Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Raising the Blinds

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VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: And....back in the building where I belong. Nice to go back to work after a long absence. Not only this desk is all new, but we have a new HDTV background of the city behind me with monitors playing GSN from every time zone above it. Imagine seeing PYL in Russia time, or Idiotest in Hawaiian time. Even the staff treated me to frozen pizza & coke once I entered the office. But we have to talk GSN. Let's kick it off with.....

The Starting Line.

High Stakes Poker. A cash poker game that had AJ Benza and Mr. Kotter himself, Gabe Kaplan calling the action and helped GSN become the first original poker game in the nation is returning.....or is it? Well, the network is planning to do that for the first time in 3 years since this happened.....

In just a few, Shop says adios and Family Feud has their own version on YouTube. But do they like it? See why after the break.

(Song fades out)

YoYo Ball commercial (1992):

(Quick fade out)

With Shop Til You Drop closing mall doors forever, DOND has found a way to fill in the gaps of it.

Deal or No Deal (syndicated) will replace Shop 'Til You Drop weekdays at 5pm and 5:30pm ET. Deal or No Deal also remains in the 11am and 4pm hours weekdays.

So it'll be syndication, not the NBC one which should've made more sense in it.

With the new syndicated lottery series "Monopoly Millionaires Club" set for next year, GSN will air it in February as opposed to it's syndicated premiere in January. The New York Lottery will sponsor it and Billy Gardell of Mike & Molly, which also stars funny lady Melissa McCarthy, will preside the festivities.

It's been a week since the new weekend changes and so's why.

the primetime average went down 1% week to week from 347,000 viewers (October 6-12) to 345,000 viewers (October 13-19) in the 8pm-11pm ET window all seven nights. The primetime average for GSN came in 41st place out of all cable networks.

The total day average climbed a huge 12% and put GSN in 32nd place out of all the cable networks in the United States. GSN went from 259,000 viewers (October 6-12) to 293,000 viewers (October 13-19). The total day average is measured from 6am-5:59ET all seven days, minus Paid Programming.

The expanded primetime average for Monday-Friday, 7pm-11pm ET was 367,000 total viewers (38th place of all cable networks).

12% for daytime. And there is still life in the morning classics.

Now to the 2nd intermission presented by Svengoolie goes at it again with this....

Svengoolie: "That's No Sheet!":

And this is the 3rd period.

I don't mean to go slighty off-topic to keep with how I talk GSN and that's it...well, in relation to it, but Family Feud is doing well beating out Jeopardy! and getting close to beating Wheel this year.  Even GSN has too many every day. But the Feud found it's way onto a new system....YouTube. That's right, BZZR, own by Fremantle, the same guys who not only do that show, but TPIR and LMAD as well, came up with their own version and what does it feature?.......YouTube stars. Not real families, YouTube stars. If you want to see it yourself, go read my friend Robert Seidelman's video review over at it's worth a look. As for the game, It's 3-on-3, but it's not basketball. Josh Leyva.....huh?.....hosts it and it's the same game you know and love. The set.....reminds me of public access television. Can't they use some old props from previous Feuds? Another gripe: 2 strikes. Where's 3? Family Feud has it. Plus, Fast Money has both players from both teams play instead of a winning team. Did they deserve to do this? And oh yeah, they won't allow duplicate answers on this version. Something is wrong here. And there's $2500 to the champion in this tournament. So to review it, here's a review haiku for you....


(Song stops)

Survey says: It's over. Our blog is presented by Bunny Meyer alias grav3yardgirl. Why is she so pretty?

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sneaky Peeky

On the next GSN The Know...

-A poker Show returns?
-Who's replacing Shop?
-and a new version of Feud. Is it watchable?

GSN The Know. See what the nation's talking about.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Feudin', Fightin' and Fussin'...and Freaking Out!

(Don't want to go to your parents masquerade ball? Then don't. Unless you go to Party City where you pick out a costume and you're on your way. Find a party city location near you.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now live from his manor, Pierre Jason Kelly.

Me: About time you entered your living room and report on all things GSN and only GSN. Beginning with something we always call....

The Starting Line.

With a new season of Chase on the horizon, a celebrity edition is a go. The UK version has done it. Why not us?

With the first of many editions, It'll be these 3 celebrities.

First off, Dean Cain. He's known for playing Clark Kent in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Second, Seamus Dever. He's been with the show "Castle" since it began in 2009, and has acted in film & TV roles prior to that.

Finally, Boris Kodjoe. Born in Germany, this actor had a starring role in "For Your Love" and is one of the Real husbands of Hollywood on cable.

This ought to bring season 3 in.with something special.

In just a few moments, the weekend gets an upgrade. We'll tell you what it is after these words of wonder.

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Sky Dancers Commercial:

(Quick fade out)

We told you about a weekend upgrade and we promised GTK will deliver. To do that, it's time for another edition of.....

House cleaning.

Take a look at what you'll be seeing come the start of Saturday.

*This Sunday night (October 12th), Steve Harvey's Family Feud will air from 7-9pm; replacing Let's Ask America.
*Starting Monday, October 13th and every weekday, Steve Harvey's Family Feud will air from 12-1pm; replacing Let's Ask America.
*In Monday primetime, Sherri Shepherd's The Newlywed Game will air from 8-9pm; replacing John O'Hurley's Family Feud. (O'Hurley Feud will still air from 9-10pm Mondays)

*In Thursday primetime, Sherri Shepherd's The Newlywed Game will air from 8-9pm; replacing Steve Harvey's Family Feud.
*On Saturday mornings (starting October 18th), Love Triangle will air from 9-11am; replacing Super Password, Blockbusters and Whammy!
*On Saturday mornings/early afternoons (starting October 18th), The Newlywed Game (Shepherd) will still air from 11am-12pm and will also air from 12-2pm; replacing Mind of a Man and 1 vs. 100.

*On Saturday afternoons (starting October 18th), Steve Harvey's Family Feud will air from 2-5pm; replacing The Chase, Idiotest and Dog Eat Dog. Steve Harvey's Family Feud will also remain from 5-8pm.
*On Saturday latenights (starting October 18th), Idiotest will air from 12am-1am; replacing Mind of a Man. Idiotest also remains from 10pm-12am.
*On Saturday latenights (starting October 18th), Baggage will air from 3am-4am; replacing Dog Eat Dog. Baggage also remains from 1-3am.

*On Sundays (starting October 19th), Steve Harvey's Family Feud will air from 9am-5pm; replacing Super Password, Blockbusters, Whammy!, Love Triangle, The Newlywed Game, The Chase, Minute to Win It and Karn's Family Feud.
*On Sundays (starting October 19th), Idiotest will air from 5-6pm; replacing Family Feud. Idiotest also remains from 6-7pm.
*On Sundays (starting October 19th), Steve Harvey's Family Feud will air from 9-11pm; replacing Baggage. Steve Harvey's Family Feud remains from 7-9pm.

*On Sundays (starting October 19th), Baggage will air from 11pm-1am; replacing The Chase and The Newlywed Game.
*On Sundays (starting October 19th), The Newlywed Game will air from 1am-4am; replacing Idiotest, The Pyramid and Minute to Win It.

(Song abruptly stops)

Wait a minute! Harvey Feud dominates Sunday. What kind of move did GSN deserve for that kind of day? Well, their weekends aren't doing well. College Football and the NFL are beating them senseless in the ratings. If Hilty was here, the machine would go bonkers on why Family Feud would go from 0-60 in one week. But more to go for after kicking Let's Ask America out? Please. Karn shouldve stayed in the noon hour, but he is longer at the network as of this moment. Plus, with too much Sherriwed and Baggage going on to fill the slots. Why is Love Triangle still on the air? Just why? Guess Idiotest is the one bright spot to look out for.
Now this is all an attempt to spice up GSN on weekends to get their variety back like they used to back then. Here now to talk about the state of GSN and the weekends is Scott Rahner of GSNN. Scott, welcome in and tell us about the new changes.

"All I can say is major, MAJOR changes on Saturday, October 18th and Sunday, October 19th. With the massive expansion of airings for Love Triangle, Newlywed Game and Baggage, it looks like GSN is trying to pick up some strong female and 18-49 & 25-54 demos for advertising and revenue purposes. Steve Harvey's Family Feud just takes over the whole damn day on Sunday, consuming12 of 19 programming hours (and all of primetime too), up from the current 2 hours.

Let's Ask America must really have bombed these past two short months it has been on GSN. The Sunday night block must have bombed as well, which made All Star Secrets and Babble suffer (not that they would have done great anyway, but better with a Family Feud or MTWI lead-in). Let's Ask America cannot be performing too poorly in latenights, but maybe GSN figures the only show they can replace that hour with is, again, Steve Harvey's Family Feud. So they are just sitting on it for now.

Shows like 1 vs. 100 (since November 2013, one-year lease must have expired), Minute to Win It (Ohno-since 2013), Mind of a Man (since January), Dog Eat Dog (since mid-2012) and Karn Feud (since 2007! Consistently!) are completely G-O-N-E from the schedule.

GSN must want a little less Family Feud visible in primetime, sticking one extra hour on each Monday & Thursday night of Sherri's The Newlywed Game. Maybe the Friday night numbers are good too.

It is strange that Idiotest has not been removed and retains all its slots. GSN must be happy with Ben's numbers, for now, because the new runs we have seen these past few weeks have not been the best.

Additionally, with the expansion of Steve Harvey's Family Feud, the New to GSN 12-13 episodes (Harvey Season 3, which currently air late primetime/latenights Monday-Friday) must really be lighting up Nielson numbers.

Looks like GSN is really trying to push their numbers up to acquire something. This is just a mad amount of their top rated shows."

See? There you go. The BET hip-hop awards were yesterday as of this writing, but hip-hop is poetry and I've written one for you...

Hey, I just met you...
And this is crazy...
So here's my Garden Weasel...
Comment it, maybe?

Okay, let's go through a few of them. One poster says....

"Talk about a gallon of suck in a quart container. I don't see any improvements with these changes. The Lets Ask doesn't surprise me. I kinda figured it would go the Street Smarts route since the shows are somewhat similar, both in gameplay and production. After a few weeks it started getting downgraded to later in the evening then was gone. I wish I could pick out one positive from all these craptastic updates."

Me too. Id wish GSN would get something positive. We move on to.....

"The reason the schedule for Oct 20-26 hasn't changed is that GSN hasn't gotten around to sending it out yet. Sooner or later it will arrive.

I gotta admit, I don't look at the schedules all that closely any more. But when I saw this one, I thought, wow, GSN wants to p.o. the game show Interwebs. Of course, the heavily traditionalist game show Interwebs don't matter at all in the real world."

That was Casey Abell talking about it, but another poster said....

"Now to weekends, while I don't watch GSN on weekends much,because of these changes, I won't be watching GSN on weekends at all. I guess my weekend viewership will go exclusively to Football and NASCAR. Why are they keeping Love Triangle? This would've been the perfect time to get rid of it. Oh well, at least Mind of a Man is finally leaving the schedule, should've left in May."

One GSN fan down, however many more to go. Let's end it with....

"Isn't this ironic where over the past few months, the noon slot has not been good. They tried the Inaba version of 1 vs 100 and Engvall Lingo and that didn't work out. Then, they added Shop Til You Drop in June and that lasted til August. And they tried out Let's Ask America and that lasted until early October of this year. Seems like every show at noon has lasted a month and a half or two months. So, who do we call, Steve Harvey! But why, they tried him out at 3 pm in June and he lasted 3 months until September. Maybe he can break the noon curse or he will fall flat, just like the other shows at noon did. Let's hope Mr. Harvey survives at noon. And from what I read according to my DirecTV guide for this upcoming week, it will not be the new season 3 episodes, it will be the season 1 episodes they have burned to the ground since 2012."

Yep. Steve Harvey. One guy you need when the network's in trouble.

One last thing...

Crosswits on October 26th is still a go. However, it'll be at 10 & 10:30 CST. Thanks GSN for the move, so please DVR it.

Now to the second intermission presented by Svengoolie is holding it down again with this....

Svengoolie: "They Got the Beast!":

And we got the 3rd

The Tylenol time capsule thingamajig was a cry of joy for GSN fans, but it ended up a whimper. Here's why.  When All-Star Secrets first hit the airwaves since 1979 when it was last aired, fans thought it was the video that wasn't good. Did GSN fail to notice the viewers not to adjust their television sets or use their remote control because there was nothing wrong with it? I'm guessing the same mightve gone for Babble, too. When it was all said and done, the viewers....didn't like it. NFL Sunday Night Football and the baseball playoffs plus whatever on CBS and ABC was on. That done the damage to the network and asked Mr. Harvey if he could to do us all a favor and change the weekend as an act of punishment, not a way of watching the same Dog Eat Dog shows when someone's bored or having Let's Ask America move somewhere else to freshen up more viewers. But with October 26th coming up, it'll mark a permanent place for us all.

Whoops. Showbiz Ashley Spencer who is one floor down from me in the building where I work is at the door giving me Domino's Pizza and coming in to game on.Super Mario Kart, so we have to go. Our blog is presented by Idiotest Binge-watching. It's not an addiction, it's to show how much of a Ben Gleib fan you are.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sneaky Peeky

On the next GSN The Know....

-There's a celebrity chase going on....
-Lots of changes for the upcoming weekend....
-and why the Time Capsule didn't do too well.

GSN The Know. See what the nation's talking about.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Totally Crossed Out

(Party City is home to the WWE and you will find costumes to resemble the superstars. Go find them at a Party City near you.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now live from his manor, Pierre Jason Kelly.

Me: Hey you guys. Time to stretch the truth and let GSN handle it for you. Let's start the stretch run with.....

The Starting Line.

Idiotest is falling down. Viewers couldn't cooperate with the format and it's host. Look at it if you will.

The 9pm ET episode had 316,000 total viewers (and a 0.1 in the 18-49 demo), a timeslot low which also dropped 26% from its lead in, The Chase. The 9:30pm ET episode saw a series low 245,000 total viewers (and a 0.0 in the 18-49 demo).

And that's from last week. Idiotest turns out to be almost dead. Will more viewers get back to where it was on the first week? You'll see.

After the break, The Chase's premiere date and Tylenol time capsule stuff. Synchronize your watches, people. Come back.

(Song fades out)

Halloween 2014 - Party City TV Commercial Ad:

(Quick fade out)

Back again and The Chase is coming month. November 11th to be exact. It'll have more episodes than ever before and Seattle plus another city will be the final audition cities this week. Another way to make it on tv is submit a question. To do so....

Click here.

The Tylenol time capsule....wasn't so good. Why? Casey Abell explains.

"The numbers were a disaster. 117K/80K viewers for the two half-hours. It's ridiculous to put material like this in Sunday prime time. Run it on weekday mornings if you're going to run it at all."

Maybe Tylenol Throwback Thursday would've worked. But in 3 weeks.....

The Crosswits will come. However, it's not going to be the Jack Clark version. It will be the David Sparks version.

Alrighty then.

Since I have a smartphone, we'll move the GSN closet to either later in the month or next month. That way, I will no longer be contagious. If my coworkers handle the same thing, I'll bring hand sanitizer to the desk per period. But in the meantime, we'll do....

The Facebook Files.

Here's what people thought of the Tylenol Sunday experiment.

Kirk Heathers starts it off with this.....

"Love love love this.  Please continue to do this.  I appreciate you want to do more modern programming but having retro or lesser known shows or even pilots would be so much fun to watch regularly."

Howard B. Chak thought of Babble...

"I've never heard of the show.  They use the same opening theme music as Celebrity Charades."

Glenn Kephart has this....

"never saw either one until tonight both were on NBC. babble was from 1984, nice to see betty white from that era!"

Peter Planamente will finish it off with....

"I hope you guys do more of these Time Capsule blocks. I have never even heard of these two game shows last night. Great to see something old and different."

(Song stops)

One last thing: In the complaint dept., the video of All-Star Secrets wasn't clear enough to match the standard and high definition screens the network has now. Let me know if you've had that same fate.

Now it's the 2nd intermission presented by Svengoolie does it again. Here's another hit he's dropping.

Svengoolie: "Drills me like a Rock!" parody song:

Open wide. It's the third period. Trivia Trap is 30 years old. I'm not lying. A short-lived eneity, one program had the longest Trivia Race...ever. Forget the Daytona 500, it's....a moment to live by.

Trivia Trap: The Neverending Trivia Race:

Take the key and lock it up. We're done! Today's blog is powered by Tylenol. Bad back? Headache? Aches & pains? Let Tylenol do it for you. 2 Pills=fast relief.

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sneaky Peeky

On the next GSN The Know...

-Idiotest driving viewers away?
-Another Rarity coming....
-And a moment to live by.

GSN The Know. See what the nation's talking about.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Something's Under Your Skin

(For the second year in a row, Party City gives you costumes and everything for Halloween. 'Cause it's October for God's sake.)

VO:  This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United  States of America. Now live from his manor, Pierre Jason Kelly.

It's GSN and we are G-A-M-E, because I wanna have some F-U-N talking game shows before it's O-E-R.

O-V-E-R. Darn it. Enough with the spelling, let's cast a spell by doing...

The Starting Line.

An Oregon lady wins it all. Natalie Fletcher is the champion of Skin Wars outlasting 9 other bodypainters.

Fletcher won the $100,000 grand prize, a one-year supply of paint and the winner of a trip to New York City to be featured as a guest artist at IMATS.

So you go, girl!

After the break, Skin Wars renewed? And Idiotest being an Idiot? Those answers are next, so please...stick around.

(Blood work nurse enters)

(Pierre hides under covers)

(Song fades out)

Floam Commercial from 1990s:

(Quick fade out)

Well here I am, just a bit of blood I took on my writing hand covered in a cotton ball over tape. Hope the blood work nurse won't see me again, but in the meantime, let's talk Skin Wars. The shocking announcement was it's a go for season 2. Why did they make a decision? Do you know why the G in GSN stands for game? Are the classics needing more? Anyhoodles, the show I was talking about is casting along with.....everybody's favorite....The Chase. They got Chi-Town & Frisco covered, but Skin Wars is casting it via.....this.

Meanwhile, GSN had a glorious morning showing Card Sharks from 1986 introducing us to the Car Game, $ale getting the rest of the syndicated run and PYL getting the biggest surprise of its life: Showing episodes into 1986. Quit whining hardcore fans. The dream is now being fulfilled.

However there is one wrinkle in the bunch. Remember what I told you about a new season of Feud coming to the network? It's he-ere. Yep, the 12-13 edition of Feud arrives in addition to BET and TV Land getting theirs as well.

Quick change: The only minor change to be seen is Let's Ask America returning to the noon ET hour Thursday (October 16), while Throwback Thursday remains from 8am-12pm ET Thursday. Baggage remains in the Sunday 9pm ET hour on the 12th and 19th while The Chase remains in reruns and Idiotest still airs new on Tuesday nights.

Now to the second intermission presented by Since the blog's inception, Svengoolie wows us with his horror parodies and it keeps getting better. Here now is the first appearance in 2014.

Svengoolie: "Specimen" Parody Song!:

And it's final period time.

Idiotest just couldn't get it's act together for one reason: the game's aspect of it. When that & Skin Wars premiered back in August, many figured out who would walk away a surefire hit. Now had Skin Wars become a complete disaster, Idiotest would score a knockout blow, but Skin Wars got the reverse button and Idiotest did decently. That's not all. The reruns took a huge hit causing a migrane to fans of the show. So why is it still hanging in there? Not enough $10,000 winners, puzzles throwing players off for a loop and the humor of Ben Gleib....except for the kicking theme song. What did I do to help? Create a movement on Twitter to support the show by tweeting with the hashtag and the show's name. You should do it too before every new week of shows and there's not much of it left since we are in October, so get on it.

Time to end this thing by eating a box of Lucky Charms and playing WWE Supercard to go with my Vanilla Coke. Today's blog is presented by the Idiotest theme song. It'll make you wanna get up & dance to it.

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. We'll see you later and play on, playas.