Thursday, April 25, 2013

Coming Attractions!!!

Calling all troublemakers....that would include you, Olly Murs, GSN The Know is coming your way with....

-Ratings mischief
-A wreck of News stories
-My list to cause trouble on why Bible should get back to #1
-And why stunt shows may be in trouble

The pop-o-Matic bubble you would never pop is GSN The Know.

Monday, April 22, 2013

We're Number 2! We're Number 2!
(theme fades out)

GSN The Know time. Pierre Kelly here to bring you another session of high-quality blogging, but in ways you never thought possible. 4 quarters I have to put in the machine and I'm dropping the first. Hilty, please direct me to the nearest washer.\
There's a new #1 in town and Family Feud took the top spot, but Bible Challenge slipped to number 2, and Feud took up the rest of the top 10. Now the shrink-wrapped clothing section....

Match Game kicked it off first, but Baggage got a tie for 236th, and above it is SOTC. After MG, A saturday Bible and a Wednesday Sale came in along with PYL, and a moldier sandwich of Password Plus in between Family Trade. That takes the first.  Hilty plus blowdryer equals.....

Now the 2nd presented by
Bible may have been #2 in the ratings, but on next Monday's edition, I will give you 5 ways as to how it would get back ot the top spot and raise more viewers, but for now, let's focus on more airings. Why more airings? Well, on the week of May 13-19, each time a new epsidoe airs, a rerun will come afterwards. Here's what they're in it for....
Thursday 9pm & 10pm
Thursday 12am & 1am
Saturday 11am & 12pm
Saturday 7pm & 8pm
Sunday 6pm & 7pm
Sunday 1am & 2am
Both reruns will air the entire semifinal competition. Also, the week where the finals was supposed to take place will move back a week. Why? The American Idol season finale, of course. But let's focus on last Thursday's show as we hit the rewind button.
The City Takers and teh Women of Faith were in the final. How did teh Women of Faith end up in the semifinal? Getting only 1 correct, because the City Takers Yep, a donut and for taht they get.....
The Aida & Nicholas Tuturro laundry basket of....stupidity. That's right, stupidity. Joining every conestant on the Pyramid, any dirty-minded team on Engvall's Lingo or.....any Baggage reject, this proves that christian rappers can't go past the first round in teh Bible Challenge like one team did last year. Congrats, you rappers. Now you may rap about your dirty boxers with this basket of joy.
(song fades out)
Moving on to the next story. Win, Lose or Draw aired on both NBC & syndication from 1987-1990, and GSN picked it up for reruns in teh 2000s.
Then along came teh Disney Channel. A network that gave us Lizzie Mcguire and old Disney cartoons now airs Phineas & Ferb and Shake It up. They have decided to revive the whole thing for small people. And finally....
Haven't you seen Wheel's Pat Sajak for being in a play called "The Odd Couple?" Haven't you?
On to halftime and we continue APril Acapella Awareness month with Coach K's university's group named Lady Blue. Why them? Watch and find out....
Alright, I'll just stop swaying my swivel chair and tell you guys about our sponsor....
You do surveys on it, you play games on it, you watch videos on it and if you rack up enough bucks, you may get something fancy like I did on 4/20. So stop messing around with other sites and hit up for yours. Ok, time to hit up Buzzerblog and with talk of "The Chase" coming to GSN, Ken in Hong Kong, yes, Hong Kong started it off with....
"It’s only eight episodes, so while I’m excited “The Chase” is finally coming to US shores, it’ll probably be only two chasers. If Mark is one, then maybe Brad is the other. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. But when they are broadcast on GSN, those of us who know and love the show REALLY need to talk it up to our friends and family members."

Me, too, but what about MikeSant318, he goes for one of my favorite podcasters....

"I’d rather Aisha “:the Amazon” Tyler: big success in Celebrity Jeopardy! tournaments, and would be our Paul Sinha (he’s a comedian, too)…"

Oh.....kay.....James E. Parten, you're up next....

"Perhaps GSN is learning its lesson. . .we hope!
Ordering eight episodes suggests that it’s going to be a weekly show.
Lotsa good ideas from the other commentators above.
Okeh, GSN, don’t blow it!"

Yeah GSN, don't ever blow it like a straw to a drink. Randy sucks it up with....

"You are all the same people who got all excited about Pyramid and we saw what happened there. I have no confidence in GSN to do things right. And even if they do, hard quizzes like Grand Slam and Win Ben Stein’s Money have failed on the network. Enjoy these 8 episodes because I wouldn’t expect to see more."

Right, hard quizzes are a hard sell for the network. How about Shon with this?

"This may be the smartest move GSN have made in a long time and the fact that Mark Labbett is one of the chasers makes it even that much better."

And I'm thinking it may. Cyanmanta wraps it up with this....

"Love this show sooooo much… I knew Fox was sitting on the pilots and not doing anything with them, so I’m glad somebody took it up. I think they can take their time accumulating new chasers; Mark knows a lot of US trivia, and a lot of fans will be happy to see him working both sides of the pond. Look up Millionaire champ John Carpenter – won without using a single lifeline, famously used his phone-a-friend to call his dad and tell him he was about to win – and see if he has any interest.

As for Walsh, I prefer his style of delivery to the traditional small-scale US quiz show host, but if they want to pick a new one for us, I will understand."

And we understand too. Now the 4th quarter.

When Dancing with The Stars came to the network last year, fans disliked it and as the weeks went along, low ratings knocked it out for good, but, the newtork changed their minds and decided to come back on a holiday. Take for example, the weekend of Independence Day. Low ratings. Then came the week of Labor Day. Low Ratings. What about Thanksgiving? Well, that may be a different story and with Memorial Day in May coming up, will it ever come back? Answer: no. Fans would never see stars reliving their dances through reruns, but when it comes back, will it ever go away for good?

Time for me to go away. Thanks for making the blog a good blog.

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