Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Losing Con-Troll

(All you people out there know that Christmas shopping is a few weeks away, so get to Hobby Lobby for a picture frame, yarn, candy or whatever. There's a Hobby Lobby right near you and it's closed on Sundays, too.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Another day, another way to make everyone tell about GSN as we are a week away from the Know-It-All Awards. Everyone is preparing for the event, but we have to have another week of GSn info for your brain and Hilty is here to give you the cost of ratings for.....none. Here you go.

Family Feud must've had a field week when it took 1-2 and Chain Reaction went in 3rd. With The Pyramid in 4th, more CR went from 5-7, but a New Chase and Feud were tied for 8th with the latter rounding it out. Where's our bottom 10?
Shop "til You Drop's arrival felt like a ghost mall as it kicked off the bottom 10, then after Baggage, 2012 Pyramid was sandwiched between newcomer Blockbusters, Baggage and Minute. A trio of Baggage shows followed and Password Plus rounded out the list. As for the viewers:

This week: 320,000/251,000
Last week: 344,000/275,000
Prime TIme went down a bit by 24K viewers, but the whole day went down slight as well. That's the first period, Hilty will now cash out.

After the break, Holiday marathons, game show confessions and trolling. This is going to be one big week, so don't touch that remote.

(song fades out)

(quick fade out)

Returning to the island of misfit game shows and the network is prepared for a holiday party. With that, we check.....

The Facebook Files.
They want to know which game show would they play. I responded with Trivia Trap, since it'll turn 30 next year, but Cory Anotado, a former contestant on the first season of Chase chimed in with Supermarket Sweep. Something GSN will definitely get. Dino Alaxander wants the current canadian run of "match Game," but that's on another network. Maybe Sandy Kline Barron has the answer....

"Well, duh! If you'd like to be a blessing and be blessed, there's only one answer .... The American Bible Challenge of course. God bless you, and enjoy your Christmas Party."

See there?

(song fades out)

As far as holiday marathons are concerned, DOND will return to the network for Christmas Eve for 10 hours. As for Christmas day........nothing. Everything is normal as is from 8-1 EST. However, Game show Moments gone Bananas and The Chase will run all day the remainder of it. Really? SOmebody please send in GSNN Blogspot page's resident fan....

The Mystery Green Ball. Mystery green ball, What do you think of those marathons?

"I'll admit I was not expecting this, apparently GSN has had the rights to Game Show Moments Gone Bananas since April-May, but with only 5 episodes I can see why they haven't aired it since June.

Well, so much for a Press Your Luck 30th Anniversary marathon. There's still a possibility that it could occur on New Years Eve, but I think a Pyramid 40th Anniversary marathon would make more sense for that day. Though I'm not gonna get my hopes up for either one of them."

That would've made a lot more sense and added more viewers to the network, but there is hope. Thanks, Mystery Green Ball.

(song stops)

And J-Spizzle switches up a track to a monthly segemnt we call....

The GSN closet. More sayings from people who know a lot about GSN via the Game Show Confessions tumblr page.

This slipped my mind too for some reason. Otherwise I would looked for a submission like this and posted it Sunday night. :/

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Alright, enough of that, we move into the 2nd intermission presented by Best known for being her alter-ego Miranda Sings, Colleen Ballinger has a holiday serenade for you guys.

And with that, we go to the 3rd period.

I have pepole who are fans of GSN, but one fan of GSN in particular isn't. His name is Troy Marshall Dillon and one day, this incident happened. WHile we talked about the Best Show of 2013, Troy came in all guns a blazing, but instead, he went water guns a hosing. All he did was call a Know-It-All a name I don't want to talk about and curses somewhat and likes the fact that Family Trade wants to take Best In Show. I didn't know what to do, So I had told him to smarten up and calm down, but all he did was keep on going. What did I do? I remove him from the group right then & there. And now he's gone forever & ever. has a few trolls, but I had one and no more. Let's hope there won't be any more trolls to my page.

And that's the end, before we go, I would like to kmnow that Family Trade is out of the running for next week's awards, but everything else is a go and we'll have musical guests, a look back at 2013 and who'll win these Golden Brains. Ask your friends to be part of this event next week.

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. We'll see you later and play on, playas.