Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sneky Peeky

On the Next GSN The Know....

-One prime-time favorite hit the airwaves a decade ago.....
-Reactions to Wheel coming back to GSN....
-And why exposure to Wheel will help out on the network and in syndication.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Spin the Bones

(Horror Block is so perfect for October, not even MLB can't touch it. Lots of items for a low price and it's so won't believe it at when you subscribe to it.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: It's time to do my part for the network for the young, old, college kids, young adults, pets and young at heart. This channel will drive your body wild like Bobby LaBonte and not overhyper and not Lodi Dodi. Your TV's in game mode and your remote control is the weapon, so zap it to GSN and then hide it somewhere so you ask them where and say "I don't know" next time they ask you to watch something else. GSN is for all age groups, sunflowers and plants, so shall we start knowing GSN?.........of course. with.....

 The Starting Line.

For the first time in 6 years....A fan favrote makes it's return. An old and ancient show is dusted off the vault and now it's ready Are you ready for the return of...........


You bet I am. The Pat & Vanna connection returns to GSN and what will they air this time? The 80's where it exploded into widespread popularity? The 90's where many changes go? No. The 2013-14 season. Yes, the 2013-14 season. 3 years ago, people. It'll be the one where Julian Batts gets dumb luck despite landing on the million dollar wedge, plus more moments from that season. In addition, the wild card and everything else you know about the game is on it. Set your calendars for October 24th for Wheel to make its triumphant return.

And you know it's fair to take a DIY project from Madi2TheMax, because after this, consequences for Friday Night Frights. We'll take you here, there & everywhere, but please don't go nowhere.

(song fades out)

(Quick fade out)

Back on the electric slide to greatness and Carl Douglas once said "Everybody's Was Kung-Fu fighting" and the month of October is going by fast as lightning, but for Friday Night wasn't a little bit frightening. Here's what this past Friday looked like....

GSN Primetime Ratings for Friday, October 14th (All Times ET):
8:00pm Family Feud: 447,000 total viewers/115,000 18-49 viewers
8:30pm Family Feud: 446,000 total viewers/88,000 18-49 viewers; down <1% in total viewers/down 23% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in
9:00pm Hellevator (new): 177,000 total viewers/49,000 18-49 viewers; up 2% in total viewers/down 21% in 18-49 viewers from last week; down 60% in total viewers/down 44% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in
10:00pm Scare Tactics: 182,000 total viewers/69,000 18-49 viewers; down 13% in total viewers/down 13% in 18-49 viewers from last week; up 3% in total viewers/up 41% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in
10:30pm Scare Tactics: 188,000 total viewers/89,000 18-49 viewers; down 10% in total viewers/up 14% in 18-49 viewers from last week; up 3% in total viewers/up 29% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in

Hellevator had a small rise from last week, but the 18-49 Y/O took a beating like last week. Scare Tactics on the other hand had more of an audience than Hellevator and it looked kinda good on paper. So what are the consequences of their actions? Well....

Changes (for next two weeks):
*On Mondays (starting 10/17), Family Feud will air 11pm-1am; replacing Hellevator rerun and Scare Tactics
*On Friday latenight (10/14 and 10/21), The Newlywed Game will air at 3am and 3:30am; replacing a Hellevator encore

This is to eliminate the need for weaker reruns of the two shows airing so far this month, but there's another thing: Scare Tactics also went up against the 2nd presidential debate. Take a gander as to who won.

GSN primetime ratings for Sunday, October 9th (All Times ET):
8:00pm Family Feud: 405,000 total viewers/90,000 18-49 viewers
8:30pm Family Feud: 435,000 total viewers/127,000 18-49 viewers
9:00pm Scare Tactics: 148,000 total viewers/51,000 18-49 viewers
9:30pm Scare Tactics: 101,000 total viewers/42,000 18-49 viewers
10:00pm Scare Tactics: 90,000 total viewers/38,000 18-49 viewers
10:30pm Scare Tactics: 77,000 total viewers/35,000 18-49 viewers

Feud was the winner and Scare Tactics got the silver medal. You can also tell that the week of October 3rd-9th got its worst averages in over 2 years. 2 years people. Will this week and next week turn things around or will it end in disaster?

Bit of house cleaning for you guys.

*In Thursday primetime at 9pm, Family Feud will air; replacing Winsanity.
*In Thursday post-primetime at 12am, Family Feud will air; replacing Winsanity
*In Thursday latenight, The Newlywed Game will air at 3am and 3:30am; replacing Winsanity and Chain Reaction.

GSN finally tells the WInsanity crowd to get on decaf and give Donald and Kara a break after being so weak in new shows. They're more than halfway there, but will the hiatus be brief for it?

Now the 2nd intermission presented by Here comes Svengoolie giving you this one......

I know I want to start the 3rd period, but we got a bonus segment for you. It's............

So Impressed! with Madi2TheMax. This time she'll impress characters Tim Burton-directed movies. Here to do that is our master impressionist....Madi2theMax!

(canned applause button)

 (canned applause button)

Thanks Madi. Now to the 3rd period.

Who is GSN to blame for on Friday Nights? It seems that Fridays are an inevitable grayeyard for many viewers when they draw low ratings over the years. But now Hellevator and Scare Tactics have mistakenly put it on them. Why? Viewers 18-49 would never want to watch that, because Netflix and Hulu are their vices on it. But why did GSN air it in the first place? Well,  they skew younger, but bad ratings figured out why older people want to see real variety in them. That led to GSN being out of the top 30 according to TV Newser. Will both show rest in peace after October? We'll see about it.

We have got to move. Time to end the haunted party hayride. Today's blog is presented by Billy Bush. If he could do it....why can't he do it?
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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Sneaky Peeky

On the next GSN The Know....

-The Wheel is a big way....
-The consqeuences and reactions to Hellevator off to a bad start....
-And why Hellevator didn't work with a demographic.

GSN The Know. See what the nation's talking about.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

When Donald Faison wore a straitjacket....

(No, it's not where the Soska Sisters live, but it's a subscription service and you can get everything horror-movie related. Hope something the Soska sisters made will be there too. It's Horror Block from Nerd Block. Subscribe it today!)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Hey my little chickadees, there are cable networks you can watch all day, but GSN has everyone watching. All you party people turn it there and let it invade your space. Watch GSN until you stop watching it anymore. The network is freshly packed with games and gets your games in time. Now you know what GSN is thinking, it's time to know what on the mind of GSN by starting with.....

 The Starting Line.

Winsanity on hold? Well, Winsanity will go on hiatus effective next Thursday (October 13th). Winsanity remains in reruns on Thursday nights at 9pm, 12am and 3am. Additionally, Winsanity remains in its three Sunday rerun slots (12pm, 12:30pm, 12am)

It seems that Winsanity has received mostly poor ratings over the past three months. Winsanity has not recored one new run on Thursday nights above 400,000 total viewers (which is considered "good' for a new run GSN original) since July 7th. 18-49 figures have also been mostly negative for Winsanity, only being near the GSN primetime norm the past three of thirteen weeks (above 100,000 18-49 viewers).

Including this week (October 5th), 28 (of 40 ordered) Winsanity episodes have aired. Will the hiatus end? Don't know.

This cha-cha dance isn't over yet, after this video from Jamie Petitto in a quickstep, A magazine with a few game show hosts make a list. I'll tell you what it is....after this break in a waltz.

(Quick fade out)
 Back from a samba nightmare and Forbes magazine has earned a list of the most richest hosts of 2016.

Of the 20, Dr. Phil is the highest, but 4 game show hosts make that list. Alex Trebek $16.5M, Pat Sajak $15.0M, Steve Harvey $14.5M, Drew Carey $12.5M.  Take that, other GSN hosts!

As far as Hellevator goes, last season's reruns had ratings. Yes, ratings. And it went like this.....

 GSN Primetime Ratings for Friday, September 30th (All Times ET):
9:00pm Hellevator (rerun): 150,000 total viewers/56,000 18-49 viewers
10:00pm Hellevator (rerun): 79,000 total viewers/37,000 18-49 viewers
11:00pm Hellevator (rerun): 96,000 total viewers/34,000 18-49 viewers
This was just a warm-up to the new season. But as far as the new season went, did they like it or not? Numberator.....

GSN Primetime Ratings for Friday, October 7th (All Times ET):
8:00pm Family Feud: 302,000 total viewers/59,000 18-49 viewers
8:30pm Family Feud: 438,000 total viewers/99,000 18-49 viewers; up 45% in total viewers/up 68% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in
9:00pm Hellevator (premiere): 173,000 total viewers/62,000 18-49 viewers; down 61% in total viewers/down 37% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in
10:00pm Scare Tactics: 209,000 total viewers/79,000 18-49 viewers; up 21% in total viewers/up 27% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in
10:30pm Scare Tactics: 209,000 total viewers/78,000 18-49 viewers; flat in total viewers/down <1% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in
Ouch. And next week, we'll talk about why it went down and the consequences surrounding it. But that segues us to....

Something to think about.

Hellevator season 2 wasn't the only game show to start out weak. No GSN season or series premiere has had a worse performance in 18-49 viewers since Lie Detectors on April 20, 2015. No GSN series premiere in history has had a total viewer performance as low as Hellevator below. And that's something to think about.

(song stops)

Now the 2nd intermission presented by Svengoolie is back and this time...he's not afraid to take scariness. Here he is now.

Before I get to the 3rd period, this deserves a whistle break from our newest GTK whistling wizard, Ashley Koehler, don't you agree?

Before this video starts, let me give you the sound effect to put your headphones or earbuds right now.

You can remove it now. It's over. On to the 3rd.

People always ask me, Pierre Jason Kelly, son of Ernest Lee Kelly and Brenda Gail Kelly, why is there New to GSN Feud on the network? Let me ask you this. It's all about ratings. Recently, the new ones were below average. You can gloat about it now, but when was the last time GSN had actual variety in general? Look, Family Feud kept the record books of ratings crashing and with newer ones already out of the pipeline, most people believe if they're tired of Feud or not. GSN doesn't care if they're tired, they want to keep the show going. Whether you like it or not, you'll deal with the questions in nature, Steve Harvey's emabarrasing facial expressions and the never ending interracial battles between black & white families. You've seen them on Youtube, now see the moments on GSN as if they were.

And with that, this little Mambo just danced its last dance. Today's blog is presented by Ken Bone Thugs N Harmony. The new supergroup from a guy with a mustache and a red sweater and the rap group from the 90's that gave us many hits joining together. And they'll be on tour after somebody is president. Hopefully Obama getting a 3rd term. Cross your fingers if that happens.

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Sneaky peeky

On the next GSN The Know...

-Winsanity being put on hold?
-A few hosts make a famous list....
-And why is there New to the network Feud?

GSN The Know. See what the nation's talking about.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dance and Hurl!

(Here's the best thing you'll get close to candy on Halloween: Horror Block. Part of their Nerd Block series, Horror Block gives you a candy bag of horror collectibliles all year round. Go to for the hookup.

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Welcome to the boot-scootin' rodeo of GSN zydeco. Let's get it going and look like Matt Dillon from Gunsmoke in.......

 The Starting Line.

If GSN had pushed the Benjamin button to....oh let's say 2006, then it would mark 10 years since John O' Hurley came in to be the new host of Feud. Wanna know why he was the host? Well,  He inherited the "boring, dull" Karn years (which had a 1990's game show set in 2005), added pizzazz and his own celebrity status (at the time, O'Hurley just came off winning the then very-popular Dancing with the Stars). However, from about 2008 to 2013, when Karn and O'Hurley Feud reruns were still relevant on GSN, viewers always favored the Karn version much more. The Karn reruns always had better ratings, which led to more timeslots and longevity on the schedule. By the 2009-10 season, Bullseye was brought back and O'Hurley definitely wanted out and producers wanted more energy to the show (which O'Hurley built on from Karn, IMO). Family Feud was on the brink of cancellation, averaging low to mid 1's in the syndie ratings, similar to what Celebrity Name Game and Millionaire have  now (which are both barley hanging on). Steve Harvey came along and instead of saving the show from cancellation for a few years, has now undeniably saved the Family Feud franchise through its 2020-21 renewal (and will very likely still be on the air with or without Harvey in ten years). By then, he was done with the biz, but you gotta give credit to him doing 2 seasons of To Tell The Truth prior to it. Guess Harvey turned things around for the show.

In a minute, Hellevator might've leaked something and you'll see why after we break out for chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce and breakfast burritos, BBQ chicken and Pumpkin spice lattes for sale.

(everybody goes to Target to get lunch)

At least they were thinking Target across the street from us.

(song fades out)

(Quick fade out)
Oh, so you returned to the dnace floor made of astroturf carpeting. Hope nobody gets hurt. Anyway, It seems that Hellevator has leaked the first episode right before your eyes and here it is for your enjoyment......

And pretty soon they'll start releasing full episodes in case they don't have cable.

In their "development slate", GSN is working on a slot machine game show (similar to the slots in casinos). There is not a title for this project at the moment. Just be glad The Joker's Wild will not be one of them.

Here's a bit of.....

House cleaning.

Changes will be in effect the next 2 weeks....

Changes (for October 3-9):
*Scare Tactics will air Sunday 9-11pm for one week only; replacing Family Feud. "New to GSN" episodes will air at 9pm and 10pm. Other episodes (first seen on Friday 10/7) will air at 9:30pm and 10:30pm.
Changes (for October 10-16):
*Hellevator will rerun Monday at 11pm; replacing Winsanity
*Scare Tactics will air Monday latenight at 12am and 12:30am; replacing Family Feud.
*Family Feud returns to Sunday night 9-11pm
*New episodes of Winsanity (Thursday 9pm), Hellevator (Friday 9pm) and "New to GSN" episodes of Scare Tactics (Friday 10pm and 10:30pm) continue.

All Times ET

Winsanity will take a slash to Monday night as Hellevator steps in and Feud makes a return visit to Sunday nights opposite the NFL on NBC. This week for now, Scare Tactics had a 2-hour welcome this past Sunday and new ones will air for 2 hours in their regular spots.

(song stops)

Let's talk for a minute about fear. Fear is something we all face like tall buildings, clowns, spiders, the dark or whatever, but when GSN viewers try to fear something, we comment on it. And that's way we name our next segment....

Say what you want to say.
Mary Collins kicks it off with....

"I wished GSN would pick up Total Blackout from Syfy!"

I would agree with her, but Buzzr would also be a possibility. Angela Merk fires with.....

"Hellavator is NOT a game. most new "games" are not really games at all. you need to bring real games back."

Definitely the case of what GSN would do in a hurry. Sandy Hayer.....says.....

"I love watching "Skin Wars," but it has not come on in Richmond for the past 3 weeks. Please let it come on tonight in Richmond, VA."

Just on break. That's all. One of my Twitter friends Misty Kingma chimes in with....

#Hellevator season 2 is upon us you guys...and I've got a creepy sneak peeky for you! Also - "share" this post to win an exclusive Hellevator Cardboard. Jd Piché, Dana Livingston Ward and Erin Robinson I'm looking at you

But there's more. Wanda Logan Howard says.....

"Hellavator? Really? The stupidest show ever! More blood? Blood is a bio-hazard and I'm sure it's not allowed..ketchup maybe? Do people actually go on this ignorant show expecting to be terrified? If they do they are very naive and shouldn't scream like they're surprised at anything that happens because THAT'S why they go on in the first place... I'm sure they are prompted and shown how to 'scream' properly and all of that to a bunch of overused Halloween pranks. You call it a game? I've seen nothing about what is 'won' which is what happens when you play a game! It's not a game, it's a weekly series on screaming...absurd and stupid! "

Guess she sticks to Sqrambled Scuares on Youtube. Kelly Casey will end it with....

"Please, please, PLEASE stop airing Family Feud ALL THE TIME! I used to love that show, but y'all have killed it for me now. There are SO many other good game shows out there; even the older versions of one's would be great. Just please, play ANYTHING else!"

I wished GSN would do that.

(song stops)

Now the 2nd intermission presented by Back once again for October for the 5th time in a row is Chicago's own horror host Svengoolie. And let me tell you, the new shows get real better. I wonder what he's singing this time.....

And we're calling in on the 3rd period.

First, look at this:

Based on what you just seen, Hellevator is this week, but there are 13 ways to describe what the trailer is. Are you ready for it?


There. That made you feel good, don't it?

And we're done in 8 seconds with this rodeo. Today's blog is presented by creepy clowns. If you see one, don't laugh.....turn away. Really, turn away now!

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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Sneaky Peeky

On the Next GSN The Know....

-The O 'Hurley Feud is 10 years old...
-Hellevator releases a full episode before the premiere....
-And 13 ways to describe the new season of Hellevator.

GSN The Know. See what the nation's talking about.