Thursday, March 8, 2012

Coming Attractions!!!!

This Tuesday, stop KONY and start knowing about GSN.

-We got the latest ratings sheet for you
-We read a mention of one show to watch on Monday Nights
-We talk Flashback Fridays returning
-And we'll tell you why non-Sony owned Pyramids won't come to GSN soon

GSN The Know. We stop at nothing to give you something.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Split Infinitives
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Welcome to GSN The Know, our first one in March. Most of the college nation are on spring break, but for GSN Fans, it's your weekly break from watching too much Family Feud. Nice to have you all here and Nicole, our caterer gave us fish just in time after this blog, but we got 4 quarters to break out and Malcontent isn't here today, so we're going to do something we haven't done in a while....poll on a pole. Lower it!!!!

(pole lowers)

Your question is: "What GSN commercial do you find annoying?"

According to

Only 46% say they went with the DWTS bells and whistles ad, but out of the other 2 ads I posted, 54% say they went with all 3 including an ad at the end of every GSN show and one promoting the Feud on Mondays. That's poll on a pole. Rise it back up!

(pole raises)

On to the second quarter and in honor of the late Davy Jones of the Monkees, GSN will pay respects by showing an episode of the Newlywed Game today as of the time of this writing. RIP Davy, your music will live on.

Scheduling note: On March 26th, the feud will switch....sorta. Karn will take the leadoff position, while O 'Hurley will bat cleanup. Plus, The Power of 10 will vanish...forever. DOND will replace it. Million Dollar Password may possibly be next. Hope it may be gone.

Last week, I told you 2011 was the year of meh. And why is that? Local sportswriter Phil Mushnick of the New York Post tells us why sex references on GSN play a key role in lowering ratings recently. Here is a sample:

"While the old 'Newlywed Game' held some charm, included a few laughs and involved some deductive reasoning — some brain work — GSN’s new “Newlywed Game” targets three other regions: breasts, buttocks and genitals.
Two Saturdays ago, at 4:45 in the afternoon, quiz mistress Sherri Shepherd gave this multiple-choice question to the male newlyweds:
Which of your wife’s breasts do you favor, “Miss Righty, Miss Lefty or do you treat them both the same?”

See? You watch GSN for what filth goes through.

Moving along now, there was a sports conference in which, believe it or not, Seattle Sounders owner and Improv-a-ganza host Drew Carey attended. No word yet on when Wayne Brady and Ryan Stiles showed up.

And finally, our proud ranter Caset Abell of GSF fame gave us an article on the Feud. He mentions 2 hosts not on GSN and why he misses Ray Combs to the network. What a wild second quarter and we go into halftime. Since March Madness is already starting, here is one from the past:

It's hard to believe they don't make moments like that anymore, and at the GSN Forums, they make moments as we start the 3rd quarter. When Sherri Shepard came to DWTS, here was their reaction:

"Wendy Williams and Shandi both got voted off the second week, and I assume Sherri is not that good of a dancer, but we'll have to see how it goes."

I think she may be in the final 5. That's my prediction. Some more, please....

"Did they tape the entire season of TNG already or will some guest host take over for part of the season due to possible conflict with Sherri's dancing gig? If so, will Bob "in the butt" Eubanks take over?"

They did air part of the season. No guest host as of now. Ok, moving on to reactions to the minor change in the schedule starting with:

"It's not like ratings were a problem here. Power of 10 was one of the shows that has done well on weekends from 12-2pm, next to Million Dollar Password and 1 vs. 100. All those shows every week would usually still get 250 to 300K+. That's not bad for the rerun abuse of those shows."

Right and it's became a seesaw for other million dollar game shows such as Millionaire and MDP to do well too.
Here's one:

"If GSN were really that focused on it, you'd see nothing but Springer & Shepard. However, Dick Clark, Jim Perry, Bob Eubanks, Richard Dawson and others are still very much there on GSN. If you want to talk about a network focused on sex and more adult-oriented stuff, go to MTV. The idea that anybody could sit through "Teen Mom" or "Jersey Shore" boggles my mind. MTV is a perfect example of something that totally abandoned what is was initially created for. "

And that made me wonder, where's the music videos being played on MTV when GSN needs more classics? Alright enough ranting on you guys for one day. We got a new feature we like to call....Fact in The box. Let's see what factoid comes up.

(Jack in the box style box opens)

Fact: When Game Show Network had planned on airing a 100% interactive schedule, there were talks of a Game Show Network Classics Channel in the works. Thericker mentioned it about 10 years ago. Instead a few years later, they removed a GSN channel, GSN-W, which forced them to repeat the same schedule twice or more on the same day, so that both the East and West would have a chance to watch the same episode at the same time.

(box closes)

Which brings us to this....fourth quarter.....

Back in the 90's, the Spice Girls had a sing called "2 become 1." That song I remember brings me to this question? Can GSN have 2 networks? Well, if you put it that way, it may. If that happens, GSN may separate into a classics channel and a modern channel. I mean, ESPN has it, Disney Channel has it, even Discovery has it, I know MTV had it, so does VH1 and the Cartoon Network, but why GSN? Well, you could have the original and watch DWTS, DOND and Sherriwed all day, but on another GSN channel, you could have classics like Super Password, Password Plus and Press Your Luck all day. That means you get 2 channels all devoted to game shows. It could strengthen your cable lineup as well as the way we look at GSN forever.

Time to make like a banana and split, folks. Thanks for your time here. Before you order another smoothie or frappuchino....

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