Thursday, August 30, 2012

Coming Attractions!

After Labor day, our blog machine goes to work to make sure we provide the necessary requirements for you.

-Our ratings report will tell who got the highest paycheck in the bunch
-We pin the bulletin board on some stories
-Our posters know, like the sketch from Hee Haw....about what they thought of the new Pyramid
-And I'll give a 2 weeks notice on why the Bible game is so successful

Cone Tuesday, we punch the clock to make things work for you at GSN The Know.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Congregational Singing
(theme fades out)

Hey there my people. It's Pierre Kelly for GSN The Know. While most kids are off in college, we get the knowledge the network can't get anywhere else. We'll have a new feature in the 2nd quarter after we check the first quarter. That's where we'll begin. Hilty is here and we've got 2 weeks to cover starting with.....

Family Feud took the first 5 slots, but Fifth Grader took the next 3, then Feud rounded out the entire top 10. Now, the dead last crowd.....

Jeopardy! kicked off the list along with Super Password, but it's twin sister Password Plus was stuck in between stacks of morning Feud. Now we surge into the next week.

The American Bible Challenge took the top slot, and ended up 4th in between Feud episodes. Beat The Chefs ended up 7th. That's the first quarter. Time for Hilty to run away.

Off to the second and the American Bible Challenge did something no other show did before.....

Yep. It clocked in at 1.7 million viewers, giving GSN a big payday for the network. The only other show to break the 1 million mark? Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal doc back in 2003. With shows that hype before the premiere and did worse, Bible was the only one that did it right. This could mean extensions of leases on classics and even newer acquisitions to come. Beat The Chefs did little to no hype at all losing 70, yes, 70 percent of it 's crowd. But reviews are not about why they put in a crowd or the payouts if they outlast the chefs. That's why I decided to call it review haikus to make more sense into a blog designed to give you something to think about. As if you didn't know, a haiku has 5 syllables on the first line, 7 on the second, and 5 again on the last line. So let's give it a whirl and we start with The American Bible Challenge.


Now one on Beat The Chefs.


Ok, so I tried my best, but if you could do better than me, we'll give you the details by the end of the 4th quarter.

Steve Harvey's got news and we have a couple. First.....

He is giving away a trip to the Grand Canyon worth about $5000. How nice is that? The other story is......

A story in the New York Post talks about his upcoming talk show next month. And condolences go out to Neil Armstrong who died this week. If you think of the 1969 moon landing, you think of this man. He eventually was on "I Got A Secret" in 1962 before the event took place. May he moonwalk with Michael Jackson in peace. That ends the first half. We end August Acapella awareness month with.......

That of course, was the Virginia Belles and this is the second half. I wanted to put that Beat The Chefs mess aside for later, but I wanted to talk about why the bible game broke records. We start with.....

"Wow, very interesting. I'm not surprised that the ratings would be high for the premiere considering the hype, but I didn't think they'd be *that* high. Of course, the real test will be to see how well it will fare in the upcoming weeks (as well as in the reruns that have been placed all over the schedule). We've had a few shows start out with high ratings but ultimately fizzle out (Improv-a-Ganza and Without Prejudice? come to mind)."

Agreed, and it has been done. Next up....

"I watched American Bible Challenge last night, and I personally thought it was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I also think Jeff Foxworthy was an excellent choice to host it. This has been so refreshing, and I believe it will do well. And, they don't have women flaunting their bodies, there isn't any cursing. They don't have people wanting to find someone to date, nor do they have a person deciding which person they want to be with. Nor, answering questions and talking about their sex life. Having the singers (choir) is great. Also, kids can watch the show. How wonderful is that."

That is what family friendliness is about. You watch a show like "19 kids and counting" or "United Bates of America" and they make it clean. Our next comment.....

"I didn't watch the show last night, and I don't really plan on watching it in the future. However, I must say that I truly am happy for GSN that they put up such astronomical numbers with the premiere of this show. It actually put GSN into the top 5 among all cable networks for that timeslot, and that is territory that I never thought this network could ever dream of seeing. So yeah, GSN should really be proud of themselves for this feat. The question now is will the show continue to put up respectable numbers, or did all the media hype just cause all the people to tune into the first one to see what it was like."

Even though that poster went against it, I watched it and plan on some more. And our next comment....

"I think the curiosity factor played a huge role in the huge Bible Challenge number. It will be interesting to see how many of those 1.7 million people will tune in for week 2. I don't see Bible flopping completely, but I don't see another 1.7 million viewers in its future either. That is such a huge number though, that maybe it can hit a million on week 2... if enough of those first time watchers liked what they saw."

Yeah, and if they break another record, I don't know what else GSN could happen. How about one more?

"NICE TO SEE GSN POST HIGH RATINGS THAT ARE FAMILY ORIENTED.Hope GSN truly BUILDS on this instead of making more shows that are like hundreds of others on other networks. PERHAPS GSN could get that the niche of family oriented viewers may tune to GSN because they are sick of seeing SNOOKIE and other Pathetic Housewives of ( fill-in-the-blank).My guess is GSN WILL .I am not saying get rid of Baggage, but there is a golden opportunity for GSN to evolve into a cable station that makes an impact instead of stagnating in safe mediocrity.

SINCERE congrats to Mr Goldhill and everyone else involved. He deserves it.Whoever made this call had to understand the value of the South and Midwest audience."

Don't we all? Now, what about Best The Chefs? They're doing little to this brand new show, but we saved a few, and by few, I mean a couple, starting with.....

"How does the live studio audience stay entertained while the chefs prepare the food?"

Um, Twister tournaments? Maybe this poster says this.....

"That should have been mentioned above. If I were the producers for that show, I would have cut the audience, and when Matt went to talk to the family that would be cooking later in the episode, they should have them sitting on an isolated couch like they had in Deal or No Deal."

That would've worked. Last one.....

"Just saw the first preview for Beat the Chefs next week. Apparently they're not just featuring families on the show. Next week it is....'The professional Chefs VS. Texas Lunch-ladies.'"

Can't wait for that. Now we head into the 4th quarter and if you've seen 2 classic game shows of the 1980's and want them back, think again.

There are 2 shows I always remember as a child: Scrabble and Sale of the Century. Those 2 were the highlight of afternoon cable tv, but neither one has had a whole run throughout its history. With 2 shows not seen in years, I'd imagine GSN wound have both, right? Hell to the no! GSN wouldn't pay top dollar for those 2. Take TPIR. Their run ended in 2000 for the network despite the fact that the new ones were still on CBS at the time. Now Fremantle, the company that owns then both must sign a permission slip in school to get that classic show back...on the network's condition. Now back to those 2. How much would you pay for those 2? Way too many. Both runs were in the eighties and it would be too expensive to gain an audience and have GSN turn the ship around. I would have Who's Still Standing one day of the week or Oh Sit! do a half hour version for the network than to see those 2. As David Downs told you in his video, they should never be here at all, because if they did, the forum rats would cause a riot.

And that mess is about to be cleaned up, because we gotta go. Thanks for making this blog a way to help the network turn things around and we're not done.

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