Saturday, August 10, 2013

Coming Attractions!!!

On the next GSN The Know....

-We'll make ratings look like CHild's play.

-We'll kid around with news stories.

-And we'll play with "The CHase's" reactions.

Join us for GSN The Know. I Ain't kidding.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A link of Opportunity

(New month in August meaning we got a new sponsor. It's Redbox. The next time you go to a gas station or a Walgreen's or somewhere else, Look for the Redbox kiosk. they got plenty of movies and plenty of games for you to rent and bring back on the due date. for more deets. Now have this.)

VO: Summer is almost over and we have all the ranting you can find. Because from the Wilton-North building, where there might be a day for all sun, it's.....

GSN The Know, the blog that almost knows a lot about everything. Here is Pierre Kelly.

Me: That's my name and fresh out of jail for now. Hello everyone, last Wednesday, I got cuffed and taken to the Bartlett City Jail for something wrong. My experience in the box was like a grounded kid on punishment with no TV, radio or Wii whatsoever. All I read was a bible and girly magazines. It was a cold experience in the box and the shower was cold, I was scared like going to a haunted house. But learning from all this, I think missing out on......something I missed made me finish the blog by Friday and get back to wence I came. So, no more jail stuff for right now, let's talk GSN stuff for this week and possibly, going forward. First period underway, Hilty the warden will open the cell for those with good behavior.

Family Feud once again dominated the ratings with a tie for 9th place to go with 11 airings, but we look at the ones still stuck in isolation....

Match Game was in a sandwich between Baggage and after The Pyramid, there was more Match, 2 Baggage shows and a trio of Match Game with Password Plus ending it. That's the first period, lock it up Hilty!
Time to go get some baloney sandwiches, but don't leave, because coming up, my review on "The Chase" in a haiku and so much more. Hang around.

(song fades out)
Back again on the blog and "The Chase" had everybody or errybody if you're of some race, talking and this haiku I put it is for youse guys.


However, the folks on Facebook were talking about it. It's a new segment we like to call.....

The Facebook Files.

FB User Eric Collins sums this up:

"I will say I am mostly in agreement here with everyone. Wish they brought over the UK sound effects, BUT they didn't put some really cheesy music their but I think this is a *looks around for the even more die hard fan that may hit me for this* a SOILD win. I want to know who had GSN made the call to do only very minor tweaks to the show and keep a lot of it what is already their. that person should be made head of GSN cause for some reason they are getting it. That we are tired of Family Feud, need more shows and by god if you do something and something right you will get people to tune in."

He even gave us a pop culture equation:

The Chase > Over 90% of GSN programming after 3 PM (Eastern)


However, Bryan Crabtree praises the show.

"I love this new game show the chase. It is also great to see gorgeous brooke with a new show. I love her new look."

I agree. Chase is better than Minute IMHO.

(song fades out)

Look at this, people.

The TV game show "Jeopardy!" had a misspell on the document called the Emancipation Proclamation. One letter mistake and that spelled doom for one player. This deserves a GTK coffee break. If we need a jingle for that....

Thank you. Mispelling on a classic quiz show even if there is a category about it will give the judges a thumbs down. The kid lost 3 thousand american dollars and if he had did it right, he would've taken the game himself. Anyone remember "The Thousand Dollar Bee?" No. Don't google it, but $2000 is what the kid ended up with. I guess if you want more cash, I suggest Wheel of Fortune. They want pronounciation in order to get it.

Oh, and one......
Fast Fact.

According to

As of this week, July 29th, Family Feud will occupy a record 112 schedule slots a week.

Yikes. I guess you should call it the Family Feud Channel. 2nd intermission with as the sponsor and we're about to kickoff Acoustic August. We start with my hometown hero Lauren Autrey. She was born in FLorida, rasied in Alabama, but lives here. I've seen her sing and play in public and you've seen her sing the national anthem on July 3rd if you go to the "dumpster" section. But here's her set as she sings....

And let's cut into the 3rd period.

Chain Reaction ran for 2 seasons, mostly the lead-in for Bil Dwyer's I Got a Secret. Sure, it had "dumb as rocks" contestants and Dylan Lane sticking to the rules, but when word came out that it was going to air on Monday and made better. Many people saw the 130 shows they've seen before and made a few top 10 appearances when it came back. The block scheduling is still in effect and CR has a better effect and ways to write down chains by memory. If the classic CR versions came in, that would be a different story.

Let's just get out of here. We're free to go. Our blog is brought to you by Dylan Lane's clean shaven face circa 2006.

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. We leave you now with Lauren Autrey and this tune. Play on, playas.