Thursday, May 24, 2012

Coming attractions!!!!

A long 72-hour weekend means we segue back into our regular Tuesdsy blogging. What memorial day weekend means is vacations, barbecues and baseball. GSN the know isn't one of them. But the day after Memorial day....

-The ratings report will tell us who cooked it well done and who got overcooked.
-All the news in one giant shish kebab including news on the newest version of Pyramid
-Sticking with that show, we praise the return of Clark's version from you, the fans
-and we'll end the 2002 class reunion with one you're already seeing for the past 10 years.

So pull out your lounge chair, grab a Vanilla Coke bottle and pool party to our blog known as GSN The Know.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Are you somewhat smarter than a high school principal?
(theme fades out)

It must be time for GSN The Know. And it must be me, Pierre Kelly joining us for a solid 4 quarters of insanity. And it must be time to kick the ballzac with the Ratings Report. And.....Go Hilty!

Fifth Grader almost took the top 3 once again with Family Feud taking the bronze medal. The other 2 fifth grader showings were flooded by Family Feid in the top 10. Shall I care to look in the trash bin?

All we got is Match Game, Engvall's lingo, and a moldy sandwich featuring Jeopardy! as the bread and Match Game as the meat in the sandwich. For May 7-13, we end the ratings report like this......

For the second quarter, we have a programming note regarding the weekend, but for a small change. Password Plus will replace Jeopardy which was in the middle of a teen tournament. I wonder who won.

More on the American Bible Challenge, this time in corporate form:

In fact, another link I posted focuses on the same show:

On to Erie, PA., not too far from where iJustine is from and is home to the Penguins of the 1990s where they're doing a more....ahem, risqué version of Match Game, which has yet to get into 1975 and beyond.

It's official. Baggage is cleared almost 100% of us Americans. I hope Memphis is one of them. And finally, take a close look at the new GSN tv site:

Yes, the newer, sleeker look at a network you'd come to expect had everything. Videos, behind the scenes footage, casting calls for upcoming shows, a games area which can be reached of course by and get this, a community section that'll take you right to the forums. GSN's got a whole new cyber walk. You'll never look at game shows on the net the same way again. Then again....never mind. Second quarter over and this 2002 hit song is from N*SYNC. Here it is:

Before we jump back into the third quarter, we have a special visitor with us via satellite outside the channel 64 studios in Bartlett. His name is Agent P, who is a sportscaster on the evening news, and he's here to tell you about something. P?

Thanks P, now on to the second half of the blog and we find out that Clark Pyramid may be gone for long. One poster says:

"I really don't know what's going on anymore, but I'm tired of GSN flip-flopping like this. If they want to replace Dick with Donny permanently, then they should make it official and stop beating around the bush about it. And if there's some behind-the-scenes issue with them airing $25K Pyramid, then they should really get it settled quickly, or just find an alternate option."

Why is that? Was that the reason why Dick Clark died to make it a way to save money by airing Donnymid? I don't know. Next:

"Here is my opinion on this Pyramid debacle. I really think $25,000 Pyramid will be on in the very near future. I understand that this is GSN, but why the heck are we still seeing promos left and right for $25,000 Pyramid on Friday night?. GSN also told us that Donnymid is just a placeholder until $25,000 is ready. Why would the executives on the staff at GSN lie to us? Why? I just don't see that as professional and honest with fans. Have the folks at GSN been wrong, absolutely. I do think differently on this one for whatever reason. I hope Mr. Clark is back ASAP!"

Of course, why not? GSN needs to get on their hobby horse and put Clark back instead of Osmond. How about another one:

"You cannot judge by the Pyramid promo it will be back soon. Why are the classics promo commercial still showing Card Sharks? Look, I'd love to believe its coming back "soon" but after two weeks of saying one thing, doing another, and doing so as late in the week as they are it doesn't make sense. Ok, lets go with the idea they were getting new episodes and there's a holdup on them for whatever reason. They had just aired other eps of the $25K Pyramid the week they announced the Osmond version was airing in the morning for one week. So, obviously they still had episodes of $25K Pyramid. They could have aired the ones they had while they got the others going. No one would have made a big deal about it. Everyone would have just assumed they are just going to keep airing the same ones over and over, life goes on. Instead they have waited until the last minute for two weeks to announce Osmonds version is going to continue. So, because they continue to say nothing about when Clarks version returns and make it firm, have continually waited until the last minute to say the other version is airing on Friday and next week during the day, and the continual haphazardness I side with those saying it will not be coming back anytime soon and that it's a case of GSN running a very disorganized ship."

First of all, GSN isn't McHale's Navy or Gilligan's Island. It's a show where you might see Card Sharks and it will come sooner than you think. The bible quiz? Much sooner than you think. Reality shows from the upfronts? Fat chance it will. Moving on:

"I also believe Alex Davis from Buzzerblog is a very trustworthy source for all of us, so please lay off of him because he does give us all the heads up on what is happening with GSN. Remember that! He discussed with all of us that an email was sent saying Donnymid would air instead of $25,000 Pyramid. There was not one word said that $25,000 Pyramid would be replaced at all. Pyramid with Donny Osmond would just be filling in."

Why? Because they unceremoniously want to make the network more, uh, modern. I say that's nonsense to the channel. Shall we have one more?

"I agree and as you said in the ratings thread, Dawson seems to always lose viewers from the 8:30am Match Game. I really don't know why they keep Dawson on at 9am at this point. His ratings really aren't that great. You would think that after so many weeks with not so great ratings at 9am, someone at GSN would notice and replace it with something else. Doesn't make sense Dawson stay's on (looking at the ratings), but maybe Dick Clark Pyramid won't. But I guess he stays on the schedule after all these years.

Really, I wouldn't mind if Dawson Feud left GSN. The ratings aren't that great, and he's had a great long run on this network. It's never been off (even in the 97-98 dark period they aired the 1994 version), and I think the show could use a rest at this point. Besides, they've ran through all the episodes they have right now from 1980 and 1981, and they don't seem to be in a rush to get different ones. So, I really wouldn't care. Bottom line."

GSN needs to break away from Dawson abuse and get Combs to replace it. That'll make a jump start to the mornings. And we head into the last quarter with the continuation of the class reunion with this:

If it wasn't for fifth grader, Wintuition would've brought back a lot of memories about school. As people competed for a $50,000 scholarship, Fifth Grader obviously had the million dollar cash prize. Fifth Grader went through elementary in one show, but Wintuition had so much more. It went through that along with middle and high school. In the middle of all this, the master of Double Dare, Marc Summers, who didn't need slime for this show, and it was his only one on GSN he hosted. And who produced it? Henry Winkler aka the Fonz, who did the Hollywood Squares for close to 2 seasons at the time the show came. Wintuition showed us why school is cool.

Class dismissed. Boys & girls. Next week, we'll be back to our regular Tuesday blogging and don't forget to go to our FB group page for more fun. Also:

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