Thursday, June 14, 2012

Coming Attractions!!!

It's the circle of life known as GSN The Know. On the next edition:

-Be prepared...and I don't mean the Boy Scouts, I meant for the Ratings Report
-it'll be a Hakuna Matata news day
-Roar away at your comments on that Bible game in August...
-and i'll roar back at the 2 shows, in of course, August.

GSN The Know. Oh, I just can't wait to be....An LA KING! 2012 Stanley Cup Champs, baby!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Overcooked Buffet
(theme fades out)

Hello my game showsters and game showistas, welcome to GSN the Know, where it doesn't cost you anything to see all the things GSN has to offer...except for the cable bill you have to pay for it. A good blog for eyes to see, and what you're seeing is the Ratings Report. That's where we start our blog, so Hilty, take it!

For the whole network, it ranked both 41st and 42nd. Not bad for a network with game shows. Time to shut Hilty off the mark.

We continue with quarter 2 and of this list of the oddest game show formats:

Bumper Stumpers and Chuck Barris's first syndicated program "The Game Game," as seen in GSN, made the list. Odd, isn't it?

In the seventies, game shows were the norm and Match Game is the exception.

A poll figures out which game show do you like best and they picked some stuff you used to see on the network.

A quick note: Family Feud, the show that is tops in the ratings book will start 2 hours early on nights they run the marathon. Dawson will still be on in the morning. I was hoping for Combs version, but that may be clobbered by the modern stuff. So we move on....

While my beloved MRD played at the Pipkin Building, nawlins was the place Cajun people got casted for the new show "Beat The Chefs" which comes in August. And finally.....

Sherri Shepard filed a police report against a Twitter user...using only a blank blue card and a black marker just so you know. Let's go on to halftime and have you seen a mash up of miss USA lip synching to a pop hit? Well, for this video, here you go.

With that video out of the way, we kick off the second half where we saw Richard Dawson's tribute this past Thursday and here's what people thought:

"Some great episodes in this marathon. The "September" episode and when Richard met Gretchen."

Ho-Kay. What else?

"A++ to GSN. This was a fantastic marathon/tribute!"

Excellente! Here's another one...

"Aside from the technical glitches throughout the marathon (can't be certain now if it was caused by GSN, or by my satellite company).
The content itself was great. A+"

Spectacular, despite the nasty glitchy stuff. How about this?

"It was a great tribute...loved watching every minute of it...especially the rare GSN look at 1994 Feud. It was cool to see that some of the more modern Feud designs were in place by that time (Most notably the main round survey board)."

You're right. And it got more modern since Louie Anderson took over in 1999. Next one:

"Well, there were a couple errors, but I really don't care. And seeing Feud 94, was a real treat. It felt like a mix between all 3 versions of the Feud. It had the awkward Combs feel to it, had that old touch to it, and felt a lot newer. And that theme was cool."

Real cool. And next.....

"Just gonna echo the consensus here: A well-done tribute. It was a treat to see Feud '94 intact, and it would be a nice pick up for GSN on a regular basis (perhaps in the Saturday afternoon/evening Feud block?)"

I think it may, but you never know if the ratings let up. How about one more:

"for what GSN had, they picked a real good variety of episodes. I liked both episodes of Match Game, even though they weren't too outstanding to me for a special reason, and Family Feud has a couple very good episodes, but the 8pm and 9pm episodes were my favorite. The "September" episode was on of Dawson's best goof-up moments on Family Feud, and then seeing Richard meet his future wife was great.

Looks like everybody likes the whole tribute. What will Hilty spit out for the whole thing? You'll see why come next week, but for now, we go to the last quarter and I talk about Beat The Chefs.

Last month, Beat The Chefs went to Cleveland in search of novice cooks. That may be the reason why the upfronts were waking up. It could be a good idea or a bad idea, either way, Iron Chef and it's America sequel took well known chefs against award winning expert chefs and for one hour, make something from scratch using an ingredient. It's still a hit today, but why Beat The Chefs? Would you have a show to see who could collect the most tips by waiting tables or who could have a duet with any YouTube sensation who can't actually sing at all? No. I mean, I would pass on a show in which a chef would have spiced up ham sandwiches over a soccer mom who makes them every day to kids before school rather than watch a whole day's worth of Feud. So to sum it all up in 3 words: no thank you.

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