Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Take someone else, I'm not yours

(Easter is fast approaching, but you need to get to Menchies for all the fro-yo you can get. Perfect for Easter Sunday and every day, it's Menchies.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most entertained and informed blog in the United States of America. Now live on location from Mermaid Lagoon, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Hi everyone. We are live from Mermaid Lagoon for the first ever Easter egg hunt. All the famous mermaids including Mermaid Melissa will take part in it and I will be the official starter. How's that? But let's take a moment or two and talk GSN. Hilty is ready for the hunt as period one starts.

This was no April fool as Family Feud took up a record 23 slots so far for the year. Now the bad eggs.

MOAM was blindly scattered with Baggage but the 1/2 hour 1 vs. 100 entered the list. DED was sandwiched between the latter and P+ rounded it out. First period over. Crack out, Hilty.

Just after the break, new morning for GSN? We'll tell you. And It Takes a Church. How did this ad came to be. The answer is next.

(Song fades out)

1977 Coca-Cola "Coke Adds Life" TV commercial:

Since you didn't go anywhere, we begin the 2nd period and I heard a rumor.....

.....That come the day after Easter, this would change.....

8:00 AM Match Game 8:30 AM Match Game 9:00 AM Password Plus 9:30 AM Whammy 10:00 AM 25K Pyramid 10:30 AM Sale of the Century 11:00 AM Super Password 11:30 AM Woolery Lingo

But there is more.

Besides the daytime changes, American Bible Challenge returns for its third season Thursday, May 22nd from 8-10pm with Steve Harvey's Family Feud as a lead-in, lead-out. American Bible Challenge reruns will also air Thursday late night at 11pm and 12am, Saturday afternoon at 4pm and 5pm, Sunday at 11am and 12pm and Sunday night at 7pm and 8pm.

Minute to Win It (GSN) has its last new episode on Tuesday, April 29th with reruns staying on Tuesday nights at 8pm (and Tue. 11pm, Sat. 2pm, Sun. 12pm) throughout May.

Mind of a Man will have its last new runs on Wednesday, May 14th while reruns continue in the same timeslots during the week of May 19-25.

In addition, starting later in May there are "New to GSN" episodes of The $25,000 Pyramid.

But by next weekend.....

*At 9am, Blockbusters will replace Password Plus. *At 9:30am, Press Your Luck (80's) will replace Whammy!

And they're all shown via New York time. So why the changes? I decided to revisit that corny poem to haunt you.

Hey, I just met you....
And this is crazy....
So here's my Lite-Brite... Comment it, maybe?

That'll make the mermaids swoon. Anyways, the GSF blogspot page set off a firestorm and we start with a few of them.

"I hope Wheel of Fortune and classic Family Feud comes back to GSN."

Danny Dalympie started it off with a prayer, but that no-goodnik of YouTube named Zach Horan has this.....

"SO only $100K Pyramid leaves the schedule. I don't think they run anything from between 1990-1999 at this point, and haven't run anything from those years recently, with the exception of a couple of COmbs Celeb Feud episodes from the early 90s Bullseye era last Thanksgiving and a 1994 episode of Feud in the wake of the Dawson bucket kicking a couple of years ago. I'd wager that church-based dating show doesn't become a hit for them. Probably would have better off doing another season of Baggage or Newlywed."

I agree. Both of those should've had another chance. On a more serious note, let's do.....

The Facebook Files.

Ah, I see the mermaids swaying to the song. Wonder why I played this? Anyways, when the network's official page showed us a clip of It Takes A Church in which we'll discuss in period 3, the reactions were left alone to themselves.

Austin says this as a reaction.

"No. Much like a neutered dog, you don't get it. We don't want dating shows. We want the classic game shows back."

Heck yeah! Tricia Norman, your turn.

"you have got to be joking. this is the dumbest idea ever for gsn. it's not a gameshow, it's a reality show that no one else wanted. I would rather watch a black and white rerun of an old gameshow before I'd watch this or 'mind of a man'. at least I know I won't miss gsn when I downgrade my cable package. this makes me want to cry."

And that's why Family Trade last year made sense. One more from Theresa hale-Wagoner.

"Think u need to leave the church out of a game?"

Um, probably it takes place in churches across the country, so be watching for it.

(Song stops)

2Nd intermission time presented by If a female wants to carve out a career in video game acapella, let Smooth Mcgroove handle it. He can do it all. Action. Adventure. RPG. Pick the genre, he'll do it for you. Here's one for example.

Phoenix Wright - Cornered Acapella:


Look at that. Even the mermaids love him. Now to thr 3rd period.

Find Your Soul Mate / It Takes A Church Premieres…:

It takes a church is GSN'S newest creation, but many people thought it was not going to be a hit. When I looked at the clip for the first time, I was stunned as to how the format was. Then I sent it to the group page. They got it right this time. Did Christian Mingle overlook at this just to make sure? Well......yes. As far as the show goes, it could be an absolute flop to most people, but for me, I think it'll go in the way of Bible. We'll see how it turns out come premiere time.

That pulls the plug for this week. Today's blog is brought to you by Easter wear. Perfect for Easter Sunday, but tacky for any game show contestant.

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. We'll see you later and play on, playas.

Alright mermaids, let'!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Coming Attractions!!!!

On the next GSN The Know....

-We'll spill out the ratings....
-Spill out the news...
-And spill out It Takes A Church by preview.

Join us for GSN The Know. I'll clean it with a dustbuster.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

May day! May Day!

(Warm weather means lots of chances to go to Menchies. When you sign up for their rewards program, you get miles towards free 5 oz. yogurt only when you sign up at

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most entertained and informed blog in the United States of America. Now, from the Wilton-North building, give it up for the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Just me and only me doing my thing, ready to talk GSN with you. First period underway, Hilty, hailstorm us.

Family Feud went from 1-7, but Catch 21 took in 8th while Feud rounded the list out. Now we get those all wet.

MOAM was sandwiched between 2 Pyramid programs, was the meat in between DED and Match Game and again in single between P+ and Match Game. First period over, clear up Hilty.

Coming right on up, GSN in May and a new way to see the credits. Hang around guys.
(Song fades out)
(Quick fade out)

Back once again and May looks to be a good month any way you look at it.

First off, May 14th will have the last MOAM out of the schedule once and forever. This was in part to the ratings that sank since the show went on the air in January. Next, It Takes a Church will air on June 5th, that's June 5th, people,  but something came in the distance.....

Season 3 of Bible comes at you May 22nd. We hope it'll keep the gravy train a-rolling.

Weight a Minute.....

The casting couches seemed to have move in like a furniture store. First off, Heavy Betters, a show from the upfronts will cast fat guys & girls.....


While App Wars casts those who wish to make your ideas come true on any mobile device or Facebook. Or both.

Kids, guess what time it is?

The GSN Closet. Time for fans to sneeze up like an allergy and let the secrets out.

(song stops)

Ok, let's do the 2nd intermission presented by Ginger & Tonic have done it again. What did they come up with this time?

That was funky. Now to the 3rd period.

The credit crunch got on people's nerves. That includes everyone. These days, it's all split-screen. WHat the heck does it mean? Well, you get to see the names of the people who worked on the Lane version of Chain Reaction including Jennifer Kelly who also produced Studio & for The CW.  By morning, you get to see the fee plugs and the Reg Grundy logo at the end of every $ale and teh Fremantle logo. Also, when Harvey Feud goes off teh air, no credits. What is going on here? To make you realize, Harvey Feud has a lack of credits, so the network decided to ditch it and air the next one at the top after Harvey says goodbye. Ironic twist, isn't it? But this could be a change for years to come.

And that puts a stop to it. Today's blog is brought to you by all-marshmallow cereal. It may be crunchy, but when you add milk, it's still crunchy.

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Coming Attractions!!!!

On the next GSN The Know....

-We kiss ratings....not the girls.
-Go under the sea with news stories....
-And ask these poor unfortunate souls why credit crunches are ending.

Join us for GSN The Know. Wish I could be part of your complete breakfast.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Whatever on Sunday

(Smile, peeps. Spring is in the air and April is the time to get Menchies. Frozen Yogurt whatever you want it. Find one near you or

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most in United States of America. Now, from the Wilton-North building, give it up for the man about games, Pierre Kelly.
Me: Hi my lovelies. How is the world today. Spring has sprung, and we are jumping into action. Hilty will leap into the first period.

Just 14 slots was all it took for Family Feud, but let's find out who leaped into a ditch.

DED & MOAM were tied for 243rd, but 1 vs. 100 was in a burger between 2-fers of The Pyramid and MOAM. Ohno Minute and P+ rounded it out. Time for Hilty to leap forward as we end the first period.

After the timeout, A show on sunday off and on in a week and why the classics are sticking around. Meet you after the break.

(Song fades out)

1991 - Olympic Oil Stain Ad:

(Quick fade out)

Back again kids, and at first, Shop 'Til You Drop originally wanted to leave on Sunday due to insiders, but the GSNN Blogspot page says it is back on. What's the big idea? Well, I was going to talk to a fan named Anthony Hardy, and if you look at the studio, it is filled with wrestling posters past and present and board games of GSN classics when you enter his personal radio station. He is the subject of.....

Twitter Theater. I asked him why they took it off and he said...

@Johnny_Arcade That I'm not sure. It's like they take two steps forward and then a giant step back.

Ok then. I later wanted to know why Chain Reaction wanted to get back to the lineup. His reply:

@Johnny_Arcade GSN will never learn, will they? Why do they do this?

Don't know.

And our sincere apologies to me in the FB group page for pulling an April Fools prank on the network getting 24 hours worth of classics. I know it will one day, but if it turns out to be true, I'm down for it.

Now to the 2nd intermission presented by We kick off April Acapella awareness month with Pentatonix. They crossed Sesame Street off the bucket list of places they'd like to perform and here is the result.

Sesame Street: Pentatonix Counts (& Sings) to Five:

Shall I now introduce you to the 3rd period?

I heard a rumor......

That by 2015 according to the network's president, all of the classics must be reduced or gone. Say it isn't so. Where is the whole Barry-Enright library? Is the Goodson-Todman library still around? Maybe the Merv Griffin section needs a reprieve. GSN has no responsibility airing them all day long due to the success of Steve Harvey and his Family Feud and all that modern stuff from 2000-onward. Most classics owned by Fremantle are the ones we got. Sony needs to get up off their high horse and get on classic Wheel and J!, but the point is that the reason why the classics are staying is because there is a baby spike in the ratings. MOAM, The Pyramid and MTWI reruns are now trash, thanks to both $ale's syndie run. Maybe there is hope. PYL deserved better than Match.Game which played poorly, but still ages well like a fine wine. As long as more leases of classics come to the network and make the statement false, then we'll be fine with it.

Take my hand, we're off to Never Never Land to play non-stop classics. Today's blog is brought to you by.....

Please make bullying disappear by going to this website and we can end this once and for all.

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. We leave you now with Pentatonix and this Sesame Street mashup. Play on playas.

C is for Cookie/Rubber Ducky - Pentatonix feat. C…:

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Coming Attractions!!!!

On the next GSN The Know....

-You'll make your move to the ratings.
-Play all the news on the cards....
-And gather your friends on why the classics aren't going nowhere.

Join us for GSN The Know. It won't make you bored over Monopoly.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Overtime #8: Don't rain on my hit parade

VO: This is Overtime. More about the network you know & trust. Here now Pierre Kelly.

Me: About time we do this. Welcome to Overtime. More to what you know about the network. The 2014 were out this month and 3 new shows, 2 we talked about, are coming to the network. So let's play what if?

If Skin Wars is a hit:

It would tarnish a reputation for the network. We said it before. Reality shows don't work. DWTS. TAR. Family Trade. All out the door. Skin Wars isn't going to work. Don't even think about watching contestants tackle body paint.

If "It Takes A Church" is a hit:

I'm thinking 2 or 3 seasons would be enough. Bible is a hit among fans who regularly go to church. Why ITAC? Well, I'm guessing it could be a breakout hit like Duck Dynasty but we'll find out.

If Idiot Test is a hit:

Just run 40 in a year. Have a weekly day like Friday or Saturday and run it twice a week like MOAM and see if it's better than the latter. That may get viewers interesting.

Look at the time, kids. It's time to go. Next month, a month of acapella music and more GSN stuff per usual. Play on, playas.