Thursday, March 28, 2013

Coming Attractions!!!!

Not only did Drake talk about starting from the bottom, but we've started from that since last year and we're working our way up to higher ground. On the next edition....

-We go below the ratings charts
-We hit the middle of the newsroom
-The second to last floor has reactions on more reactions to Family Trade
-And we hit top floor on why SOTC came to GSN

GSN The Know. Can't you just look down?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Morning becomes electric
(theme fades out)

Hello Know-It-Alls. I know why you're thinking it's already spring, but why is it actually January? Well, we are no longer walking in a winter wonderland, Christmas shopping was so last year and Santa Claus should never hunt for Easter Eggs. There may be a warmup mid-week, so get over yourselves. In the meantime, let's talk GSN. Why? Because I want to. Time to blend away with the first quarter and Hilty must press Mix to get it going.\

Family Feud notched up the first 20 slots for the whole week, but let's see who got whipped, chopped and pureed to a pulp.

Family Trade kicked it off first with a pair of Baggage, Password Plus and Feud. After FT came in, P+ split the divider for Feud. Let's take the mixer out.
ANd now we salute March as we salute the hot & coldness of....Yay & Yawn.
The Yay: The American Bible Challenge. Picking up steam where it left off, it reached 1 million eyeballs, which was nowhere near the PYL documentary and last season's premiere. It had a new crop of people and a same rulebook with different twists to it.
The Yawn: Family Trade. No one believed it would flop in week 1, but after being decent, it finally got one in week 2. I guess they decied to tune out, huh? That ends the first.
On to the second quarter with as the backup source.
What's so funny about the network on April Fools Day? Nothing. All we get is new batch of classics. First, Super Password will air shows never before shown in about 3 years. As for Password Plus, it'll air the last season with Tom Kennedy and PYL will air 57 more to the whole world. As for Match Game, it's finally out of 1974, and we hit 1975-77. But something was in the memo.....maybe you need this video for help......
Sale Of The Century. Are you kidding me? Well, yes, because there were rumors that the network wanted it and here it is. The final season will be aired. 65 of them. Talk about a shocker. You wanna know what else is a shocker? Family Feud. With Harvey's second season already underway, the season before Harvey took over will finally be on April 1st. As for Card Sharks and Dawson's feud, they are gone. But Dawson's feud spent a total of 18 years. 18 years on the network ever since GSN was born in 1994. You have to believe as to why this classic became the longest running program on the network and know the post-2002 versions all become hits themselves, but they'll return in a blink of an eye. Oh, one other note:
The first two episodes of American Bible Challenge from season 2 will air again on Saturday, March 30th from 2-4pm, replacing Dog Eat Dog. Okay then, but what about next weekend? Well, DED will reutrn the following Saturday. Ugh. So wha do you think of the changes? Comment in the "Mail me, please!" section of the blog or reach me at the end of teh 4th quarter. Now we hit up halftime. Back in the 1980's, an NYC rap group called Whistle once turned to R&B when their second album came out, but they'll forever be remembered with this 1986 hip-hop classic......
And next month for halftime, we'll have for the 2nd year in a row, April Acapella Awareness month. We'll have Pentatonix, The Four Quarters and more. While they drop their instruments for voices preparing for next week, I have to drop some knowledge and share with you this link:
Go there and play games, take surveys, watch videos and more. If you got the shopping skills, whip out your plastic cash and rack 'em up so that you can earn rewards. How nice is that? Hit up and get crackin'.
On to the third and the reactions were estatic to the forums especially SOTC. One poster says:
"So, GSN is finally telling themselves what GSN stands for. It's GSN and not RSN(Reality Show Network).

They will probably get Scrabble next and Supermarket Sweep."

But one poster called it:

"Between 9:30 and 10, GSN just showed a promo for Sale starting on is TRUE!!"

Considering it was no joke, one poster said:

"I felt like I was gonna be punk'd when I first saw this thread in the main section of the board, lol. But then I saw who started it, and that it came from a legit source. I'm so glad this turned out to be true!

And not only acquiring the show but promoting it also. Good on them! I'm glad they're attempting to at least keep the morning lineup fresh."

All of a sudden, GSN felt like the kitchen at Wendy's and one poster went with this....

"I'm glad to hear that they're acquiring a new Classic Game Show, and acquiring more episodes of the current Classics already airing.

Now I need to decide how I want to preserve these episodes. All on one disc at a lower quality per day, or skip recording some of the episodes and have a higher quality copy, and hope they go into rotation and catch it the second time around. Or just record as much as I can the first time incase they dump these new old shows at the end of their first run, and then worry about quality the second time around if there is. Yeah, that's what I'll probably do. Yes, I am pretty excited about these new acquisitions. "

Glad for that, too, but one poster talked about Super Password.

Really excited about Super Password's new lease, it'll be cool hearing ''The Password Is...'' again. Consider my DVR set!

Consider it done. Now comes a fact-In-The Box. I'll wind it up and see what it is....

(Jack-In-The-Box opens)

In Addition to being the president of GSN, David Goldhill is a member of the Leapfrog Group, which does ratings on hospitals.

I wonder if nurses turn to GSN. Now the 4th.

One year ago, upfronts like The Pyramid, "Family Trade", "War Of The Roses", "I do, Now I Don't" and more wanted to give the network a jumpstart. Bible Challenge was the first to come in and made its way to the top, while Beat The Chefs took the ratings hit week after week. War of The Roses was casting, but wa scrapped. Yes, Scrapped. The reason: they didn't like it. The Pyramid came in next and after 40 programs, it felt like a parody of its old self in the 70's & 80's. Family Trade came in and today, it got a flopped in 2 weeks, but as for the rest.......they decided to trash it. That's why The Bible Challenge was as is the best show in the upfronts that made GSN a great network.

Time to slow down this merry-go-round of games and end it. Thank you for reading thw whole thing in a nutshell.

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