Monday, October 8, 2012

It came from the Graveyard
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Time to put the earbuds on blast so that you can read about what's up in the GSN world. Pierre Kelly is here to give you all the details on what we t down and how's it going down. First things first, we have to start with the ratings report, so Hilty with a sweater, fall down on something.....

The American Bible Challenge continued to dominate the ratings book with Feud taking 2nd and Fifth Grader taking revenge at 3rd. Feud locked up 4, 5 & 6, but Minute tied it with Baggage taking 8th, Fifth Grader taking 9th and Feud rounding it out. Now the deep freezer....

Password Plus came in first and Whammy was next, and then after a triplet of P+, Incredible Dog Challenge barked up the wrong tree along with a triple smattering of Feud and a double dose of Baggage. That ends quarter one. Let Hilty chill out, won't he?

Time to get to the 2nd, and we have an announcement regarding mornings....

9 AM - Card Sharks (replaces Password Plus)
9:30 AM - Press Your Luck (replaces Family Feud) (Karn)
12 PM - 100,000 Pyramid (replaces Whammy!)
12:30 PM - 25,000 Pyramid (replaces Lingo) (Woolery)
3 PM - The Pyramid (replaces Whammy!)

P+ was nowhere having 200 in '79 and not getting anywhere towards the rest of the run. Whammy was viewed poorly , so they decided to put Richards Pyramid in and 100K Pyramid in too. Woolery's Lingo is gone, but why is Engvall's Lingo still here? Maybe because they want to stay for the dirty jokes, 2 wins of 100K and seeing the same 40 shows ad Infinium. It should've stayed gone. But I'm so glad PYL is coming back after a long absence. Let's see how it will perform on the 16th. Moving on now....

There is a "night of too many stars" special on Comedy Central, but Meredith Viera and Bob Saget, both seen on GSN, will be here. To wrap it up.....

This week, the Georgia Grace Girls will be in the semifinals of the American Bible Challenge and this article celebrates their big win as they pray and prepare for a tough contest. Second quarter is over with and last week, I introduced you to Svengoolie with a parody of a horror flick. He is back this week with another one and here it goes.....

And next week will be another parody before you know it, so keep reading. Now we move on to The Pyramid. By teh first week, it looked promising and had shadows of its former self, save for Donnymid, but the ratings slipped away the next week thinking that it may have turned stale and the players might've been dumb of rocks. You might be thinking, "Is This Lingo 2011 all over again?" We turn to the GSN forum palace to find out starting with....

It does seem like they front-loaded the show so that the weeks with the best gameplay would air first. That said, the ratings pretty much settled into their normal range in the second week, so I don't think that's a factor. But hopefully if there's a second season, they'll know which celebrities not to ask back.

Another thing I thought of: hasn't September historically been a bad month for GSN in the ratings? It seems like we always see low ratings around this time of year. Maybe it's the effect of shows on network TV and syndication beginning their new seasons.
Oh, ok. The fall season has been marred, but for Bible, it hasn't been tarnished....yet. On to:

"That said, I think it has more to do with the skill (or lack thereof) of all involved. Too many 1-4 point rounds and minimal jackpots make the viewers who would watch get bored and change the channel. If Donnymid could get two seasons, though, this should at least get that as well to iron out the kinks. "

Hmm, maybe raise the ceiling to $100,000 and have $1000 for a perfect score. That would've worked. Next....

"I don't want to watch someone struggle to find out that Jupiter is the biggest planet (that was in today's winner circle). These contestants are the typical dumbnuts that GSN keeps finding. It doesn't help that the celebrities aren't bright as well."

Just so you know, Jupiter is teh biggest planet. Link it up:

And we move on to.....

"However, I do have some concerns about the ratings future for this show. The show being true to the classic format is great for fans of classic Pyramid, but the fact that there is nothing revolutionary about it can't be helping the ratings, IMO. I mean Dick's classic Pyramid incarnations have been airing nonstop for three years on the network; this new version is essentially the same old thing, except it has a new host (who most outside of the die-hard game show realm have never heard of before), a tweaked set, and a new plethora of D-lister celebrities, some of who are half decent and some of who really aren't that great. All this being said, there is no reason to expect numbers much better than the old eps. of Clark's version itself has been putting up, unless maybe they could get some more famous celeb guests for a potential second season (but this is very unlikely due to the GSN budget)."

Maybe they shuold get anybody who is in teh A-list to make it better. Another one, please....

"But, I also think GSN sees their future in hour-long weeklies. I can see a sports-trivia or music-trivia show coming to the network soon, since the Bible quizzer was the biggest hit in 18 years for the network. Heck, I can even see a 5th Grader revival coming."

Uh, as if. There ain't going to be no Fifth Grader revival, so don't hold your breath on that. Later, I switched it up as to which stars of the past would play the game. When one talks about Henry Polic II, a good player, one poster says....

:Sure.....WE know who they are but the current generation would say.......'Who?.....Who?.....Wait, he's dead, isnt he?...and wasn't he on Webster way back in the day? '"
Maybe anotehr celebrity would've worked.....

"Markie Post, but then again an original celebrity that has done nothing lately

Come to think about it, is she even still alive?"

Yes she is, but another one named David Graf from the Police Academy movies is dead. He would've been on the Donnymid and Richards version as well. How about one more star to add to the list:

"And while Betty White would be a cool watch, there's no telling if GSN even wants to try and get her."

Yeah, but you'll never know if the 2nd season comes around. Now we get to this part....

The Fan of the 4th quarter. This week's fan is a native of Greensboro, North Carolina. A college radio DJ with his own show, he is morning show material with voiceovers and his nostalgia of classic cable TV and love of pro wrestling makes him a geek like I am. His name is Anthony Hardy and I have the interview for you guys. Enjoy.
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I have 5 questions, answer them with opinions. Let's begin. First one, now taht the Bible game has become a hit on GSN, are you looking forward to the second season since they have already greenlighted it?

Anthony: I think so. At first I was kinda iffy in terms of who the host was, which is Jeff Foxworthy. To me they should've chosen someone like Kirk Franklin or Kirk Cameron to host a show like this. They also should've aired it on TBN, but due to the skyrocketing reception on GSN, I applaud them for doing something right for a change (as well as reviving Pyramid the right way minus the Mystery 7 and 7-11). One thing that urks me is whether or not the choir was necessary.

Second question, Does Beat The Chefs deseve a move to the Food network or the Cooking Channel due to sinking ratings recently?

Anthony: It certainly does! To me, it's an Iron Chefs ripoff. Why are they doing a cooking show on GSN? I have no clue.

Does the classics on GSN need to go on hiatus, get rid of them completely or add more of them?

Anthony: I say add more to the mix because in the old days of GSN, it was all about airing the classic game shows with limited originals just like the old days of USA Network back in the 80s and 90s. In a perfect world, they'd do what they did on USA Network so most game show fans like myself could relive our childhood kinda like what TeeNick is doing with The 90s Are All That.
But I got GSN too little too late.
My earliest memory is USA airing my favorite game shows. Press Your Luck was my all-time favorite and still is.

Fourth question, If Supermarket Sweep or Shop "til you Drop get acquired to GSN, wuold you watch it?

Anthony: Absolutely! I know there's a petition going around for it to happen, but we all know that GSN wants to go in directions where a lot of us disagree with. With several reality shows on the horizion, it ain't no exception.
Last question, other than PYL which you just mentioned, if there was one classic you wished you'd let GSn return to the schedule, what would it be and why?
Anthony: Great question! It's very hard to say! I'd say the old Price is Right, but unfortunately, that will never happen for obvious reasons. As big of Price fan as I was growing up along with other game shows which aired on USA, I know a lot of the ins and outs of what Price went through including all the lawsuits, scandals, etc. and surprisingly every fan overlooks it. So the fans are like, "Okay, we all know what the show went through throughout the years, but we don't care because we love the show and we love Bob." I'm also not too big of fan of the Drew Carey era with the gimmicks, dry humor, etc. This is almost the same way Deal or No Deal and the primetime Millionaire were dead in the water. I have a strange feeling Price is falling under the same trap. In a perfect world, the classic Price would be the one I'd love to see back on the schedule.
That's all 5, Anthony thanks for joining me today.

Anthony: No prob!

Time to grab our hoodies and run out of the door. Thanks and let's continue to make a blog a good one.

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