Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sneaky Peeky

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-Is Jerry Springer returning to GSN?
-GSN Games gets laid off.....usually....
-And why MOAM took social media to storm.

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Friday, July 29, 2016

Overtime #32: Pre-Historial somethings

VO: This is Overtime. More about the network you know & trust. Here now Pierre Kelly.

Me: Hi everyone. Overtime is upon us and we want to know why GSN and Buzzr have the pre-90's similarities. 

@greatgameshows had this on DM and we snuck it in for this....

"I think GSN does a better job with its 15 hours a week pre 1990s programs than Buzzr does as a 24/7 operation."

Well, to make it clear, GSN airs 3 hours of "classics," yes, "Classics" that consist of Card Sharks, PYL, Match Game and The $25,000 Pyramid. Back then, it aired many "classics" all day & night. When I first saw it at a cousin's house, it was pure bliss. Now that Buzzr aired last year, pure bliss can't be said of the game show geeks. All without the modern trash. So there you have it. Do you want to watch 15 hours of the old school stuff when you alarm clock on your phone hits 7 or stare at your TV and watch the Fremantle stuff on Buzzr? Take your pick.

Time to ghost ride the Sundance Duster and let Anastasia Washington ride away with this song. Play on, playas.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Survey Says....You're Insane!

(If you think you want to go Back to School in a rewarding way, get to Cici's PIzza today and let your kids have all the pizza they want. All the pizza.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: It looks like GSN is in a nuclear meltdown of fun. Please don't harm yourselves, because social media to what Lindsay Lohan did this past weekend can drive your insanity of games up the wall. That's why GSN The Know gives you an apocalypse of entertainment, so let's start the meltdown with.....

 The Starting Line.

Family Feud celebrated it's 40th anniversary of surveys and fun. So what did GSN do for this event?


Yep. Nada. The GSN twitter page didn't say anything on July 12th, They were busy doing something else. What about the Buzzr Twitter page?........nope. But a message came from Family Feud's twitter page. It said:

 "Quite a run...forty years ago today, July 12, 1976, Mark Goodson's game show Family Feud premiered!  The fun and laughs are timeless..."

Even so, the network didn't have a supersized marathon to salute the anniversary. You know why? They make their own marathons every day with Steve. No kidding. Consolation prize: Buzzr mentioning it as a "This Week in Game Show History" moment. That'll save you something, won't it?

This Friday on Overtime, Pre-1990's: GSN does a better job than Buzzr? We will discuss the comparisions and contrasts of 2 networks airing classics.

(song stops)

Let's figure out who survived the meltdown and who just got fed to a lava bath. It's the yay & yawn of July.

The yay: Idiotest. The tests and been thanks to a spike in ratings keep on going.

The Yawn: Winsanity. Ratings-wise, the audience should've had decaf. Case in point: Any 1950's panel show.

Winsanity didn't make a list of sorts. We'll give you the deets after this....

Fire Drill! Everybody out of the building right now.....let's go!

(all run out of the building)

(Quick fade out)

Looks like everybody is back in the building after about a 5-minute fire drill. No fire in the building this time around. Anyway, let's glitter and be game.....and not the 3-letter word used to describe the sexual orientation of Youtuber Sarah Croce.....or a Broadway song sporanos try to nail in......anyway, Winsanity didn't make a list...

...And it's true.

Neither new run of Winsanity last night received enough 18-49 viewers to get in to the ShowBuzz Top 150, which most GSN shows usually do. Idiotest, Skin Wars and Skin Wars: Fresh Paint always make the ShowBuzz Top 150.

Not to mention the fact that they would watch something else than see a group of people watch somebody put things in order for cash & prizes. See there? aybe this week they'll get in there. They will get IN there.

We all got back from SDCC....well....digitally and in came this story.....

One of its characters was on TPIR in a reel. That's better from actually going to SDCC, don't it?

Instead of going to SDCC, we went to a.....

Carni-Poll.  Where you can find Agent Carter and Thor in cosplay while walking around. First up:

What do you think of Steve Harvey as host of 'Celebrity Family Feud'?

61% got the upper hand. They love him. Next....

What do you think of Michael Strahan as host of 'The $100,000 Pyramid'?

48% like him, but Dick Clark is better. Last up....

What Did you guys think of Alec Baldwin on Match Game?

51% think they like him, but Gene Rayburn is even better.

(song stops)

Now the 2nd intermission presented by Would you like a little jazz break from the host of the popular Periscope game "Tune Twister" Aimee Nolte? You bet. Here you go....

Looks like it's time for the 3rd period.

Winsanity seems to be everywhere on social media. The next time you check Twitter, just look at how the writers come up with things for you to stack like the show says. It seems that the GSN Facebook page has plastered Winsanity ever since the show was hyped until the premiere. Winsaity seems to be everywhere but on TV, not many people seem to catch the energy train for it. How long will the Winsanity social media takeover continue?


That's it like putting a signature to a letter. The Grimsborough Animal Shelter is adopting pet pokemons this weekend. More information next week after I tell you these things....


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