Saturday, May 23, 2015

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-How "500 Questions" is no match for 2 popular quiz shows seen on the network.....
-New stuff for June....
-And more of the 2005 Class Reunion.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cord Cutter!

(It seemed that Disney got Star Wars...and everything was fine. Then a podcast came along was fine as wine. Skywalking Through Neverland. A very fine podcast. Listen at

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Jason Kelly.

Me: Oh Hai there. Glad you're all family here at this blog, because without you guys....I would've been the red-headed stepchild working at some Buzzr place come June 1st, but I came to talk GSN. So we begin with....

The Starting Line.

GSN & Cablevision hadn't gotten along since 2011......until now. Cablevision decied to put it in the "Male-Only" package. That includes ESPN, Spike and more male-only stuff after being in the "Ladies only" category" like We & Oxygen among others. Both of those would cost you extra money and even though it's in the NYC area, Cablevision played Dr. Robotnik to it's network's Sonic. Now why would a network attract men who watch the NBA and action movies see Idiotest and The Chase? Most girls would like Lifetime and something girly, but if it had stuck around, everything would be okay. So why them on a package for men? Well, Sherriwed is only for girls, but what about everything else? Guess if the war is over, then so be it, but for now.....step aside girls, we guys came to watch.

After a bit of a breather, your reactions to the Chain Reaction rules and the 2005 class reunion. Won't you please stick with it? I would.

(song fades out)

(quick fade out)

Hi de Hi de Hi De Hi there. Welcome back. It seems the Pulitzer prize didn't go to me for obvious reasons, because of this poem....

Hey, I just met you...

And this is crazy....

So here's my Chillow...
Comment it, maybe?
Last week, we gave you rules for Chain Reaction. What did you guys think this week? Well, Rick Silas will give you the reaction to it:
"The show is already in trouble! Another crappy $5,000 grand prize!? It didn't even increase from the Lane years. Plus, the caveman talk bonus round is gone."
As in....the bonus round one that became "Go" in 1983? That's out of it. $10,000 or $20,000 would've worked. Scott Rahner of GSNN Blogspot says this....
"The grand prize for Chain Reaction should be $10,000-like Idiotest. $5,000 is just too cheap, even for cable, even for 2015. People over the years have complained about the cheapness of Chain Reaction and Lingo (Woolery).

More money, more exciting. But I'm really disappointed with the top prize amount for the new Chain Reaction. GSN is making this new version really cheap, including the host (considering Catherwood isn't well-known)."
I guess the network wants to make it look like Lie Detectors which will get to in a second, but more on CR. I Heard a rumor.....
...that come the new version of Fifth Grader on Fox 5/26, it'll wait out the ratings until CR gets here. They don't want to have competition with the network and if that's true, The Chase may put it on hold or move somewhere else.
As far as Lie Detectors is concerned, it hadn't done anything good since the time it premiered on 4/20 at first, before moving it to 2 nights a week as punishment. They took away the Saturday edition of it, but for its Wednesday edition, it'll remain until Skin Wars premieres June 10th. The future of the show will remain a mystery......for now, at least.
I wanna tell you a (3/4 false, but a 1/4 true) story. I was at Paula's Place the other night eating the new Pulled Pork BBQ pizza and the rappers vs. rockers Idiotest was on. All I saw was the first 2 rounds....and it was game over. Had to pay up, hit the parking lot to my Sundance Duster and headed home to watch Netflix. Glad I didn't watch Lie Detectors, but all in all, the rockers won with $555 bucks. That's about 5 benjamins, 2 $20 and a $10 and a $5 one. If round 3 had started it, things would've been okay had I stay here and see the nightcap show.
And we get the 2nd intermission presented by 10 years ago, actor Will Smith was still a rapper and has this hit:
flick the switch, it's the 3rd period.
I like to talk for a minute about "Game Show Moments Gone Bananas." Yeah, I know it didn't air on the network 10 years ago, but it actually was acquired recently. They were actually VH1 specials at first and Ben Stein was the host in front of an audience. No set. All the moments from around the world were on there as was a chance to complete a stunt for a prize done by "Mr. Game Show" voiced by Randy West. If it was revived today, either Shira Lazar or Elliott Morgan would be hosts if it was new to the network. No question about that.
We're done? I thought so. today's blog is presented by Pitch Perfect 2. The Bellas are back. What about you? You should go see it in a movie theatre somewhere.
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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Sneaky Peeky

On the next GSN The Know...

-GSN vs. Cablevision. The rivalry continues.
-Your reactions to Chain Reaction's newer rules....
-And more of the 2005 class reunion.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ordering Takeout

(If going to Disneyland or Walt Disney World while wearing a Star Wars tee is so's not your fault. Skywalking Through Neverland has them both. Go to for a listen.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Jason Kelly.

Me: On a sugar rush and ready to go. Thanks for feeling the candy crush on GSN. We'll snack on Kit Kats, Almond Joys and Twix while you watch Idiotest, The Chase & more. Before you make the dentst freak out....brush 2x a day, people, let's do......

The starting Line.

It's time to answer the age old question.....

What's Wrong with....?

Every so often, I take a modern game and tell you what the heck is wrong with something. So.....

What's Wrong with Syndicated Deal or No Deal?

To give you a better idea, here's the answer. There are only 2 models from the original 26 ladies from the NBC version, and only 26...., yes 26 civilians play models. Sadly, you can't win the million, but you only get half a million dollars. Everything went well in the first season, but by all came to a halt. The reason: It moved to Stamford where most of the NBCU talkers and Millionaire reside today and ratings falling like a shooting star. Guess they prefer Wheel over this. And that's what's wrong with syndie DOND.

Don't run out to the gas station and get Mounds just yet, because after this, ITAC is gone and something is replacing it. Stay here or else the tooth fairy will take your M&Ms.

(song fades out)

(quick fade out)

back to this adrenaline rush we call GTK.

Starting next week: Idiotest reruns replace It Takes a Church starting Thursday, May 21st at 8pm and 11pm ET. The last new episode of It Takes a Church this season will air May 14th at 8pm. The Newlywed Game replaces It Takes a Church Saturdays at 1pm. So you got an extra night of Idiotest to play with. But....

This just in...

According to the GSN Online Schedule, Lie Detectors has been removed from the Saturday 11pm and 11:30pm ET slots. Lie Detectors has been replaced with Idiotest effective this Saturday, May 16th. The changes also remain May 23rd, according to new advanced schedules at GameShowFollies.
For realz? More Idiotest? Looks like everybody's wants to watch Ben instead.

(song stops)

I was reading a report from Hollywood Junket and what the rules of Chain Reaction are the same as it was in the Lane version, except round 3 will be the betting chain. The same round that instantly killed viewers. Oh and the winning team will have 45 ticking seconds to complete a chain worth.......$5000. The same $5000 Lie Detectors handed out? That's just wrong. Next week, the reactions to the new bonus change from you. Yes you.

Since the GSN closet is getting a renovation, let's do a new feature in which we take somethig GSN related and add in something else GSN related. It's.....

Something to Think About.

Lie Detectors was one & done in one week. It was the first GSN original to do that, but the only one that wasn't the original ran longer and that was "Show Me The Money" starring William Shatner....which lasted 2 weeks....and it was over. And that's Something to Think About.

(song stops)

Now the 2nd intermission presented by Ciara continues the 2005 class reunion with....

and oh yeah, it's the 3rd period.

How did GSN kick off 2005? By taking us to Horse Racing. American Dream Derby was by the same guys that gave us "Fun House" took us on a reailty ride as jockeys competed in different challenges with the loser getting kicked off the show in a match race to the death, winner take all. By the live finale, 3 survivors and 5 more based on call-in votes, yes this was before smartphones were all the rage compete in a race to the finish for all the bling bling. And it only ran for teh first 2 months of teh year. BTW, Leann Rimes did perform on the finale. She of course, was married to Dean Sheremet at that time. American Dream Derby....divorced by the network.

And with that, it's time to ride off into the horizon. Today's blog is presented by Everything you say is said by something else. Here, I'll show you....

Okay that's enough, on to plugging.

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sneaky Peeky

On the next GSN The Know...

-We want to know "What Went Wrong" with syndie DOND....
-ITAC gone? We'll tell you who replaces it.
-And more of our 2005 class reunion.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

It's a 2 for 1 Sale!

(What happens when Star Wars meets Disney? Give up? It's "Skywalking Through Neverland." Hear the mix converge at

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Jason Kelly.

Me: Hello There everybody.

Actually, make that almost 3 1/2 years ago somewhere in Grimsborough....

A blogger was such a fan of Game Show Network since its humble beginnings. There were many game shows to watch. As the years went, more viewers wanted the network to be much younger....and it did. Since the 2004 changeover, GSN has become a cable network favorite to many viewers and....
(record scratching; song stops)
Okay okay, we get the idea. Welcome to our little blog. Time to use the sporks. It's....
The Starting Line.
Here's something we haven't done in a while: The Ratings Report. Numberator will give us teh report on LD on Friday as does the morning.
Here's what Lie Detectors did after the last show of the M-F strip:
6:00pm Family Feud: 370,000 total ; 49K 18-49
6:30pm Lie Detectors (new): 186,000 total; 28K 18-49 (-43% in 18-49; -50% in total)
7:00pm Family Feud: 248,000 total; 28K 18-49 (+25% in 18-49; no change in 18-49)
7:30pm Family Feud: 462,000 total; 106K 18-49 (+374% in 18-49; +49% in total)
To be honest, Feud took a rebound from skipping this show prior to it to watch the network news. Guess they put it on 2 nights a week for it. As for the morning:
10:00am Shop 'Til You Drop: 155K
10:30am Catch 21: 168K (+7% from lead-in)
11:00am Deal or No Deal: 163K (-3% from lead-in)
11:30am Deal or No Deal: 164K (+1% from lead-in)
Shop isn't doing very well. Catch 21, however got a little spike in viewership.

After the break, come June 1st, where will $ale go? Do or do not, there is no second guessing. Come back or else I'll scorch you with a light saber.

(song fades out)

(quick fade out)

Back on hyperdrive and I heard a rumor....

....That $ale may come back June 1st. That, however isn't true. It goes to the new Buzzr channel. GSN has had it for 2 years and it's time to Buzzr to do it if they launch it. Good luck to that. When $ale fan Sally Walsh talked about why it would come back to GSN on that date, it isn't after all a reality. Sony has decided to trim down classics in an attempt to earn cash and gain back respect they once had. So don't expect it to be on June 1st anytime soon.

You remember Rebecca Grant from "Throut & Neck," right? Well, she returns to GSN doing one for the Door3 channel entitled "Which Is Worse?" Rebecca went viral with her connection to the Los Angeles Clippers. Look for that on Youtube.

Now we move onto something. Has taking down classics made you cry? Why are you a fan of Idiotest? Did you turn off the TV and sleep well last night to avoid a Sherriwed early morn-a-thon. Well, I got news for you.


Say what you want to say.

Kevin, not the comic & actor says this:

"Match Game is the best show on GSN and has been reduced from one hour, two episodes, a day to only one. An episode was replaced with Family Feud. Please write GSN and ask them to put Match Game back on for a whole hour a day. There is too much Family Feud anyway and the fan base for Match Game is huge. Please GSN let us have two episodes of Match Game a day. Thank you."

I guess the network thought otherwise not too long ago. Nicolas White says:

"I've said this and I'll say it again! GSN needs to totally get rid of these ridiculous reality game shows and bring back the classic game shows like Wheel of Fortune, Match Game, 25,000 Pyramid, $10,000 Pyramid and etc!"

YES! Richard McIntire chimes in with this:

"I miss Match Game. My partner really enjoyed our morning game shows starting with an hour of match game. It didn't matter what was after, card sharks, whammy, sale of the century, whatever. Mornings aren't for the shows you "Wish" we'd watch......That's what nights are for! Please put mornings back, was nice while it lasted! Good luck getting anyone to watch "Idiot test" or "Skin wars" at 8:00 A.M.!!! (or even "Family feud" with that O' Hurley character!)"

Nobody can't watch the 2 modern ones at 8 in the morning, because that slot would go to John's Feud. Don Connors gets the rant of the day award:

F"ull disclosure I'm lifting this word for word from an anonymous comment left on Scott Rahner's blog but I couldn't say it better myself...
So much of what has been said here points out the real facts: When the Nielsen ratings come in, Feud, Chase and some of the other GSN originals pull in the better numbers, the classics a lot of us love haven't.

Listen, I love the classics as much as anyone and would love to see more. My wife misses Sale of the Century terribly now. But to... "blame" GSN for taking off shows that aren't getting ratings in favor of shows that are and saying they will fail without the classics is unfortunately untrue. If they gain 10 viewers for every 1 or 2 of us they lose by swapping out a Match Game with another episode of modern Feud, then from a business perspective, that's a win for GSN. Stinks for the hardcore classic fans, yes, but GSN will never be "doomed to go out of business" as long as numbers grow. If anyone here knows of a way to make the classics get the same ratings numbers that GSN would get for Feud, Chase, Idiotest or whatever, then let's hear it. Because right now, as the numbers show, simply airing them is not enough."

GSN can't of course, go out of business and wants to be better every time.

(song stops)

Now the 2nd intermission presented by We start an annual May tradition. Our class reunion, 2005 edition. To kick things off, before he pranked Jimmy Kimmel on his talk show, Rihanna's career just started out and here is one of  her early hits.

Now we play up the 3rd period.

The game of Billards. It has been enjoy for many years, but GSN took a season of a game and named it "Ballbreakers." Calling the action was Sal Masakela and Ewa Mataya Laurance and Adrianne Curry who was married to a Brady at the time was on the sidelines. It combined pocket billards with.....betting money. Fans of "Card Sharks" had a similar formula everybody loved. Bet a card to see if it was higher or lower to win money. Teh same formula went over to "Chain Reaction" the year the show got cancelled had the same thing too. There were also 2 celebrity editions as well. So here's to you Ballbreakers. Because after all, Pool competitions are so fun.

Time to shut this GSN cantina down. Quick reminder: This weekend at "Paula's Place," I'll be hosting a Star Wars movie marathon. "Slap happy Hour" day in effect as well, plus food specials. In the meantime....

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. We'll see you later and play on, playas.

And oh yeah, may the sporks be with you....always.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sneaky Peeky

On the next GSN The Know...

-Ratings for Friday's LD & morning ratings....
-Is $ale coming back June 1st and if not, why?
-and we start the 2005 class reunion.

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