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The Subsitute 5 3/4: The Quantum Phys-Ed Theory

      Major funding for today's blog is provided by....... Opening Theme Madison Brunoehler: From the noth pole, to the chiminey of your house, now in it's 4th consecutive year, it's...... Now, America's favorite Secret Santa, Pierre Kelly! Me: The Grinch may have stole Christmas but this is where he got arrested for shoplifting know, the tall ones outside your house at the park where it's no leaves every winter. It's Game Show Live! where we get lit and get involved. Next week, I'm turning 38 along with Britney Spears as of this writing, and I was supposed to treat them to tickets to the Nutcracker but it's now all-virtual for the first.....and possibly ONLY time this year. I'd imagine ballet dancers dancing to a pre-recorded orchestra trackof the whole thing but instead I gave them tickets to the new play "Human Resoources: The Musical" to take place at the new Tony Reali Virtual Theatre this Saturday instead of staying in t

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