Friday, August 19, 2016

Sneaky Peeky

On the next GSN The Know....

-There's a new Buzzr schedule and we can't wait to tell you what it is....
-Fan reactions to teh new Buzzr schedule....
-And MOAM promotes on Twitter.....again.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Playing around

(Sometimes sleep with Netflix on is underrated. Maybe #ZZZquill can give you that feeling. So you can nap while watching Mr. Robot. Or Stranger Things.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Hiya gang. The track & Field events have a retractable roof. Why is that? It closes in 5 minutes just like that. Looks like it's time to take your mark, get set and.....

We're over the first hurdle.....

 The Starting Line.

GSN uploaded 3 new videos for their channel and while looking at a Family Feud ad, the slogan is....

"Play Different."

Why the slogan? Well, GSN does different forms of game shows in all kinds, so the slogan is no different. The slogan was spotted in an ad for Family Feud. Here it is if you want to see it....

I guess I'll stick with "All Play, All Day" as a slogan, thank you very much.

We'll have updates on "Window Warriors," why Skin Wars is renewed and the bronze medal Rocket League game after I pass the baton to these sponsors.

(song fades out)

(Quick fade out)

Welcome back. Later on, we'll have the USSR take on Greece in Streetball and the 200m remote control car dash.  But let's get back to knowing what we know best.

Singing Instagram. I'll get the door.

(heads back to the desk)

As I read it, it's actually a photo from Window Warriors. Let's check it out.

This is a sign of many updates for the new show "Window Warriors." But wait, there's more.

Soon, it'll be Insta....

And Twit....

But then @greatgameshows gave us this tweet....Scriptor:

GameShowNetworkNews hears is a guest on 's with and producer .

This could be a good sign. We'll keep you posted for more.

Break out the garbage bags and get everything up off the floor and use that dustbuster and whatever else for....

House cleaning. This week you might see.....

Thursday nights starting August 18th:
9:00pm: Winsanity (new)
9:30pm: Family Feud (Harvey)
10:00pm: Family Feud (Harvey)
10:30pm: Family Feud (Harvey)
11:00pm: Family Feud (Harvey)
11:30pm: Family Feud (Harvey)
12:00am: Winsanity (encore)

12:30am: Family Feud (Harvey)
1:00am: Family Feud (Harvey)
1:30am: Family Feud (Harvey)
2:00am: Baggage
2:30am: Baggage
3:00am: Winsanity (encore)
3:30am: Chain Reaction (Catherwood)

All Times ET

As you can tell, only one new Winsanity will be out this week. Feud will fill out the rest of the primetime schedule.

(song stops)

Now the 2nd intermission presented by Last time we saw Maddy Newton, she was on the 3rd annual GTK know-It-All Awards. Now she's back doing Anomaly Acoustic August. Here's one of the songs she's singing.

Not out of the woods yet, because it's the 3rd period.

Skin Wars is done with 3 seasons, but why is it renewed? Well, Let's rewind to where it all started.
Last year, the Skin Wars renewal came one week after its season finale. In 2014, the Skin Wars renewal for Season 2 was officially announced the night of the Season 1 finale and published the next day. So Skin Wars got another season on finale night. Fast forward to today and there is speculation that on-air personalities (RuPaul, Robin, Craig, Rebeeca) are holding out for scheduling or financial reasons (more money!). There may also be a clause in contracts (particularly with Romijn and RuPaul) that Skin Wars may only air at one season a year (at least with them on board) due to their conflicting schedules. In other words, DWTS does it twice a year and once a year would've been enough for more filler fare. Why Skin Wars? They should've aired it once a year. Maybe in 2017, it'll help.
And with that, it's the finish line. Today's program is presented by Ali Spagnola's House of Mismatched Shoes. Stop in today for a free color coding. Bring in any pair of matching colored shoes and they'll give you a different color either left or right shoe absolutely free. Ask a customer service representative for more.
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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Sneaky Peeky

On The next GSN The Know.....

-GSN has a new slogan and we can't wait to tell you what it is.
-Updates on "Window Warriors...."
-And why is Skin Wars getting renewed?

GSN The Know. See what the nation's talking about.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Renewing Your Summer

(Hey everyone, classical music isn't getting you to sleep? Let #ZZZQuill give you music to sleep to. Now that's worth downloading on your Ipod.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Welcome everyone. I got 4 of the "Final Five" with me and you can have me on the list as boss man. The final Five are the 5 people in the studio  who work with me for stories and other pieces and we're going for gold as the most-watched GSN-only blog in America. So get your #PhelpsFace ready and let the pistol fire as we begin with....

 The Starting Line.

ABC unveiled 3 classics on Sunday and 1 more on Tuesday before the lineup was revealed. They were: Celebrity Family Feud, Match Game, The $100,000 Pyramid and To Tell The Truth. Guess what? Not too long ago, all 4 have been renewed. They were the most watched all summer because of its strong lineup of celebrities and its host selection. I guess Sundays are the fundays. The averages go like this.....

Here are the ratings averages from ABC:
1) Celebrity Family Feud: 1.5 18-49; 7.41 million viewers
2) The $100,000 Pyramid: 1.4 18-49; 7.03 million viewers
3) Match Game: 1.2 18-49; 5.76 million viewers
4) To Tell the Truth: 1.0 18-49; 4.7 million viewers
Will this keep up next season?

It was a first for Ben Gleib and we'll tell you what it is, plus the first and second heats of the speed Pizza Buffet competition in just a moment.

(song fades out)

(Quick fade out)
 Welcome back. A little later on in the show, we will have the Laundromat clothes folding competition, but first there had been firsts so far this year. Ali Spagnola had her concert in 360 degrees, Jenna Marbles put on 100 coats of lipstick and Ben Gleib did something fantastic.......He did a concert livestreaming.  It all took place at The Funny Bone in St. Louis and it was a midnight show. Boy, it was a first for him in addition to his standup special on Showtime prior to that.

With Back to school season now in progress for most of the country, it's time to learn their etiquette and hygiene for some....

House cleaning. This week brought in a few changes....

*Deal or No Deal will air Thursday at 4pm; replacing Winsanity reruns.
*Two separate 1-hour Deal or No Deal episodes will air Saturday at 9am and 10am; replacing a 90-minute Deal or No Deal episode originally scheduled and Harvey Feud (10:30am).
*The Newlywed Game will air Saturdays at 1pm and 1:30pm; replacing Winsanity
*In Saturday primetime, Family Feud will air at 8pm and 9pm; replacing Winsanity. This change and the above change means Family Feud will air straight from 2pm-10pm on Saturdays
*In Saturday latenight, Chain Reaction (Catherwood) will air at 1am and 2am. Winsanity will air at 1:30am and 2:30am; all replacing Baggage
*On Sunday, Winsanity will air at 12pm and 12:30pm; replacing Family Feud
*On Sunday, Family Feud will air at 1pm and 1:30pm; replacing Winsanity
*In Sunday latenight, Baggage will air at 12:30am; replacing Winsanity.

It seems that the network decided to calm Winsanity down because of the poor showing and as a result, Sherriwed, DOND, Feud and Baggage will all replace it. The Catherwood CR will end up on early Sunday morning.

(song stops)

Now let's open up.....
The Buzzr Twitterers Club. I now call this meeting to order. I will now add the growing # of members to the list. I will now take to the floor by retweet by beginning with this......

hannah @Hannahpm2028 Jul 26
Cant believe i just found my TV hasn't changed channels in a week.

Looks like you found the one.
And I guess it's the only one, because this meeting is over. I now call this meeting adjourned.
(song stops)
Now the 2nd intermission presented by For a while, Paulina Cerrilla was a host on Clevver. An alum of "The Voice, she is also a makeup person in ads. Here she comes with an acoustic cover for you.

Now we go to the 3rd period.

Michael Strahan and Alec Baldwin will be remembered for their roles in Pyramid and Match Game, but what would happen if.....

They switched roles?

if Michael did Match Game, the world would be a less cruder place as it was in the 1990 version and original 60's version, plus he would be the first African-American to host a classic G-T show. regardless, he became the first to host a long-storied Bob Stewart franchise show. As for Alec Baldwin, it would be too much dirty stuff for the show. Eventually, he wanted to bring Match Game back to life.

In conclusion, having 2 hosts can make hits based on what they know of. For Strahan, it's PG-13. For Baldwin, it's TV-14. Any questions?

That may do it. Today's program is brought to you by Neighborhood watch signs. When you see something suspicious, don't call the Ghostbusters or the Suicide Squad, just do what the sign says. Together, the neighborhood where you live can be a quieter place to live.

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. Also I'm on Snapchat as MisterGSN and Instagram as Mister_WCW. Time for Paulina to end this thing. Play on, playas.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Sneaky Peeky

On the next GSN The know......

-ABC renewing something on Sundays....
-A first for Ben Gleib.....
-And what is Michael Strahan and Alec Bladwin switched roles?

GSN The Know. See what the nation's talking about.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hi Ho, Chair-y O!

(ASMR videos not getting you enough sleep? Let #ZZZQuill give you the best rest so that you can wake up tomorrow for the day ahead.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Welcome to the blog where every story isn't what you call it a Snapchat Story....or an Instagram story since they introduced it this week, but it'll be longer, extended and uncut. So our first story will be.....

 The Starting Line.

I heard a rumor.....

.....That talk show legend Jerry Springer may return to the network. We do not know if this is a Baggage revival or some type of Baggage spin-off, but this would be the likelier outcome than pitching a quiz show or an art/design competition show to Springer. The possibility of brining back Baggage is a tossup, if not likely. Jerry did Baggage for 3 seasons as well as 1 season of it's "road" edition. This became a show when production for "The Line" fell apart turning it into a special. Let's hope it won't involve flying chairs, big security guards and fighting.

Don't run off, because after this GSN Games gets laid off? Seriously? The story after the break.

(song fades out)

(Quick fade out)

So we've returned and more stories are up. It seems that GSN games is getting laid off......literally.

Although it laid off a few staff, it came up with this note from the COO of the company. Scriptor:

"At GSN Games, we regularly examine our organizational structure to ensure that resources align with current and future business needs. Ultimately, it's about making sure we have the right teams in place to deliver world-class experiences for our players. Over the past few years, we have dramatically grown the size of our organization, both organically and through acquisition, and we have seized opportunities to capture market share and increase the value of the company.
With that context, we have decided to make some organizational changes to rebalance the structure of select teams in order to accelerate our ambitious growth plans. This involves a small reduction in force that primarily impacts social casino studios working on established live games, as well as some individuals working on cross-functional teams.
While this decision unfortunately means that we will have to say goodbye to talented people who have played an important role in our success, we believe these changes are necessary to support our long-term goals. We're providing outplacement support to help those impacted by this change. I would like to thank them for their contributions and wish them the best in future endeavors."

One of those names is Steve Meretzky, a name who made a name for himself as a designer working at Infocom in the early '80s, creating text adventure classics like Planetfall, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and Leather Goddesses of Phobos. In between his text adventure days at Infocom and his casual casino stint at GSN Games, Meretzky also worked in mobile games for Floodgate Entertainment and social games for Playdom/Disney, in addition to stints at WorldWinner, Blue Fang, and Legend Entertainment, among others. Let's hope he finds work somewhere Niatic Labs.

On Overtime I told you about the differences in classics between GSN and Buzzr, and  the 2 networks have a history together. So a poem may change everything....

Hey, I just met you....
And this is Crazy....
So here's my WooHoo Magic Chair....
Comment it, maybe?

Tammy Cox-Blocker kicks it off with....

"I think Buzzr is transferring a handful of new shows every week, so slow but sure they are improving. But if I see the Dawson Feud eps one more time w/ the annoying woman w/ the obnoxious Boston acent, I will scream. The other issue w/ Buzzr is the limited amount of episodes they have for each show are replayed at least 3 times a day. If you pick a certain 2-4 hour window to watch Buzr, you'll be fine. But you can't watch late prime or late night, then get up and watch in the morning, because these are the same eps. They need to work on this, otherwise the network is pretty solid for a small time operation. In a perfect world they'd add signature show, maybe TPiR or same day replays of Price/Deal. Young and Restless replays get decent ratings on the Pop network."

This is like GSN leases. They give you a limited amount and repeat that. I wished Buzzr would get same-day reruns of TPIR and Deal. One commenter said....

"Buzzr does a much, much better job with pre-1990's than Buzzr.
Since six years ago, GSN has essentially been telling classic game show fans to go to hell, and that there is practically nothing there for them. Going from 60% classic game shows on their schedule to less than 10% is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. It would not harm GSN or damage GSN's ratings if they were to have one hour a morning (after midnight) for game shows before 1990's. I am a member of the 18 to 45 male demographics, and have been long disappointed and disgusted with the direction GSN has been taking since 2010 - getting worse and worse. I have not had GSN in my cable package since 2013, and I would have to pay to have GSN among my channels; but from seeing their schedule, and seeing snippets of shows while visiting friends and neighbors, and from everything I've read, I see that I am not missing anything on GSN. Three hours of classic game shows a day for only 5 days a week is chicken feed. Buzzr far surpasses GSN, and Buzzr is a much more enjoyable channel. I prefer Buzzr hands down."

Yep. Buzzr over GSN any day. Look at Buzzr in this list....

1. MeTV 2010 Classic TV Neal Sabin Weigel Broadcasting
2. Grit 2014 Men Jonathan Katz Katz Broadcasting 93%
3. Antenna TV 2011 Classic TV Sean Compton
Tribune Media
4. Laff
2015 Comedy
Jonathan Katz
Katz Broadcasting
4. Escape
Jonathan Katz Bounce Media
6. This TV 2008 Classic Movies Sean Compton Tribune Media/MGM 83%
7. Bounce TV
African American
Jonathan Katz Bounce Media
8. Create* 2006 How-To Cynthia Fenneman American Public Television 79%
9. getTV
Classic TV, Movies
Jeff Meier, Tom Troy
Sony Pictures TV
9. Comet 2015 Sci-Fi John Bryan MGM/Sinclair 72%
10. World* 2007 Documentaries, News Jonathan C. Abbot WGBH Educational Foundation 66%
11. Ion Life* 2007 Lifestyle/Health
Brandon Burgess
Ion Media 63%
11. Qubo* 2007 Kids Brandon Burgess
Ion Media
14. Cozi TV* 2012 Classic TV, Lifestyle Valari Staab NBCU Owned TV Stations 62%
15. Movies!
Classic Movies
Jack Abernethy
Fox TV Stations/Weigel
15. UniMas
2013 Hispanic/Spanish
Albert Ciurana
17. Heroes & Icons 2014
Classic TV Dramas
Neal Sabin
Weigel Broadcasting
18. Retro TV* 2005
Classic TV
David Leach
Luken Communications
19. Decades 2015 General Entertainment Neal Sabin Weigel Broadcasting 55%
20. Justice Network*
Steve Schiffman
Lonnie Cooper
21. SonLife* 2010 Religious Jimmy Swaggart Jimmy Swaggart Ministries 50%
22. Buzzr TV* 2015 Game Shows Ron Garfield, Thom Beers FremantleMedia North America 49%
23. Rev'n* 2014 Automotive David Leach Luken Communications 45%
24. Azteca America*
2001 Hispanic/Spanish
Manuel Abud
25. The Works
Classic TV/News, Comedy
John Bryan
MGM 37%

It's #22. Pretty soon, it'll end up in the top 10.

Quick housecleaning note: On August 9th and August 16th, Idiotest will remain in reruns on Tuesday nights. Why? The Olympics. Word.

Now a segment in which everything isn't fun & games until it's all creative and free. This is......

Say what you want to say.

We start with Dale AppleWhite.

"What happen to the good old shows match game and whats my line

They're all on Buzzr. Also, you'll wait until December for the annual B&W showings on the network. Ellie Wetzel chimes in with....

"i hve been a LINGO fan for a long time, however with the addition of this girl, shandi the show has turned sexual. she is downright trashy, flirty, no class at all. if you want/need to have a woman on there to "help" Chuck, which he has always done fine by himself, get someone like Vanna White. thats a Lady who wears beautiful gowns & dresses that are classy and she IS a Lady. really inappropriate for small children at home in the daytime anymore. Blahhhhhhhh."

Is this what you call it daytime television? Jim Mills comes in with....

"The most insane part of Winsanity is nobody wins! We watched multiple episodes and it starts with “We have $100,000 in prizes” and then in one episode a woman won a bag and in another, a guy won a drone. This is a pretty lame show, trying so hard to be hip and funny. You’ll be lucky to get one season out of it! Good luck!"

hmm.....Winsanity must've been insane. Insane. Steven M. Geiser goes with....

"Why do you keep repeating the same 1978, 1979 and syndication 1979 episodes over and over and over? What happened to 1973, 74, 75, 76, 77, PM ans syndication years 2 & 3?? People are going to get tired of seeing the same episodes over and over and quit watching, the ratings will go down and you'll drop it.
It's the best game show ever, there are hundreds, probably over a thousand episodes you don't show.
Please stop this insanity."

He was thinking Match Game. Ian Frame gets framed and says....

"Any chance of bringing back Jeopardy! from 1984-1986 with Season 1 and Season 2?"

I would say it's possible. Finally this guy.....

"Any chance of bringing back Steampunk'd?"



(song stops)

Now the 2nd intermission presented by We are kicking off Anomaly Acoustic August with the star of "Stalking Levar" currently on break to get ready for the 2-part season finale, it's Stephanie Pressman. Here's the first of 2 songs like we do every year for this month....

Call your mom, it's the 3rd period!

Out of nowhere, MOAM retunred to GSN. But it was in a few weekend late night time slots. Pretty soon, social media took it over. One tweet example was....

"She’s a bro, but can she take home the cash? Mind of a Man with tonight at 2am."

Another example was.....

"You’ll never have to think twice about it, right ? Watch Mind of a Man tonight at 2 am."

Another one was....

"When you remember it's Friday. Watch on Mind of a Man tonight at 2am."

That referenced to Leslie Jones of Ghostbusters fame. How about one more?

"What do men hate most in other men? Watch 's take tonight at 2 am on Mind of a Man."

With GSN's developmental slate weaker than.....that show with....the future TPIR announcer.....and the Brit we all know........they dug deep for a show that aired 40 shows 2 years ago. 2 years ago people. Had it been a hit if not for social media outpouring, it would come back, but for now, stay up late this weekend and enjoy the 40 shows.

And that's the end of that story. Today's program is presented by Snapchat Storytime. Watch as Dodger Leigh recite your favorite Snapchat Stories from celebrities to an all-ages audience. The next reading will be Saturday at 6 at the Gene Rayburn Playhouse. Admision is free and refreshments will be provided.

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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sneaky Peeky

On the next GSN The Know...

-Is Jerry Springer returning to GSN?
-GSN Games gets laid off.....usually....
-And why MOAM took social media to storm.

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