Thursday, August 2, 2012

Coming Attractions!!!!

This August will be an awesome month not only for GSN, but for this blog and on teh next edition.....

-We find otu who is awesome in our ratings report
-All the awesomest news in our newsstand
-The awesome reactions to the new Pyramid commercial
-And why I support this network in an awesome way

Plus, we'll kick off an awesome month of acapella music. Tune in. It's gonna be...well, say it Mike Mizanin!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Swept Away
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Hey there, one and all. GSN The Know is up with a fresh new blog, a fresh one to the world. It's time to get you energized with 4 quarters of truth and justice. We kick off with the first quarter and Hilty must pop in the cartridge....

Family Feud went in and took only the first 9 slots on the countdown, but Fifth Grader stole the last spot, but we go to the impound lot where......

Password Plus kicks off along with Lingo and Match Game. The Password twins were scattered between one episode of Feud in which, all 4 of Dawson's version took the last 4. We end the first quarter by shutting down Hilty.

Now we begin quarter 2 with tragic news for 2 TV legends.

First, Sherman Hemsley, who had star power with Norman Lear in both "All in the Family" and "The Jeffersons," was known for being the last one picked on a Celebrity version of "Millionaire." the other, Chad Everett, who was a star on "Medical Center," had many appearances on the original Hollywood Squares and Tattletales and perhaps more. May they both rest in peace.

(song stops)

Another programming note, next month, Fifth Grader will take the place of Catch 21 just in time for 2 new shows debuting this month.

And we've garnered a cast for Beat The Chefs and here they come......

First, the chefs America wants you to beat are:

Professional Chefs Beau MacMillan, Antonia Lofaso, and Jeff Henderson.

The dishes you make as well as the chefs will be judged by.....

Judges Christy Jordan and Brad A. Johnson, as well as guest celebrity judges. Don't miss a minute of Beat The Chefs after the Bible Challenge on this network.

(song fades out)

Sticking with the bible game, The Deacon's Bench has your first look at this new game show.

My friend Raven is from Seattle and they got an event called "Game Show Night." They will take 3 classics: Match Game, Super Password and Family Feud and turn them all into one big event. Wished I come.

You've played it on your computer and on your apple systems as part of GSN Casino, now Wheel Slots stands alone as an app.

Finally, Family Feud returns to California after being in Florida and Atlanta to start taping new shows. Second quarter is over with and we reach halftime. Mario mania was widespread all over the world during the 8 and 16-bit era. The popularity in the UK became limited thanks to the Ambassadors of Funk with their classic hit as an ode to Game Boy's hit game, Super Mario Land. Here they are with this song.....

And we return with Dog Eat Dog returning to its old home. Did the fans welcome them back with open arms? We begin with.....

"It seemed to do well enough, and people are happy about it on Facebook. I like to see this variety, but at the same time this was a poor scheduling decision. I hope GSN would move it to A) Sundays at 1pm -or- B) Saturdays at 3pm."

That would've worked out fine. Next....

"As for the Dog Eat Dog return, I don't much care one way or the other. It's an okay stunt show with some sharp-looking ladies. But Brooke Burns is not much more than borderline competent as a game show host, and the show does not proceed at a breakneck pace."

Yeah, I looked at Game Show Garbage and Brooke's style of hosting felt as if she never went hoarse throughout all 26 shows. Here's another one.....

"Then put an hour of Dawson there instead. I agree with you, the Dawson Feud needs better treatment than it's getting, and it's probably the only Feud I wouldn't mind seeing another hour of. Maybe he'll get actual ratings if they put him at 1PM."

I know that, but it would bomb well and be outsold by modern versions. Next one.....

"Then related to Dog Eat Dog, I'm well aware this lease came out of nowhere. Two new modern acquisitions in one week. Dog Eat Dog eliminates many Deal or No Deal slots, which have been knocked down from 20+ slots a week to 6 slots a week starting next week. Of course, Dog Eat Dog takes up two of the three slots where DOND has actually done well. GSN wasn't looking at ratings with that."

I'm guessing DOND would be off the schedule in a few more months from now. Another comment....

"But overall, I kind of wish they got something else, like Weakest Link, 21, or even Greed"

Yeah, me too. It would've been a welcome back reception for the network, but DED is all we got? Come on. How about one more?

"Here comes a heated debate: I would have taken Dog Eat Dog on Friday nights from 7-11pm over The $25,000 Pyramid. 25K Pyramid has blown in ratings, and it will be gone anyway in primetime coming up six weeks from now with the new version."

That would SO not work. I think Flashback Fridays would freshen things up,don't you agree? Now we talk about a show GSN wants you to see.

It berates me that one show is not on the schedule at all: Supermarket Sweep. It has been here since the sixties, and don't ask me why about it, but the most recent version became popular on Lifetime and PAX throughout the 90's and 2000's. The objective is to fill your cart with many grocery items in a set time limit of your own, so that the other 2 teams might try and outlast you at the same time. If you are the winner, you go look for items in a 60-second timeframe for a $5000 payout. Sounds easy, but there are a lot of posters on the forums hoping to get the show on board and help boost GSN's sagging ratings in the morning. The best possibility would be at the time in which either Dawson's Feud or Match Game would normally air. Another possibility is that it would be in Password Plus' time slot. It was doing well, now it's not. One final possibility: Woolery's Lingo. Why? The show is turning away viewers despite the fact that it was Engvall's product that killed the franchise. So do you think Sweep has a chance at tackling a tough crowd on GSN? It may, but once it acquires, it would be there.

And with that, we head to checkout. Tomorrow, everyone heads out to support Chik-Fil-a, but we want you to support our blog 24/7. How? By doing these....

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