Thursday, May 3, 2012

Coming attractions!

May is the time for the finals in school, and GSN The Know can tell the difference between moving up one grade, graduation or summer school.

-Our ratings report is so easy, you don't need a calculator.
-Research your papers for news stories to write.
-Study hard for reactions about last week's fourth quarter
-And I'll write a half a page essay about one show to kick off the 2002 class reunion.

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Whose Feud are you talking about?
(theme fades out)

Why hello, it's me, Pierre Kelly for another edition of GSN The Know. Home to many spinoff blogs such as..

ESPN My Nature
C-SPAN-ing the globe
TLC-ing Stars

And my personal favorite.....

The MTV Beach house

Oh wait, that's a real one from years ago. It's hard to have MTV play music videos from the likes of Katy Perry, LMFAO and many others, but on GSN, it's hard to have classics back on the schedule, and that's exactly what this blog is for. We start things off with the first quarter in the second week of April. Hilty will kick off this one......

What can I say? It's Family Feud, Fufth Grader and that's just it, but Fifth Grader was the meat in the sandwich between Feud at 1 and 3. Hitting a button for the bottom 10:

$25,000 Pyramid kicks off the countdown with The Password Twins next to that, DWTS, Jeopardy! Twice and Baggage gaining the last 2 spots. For the last time this week, we'll pinpoint the highest DWTS airing the final week aired on GSN. It ended up as a last hurrah or, whatever at..

A tie at #127 along with Jeopardy! Oh, joy. The rest as usual went downhill. Next thing you knew, DWTS was gone in a flash. That ends the ratings report. Hilty may shut out the computer like this.....

We kick off the second quarter and thanks to you, the Donnymid showing of the late Dick Clark this past weekend made it the highest scoring weekend ever in the history of this network, but we still got a long way to go including the American Bible Challenge, in which I told you last week, it was going to debut in the fall, but it will come around by the time the kids let out of school...summer. Good. As for the upfronts, Lingo with Engvall may be either renewed or cancelled. We'll have to wait and see for that. In the meantime, schedule changes this week....

Harvey's Feud will get one hour each night at 11, Baggage will be at midnight and Engvall's lingo will be at 1:30 am. The rest stay as is.

With Sherriwed hitting season 6, now is the time for casting. You must be 5 years married, over 21, and have the psychic abilities to have bedroom talk.,0,3655190.story

Remember that old show "Dream House?" Well, Bob Eubanks decides to sell one of his own. Perhaps he may return to Sherriwed for one show, but it can happen. And finally...

Alfonzo Ribiero, mr. Catch 21, led a flash mob. Yes, a flash mob. Take that, DWTS on GSN. First half gone by and because it's the last day of April, I thought I sneaked in a little bonus Acapella video for you......

And we kick off the second half. What did people think of the Dick Clark tribute just last week? Here's one....

"I finally saw the tribute today, and I was glad GSN did something like that. I'm surprised that ABC or CBS doesn't have something planned like showing one of Clark's shows from the 50's, 60's, 70's or 80's"

You're right. Other networks did their own tribute to Mr. Pyramid as well. Here's another one...

"I kind of wish they did some sort of real tribute. I know they did a block of it as usual for Flashback Friday but, I mean why not run it all day on Sunday and show some tidbits.

What GSN should also do is maybe a documentary special on Dick Clark. I'm happy what GSN has done but they could have done more."

Not only it would've made sense, but it would outsell the Match Game doc as a highest rarer. Next one.....

"GSN should keep airing Donny's Pyramid at the 1pm hour in the future on weekends. There would be no rerun abuse at all. Whatever episodes they have, as long as its more than two dozen or so then they should come back the the regular schedule."

That would outdraw Million Dollar Password by a dozen more. Next, please....

"I know but, I was just saying. Even a day filled with $25,000 Pyramid would be good. I'm not taking it for granted, and this wouldn't be making a big deal, really. A nice documentary special would be a good way to go. Maybe a full day with $25,000 Pyramid leading to the documentary."

That would've been a good tribute. Now I have to give you this comment....

"GSN should lease a season or two of Tic Tac Dough. That was another good series GSN had a few years ago but yanked off."

The reason: low ratings. Which brings us to my idea. Fourth quarter:

"What is the cleanest day in GSN's week? If you said Friday, you are correct!

That's because Flashback Friday is by far, the worst day in the block scheduling era of today. Isn't that a shame? Because back then, Family Feud, Match Game, Card Sharks and pyramid filled out the slots. Perhaps there's a way to bring back the "Flashback" by moving back one day and calling it "Throwback Thursdays." By then, it'll become a ratings hit on our hands. If we did, we would do these for instance:

-have PYL in the first hour back to back
-have the Cullen & Rafftery versions of "Blockbusters" by 8
- create a "Password" hour by having the "Plus" edition and the " Super" one afterwards
-and pick a "Game of the week" variety hour.

So if you think "Flashback Frodays" are unwatchable, GSN should recommend "Throwback Thursdays" for all your retro needs. That's my idea? Do you agree with that?"

Time for us to leave, but if you want to agree with what I said in the 4th quarter.....

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