Thursday, March 14, 2013

Coming Attractions!!!!

Now, If I was your man.....wait a sec, I am a man and Bruno Mars sang it. That makes this blog all machine, no man.

-If I was a calculator, I'd seperate the ratings from the math problems.
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-And If a were a winning high school essay, I would write about what takes GSN schedule.

If you were a green ball, you would be GSN, of course. Know it with GSN The Know.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Never leave a G. Stone unturned
(theme fades out)

Hey there fellow game show geeks, Pierre Kelly getting you all set up for another big week in GSN ahead and what just happened a week ago. I've got 4 quarters to run the table and Hilty is here to take the 1st quarter on a ride in honor of Family Trade which premieres this week. More on that later, but first, Hilty, do the honors....\

Family Feud got the first 4 like TPIR would in the opening 2 minutes, but 5th Grader finally got revenge and took 5th for the cause, while Sherriwed was next in line with Feud leaving out the list. Now the pig sty....yes, there is one....

Baggage kicked it off first with a tie for Feud and another came in 2 spots behind. Match Game, Password Plus, Lingo, Baggage, a double whacking of Card Sharks and Baggage at the bread in a moldy sandwich all filled the list outritght. That ends the first quarter, and I'm taking inventory trade-in on a button which goes a little something like this......

Now the second quarter and we've got a new way to power the news and that is....

As you may have noticed, Family Trade is tonight as of this writing, and perhaps not much of it is in news form like this link:

But I decided to spend a 20-second timeout to share with you guys why you should not watch Family Trade. Clocky, please?

This week marks the premiere of Family Trade, and under any circumstances, don't definitely watch this show. That includes any show on TLC nowadays for that matter. Thank you.

Timeout over and upward to more.....

No, G.Stone isn't involved in this, but a brand new automobile is yours if you play digtally.....

And finally, the man who helmed the Bible show is doing baking this year. That's his second show with a B word in it. ANd just to clarify, Sherriwed has ended its run this year. Now we go to halftime and Wheel of FOrtune will be mentioned in the 3rd quarter after we play this video. Because if you want to get on there, you have to practice your ABCs. Take it from Choo Choo Soul, a kiddie act who knows about it. Roll the tape!

And we get back to me playing conductor on this GSN runaway train. Already aboard....

Get on board for surveys, games, daily polls, codes from social media that you enter and more, because at the end of the tunnel is rewards waiting for you. Climb aboard for more.

Normally, we give you a subject and I comment, but we got one poster, his name is hbkfan1000 and he's our very first combatant for......

Fact....or Fanatsy? Here I have Dinger and Buzzard. If we see something reurning to GSN.....

It's fact, but if we see something than pure fiction or garbage.....

It's plain old Fantasy. Then when it's all over, we'll grade the papers and tell you if teh proposed schedule is real Fact or just plain Fanatsy. Just to make sense, all shows you're about to mention are the property of Sony, Fremantle Media or anything else outside of both companies. They are not affilaited with the network and are not under the ownership of the blog nor the blog service that supports it. Please note that fanasy scheduling is for your own imagination and may return someday if the network approves. Plan Accordingly. This is just a feature and does not necessarily reflect anyone of this blog, GSN The Know Industries, Marty Derosa Enterprises and Warner Communications-Seven Arts or whatever else and its cable and satellite affiliates.

Now that it's out of line, we may begin. HBKfan1000, state your case:

7-11 AM: Breakfast With the Stars (See Below)
11 AM: Scrabble (Woolery, 80s)
11:30 AM: Scrabble (Woolery, 93)
Noon-3 PM: Lunch with the Gladiators (See Below)
3 PM: Catch 21
3:30 PM: Lingo (Woolery. Screw Engvall's version)
4 PM: Dog Eat Dog (Burns)
5 PM: The GSN Rewind (See Below)
7 PM: Depends on day. See below
10 PM: Battledome (Yes, I know this was an AG ripoff. But it might do well on GSN)
11 PM: Beat the Geeks (Don't remember the host name)
11:30 PM: The Daily Double (See Below)
12:30 AM: Tic Tac Dough (Martindale)
1 AM: TTD 90 (Wayne)
1:30 AM: What's My Line (Daly)
2 AM: Jeopardy! (Fleming)
2:30 AM The Match Game (Rayburn)

Hmmm. Interesting, Let's get Breakfast With The Stars first.....

Breakfast with the Stars:

7 AM: Match Game (Rayburn)
7:30 AM: Hollywood Squares (Davidson)
8 AM: Hollywood Squares (Marshall)
8:30 AM: Match Game (Rayburn)
9 AM: Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour (Rayburn/Bauman)
10 AM: Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour (Rayburn/Bauman)

Both Rayburn and Marshall would work, but Davidson and MG/HS?

That's plain fantasy. It won't get it under Rayburn's circumstances. As for Scrabble.....

100% fanatsy. GSN will NEVER EVER get it together like Taylor Swift said she would last year. Lunch with The Gladiators. Let's look at it.....

Lunch with the Gladiators:

12 Noon-3 PM: American Gladiators (Starting at S1 of 1989 run)

Uh, judges?

Fanatsy. It's already been shown on ESPN classsic and is under MGM's wing. So a no-go. Catch 21 & Lingo.....

Fact, of course, but DED weekdays?

Um, no. Fantasy. DED on weekends and will stay that way. Hit the GSN rewind and let's see what's up....

Week 1: Bullseye leads it off
Week 2: Jackpot
Week 3: Go
Week 4: Whew
Week 5: Second Chance
Week 6: Trivia Trap

That might be a pure fact, but Second Chance and Whew! would be......

fanatsy. SC has wiped a few shows out and Whew! is taken by Burt Sugarman. Google his name. What about the daily double?

Daily Double:

11:30 PM- Jeopardy (Trebek, 90s, including Super Jeopardy)
Midnight- Double Dare (Trebek)

So outdated, so.....

Fantasy. FLeming has a few shows, but you should never air Trebek under any circumstances. Then comes the Kids Korner.....

7 AM-9 AM: Jep
9 AM: Masters of the Maze (Roth)
10 AM: Gladiators 2000
11 AM: Double Dare (Summers)

Dream on. It's a Fanatsy. Double Dare belongs with Trebek, not with Summers. As far as weekends go.....

12 PM: Family Feud (Harvey)
1 PM: Family Feud '94 (Dawson)
2 PM: Family Challenge (Combs)
3 PM: Family Feud (Dawson)
4 PM: Gladiators (Britain)
5 PM: Friend or Foe (Kennedy)
6 PM: Whammy
6:30 Wheel of Fortune (Woolery)
7 PM: Wheel of Fortune (Goen)
7:30 PM: Jeopardy (Fleming)
8 PM: Jeopardy (Trebek)
8:30 PM: Press Your Luck (Tomarken)
9 PM: Hitman (Tomarken)
9:30 PM: Whew (Kennedy?)
10 PM: Inquizition (Not sure on host. Summers i think?)
11 PM: Name That Video (VH1 original. Bryant)
12 AM: Name that Tune (Kennedy)
1 AM: Rock and Roll Jeopardy (Probst)
2 AM: Jeopardy! (Fleming)
2:30 AM: The Match Game (Rayburn)

Hmmm.......I would call Fanatsy on Fleming and WHew, Kick UK gladiators out of here, have Hitman out the door and put the orinigal MG out in the cold, but for NTT and its Video version, remember my 2-minute warning about why GSN can't get any rights for music shows? It'll never happen. Trust us and by us, you & me. Oh, and for Inquizition.....nope. Alright, time to grade the papers. Ms. Piercey, a little swing music, please?

While they grade the papers, here's a GSN Digital heads-up. If Wheel of Fortune & Bingo were a pair, then WHeel Of Fortune Bingo would be a match made in heaven. Combining that parlor game with puzzling fun, it's sure to be a hit for the internet set. Hit up and play.

Grades up, Grade's in. Upon furter review, this schedule is......

60% Fantasy.

This may need more modern variety if something like that happens. And that was....Fact or Fantasy?

And the 4th quarter has this:

With the 2nd season of The American Bible Challenge yet to get underway, I decided to pick a winner. Had Team Intersession get in, we would've had a fight on our hands, but be plastered by teh quick hands of either the wrestlers or the nuns.....that's right, you heard me, the nuns. However, this season brings the weirdness in all of us. But out of a group of Rabbis, rappers like there was one last year and bikers, I decided to pick the dark horse to run the dinner table. Team Anoited Ink. The tat artists. They'll ink up the $100,000 just then & there. That's my pick. What's yours?

TIme to get in my Duster and ride out of here before G. Stone takes it all away......seriously.

Remember to get into our FB group page and tell us about it, email either or, tweet me @Johnny_Arcade, and on the GSN forums, I'm Gameheadz. See you guys later and play on, playas.