Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The 2nd annual Game Show Live! honors

Madison Brunoehler: Live.....from Playhouse on the Center square,  From coast to coast..............

And Across America.....and the world.........this is the 2nd annual....

......Honors. With performances by.......







Now here is America's favorite contestant, Pierre Kelly!!!!! 


Me: Thank you all.

(band stops playing and applause)

Welcome to the 2nd ever Game Show Live! honors. The award ceremony that gives us lesser negative criticism than this year's Youtube rewind. Yeah, I know, you were all staying up at like, 2 in the morning to watch a craptacular for over 8 minutes and say to yourself.....What the heck did this happen? Well, we're not going to have Pewdiepie present the award and have Marshmallo perform to crank the party up, we're here to see the best in game shows that happened this past year. In fact, the voice of Binjpipe will read the nominees for each award as if you're watching Binjpipe. So cool, huh? So let's get into our first award for Best Revival. Prime time revivals of shows are so cool, they act like they're the classics that used to be on daytime tv back in the day. SO here are the nominees.

(Cut to Binjpipe main menu)

VO: Because you have already renewed your membership for the next 90 days, we would like to interest you in the nominees for Best Revival.

The GONG SHOW (Den of Theives/Sony Pictures Television)

The $100,000 Pyramid (Sony Pictures Television)

The Joker's Wild (Snoopadelic Films/SMAC Entertainment/Studio T/Sony Pictures Television)

Match Game (Fremantle USA)

Double Dare (Nickelodeon/Fremantle USA)

Beat The Clock (Fremantle USA)

(Cutto "Best Revival" graphic and the host)

Let me ask Alexa for the winner. She's the one who'll tell us. Let's give it a shot. Alexa, who won Best revival?

Alexa: Getting "Best Revival" on the big screen.....

(Shows "The Joker's Wild" as the winner)

Madison: This is Snoop's 1st award of the night. His 3rd overall in over 2 years. One for best reboot and the other for best host. 

(song stops)

Snoop: Yea yea. Can't believe I got another one. I'd like to thank God, my family and my career for keeping this show alive on TBS. Holla at ya, ya dig?


Snoop dogg, Ladies and gentlemen. Now we must turn your attention to our first performance of the night. This Stanford alum wants to write a song to inspire a musical based on the 1991 arcade classic, "Sunset Riders." She's a bandit and can't handle it, and you'll see more of her on the blog next year. Although she's Audrey Piroux, she made a radical change and she is.......Audreyismusic.



Um....who was that masked lady?

(audience laughter)

If a game show sounds interestingly good on paper, then why do people sometimes hate it so.............much? Anyways, the nominees are.....

(Cut to Binjpipe main menu)

VO: Binjpipe would like to apologize for mixing up "Titanic" with "Titanic: The Legend Goes on.' We regret that and instead would like to give you the nominees for Worst show of 2018.

Caroline & Friends (Vin Di Bona Productions/ GSN)

Total Knock Out (Hartbeat/MGM)

America Says (Entertainment One/Keller Noll)

Child Support (Banjay Studios North America)

(cut to "Worst Show of 2018" and to host)

Okay....Alexa......What is the worst show of 2018? 

(alexa says nothing and takes a nap anyway)

What the heck? Have to ask Google for this.....

(hits mic icon on Google and asks for Worst show of 2018)

Google voice: According to google, the worst show of 2018 is.....

(shows "Caroline & Friends" in the big screen)

(instrumental version of "Sweet Caroline" plays; no applause)

Unfortunately, they're not here tonight....but they were a minute ago when the nominees were let's move on. Originally, our next performers were originally Real, Vicarious cuties, but they shortened it and named themselves......RKVC.



On a more postive note, these next nominees prove who is the real top dog of 2018. Let the nominees speak for yourself.

(Cut to Binjpipe "Coming Soon" screen)

VO: Here's what coming to Binjpipe soon as Best Show of 2018.

AMERICA SAYS (Entertainment One/Keller Noll)

CHILD SUPPORT (Banjay Studios North America)


GENIUS JUNIOR (Shed Media/Prediction Productions)

(Cut to "Best Show of 2018 and to host)

Um.....Alexa, what's the best show of 2018? 

Alexa: As of 2018, the best game show is.....

(Shows "America Says" on the big screen)

(AS theme plays)

Madison: Accepting the award, teh creators of the show, Cleve keller and Dave Noll.

Cleve: We would like to thank Game Show Network for finally getting a show, the host of the show John MIchael Higgins for making it a reality....and to you guys, you made us a hit. Thank you very much.


Let's keep things going with our next guest, making a hit song done by Ariana Grande and adding a few friends for an interesting thing about to happen, he is KHS, but you can call him.......Kurt Hugo Schnieder. 



That's a lot of hand work. Now we focus our attention to the live mobile world. Although it doesn't take a lot of applications, paperwork when you get selected, tests to take and a waiver if you make it plus taxes you have to pay for your big big winnings, it takes courage......knowledge.....guts.....and how you studied up for a chance at some Paypal money.....and whatever else. We start with the hosts of the shows. They make you laugh.....stare you in the face on your phone and do goofy things behind a green screen. The nominees are.......

(Cut to Binjpipe recommendations)

VO: Binjpipe would like to take a focus on which is your favorite Live Mobile game show host.

Scott Rogowsky (HQ Trivia)

Matt Richards (HQ Trivia)

JD Witherspoon (Confetti)

Devyn Howard (Swag IQ)

Ian Lara & Melody Alanna (Out of Tune)

(cut to "Best Live Mobile Trivia Host" and to host)

I wanna know who it is. Alexa, who is the best live mobile trivia host?

Alexa: I have a bit of audio and video, hang on, it'll be there shortly......

I know who it is....Money Flippin' Matt Richards!


Matt: Yes, Hquizzas. First of all, shout out to God, my HQ family, my dog Thor, my comedian friends and everybody who played HQ since I first got here. I love you. Thank you.


While I get the next one ready, let's get the extra awards not shown in the ceremony, but gets some 2018 honorable mentions.

The award for...."Partying it up" went to Out of Tune. Why? Because of its DJ and its musical atmosphere.

The award for..."Busy as a Bee" went to Kimberly Crossman for not only her contributions to Joyride, but does hosting for the Best Fiends app's youtube show and comedic acting plus interviews with big names.

The award for "Change is good" went to Game Show Network for giving it a new logo....and a new look.

The award for "blended" goes to Buzz'd out, a local Pasadena program that takes physicality to a trivia game. Seriously.

The award for "Cosplaya" goes to Sydney Ryan of The Q. She traded in talking on a teleprompter in a local news station for talking in front of a teleprompter in a secret bunker in Charleston, North Carolina while dressing up for theme nights.

The award for "One of a Kind" goes to Ripkord for their finer selection of live mobile games. You'll see Faruq from battlebots, Olivia Dicoupoulus and even Dietz too.

Speaking of Faruq, he gets the award for "Finkel Who?" for his creative intros to the Battlebox.

And finally, the award for "Still doing it" goes to Buzzr for finally airing Classic Concentration as well as a few more things they did. Well done.

(song stops)

Back to the subject of live mobile trivia stuff. If you wer paying attention to the lower side of the big screen, you'll see a byline readig "Bceause you liked trivia hosts." so the nominees for best Live Mobile Trivia game of the year are....

(highlights logos one by one)

HQ TRIVIA (Intermedia Labs)

SWAG IQ (Prodege)


CONFETTI (Facebook Watch)


And with that, Alexa, what's the live mobile game of 2018?

(Alexa plays HQ countdown and intro)'s HQ Trivia!


Madison: Accepting the award, Scott Rogowsky, host of HQ.

Scott: Oh, mylanta, thank you for letting all of America quiz with me and win a whole lot of money. Want to thank the writers, the hosts, the sponsors and everybody that made HQ a sensation. Thank you and we'll see you in 2019.


Here's our next performance. You know her from the soap opera Days of Our Lives still running on NBC and she is here to talk about....well....a King of Hearts. Jen Lilley.



And now we must bid adieu to the stars who left an impact on the whole world......and beyond.

In Loving Memory

Aretha Franklin

John Mccain

Burt Reynolds

Penny Marshall

Ken Berry

Roy Clark

Jerry Maren

Nanette Fabray

Harry Anderson

Verne Troyer

Robert Mandan

(Song stops)

Thank you. Now comes the finale. The big enchilada in a taco. The best moment of 2018. What is it? Let's find out. Nominees.

(cut to "Saved Moments)

VO: Thanks for your attention in saving data for Binjpipe. I am now transferring data for teh best moment of 2018.

Bobby Bones overcomes odds to Win DWTS

Double Dare comes back to Nickelodeon

HQ gives away more than $100,000 during the NBA finals

Jeopardy! creates all-star teams

Former DOND model gets married

(Cut to "Best Moment of 2018" and to the host)

Alright guys. Let's end this on a high note. Alexa, what's the best moment of 2018?

(Alexa says nothing)

Alexa? Alexa? 

Oh my goodness, my Alexa is dying and so is my phone.....I need help........hang on guys....

(Runs to the charging station to refill both)

[15 minutes later]

Director: Mr. Kelly, the winner is shown on the screen.......

Me: Really, where?.......

(Cuts to big screen showing "Double Dare returns to Nickelodeon")


Madison: Accepting the award, the show's host, Liza Koshy.

Liza: Wow, can't believe I brought an old classic show back to life. I want to thank Nickelodeon for believing in the fans, Marc Summers for bringing the luster back to the show, the staff of the show plus everybody for being here. You guys are fabulous, thank you!


(Pierre comes back to introduce the last performance)

Oh hi. The last performance before we the answer to the New York City Rockettes. They are.....The Game Show Live! category crew!



And with that, We must leave until January 2nd. I want to thank God, my mom and sister, my friends, The one woman from the Library who not only plays piano in church every week but wears the finest hats like the Kentucky Derby and dresses old school, Donny Pearson for reminding me when will I not ever jump the gun on teh Game show Chat FB messenger room, Bloodyfaster and Circuits and Coffee for breaking into song on Twitch while gaming, Lilbumblebear and her beehive community, the Trivia App Water Cooler discord for giving me a way to pay my bills, the baristas from Star Flash Coffee for knowing me, my announcer voice in your head Madi2themax and of guys. So until 2019, play on playas.

(siri cue)

Siri: Seeing confetti drizzle storms from way above the theater.

Me: that you?

(director asks Pierre to look up)


(confetti drizzle storm falls on everybody at the theater)