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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

On your Mark.....Get Set......Where are you going?

(Starbucks has holiday drinks. Dunkin' DOnuts don't. Starbucks have friendly baristas. Dunkin Donuts Don't. Starbucks is very small yet warm & cozy. Dunkin not. Hit Starbucks instead today.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: With the temperatures dropping, we're not stopping. It's GTK and PK is here to serve you throughout what GSN has to do and what to do. Let's do start with....

The Starting Line.

Family Feud on TV Land did nothing to deserve help from a network that once aired old shows....and still do. Yet GSN remained it's composure to their Feud as well. Look at the numbers if you will....

TV Land Family Feud numbers:
October 3 9:30pm: 643,000 viewers (compared to the 520K primetime average)
October 7 8:00pm: 489,000 viewers (compared to the 539K primetime average)
October 7 8:30pm: 601,000 viewers (compared to the 539K primetime average)
October 7 9:00pm: 696,000 viewers (compared to the 539K primetime average)
October 8 8:00pm: 607,000 viewers (compared to the 539K primetime average)
October 8 8:30pm: 603,000 viewers (compared to the 539K primetime average)
October 8 9:00pm: 647,000 viewers (compared to the 539K primetime average)
October 13 8:00pm: 361,000 viewers (compared to the 581K primetime average)
October 13 8:30pm: 416,000 viewers (compared to the 581K primetime average)
October 13 9:00pm: 483,000 viewers (compared to the 581K primetime average)
October 14 8:00pm: 645,000 viewers (compared to the 581K primetime average)
October 14 8:30pm: 719,000 viewers (compared to the 581K primetime average)
October 14 9:00pm: 766,000 viewers (compared to the 581K primetime average)
October 15 8:00pm: 513,000 viewers (compared to the 581K primetime average)
October 15 8:30pm: 616,000 viewers (compared to the 581K primetime average)
October 15 9:00pm: 579,000 viewers (compared to the 581K primetime average)
October 21 8:20pm: 363,000 viewers
October 22 8:20pm: 233,000 viewers
October 24 8:20pm: 355,000 viewers
October 28 8:20pm: 265,000 viewers (compared to the 428K primetime average)
November 4 8:20pm: 430,000 viewers
That turned 3 primetime slots into only one timeslot. BET, however, took the 9 EST slot, but reduced to just 9:00. The question is....Will TV Land or BET be the first to go? We'll soon see.
In a Few, Maratthons and Celebrity Clearances, We'll clear the mess while you watch this.
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(Quick fade out)
Everything is now cleared and we start again with marathons. Lace up your running shoes, leave your Starbucks at home and strap on your running gear, GSN has turkey day marathons for you.....
*Season 2 episodes of The Chase will air Thanksgiving Day from 1pm to 7pm (Throwback Thursday remains from 8am-Noon; Steve Harvey's Family Feud will air in the 12pm hour)
*Game Show Moments Gone Bananas will air from 8am to 1pm on Black Friday
*Steve Harvey's Family Feud will air from 1pm to 6pm on Black Friday (10-11 episodes)
*Tattletales with Bert Convy as host will air Sunday (11/30) at 11pm and 11:30pm. These episode numbers are '421' (11pm) and '201' (11:30pm). Celebrities included in this episode are Vic Tayback, Nancy McKeon, Shecky Greene, Michael J. Fox, Howie Mandel and Lloyd Bridges.
Cool huh? As far as changes go....
*Family Feud (Karn) will air in the 12pm hour weekdays; replacing Family Feud (Harvey).
*There will be no new episode of The Chase this week. Instead on Tuesday night, the 11/11 and 11/18 episodes will rerun from 8-10pm and again 11pm-1am. Idiotest will not air on Tuesday nights this week.
Un cool.  But let's let the fans say their marathon ideas with a little poem to write about.....
Hey, I just met you...
And this is crazy....
So here's my Hover Ball....
Comment it, maybe?

One poster said:

"I would like to see another fully stuffed Feud marathon. This Is how I would do the schedule."

8 to 10 am Dawson Feud
10 am to 12 pm Combs Feud
12 to 2 pm Anderson Feud
2 to 4 pm Karn Feud
4 to 6 pm O Hurley Feud
6 to Midnight Harvey Feud

Pretty cool, huh? Another one said.....

8am/7c to 12am/11c Thanksgiving Marathon of 21st Century editions of Family Feud:
8am/7c- 4 Hours of Family Feud(Karn)
12pm/11c- 4 Hours of Family Feud(O'Hurley)
4pm/3c- 8 hours of Family Feud(Harvey)

8am ET/7c to 1am ET/12c All Classic Feast marathon in honor of GSN's 20th Birthday

9am/8c to 12pm/11c- 4 Hours of Newlywed Game(Shepard)
12pm/11c to 10pm/9c- 10 hours of The Chase

9am/8c to 12pm/11c- 4 hours of Whammy!
12pm/11c to 6pm/5c- 6 hours of Minute to Win It
6pm/5c to 10pm/9c- 5 hours of Let's Ask America

I'll be there for 11/28 if I'd watch it. Another one said.....

"I like a Chase Marathon. I got cable in February, so I want to see the first two seasons."
Either that or Idiotest. Finally, it's this person with......
"I don't think GSN will air a new episode of The Chase the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, they didn't last year. So there will be 28 episodes by the time Thanksgiving comes around. Here's what I hope the marathons are.

8am-midnight The Chase (16 episodes)

Black Friday:
8am-noon Sale of the Century
Noon-midnight The Chase (remaining 12 episodes)

I really hope Thanksgiving and Black Friday aren't two straight days consisting primarily of Harvey Feud like it has been the last 2 years. Don't we get enough Harvey on a regular basis?"
Well enough Harvey is enough. Be that.
As far as "The Line" goes, it'll be a special instead of a regular series in December. Be watching for it. Welp, after a 1-month absence, it's the new & improved.....
Okay, not all-new & improved, but still new for you. Here it comes....

(song fades out)

And it's time for the 2nd intermission presented by She may have won America's Got Talent, but Emily West knew how to throw it down on the show. Here she is with this song.....

And let's do the 3rd period.

Celebrities on GSN have always been that way since the beginning. But some stars can't embarrass themselves. Why? By signing a waiver form in hopes they want to appear on TV. Joe Isuzu himself, David Lesiure was on Super Password, but why isn't he on this very network? Well, he was abysmal. Jon Bauman? Pretty good, but he's no longer there. Maybe it was before that Match Game-Hollywood Squares mashup I talked about last week. Tony Danza? Reason: Not good at Pyramid or any other game show either. It's hard to get big names who are still alive in there, but the ones who are dead may be. If you want to be a celebrity and get your name on GSN......sign away. That way, you'll see your name on classics and modern and you'll get residual checks for your appearances in 5-20 years from now. There, I said it, didn't I? So remember, If you see David Letterman or anybody else they haven't seen on Password plus or Super Password, let the network know and they'll help.

And with that, we sign off. Today's blog is presented by words you can't say at Chik-Fil-A. Making your job less crappy like Old TV.

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. Until I see you again, play on, playas!