe Trust box, the galloping ghost of the entire vault the network owns....Pierre.....Jason................................KELLY!


oh wow.....please....just stop it......thank you.

(theme stops)

Wow, The GSN The Know Orchestra with Christina Grimmie leading it, thank you guys for making it our theme song well-known. Welcome to the first ever Know-It-All Awards, all the staff of our blog, our robots and teh servers, to-go people, quarter munchers, hostesses, cooks and managers, plus some from the GSN family have come together to reminisce about 2012, a year that made GSN great. As this week is the end of of our blog year, 2013 will be more better....much better than it was. At the end of teh ceremony, we'll tell who is the Best Program of 2012? As we look around, I see Mike Richards. I'm glad Brandi....whomever last name is shared with a forest from the story Robin Hood is way back in the audience because you spoke about her on another show I won't mention. Perhaps GSN has heard of it years ago?

(light laughter)

Matt Rogers, how you is? WHen's your next album coming out?

(audience laughter)

And I see Jeff FOxworthy and Steve Harvey....are you guys sharing a room with Goldfish or Amy Introcaso-so?

(audience laughter)

Did I miss anybody? Oh yeah, the guy who sang like a virgin on The Pyramid. Sorry, but American Idol is next month.

(audeince laughter)

Everybody here? Then we're all good and we're ready to remember the year 2012 and hand out awards the fans spoke of. FOr that, we start with Best Classic. You know, there's nothing like waking up the morning, getting your Starbucks VIA and Pop-Tarts and hearing Gene Rayburn says blanks or figuring out what the password is, either way, it's a good thing to make GSN your mornings and the nomines are.....

(Cue Plinko slots to form Best Classic)

MATCH GAME-Goodson-Todman/Fremantle

FAMILY FEUD-Goodson-Todman/Fremantle

CARD SHARKS-Goodson-Todman/Fremantle

PRESS YOUR LUCK-Carruthers Company/Fremantle

THE PASSWORDS (Password Plus & Super Password)-Goodson-Todman/Fremantle

(Cue Best Classic rotating coin and fade into host)

And the best classic goes to.....hold on a sec.....

(turns on screen)

Yes, PYL. I'll tell you more later on, but to accept the award, here's the whammy!

(PYL FB theme plays)

(Whammy comes up and gets the goldne brain)

(theme stops)

Shortest. Acceptance speech. ever. Anyhoodles, let's pound out the winter season, shall we?

In january, yours truly created the first of many GSN-exclusive blogs to write about and give information about the network itself. Dancing With The Stars came on at that time and Carnie Wilson got a settlement from a lawsuit and that cost her $300K. While the network continued an agreement with AT&T, 5% of its staff got laid off. Then came february....

We started Sex & romance month. The first of many monthly themes this blog has brought to you. Russian Roulette became 1 of 5 of a list of weird game shows and the host of "Love Connection" himself, Chuck Woolery came by to go politicial in the process. Although a retro version of "The Pryamid" came to Jimmy Fallon, everyone was talking about DWTS on GSN, but one dancer i'm about to introduce may not have watched this. She's a founder of the Game Meets Girl network and is the star of 2 girls, 1 game. May I introduce Kristin Perez?



(Puts fire out on glowsticks)

Hope nothing like that happens in a fire hazard. Moving right along. There are worst things GSN does. Rerun abuse.....too much Feud on the schedule.....getting appointments for free.....

(audience laughter; applause)

All that kind of stuff. Here are the nominees for best "WTH?" moment....

(Cue Cliff Hangers slots to form Best "WTH?" moment)




(cue "Best WTH Moment" on a rotating coin and fade into host)

And the moment goes to.....(opens sheet) Well, believe it or not, DWTS on GSN. I'll tell you what happened as time went on, but let's all point & laugh at the 3 judges in the balcony.

(all point & laugh at judges; judges hold up "Why Me?" paddles and run off)

They're just running off. I guess. On to our next performer, she's been known for Call Of Duty, Apple Products and traveling a whole lot and now she's making an appearance at the lounge. It's iJustine herself, Justine Ezarik!



ANd we forge ahead unto springtime.

A feud switched between O'Hurley and Karn worked sorta kinda....and Power of 10 was long gone. When DWTS season arrived, Sherri Shepard came in to compete for a mirrorball trophy. The blog was moved to Monday when something drastic happened....that's right, Jeff Foxworthy became the host of the "American Bible Challenge." But when April got a shower itself....

GSN digital expanded to our nation's capital and we said hello to Hilty who gives us the ratings each week. The latter of March to be exact and DWTS went to a cemetary and died of low ratings. We said goodbye to the master of the Pyramid, Dick Clark and when Harvet's Feud arrived, we knew it would be a steamroller to ratings. Then May came in.....

The originatior of the Pyramid, Bob Stewart passed away and Donnymid became a temporary replacement for Flashback Fridays, but GSN did a pilot for a new version of teh same show. Baggage was a go for syndication and casting came for the American Bible Challenge. A bit of a morning shakeup doused the schedule and know who came to CNN to talk Bible and stuff. And our next guests are 3 sisters from London who combine harmony with's.....believe it or not, The Puppini Sisters!



And eariler, we held a mini-ceremony in the Fast Money Mart in front of the doors and we held awards to those who got a golden brain.

First, Teh award for...."Um...what?" goes to the American Bible Challenge choir. Haven't they change their clothes per taping day?

The award for...."Sorry, wrong show." goes to Mark (Rancho Cucamonga)- A furniture salesman who likes to go to a new country every year. His rendition of "like A Virgin" deducted a point because singing a clue doesn't help. His take despite all this: A donut.

The award for...."Is this thing still on?" goes to Million Dollar Password. 12 shows and still on Sautrdays? Hmm, Why would it get taken off?

The award for...."(yawn)" goes to DED. Yes, DED. 26 shows and still kickin' butt and taking notes like a waitress would.

The award for..."So she think she can dance" award goes to Shandy Underwood. Is her long-lost cousin Carrie around?

The award for..."Top Shelf" did not go to Family Feud for some obviuos reason. It went to Bible. Why? Because of the hypr surrounding it.

And finally, the award for "Best Feud Host" went a surprise margin, Ray Combs. May he RIP.

(song stops)

More music now and from the Mormon state, this violinist is more than just classical. Watch and you'll see why. It's Lindsey Stirling.



Now it's on to Best Acquistion. When a mother's belly gets bigger, a baby is born. When GSN needed something they like.....same as is....correct? Anyways, the nominees are....

(Cue Lucky Seven Slots to form Best Acquistion)

FAMILY FEUD (Harvey)-Fremantle/20th Television/Debmar-Mercury

MINUTE TO WIN IT-NBC Universal/Friday TV

ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A 5TH GRADER?-Mark Burnett Prods./Zoo Television/20th Television

 (cue "Best Acquistion" on a rotationg coin and fade to host)

And the acqusition of the year is.....

Yes, Family Feud, that show that mauled every ratings book every week....but we move on. Summertime in the GSN city.....

While Bible auditioned in cities across america, we said goodbye to the first host of Feud. Everyone paid tribute to it and then Mike Richards stepped out of the camera to host the new version of Pyramid. We even took a report card for the year. Next came July.....

DWTS returned with a vegance for a marathon on July 4th and Steve harvey got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We said hello to Minute To Win It and Dog Eat Dog returned to its old home. After we revealed the Chefs for BTC, August came around....

Lots of changes came to the schedule and Bill Rafferty passed away. But the unthinkable happened. Bible posted a 1-day record for most viewers for the network. No one else can touch it. And our next musical guest hails from Russia. SHe's a circus performer turned video blogger. She is.....Olga Kay.



And we move onto fall.

The newer version of the Pyramid had arrived and with CHefs sinking, The Incredible Dog Challenge came in....

(song stops; crickets chirping)


(song resumes)

With Gangnam Style riding high, Todd Newton finally got an Emmy for his work on Family Game Night. October came.....

And yet another morning shakeup came on the network. PYL came back into the airwaves and we began the Fan of the 4th quarter series. With Pyramid ending badly, Bible finished as the man of the mountain. November came.....

And Improv-A-Bomb dropped to Fridays for its return. I even went to the Bible casting call for the first time and we celebrated Thanksgiving with teh Chefs.

And it brings us to December. I turned 30, A holiday marathon came and Everything is fine at GSN. And now a tribute to those who we lost.









(song fades out)

Thank you. Now the nominees for Host Of The Year. When you think of Tom Kennedy, Jack Narz, Geoff Edwards and Bob Eubanks, you think of hosts. These 3 have no exception. Here are the nominees.

(Cue Money Game slots to form Best Host)

JEFF FOXWORTHY-The American BIble Challenge



(cue Best Host on a rotating coin and fade to host)

And the host is.....Jeff Foxworthy by a slim margin!

(applause; Bible Theme plays)

Jeff: If you think the book of Corinthians were made of Corinthian leather, you might be a redneck.

(audience laughter)

I like to thank GSN, Embassy ROw and everyone who made the Bible Challenge a success thanks to me and season 2 is on teh way, so keep watching. Goodnight!

Pierre: Hold up, Jeff, you're also in the running for Best Show. The grandaddy of them all, so sit back in your seat.

(Jeff sits back down)

It's time for the last award of the evening. Best Show. Best in Show. Best TV show on TV. The nominees for that are....

(Cue Golden ROad slots to form best show)

THE AMERICAN BIBLE CHALENGE-Relatively Real/Embassy Row/Sony PIctures TV

BEAT THE CHEFS-Relatively Real Productions

THE PYRAMID-Embassy Row/Sony PIctures Television

(cue Best Show on a rotationg coin and fade into host)

And the last award of the whole

Well how about taht? The Pyramid!

(10,000 Pyramid theme plays)

ANd accepting the award.....this box.

It says.....Teh staff.....the host, oh, things on a TV, how about......The people.....What to thank for.

(bell ringing)

Got that right!  The last performer is paying tribute to a man who's been a world traveler. Here to tell you more about it, Kidd.....Russell!



and that about wraps up the first ever Know-It-All award ceremony. I'd like to thank myself for putting on a great show. Also, the fans of my group page, can't thank you well enough. Josie Epperson, you put a smile on my face. My mom, you were my hero since day 1 and my friends, family and everyone else. We'll be off 2 weeks, but we'll return in January with a newer year. Good night and play on, playas! Hit it Alabama Danielle!

(Confetti cannon fires)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Coming Attractions!!!!

It's here! The award ceremony you've waited your whole year for and GSN The Know is bringing it to you.

Who's taking home Best Host? What game show of 2012 made GSN smile? and what moment should the network forget about?

All this, plus a who's who of performances including the Puppini Sisters, The Screen Team and more.

The first ever Know-It-All Awards are next week. Mark your calendar for this extraordinary event.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fifty Isn't nifty
(theme fades out)

Why it's Pierre Kelly blowing up your blogrolls nationwide for GSN The Know. Has the week so far felt like December? It might be because we broke out the gloves and made you feel warm for this blog. So let's get the toaster going with a ratings binge. Uh, Hilty, got any marshmallows?

Family Feud almost got blanked for the 2nd week in a row when Fifth Grader took the 8th spot. Now the deep freezers.

Black Friday got trampled by the likes of Match Game, Chefs, $100K Pyramid, Password Plus, a double dose of Baggage, Card Sharks and a 4-pack of feud. Ouch. There's the first quarter. Hilty will stay warm in an electric blanket.

Now the second quarter and you know our annual Know-It-All awards ceremony is one week away. We'll add a few new categories I did myself, plus all the things I mentioned in past posts. It'll be a jamboree of sorts next week, but for this week, The Pyramid and DOND to exit gracefully. In t heir place, Karn's Feud and.....(Gasp) Engvall's Lingo? Say it isn't so. But to check the last time, it got great ratings in the afternoon, so enjoy it while it lasts. The latter sentence also tells me that Card Sharks and PYL will get 50 shows as a limit lease. Wha? 50? Why did they decide to do that? I just don't know. Meanwhile....

Jerry Springer did his thing as the host of the live version of LMAD. But we like to do a segment called....Oops! Where we correct mistakes and fix them.

Today, I was at the group page, and on CHristmas Day.....they showed Feud and stuff. The solution: Match game would be the show. Remember? Mistake solved. Now to halftime and last week, The Puppini Sisters gave you a christmas song, but what if Michael Buble joined in?

Oh, I get it now. On to the second half and we decided to share with our readers what the GSN Forum Palace thought on last month's ratings starting with the first week. One poster said:

"Blame The Pyramid there. 6pm was always the slot for originals, but they really shouldn't have messed with Harvey when he was dominating the 6pm hour as it was. I really didn't think Pyramid was going to do any better since it's basically "been there, done that." It was for me, I stick to Clark's version. After awhile Mike Richards Pyramid wore out on me, as I've mentioned because it's basically "been there, done that" for me. I can just watch Clark's."

Because after all, Clark is better than RIchards. Next comment....

"100,000 Pyramid did poorly in that time slot because it's possible that, depending on where anyone is, it was up against the 12:00 newscasts. Jeopardy! was its lead-in, and it didn't do that well. Might be because it was a fairly recent season and a show from 2008 or 2009 doesn't belong in a 5-hour block that some people expect to be devoted to pre-1990 programming."

And I'm guessing $25K is better than $100K. Moving right on, we have.....

"If ratings are any indication, I hope this will convince GSN to get the final 9 months of Press Your Luck (November 1985-September 1986; 200+ episodes)."

It...could happen. The next week came and this comment went like this....

"Weekends are a time for the rerun abused shows like Whammy and Chain Reaction (They have aired over and over). And also shows like Dog Eat Dog (formerly Deal or No Deal), and Million Dollar Password. Whammy and Chain Reaction did fair as a team weekdays in the 3pm hour."

But he goes on to make a change....

9am-12pm - (Whammy, Chain Reaction) The Pyramid gets 12pm hour both days.
1-6pm - (The Newlywed Game, Deal or No Deal)
6pm-11pm - Block scheduling for prime time. 11pm hour belongs to Harvey Feud.
12-4am (The following list can go to any slot from 12-4am in no order) - (Million Dollar Password, Dog Eat Dog, Baggage, The Newlywed Game)

That...may or may not work. This comemnt will...

"I am sad to see CS struggling so poorly. The "new"episodes GSN purchased should be doing better than a 146 high. Hope ratings pick up soon for some of these shows. At least the first airings of 25K and 100K, along with SP, are doing all right."

New isn't new. They're reruns from years ago. Remember? More on 9 am with this comemnter.....

"And what time would 9 o'clock in the morning in Eastern Time be in Pacific Time Zone? 6 o'clock in the morning. Hardly anyone is up that early to watch game shows, and that's where a good chunk of the U.S. population lives. After all, Los Angeles is one of the highest-populated cities in the U.S. Plus, not everyone has GSN."

Right, and morning news crushes them all. Moving on to the next week and this....

"Plain and simple, Harvey Feud works. It's not going to be everybody's cup of tea, but it has a mass appeal that's hard to beat in today's TV world. And as much as I would think long-term and pull back a few airings (just looking at how DOND and Karn Feud collapsed in ratings eventually under similar rerunning, and are now barely on the schedule), the bottom line is that he's giving GSN their best ratings, and thus it is completely justified to run him as often as possible. The business of business is business, after all. "

I think this commenter is right. Your next one has this....


I think the PM and SYndies may do justice. More MG insanity....

"Again, take a look at Match Game. The show is still putting up better ratings than most things on GSN. Yet, it gets 8:30am treatment. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to fix this network right now. The mornings are just terrible. Also makes you wonder why GSN couldn't acquire Wheel of Fortune for Black Friday like years past. They need something to fix this dog mess up!"

Same as above, but in a new time. Thanksgiving came, football, parades and movies, but what about GSN? Well, one guy has this post....

"Nobody watched Beat the Chefs on Thanksgiving (not really surprised).

No one watched Regis on Friday (surprised).
He was a #1 show on GSN and to see him bottom out like that is shocking. He was given a raw deal earlier this year when bumped to two late night Sunday night airings. As I said before, he had a #1 show on Broadcast TV. If Bonanza finds its way onto 2 channels on cable and was a former #1 show, Regis should be given the same opportunity.

Harvey Feud does well STILL. They should introduce a new season in January and promote the heck out of it. Air new episodes Wednesday Nights in a block and they get maybe 900k or even a Million. That's if they promote it right."

Why nobody?  They wanted to watch something else. Another week went by and this comment picked a surprise.....

"Start the day off with a proven winner:

9:00am:---Match Game Synd.
9:30am:---Match Game PM
10:00am:--Card Sharks (Perry)
10:30am:--$25,000 Pyramid
11:00am:--Super Password
11:30am:--Press Your Luck
12:00pm:--Password Plus
12:30pm:--Family Feud
1:00pm:---$100,000 Pyramid
1:30pm:---Match Game 70s

Whatever GSN needs to do, they need to desperately revert back to 2006, 2007, 2008 mode."

That'll work. How about one more?

"I missed the craziness, thankfully. It's really a shame that respectable discussion is hard to have with people who feel they need to go off on rants. The GSN schedule might not be utopia, but no schedule is, and it could be worse. I'll enjoy what I like that's on, and live with what I don't like without worrying about it. It's not worth getting worked up over it. "

I guess GSN may be on life support in a hospital bed, but we'll see. 4th quarter and let's crank up the noise....

Musical guessing games over the years are on cable and network, but GSN never has them at all. So we ask the question....what if they were on there? Well, for mornings, Name That Tune would be the granddaddy of them all and the Lange version would be a best bet in the mornings. As for Face The Music, it may be the same story. However, the most recent karaoke game out tehre is Don't Forget The Lyrics!, and wheter it be network or syndie, it could fill the void of Feud in the block scheduling. For all 3 of these games, they must clear any music that it's OK to use on GSN. After all, DWTS did it, but for any of the 3, we'll see about that.

And that'll do it. Next week, put your glad rags on and join us for the biggest award show GSN ever wanted to do....but didn't. It's our GSN The Know Know-It-All awards ceremony. Tweet me, text me, facebook me, get on our group page and spread the word about it. We'll be here next week for the festivities. And when I'm on the GSN forums, I'm Gameheadz. See you guys later and play on, playas.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Coming Attractions!!!!

Chestnuts are roasting on an open fire, and GSN is about to spray bullets.

-Our Ratings report will be sung a choir....who's actually a robot.
-Our news truck is on its way with lots of articles on its sleigh
-Our forumers spy to see how well the ratings did last month
-And the skinny on musical guessing games

And so we're offering a phrase: Play on, playas. It's been said one way and that's my way on GSN The Know. COme join us Tuesday.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

18 & Life
(theme fades out)

Welcome to GSN The Know. Everything you always wanted to know about GSN in short order. Not only am I turning 30 this week, but GSN turned 18 this past weekend. Even though it's old enough to vote, it's got a candidacy all its own with Goldfish running the show. But we got 4 quarters to kill and a running mate named Hilty has some numbers for you.....

Family Feud blanked out the entire top 10 from top to bottom, but let's see what teh blank starers have to say about this....

It was nothing to be thankful for as Whammy! kicked it off first, but a double dose of Beat The Chefs came on, however, Millionaire kept people out of Black Friday shopping and a double whacking of Feud with Password Plus came along with it. Baggage was the meat in the moldy sandwich, but Beat The Chefs gave people a chance to have a turkey coma. That ends the first quarter, Hilty, run!

Here we go with the second quarter. It seems that Sony has been with GSN since the beginning before Liberty Media took over for a while in 2001. However, if you got Directv, You're in luck.
They're having a 18% stake in the network. What does that mean? We get to make the Barry & Enright library cheaper and the Bob Stewart collection teh same as well. As for everything else the rest of the day? Eh, not so much. Now, the ex-hosts in the news....
We start with the host of 1 vs. 100 penning a book in 2014. It'll be about his racy comic act while cleaning up in prime time television.
Just 11 years before he became the host of Family Feud and Bingo America later on, he was forever known as casting Tim Taylor's partner on his show "Home Improvement." Now they're reunited on "Last Man Standing." Hope that does TRIPLE THE FUN! Finally, Marc Summers talks about the car crash in video form.....
If you ever live in Chicago, Match Game is coming back! Expect no 1990 stuff. And finally....
Don't tell me I did not see this. NASCAR is doing Fifth Grader. Minute To WIn It should've done better. That takes us to halftime. WIth the recent spring-like temps where you live these days, doesn't this remind you of a song by the Puppini Sisters to find out why it's Hawaii and not Minnesota?
Alright, enough scatting and three-part harmony. Let's skip to the second half. You know the ceremonies are here a week before Christmas, and the group you just heard earlier will be here along with Lindsey Stirling, The Screen Team, Olga Kay in her singing debut, Ijustine herself Justine Ezarik, Kristin Perez with her ravergirl look and Kidd Russell paying homage to my favorite wrestler. Please be invited to this once in a lifetime, or should we say, once annually event the week before Christmas for a year-end jamboree. ANd the third quarter starts with the GSNers talking about this month's maarthons. Last week, we went to Buzzerblog and this week, we have the forum palace on blast starting with.....
"I think these are great choices for marathons. I do think we will see Christmas themed episodes of Card Sharks, Family Feud, Password Plus, Super Password, Pyramid, and others during the regular schedule as well.

A+ job for GSN!"
Oh......kay. What about this?
"This is great. We haven't had a New Years Eve/Day marathon in a long time if I recall. Very pleased to see a Match Game marathon on Christmas Day, and a Dick Clark Pyramid marathon on New Years Eve, just like in the old days.

And The American Bible Challenge one is great as well. Not too wild about the other ones considering we have seen enough of those, IMHO. But, I'll take them over anything else."
Nice. Here's this....
"The Martha Smith/David Graf episodes are holiday-themed eps from the last week of 1986. I have seen clips of wins from that week of shows, and the set is decorated for Christmas; the Susan Ruttan/Christopher Lemmon week that aired prior to that week was also Christmas themed, and perhaps GSN will air these the week of Christmas.

As far as the eps. with Jenny O'Hara and Clifton Davis, they are from early April 1987, and I think ep. 1184 is where GSN left off when they took $25K Pyramid off Friday nights a couple months back. I'm not sure why they're skipping ahead to where they left off, but regardless this may allow us to know very soon the extent of this current lease of shows. These have got to be toward the end assuming they picked up 200 shows again."
Oh, so that's where we'll be watching for the holidays. Anotehr one has this....
"Regarding the Match Game marathon airing on Christmas Day: I wonder if the marathon is possibly one big attempt to pick up more ratings, and if the ratings are good, GSN may possibly lease different episodes when the current run of 1974 and partial 1975 expires?"

That may work because the PM and the syndie episodes might be the best way to get them. However, he coninues on the possibility of Feud in a holiday marathon.

"I can see why Dawson's Feud is not getting a marathon this holiday season - the ratings are not-so great when they air on weekday mornings. I can safely bet that GSN likely won't renew Dawson's Feud when the lease expires, and Dawson's Feud will be off the air as a result. I can see GSN picking up something different, or even bringing back Password Plus to weekday mornings when the rights to Dawson's Feud expires."

Yikes. Combs' version would've worked out that way. But we end with this.....

"Expires.....Groundhog Day never ends .....if GSN does the marathon, should contact Bill Murray. Or Chris Elliot. "

Seriously? That's not right. Anyways, let's talk remakes.

It seems that remakes of old GSN favorites don't work out that way, but some do. When Lingo came on the set in 2002, everything else was working out right, but by it's 2011 revival, it went down the tubes. Whammy! in the same year focused solely on the big board from the PYL days, but a few free spins to By the time 2006 rolled around, Chain Reaction looked like a word link game & all, but players were acting like they stopped in front of a store for black Friday. Fast forward to this year and The Pyramid wanted to be like the olden days, but it's stricter rules and esclatating jackpot made it feel right. What went wrong? Illegal play. Is this football or hockey? ANyways, the UK counterpart Challenge did it right with a newer version of Blockbusters, which proves once again that trying to teach an old dog new tricks doesn't work that way....most of the time.

And with that, time's up. Hope the rest of December flies by liek a kite. Bceause Santa's sliegh is coming soon before you know it. Remember to get into our FB group page and tell us about it. Tweet me @ Johnny_Arcade, friend me as Pierre Jason Kelly or email me at and when I'm on the GSN forums, I'm Gameheadz. See you guys later and play on, playas.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Coming Attractions!!!

Buzzers & bells ring....and we're listening. GSN The Know hears it.

-As you go along, the Ratings report will play love songs
-All The News right by a fire
-We take it to the forums for December's marathons and we'll say...Yeah, man.
-And why Remakes don't work....sometimes.

Forget Walking. We're bike-riding in a Game Show Wonderland known as GSN The Know.

Monday, November 26, 2012

(theme fades out)

Hello everyone. It's Cyber Monday and the last one for the DWTS season, because we'll be back to Tuesday next week, because both of those will involve GSN and does. As you stare as this title, Improv-A-Ganza blew up a bomb of a ratings, but it wasn't in the bottom 10. We'll get to that, but first the top stars of teh list. Hilty?

Family Feud once again went on top, But Fifth Grader slipped up to 2nd and MTWI took the bronze. Feud took up 4th & 5th, but Fifth Grader took 6th. Feud took 7-9, but Fifth Grader rounded it out. Now the ones who got trampled on Black Friday when the stores opened and couldn't recover......sounds like fun, isn't it?

$100K Pyramid kicked it off 2 times, followed by Whammy!, then a double dose of Dog Eat Dog, Baggage and a smotehring of Feud. That ends the first. Hilty will now do Cyber Monday shopping.

Now the 2nd quarter.
As you know, Jeff Foxowrthy is known for his Bible Show and we have video for proof of how well he does.
We say goodbye to Larry Hagman. You may know him from "I Dream Of Jeannie," but he will be remembered for J.R. Ewing in "Dallas" and an episode that changed history. He even appeared on "Family Feud" and "Hollywood Squares." He was 81.
Since it's a slow week, let's do what does this remind you of?
There is an epsiode of TTTT in 1977 as an imposter, but what movie does this remind you of?
Catch Me If You Can. a 2002 film that starred Leonardo DiCaprio as pilot Frank Abagnale, Jr. who performed con jobs before teh age of 19. Yikes. And now it's halftime. Because it's after Thanksgiving, either Black Friday, Nephilim Sunday....jsut ask my friend Janis or Cyber Monday, you're in teh holiday spirit and teh Screen Team are here to put you in the mood. Take it, guys!
No turkey comas please, let's move on to the 3rd quarter. We go to Buzzerblog to find out if they're ready for next month's marathon. Dan goes with....
"Very good for the NYE they decide to pur Classic Pyramid with the late mater and New Years Rockin Eve master Dick Clark, it’s not only a great way to end the year, but a great way to celebrate Richard’s life, too bad VH1 won’t do AB (but that’s another story)."
You're right, and Dance Party USA may return to USA....who knows? GSNfan has this:
"12/23 American Bible Challenge: Great

12/24 Minute to Win It: Eh, maybe they should test how the numbers for the Thanksgiving (11/22 2-6pm) marathon should go first. Because it’s not a runaway hit for the network.

12/25 Match Game: Very Good.

12/31 $25,000/$100,000 Pyramid: I can’t complain. But there’s a lot of Clark’s Pyramid on the schedule as is and it does well.

12/31 The Pyramid: Expected at some point on either Christmas or New Years. I also thought Newlywed Game might pick up a marathon

1/1 Deal or No Deal: Why???? It’s not a horrible idea at all. It’s a game show, it does decent at 4pm.

Surprised this isn’t 5th Grader
Sorta good and really surprised to see no Feud marathon here."

Good thing the top-ranked show other than TABC isn't here for those special days. Tyler has this....

"I’m glad there’s no marathon for Newlywed Game. Feud i wish they would have done a marathon for it."

I was hoping for the Bob Eubanks version, but oh well. Scott, you're up.

"We need more variety. Why couldn’t GSN acquire a new game show that has never been aired on the network, for a special 1-day marathon? Or re-acquire a game show that the network hasn’t shown in years for a special 1-day marathon, like Russian Roulette, or That’s the Question, or Grand Slam, etc."

That would work, but Russian Roulette would be out of the question.

Breaking News update from Chad Mosher. Here it is....

As has been recent tradition over the last couple of years, GSN will indeed be also airing select episodes of What’s My Line? and I’ve Got a Secret, starting December 17th. The beloved programs from the 1950s and 1960s will air weeknights at 2AM and 2:30AM ET. The duration is not yet known, but if previous patterns are followed, expect it to be for no more than two weeks.

Maybe a whole year would've done it. It's now time for.....

The Fan of the 4th quarter. Our fan this week: Chris Lonas.

From my home state, He's a professional wrestler who used to work supermarkets. When he was in the ring, he was Chris Xtreme for the independent company Knoxville Wretling Alliance and was once a front end manager Food City before working at Hardee's. I miss that place years ago. But his deep passion is GSN, espcially Family Feud, why? Because he misses the Ray Combs version. But I have bad news for you Chris, you are the very last.....

(song stops; switces to intro)

The Fan of the 4th quarter.

And that will do it. We'll return to our regular day for all teh holiday havoc GSN wrecked on. In the meantime, Remember to get into our FB group page and tell us about it. Tweet me @ Johnny_Arcade, friend me as Pierre Jason Kelly or email me at and when I'm on the GSN forums, I'm Gameheadz. See you guys later and play on, playas.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Coming Attractions!!!

Cold & Flu season got you down? Let GSN The Know cure sickness for you with a bowl of chicken soup and early 90's pop music.

-Our ratings report spreads the wealth, not germs.
-We take a shot at the latest schedule changes
-We'll take a prescription on the fans saying something about mornings
-And I'll have a house call to a native of Detroit.

It's nothing to sneeze at, or turn your head and cough, it's GSN The Know. The fever you can't get out of.

Coming Attractions!

When Thanksgiving and Black Friday are over. Cyber MOnday will be a time of blogging...teh last one for the DWTS season, at least.

-All the ratings in half the time
-The latest news in about an dog years
-We'll cut the line to find out what Buzzerbloggers think of the marathons next month
-And our final fan of the 4th quarter

GSN The KNow. Open at 4 in the morning or later, skater.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Turkey Dressing Down
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Hello boys & girls, It's Pierre Kelly with something to be thankful for.....GSN. What this blog does is that it will tell you about the network in a nutshell. Matter of fact, we had a church retreat for the youngsters this past weekend and there was GSN in the cabin I slept in. But if your retreat has DIRECTV, tell them to turn it on and turn it up and don't stop watching, because it'll be the network that changes your life and we have Hilty to hunt down the numbers with a remington colt rifle. He's ready to fire as we begin Quarter one.

Once again, Family Feud took the reins of the top 10 with the first 8 slots and the 10 spot with a Sherriwed episode getting in the 9th spot. Now teh trash bin with holes in it.....

Dog Eat Dog kicked it off, follwed by Card Sharks and a triplet of Feud. A saturday morning airing of Sherriwed came next follwed by Double doses of Feud and P+ with Chain Reaction finally ending up last. That's the first quarter, Hilty shoots off.

As we enter teh 2nd quarter, last week, I came to town for something special and I will tell you all about it.

Last Thursday, I went downtown to the American Bible Challenge casting call. I was by myself and it had not many people on there, but my closest friends came earlier before I had and the 3 of us, not me, took a test to see if we could be on teh show. I even signed up as a alternate. It's like being a backup quarterback for the Titans. We even had coffee, water & food. What? No sodas? Anyhoodles, it was an experience we wanted to get on and if we get picked or not, it'll be an experience I'll never forget from that day.

(song fades out)

Oh um, where were we? Oh yes, more news now and we know now about what's to take place on Thanksgiving, but right around teh holiday season, you get this.....

Sunday, December 23rd: “The American Bible Challenge” airs from 3pm-12am ET
Monday, December 24th: “Minute to Win IT” airs from 8am-6pm ET
Tuesday, December 25th: “Match Game” airs from 8am-5pm ET
Monday, December 31st: “The $25,000 Pyramid” and “The $100,000 Pyramid” air from 8am-7pm ET and “The Pyramid” airs from 7pm-12am ET
Wednesday, January 1st: “Deal or No Deal” airs from 8am-6pm ET
For teh first time in god knows how long, The Pyramids will air all day on the last day of 2012 and we'll relieve Bible 2 days before we open up our presents, so we can watch classic Match Game.

Moving on, wanna know why Bible is a hit? This article will tell you.

A football coach gets on Sherriwed? Maybe an NHL coach would've worked out in the end.

Missed out on classic Squares? Well, we got a list of the 10 things you did not know about Paul Lynde. Who knew he was a weatherman? And finally....

Mr. Stevie Wonder will pay respects to Mr. Pyramid at teh 40th annual American Music Awards, one of a handful of creations he made. And that's it for the 2nd quarter. Thanksgiving is this week and here to tell you more about it is a tween singer by the name of Nicole Westbrook. I want to caution you on this, once you listen to it, it'll get annoying for a while, so I would suggest you would skip the video and zoom down to teh 3rd quarter, otherwise, just watch at your own risk and try not to laugh at yourself. ENjoy.

You still here? Good. We move on to the 3rd quarter and when Improv-A-Ganza came back, the fans raged about it. One said....

"Definitely a bizarre move. If the show couldn't do well in new episodes I don't see why it would fare any better now. Plus, let's not forget that the show would drag down the ratings of everything that came after it. Really, if GSN doesn't want to air The Pyramid or classics on Friday night, then they should just air 5th Grader or Deal or No Deal."

Why should they? Maybe this one says.....

"First of all, I don't like the show, and I don't think it should be on. Second, the ratings info I got was from Buzzerblog, and Alex said himself he was wrong about that. Three, remember about Family Trade, War of the Rose Sisters, and more. Would you rather have those?"

Nope. Maybe it's this who says.....

"Ugh, they STILL haven't made enough money off this show? I honestly would rather have DWTS back in those slots, at least they still have unaired episodes that they could make money off of. The 40 episodes of this were aired to death for months after it aired and just destroyed the ratings until absolutely no one was watching. At least I am busy most Friday nights, but fortunately there is still Shark Tank on when I am home."

And it gets this.....

"If GSN thinks that Improv's ratings are going to be any better this time around, they're sorely mistaken. Even Carrie Ann Inaba's 1 VS 100 did much better in ratings than Improv did, yet 1 VS 100 is now completely off the schedule, and Improv is back.

All I can say is this. If the schedule remains the same, except for Improv replacing Pyramid in that 2-hour Friday block, then the 10 pm showing of Minute is doomed, with possibly the 11 pm hour block of Harvey Feud taking a hit as well."

Perhaps We'll move on to.....

The Fan of the 4th quarter. Our fan this week: A michigan native by the name of Chad Mosher.

He's been on Million Dollar Password and Millionaire Syndicated racking up some money. He's known for his youtube channel and did game shows in the park for a while. He can be seen dishing out the ratings on Buzzerblog and if you didn't notice, her sister Shay was also on a game show....once. Shay mosher isn't but Chad is......

(song stops; switces to intro)

The Fan of the 4th quarter.

And we hope you have a happy Thanksgiving, because we'll do it again next week at the same place. In the meantime,
Remember to get into our FB group page and tell us about it. Tweet me @ Johnny_Arcade, friend me as Pierre Jason Kelly or email me at and when I'm on the GSN forums, I'm Gameheadz. See you guys later and play on, playas.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Coming Attractions!!!!

Give yourself something to be thankful for with GSN The Know.

-Our ratings report will make cranberry sauce cry.....sort of.
-News to stuff the turkey with
-What the casserole people thought on Improv-A-Ganza's return
-And our fan of the 4th quarter, who is pouring gravy on mashed potatoes

Plus, my trip to the ABC casting call and what if Rebecca Black did thanksgiving? Join us Monday before your belt gets wide and your naptime gets into a coma.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

You'r not a veteran, you're just a rookie!
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Hello there, It's Pierre Kelly with another GSN The Know. As you know, Veterans day is Monday and I've decided to do it on Saturday, because some libraries where you live are closed at the moment because of a holiday, but in order to do what we do on patriotic days, let's start by doing the pledge of alleigance. Up on your feet people and say it with me....

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Now continue to stand as my friend Smashcraft will now sing the national anthem.

You may sit down now. Ok, let's get going with the ratings report. Hilty, what is up?

Family Feud once again took up the 8 spots but Fifth Grader gets back in the top 10 by placing 9th and having another Feud round out the list. Now, the cemetery...

Whammy! had a big moldy sandwich in between Match Game, Password Plus and $100K Pyramid. Another one swam in the ocean of Dawson's Feud for the rest. That's the first quarter. Hilty must get the "Blank" out.

Now the second quarter. With Pyramid 2012 sinking away, Friday would be a good time to replace it, so next week, guess which show is next?

Told you. Improv-a-ganza. A 40 episode wonder done by Drew Carey is invading the block next Friday. Hope you watch wisely. Also, on the day in which everyone goes shopping like a buffalo herd after Thanksgiving, Regis Millionaire at 8 CST and Harvey Feud by 1:30 CST later on. More news now.

To help you get ready for the Marathon, Reege will host the International Emmys and by International, I mean whatever country you were actually watching.

And finally, a chef of Beat the Chefs fame will speak in Lexington next week. Now we move to halftime and in keeping with the veterans day thing, we get a video from 3 Doors Down called "Citizen Soldier." This reminds you of going to the movies before the movie actually starts. Watch.

I hear the music. It's time for the nominees for our first ever....


It seems that every year award shows bring you who did it best, but we at this blog find out who did it best...and worst. So to start, we begin with.....

-The Pyramid
-The American Bible Challenge
-Beat The Chefs

If it wasn't for the million viewers who saw that BIble show, it would've been a flop all along. That's why Bible outlasted them all. Chefs, however did far worse than Bible losing viewers from it's lead-in and Pyramid takes the share of the 80's version we know.

-Mike Richards
-Jeff Foxworthy
-Matt Rogers

When you think of Mike RIchards, he brings experience to the table. Foxworthy has been doing well for a show that did well and Rogers is very decent at times.

-Tururros on the Pyramid
-The Chefs format

If you're wondering why the format of Beat The Chefs was...then too bad. The Food Network should've gotten it all along. DWTS to the network had the fans go...."Nah, let's play Borderlands 3." Every episode figured out who already did it like any pro wrestling booker would do before a show, but for the Tururros, they would've gone on another game show. Why didn't they do so good? I mean, their IQ was 50, which is below average if you ask me, but John Tuturro should've replaced either Nick or Aida Tuturro, because that would've gone out with a bang. Moving on....

-Harvey's Feud
-Minute to Win It
-Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

FOr 3 shows, they all have 1 thing. They make GSN money. They are hits in the top 10 and there's no stopping them anytime soon.

-Press Your Luck
-The CLark Pyramids
-The Passwords
-Match Game
-Family Feud

With it's endless lease loops, 25K Pyramid had newer episodes, but the big surprise was PYL getting the 1983 shows never seen on the network before. It's hard to tell which one has a winner.

Those are the nominees. We'll be here in Decemeber the week before Christmas with a year-end special tied in. We'll announce the best voice of the fan, The Screen Team will be here, Ravergirl aka Kristin Perez will be stopping by and a whole lot more. Join us and on Tuesday of next week, you get vote on what I posted. ANd now, it's.....

The Fan of the 4th quarter. Now since I ran out of interviews, I decided to do something different. I decided to get to know them by music. Today's fan.....Mallory E. Zieger.!/mallory.zieger

Born in Naples, Fl and now in New Jersey, Mallory is an advice columnist with her own YT account. She is also a big fan of Disney as afformentioned by her likes in movies and TV. She is a huge American Idol fan and her favorite are Scotty McCreery and Skylar Laine. If you wanted to Ask Mallory, well now may be your chance. Congrats Mallory, you are.....

(song stops; switces to intro)

The Fan of the 4th quarter.

Well, time to go. One thing I forgot to mention, the Bible Challenge is casting in my hometown on Wednesday and I'll keep you posted when it arises. Hope everybody have a happy veterans day, because at the lounge, they'll play and eat free if you are a veteran, because after all, freedom isn't free, but what's free is that you get into our FB group page and tell us about it. Tweet me @ Johnny_Arcade, friend me as Pierre Jason Kelly or email me at and when I'm on the GSN forums, I'm Gameheadz. See you guys later and play on, playas. Ronan Tynan, take us home.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Coming Attractions!!!!

Obama 4 more years? Well at GSN The Know, we got 4 more reasons to elect yourself.

-We got the Ratings report to see who collected the votes
-All the news upfront in a flash
-We seelct the candidates for the inagural GSN The Know "Know-It-All" Awards
-And our Fan of the 4th quarter

GSN The Know. Everything you wanted on a fireman's pole & more.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Front Porch swing vote
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Hi ya pals! Welcome to GSN The Know. It's November, and if you forgot to set your clocks back an hour, then it's never too late nor early to spring ahead. ANd it's time to jump to it. Hilty came here early before I got here, so he's got teh ratings for us.....

Family Feud won back it's throne where it used to be nothcing up the first 7 and he last spot where Minute to Win It got the 8th & 9th spot. Now, tardy slips for these....

Baggage kicks it off, with Dog Eat Dog and a moldy sandwich with Password Plus being the bread to Card Sharks being the limburger and Family Feud finishing dead last for the rest. That's the 1st quarter. Time for Hilty to spring out.

Now the 2nd quarter.

Everybody knows Jimmy Pardo is a comedian. He used to host "Funny Money" in 2003, but he's got a new one called "Write Now" for the Nerdist Channel in addition to his award-winning podcast.

Steve Doocy of "Fox & Friends" taks a jab at Chuck Woolery. Why is he not mentioning Lingo? I don't Know.

In some parts of th south & midwest, rain is about to pour down today, so it might be a good time to have some MTWI games you should try at home. One example....

Frankenstein: Pick up three yardsticks, each with batteries balanced on both ends, using only your arms. Carry these yardsticks to the designated drop-off point without dropping anything and you win the game, as long as you complete the task in one minute or less.

See there? And now, we want to know what does this game show remind you of?  NBC is going to debut "Take It All" with Howie Mandel next month, but what GSN show does this remind you of?

Oh, Friend or Foe. The show with former MTV VJ Kennedy from 2002-2003. Might be a good one. Remember Who's Still Standing last year? Let's hope Take it All will be a better hit. That does it for the first half and we go to halftime. I would like for you to introduce Tori Whodat A rapper from Louisiana now residing from Memphis. Last month, she released a video for you guys and here it is....

Now that you've seen the video, go to her facebook or twitter and search her name, or better yet, if you have an MP3 player like I have, download her album for....well, absoluetly nothing at this link....

And while you decide to download it or not, we go to teh 3rd quarter. I think it's about time we go to Buzzerblog for wha the fans said on the Pyramid's downfall. Andrew L. Budny has this:

"As of late, GSN has aired 25 and 100 thousand dollar pyramids in a double run at 10am and 12pm respectively. Also The Pyramid is in a double run as well with old episodes airing at 3pm and the new ones at 6pm.
Thus I confirm this is a classic case of rerun abuse in which GSN is famous for. If they would just get rid of the second aoring of Clark’s pyramid at 12pm and just limit the new pyramid to just 6pm, then I could see higher ratings."

Aha. I think Pyramid is just its former self. Why can't it act like 1982 or 1991? Next comment from Lee:

"And please, whoever books the celebs for that show if Pyramid comes back for a second season – do not EVER bring the Torturros back! Ever, ever ever!"

I think the Tuturros should never be on any game show again despite that final week, But Ben has more on it....

"The Torturros are the worst celebrity contestants EVER. Just awful. Makes the show painful to watch. They need to do some mock games and see who works and who doesn’t. There are too many clueless celebrities and contestants on this version of the show. I like the host, set and everything else, but the game itself is very hard to sit through."

Why can't it? The classic versions had close games won or lost. GSNFan is up:

"If The Pyramid is cancelled, then it will cycle out in reruns like Catch 21 did and Engvall Lingo has. A year from now, The Pyramid could be taken away from the schedule, or sooner. GSN didn’t mess around with taking Beat the Chefs off, so The Pyramid may not be long for the schedule either."

O....kay. Myke25 is ready...

"What GSN should do with The Pyramid if it chooses to renew it:
1) Make it a weekly, not a strip.
2) Put it in Prime Time, add a late night repeat airing
3) End the season with a tournament for at least $250,000…but preferably $1M
4) Promote it outside your own network.
GSN has been wanting a reality show for a long time now. By having a season-long tournament where players either advance or are eliminated each week, they could have the best of both worlds: a shiny-floor game show formatted like a reality competition show. The 40-episode order would be stretched out over 10 months, not burned through in 8 weeks.
I hold out hope for it’s renewal. If it does get renewed, GSN needs to get it out of the 6:00 ghetto and get some eyes on it. They need to go big…or just resign themselves to being the Steve Harvey Feud channel."

Maybe 4 or 4:30 CST would've done it. Back to Andrew who wants to know, does returning champions need to be on this network?

"Returning champions would be a great idea for this show, but as long as David Goldhill is head of the network, it will never happen on any GSN original, unless they get rid of him and replace him with someone who knows what their doing, then it could happen."

That leaves Jeopardy! as the only show to ever have retuning champions. But we have to leave this quarter to focus on....

The Fan of the 4th quarter. This week, it'll be Chris Kennedy. He's a native of NYC who survived Hurricane Sandy and he's riding the waves to our blog. Let's surf!
(song fades out)

First one, you were in the audience for Millionaire in NYC, were you aware of the reruns on GSN long ago before you went to taping?

Chris: OH YEAH!!! i used to catch A number of them on GSN, and vividly remember their promos!!!