Thursday, February 2, 2012

coming attractions!!!

Just because the groundhog is thinking 6 more weeks of winter doesn't mean he gets to chill out and read on everything you know about GSN. On the next edition....

-The DWTS fallout continues....
-One GSN show is in a lift of 5, but in a interesting category....
-Your reactions on a possible bible-based show
-And my take on a live GSN relationship-based programming block from way back when....

I's all coming at you on February 7th. Do not miss out or else you'll be subjected to the cold & snow.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sex and romance month

It's the start of February!

Black History Month has begun....

Push the Fish's new album is released.....

And at GSN The Know, we kick off Sex and Romance month. That's right, every week in the 4th quarter, I'll rant about the sex and raunch of what GSN did and what needs to work....

Feb. 7th: The Lover's Lounge tribute
Feb. 14th: Newlyweds
Feb. 21st: Excess Baggage
Feb. 28th: That love triangle

Plus, as an added bonus, I'll have halftime videos from harpists Erika Kelly, Evangeline Hall and Erin Hill. So come have a romantic month celebrating GSN's romantic pasts and presents with sex and romance month. It'll make you kiss...and make up.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's 8 o'clock somewhere.....
(theme fades out)

Hello, my all-knowing GSN lovers, and welcome to GSN The Know, the only blog that's 20x better than Skyrim. Have we got a good show, coming to you from the Video Arcade Lounge, right across from a strip mall on an outstretched highway in the middle of nowhere. And it's Super Bowl week in the lounge, and we got a buffet of hot wings ranging from Honey BBQ to Samurai, Celery, Pizza and as always, Ranch Sauce. It's for the staff of this blog, but they're saving it for Sunday. And I saved you a seat for 4 quarters starting with the Ratings Report. Malcontent, hit it! tells us that Fifth Grader continues to establish in the top spot with the Feud getting Silver and Bronze. For the 6-10 slots, Baggage got 6 and 7 while the Feud and TNG were tied for 9th place. Now the bottom 10:

100k Pyramid on late had fans going to sleep, but below those 2 were eventually a tie with Card Sharks in different time slots. 2 ties were unloved in classics, but Card Sharks filled out the last 2 slots. But DWTS was nowhere to be found. Where did it end up?

In the top 20. #17 to be exact, it was less than stellar, but it went downhill from here, Malcontent, show me.

17: Saturday, January 21st; 6PM to 8PM; 325K viewers
32: Saturday, January 21st; 8PM to 10PM; 304K viewers
53: Saturday, January 21st; 10PM to 11PM; 283K viewers
125: Saturday, January 21st; 11PM to 1AM; 213K viewers
147: Saturday, January 21st; 1AM to 3AM; 192K viewers
154: Sunday, January 22nd; 1AM to 3AM; 185K viewers
166: Sunday, January 22nd; 5PM to 6PM; 174K viewers
181: Sunday, January 22nd; 3PM to 5PM; 165K viewers
200: Saturday, January 21st; 3AM to 4AM; 136K viewers

It got started on 17, but the next showing slipped to 38, then to the bottom 100 before floundering somewhere in the 100-200 range with the last showing dead on 200. Later on this blogcast, I'll have your comments regarding this ratings slide, but for now...

(Malcontent leaves)

Yep, he left to play Skyrim. That ends quarter 1, now to quarter 2. And all week you've read about Pat Sajak telling us he was acting drunk during his early years on Wheel Of Fortune, a show seen on GSN, but legend has it that Alex Trebek was a bit tipsy during the High Rollers finale in 1980. But on the sober side....

Last week I told you about Baggage coming to syndication, well 70% of the USA is a go for the show now owned by Sony which owns this here cable channel. That's awesome! But can Sherriwed get on board? We'll soon find out.

If DWTS on GSN isn't your thing, ABC tells us that there will be a new cast for the 14th season come February 28th.

And from the "don't tell me I did not see that" file:

Remember that bible-based game show with Mike Huckabee that didn't get off the ground? Well, GSN's making a pilot called the American bible Challenge. Really. Seriously. I'm not joking.  That'll end the first half of blogging. Enjoy halftime! Let's bug out, Y'all!

And for the bonus:

Now that I got bug spray on my GSN The Know blazer jacket, time or 3rd quarter enerttainment. Let's comment on the DWTS falldown, but I have to go to Buzzerblog first. Scott gives us this verbatim:

"From the moment it was announced that GSN was going to air re-runs of Dancing, we all knew right away that it was both a waste of time and money. The fact that they acquired 10 seasons of Dancing, without seeing how successful it would be, only goes to show how ridiculous and absurd this acquisition was.
When ABC or NBC premieres a new game show, what do they do? They produce 6 to 10 episodes of it. Then, if it tanks in the ratings, they don’t continue making new episodes. They don’t go, “Well, let’s go ahead and produce 100 episodes of this game show and then if it fails, we’ll drop it.” And it’s clearly the more intelligent way to go.
GSN should have only picked up 1 or 2 seasons of Dancing, to test the ratings. Picking up 10 seasons all at once, severely dented their 2012 budget, and they’re getting the same levels of ratings that $100K Pyramid is getting, and I can assure you that airing re-runs of $100K Pyramid costs far less money than what they spent on acquiring Dancing.
The fact that GSN continues to shell out money in creating commercials promoting Dancing with the Stars, and commercials trying to ease the transition of Dancing being added to the schedule by showing people dancing on traditional game shows, is also ridiculous, because it’s even more money being thrown down the drain.
As I said before, the same thing that happened to Improv-A-Ganza and High Stakes Poker last year will happen to Dancing this year. The ratings will continue to fall, but GSN will ignore them and keep Dancing on the schedule. After a few months of low ratings, they’ll decide to cut back the airings to once or twice a week. Then by September, it will be off the schedule. Until then, we’ll have to deal with this nonsense of a non-game-show program being on the schedule for the next 8 months…"

Agreed. Next....

"Back in the days of Mall Masters and DJ Games being GSN originals, they got higher ratings off Match Game reruns, then 20-28 years old, than those originals. 25 year old $100K Pyramid reruns are doing better then DWTS."

That anonymous user just goes to show you Pyramis is better than.....DWTS. Here's another one from Scott...was DWTS on GSN a stupid decision?

"Yes, that was even stupider on GSN’s part, showing a clip from a game show that they don’t even air…
And then showing commercials with their new slogan “For the Love of the Game”, saying that “Whether we’re dancing, dating or dealing…” Stop right there. GSN, stop trying to generalize every type of show as a “game” show, because Dancing with the Stars is NOT a game show.
And even worse, they’re trying to build suspense with commercials such as, “This week on Dancing with the Stars… only 4 points separates who goes on and who goes home.” Come on. We all know the results GSN. We’re talking about repeats here; not new episodes."

And taht segues us to the Game Show Fever Chat page on FB. One says:

"It's a shame that GSN will continue to ignore the fact that the "old shows" kick the tar out of most of their new ones and continue to shovel the new crap at us. Then again, when you have no leadership willing to open their eyes, it is to be expected."

Yeah, but can classics be a comeback? Maybe this one knows about GSN pre-credit crunch stuff.....

"I don't know why GSN does that. I enjoy watching the opening and closing credits of shows, especially the fee plugs and to see the list of names involved with the show with the theme song in the background. But now, it's advertising, useless and annoying advertising for their worthless programming. It's truly sad, that was a channel that my TV would stay on but now, I do my best to avoid it at all costs."

One GSN viewer down, a million more to go....I thought I'd save the GSN forums for last. Here's one:

"So all those weeks we had to watch those stupid commercials only for it to be ranked 17th and 32nd? They could've aired any 30 year old classic in those timeslots and got the same if not higher ratings than DWTS. What an absolute waste of money."

My friend Chirs Lonas told us why it wasted money depsite ads and everything else to promote the show. How about one more?

"That's the problem, they never learn their lesson. For the last 8 years now, they keep trying this crap, and it never works out."

Like Late Night Liars....AMerican Dream Derby.....Hidden get the picture. Thank you poster for that, and I get to end this quater and have the final period underway with a rant on an opening hour.

Imagine this....It's 8 am. Your boss at work gave you the day off. you try to go to Starbucks, IHOP or Mcdonalds for breakfast, but instead....(record scrtaching; song stops) you check the TV. GSN opens up programming with only 1 classic: Family Feud. On weekends: It's Jeopardy! and Whammy! Both show perform well in the ratings and not so well in the bottom of the barrel. So why can't they do well? Rerun abuse and any morning show you'd find on TV. What can be done? Having an extra hour of infomericals? Maybe. Extending Match Game's lease past the lease point? Believe so. Any classic GSN hadn't shown in a while? Probably yes. Either way, it'll help GSN attract and drag fans out of bed and win the hour of viewers in an instant. But why do you think ratings will increase? check for much bigger help. After all, we can wake GSN up.

And sadly, it's time for Pierre Kelly to go. Before you get your big game on, do me a favor....

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