Saturday, October 10, 2015

Sneaky Peeky

On the Next GSN The Know....

-Why in the world did Man Vs. Fly lose its wings on cable?
-Steampunk'd heads into the semifinals...
-And find out why one show contributed so much to a person that led to ratings gold.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Horror Movie Block Party

(Going in spirit means you aren't actually going, but going to Spirit Halloween means you are going. See why at a Spirit Halloween center near you.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Play ball! Welcome to the blog that gives a grand slam on your TV. We cover the bases on GSN and only GSN, and load it up with a double or a triple play of your favorite show. It's time to go yard, so let's begin with....

The Starting Line.

With Hellevator inching closer to October 21st, a lot of people seemed to be disliking the fact that it's a very scary program and would be scaring the bejesus out of anybody watching and changing it to Buzzr or something else instead. These are some of the comments via GSN's Facebook page.

"Why would this be on the Game Show Network?? Doesn't look like a game at all!!"

" you even know who your target market is.. Do you guys understand who is really watching this network? You guys are failing. Go back to the boardroom. You have it wrong.."

"I dread this! Will definitely change the channel!"

"I am so sick of the screaming commercials. Please make them stop."

"I have to mute the commercials two or more times a show. : /"

"Omg, lighten up on the commercials! The screaming is ridiculous!"

"How do you think people with anxiety feel? Getting scared because of these stupid things!"

Those come from people who watch GSN religiously and say that it's too much of a scary game. Look, it's only October and nobody wants to watch a horror game show, but when it premieres, we'll see if they're right or not.

Is that all that I could say? Nope, because after the 7th inning stretch, we check out the quarterfinals of Steampunk'd. While I go take a selfie in the break room, I have something new for this month. I want to introduce you to Jamie Petitto, former Idiotest contestant and now web star of her own series to give you DIY ideas for Halloween. So Jamie, give the people what they want.
(song fades out)

(Quick fade out)
Welcome back, party people.
I heard a rumor....
...That Chain Reaction may go into syndication next year. With the ratings being trounced a bit by NFL Football and pretty soon, the NBA on TNT, I'm thinking it'll be a good way to take Celebrity Name Game out if the cancellation stamp marks on the latter.
Hellevator lets the fans ask your questions. Jason Blum and the Soskia Sisters were the answer heads that were involved. Here it is....
On to Steampunk'd stuff and it's the Quarterfinals.
The players went on a nautical bath,
but it wasn't something with math,
Because Chloe Dykstra was in,
she took a guest judge swim,
And we're off on our steampunk path.
Miss Morgan led a team of Red,
But J.W. took that W to bed,
But when it was time to pick,
Eddie was the short end of the stick,
and off with his...bloody little head.
(song stops)
Ouch. Time now for some Whaley Mail.
Glad I got my goggles for it. Remember Amy Doutt from Last week, well, she comments this about Hellevator....
"Hate horror. Hellevator does not belong on a family network. Take it to Chiller. It is airing in family viewing time. The Chase is a much better show for this network. Telling viewers over 50 y/o they do not matter is discrimination. Maybe we should let AARP and Consumer Cellular, who advertise on GSN, that viewers over 50y/o, who bring high ratings, do not matter."
If Spike, SyFy or Chiller as Amy mentioned would've fit this show in a bag, GSN would keep on being family friendly, but now it's not. Nobody over the age of 50 wants to watch a horrific game show. I said Horrific, didn't I? Look at Skin Wars. People under the age of 50 made it a hit. Will Hellevator follow suit on GSN? My Answer: No. Alright Whaley, leave.
According to the twitter handle of Mike Catherwood, new eps of Chain Reaction will be somewhere....
Between thanksgiving and christmas!!!!  
If you put it this way, it'll be a time when they go holiday shopping.
Another thing....
Buzzr is doing a pick & play. 5 were on GSN, and 1 is not. Go to Buzzr's FB page for more.
Now a segment in which GSN fans face their fears. Does Hellevator scare you? Are you frightened that there is too much Feud going on? What's your favorite horror movie? Well, don't be scared, it's....

Say what you want to say.
And now a letter from Warren G. Richards. He writes:
"The whole reason I sometimes watch GSN is to forget about the crap that's happening in the world. If I wanted to be frustrated and startled, I would tune into FauxNews or NooseMax, so I really hope GSN cancels its not-yet-debuted show Hellevator sooner rather than later.
It's really too bad that recruiters for Family Feud almost always have church families cast on that competition too. Apparently Family Feud has become a de facto indoctrination destination for this and other ...nations.
Take care and hang in there, everyone.
All the best,

I'm hoping it may....if November comes. Gregory Besso has this to say....

"Guys, you'll create new shows until the cows come home, I'm sure. Programs come and go. But whatever you do, DO NOT remove The Chase USA from the lineup. Please and thank you!"

Of course. You can't take Chase out of the lineup. Here's Linda Rudge.

"Who picks the shows on GSN???? They stink. Steampunked, Idiottest, now Hellevator. The only shows that are any good are the old game shows. I like a game show that I can follow. You even ruined Chain Reaction. Sorry for the harsh review but I like game shows and wish someone at GSN researched what people like."

Well, it's Amy & crew that makes the show stay alive and CR is somewhat ruined by it's $5000 prize and uh, it's 45-second bonus game. Next is Kevin Brietenbach.

"Does anyone else think they show Family Feud way too much. Don't get me wrong I like Family Feud, but show more shows during the evening time slots. At this rate they should change the network name to FFN. "Family Feud Network." you show it 10+ times a day. Please change it up a bit."

Everybody knows Feud does make bigger ratings. Let GSN be GSN. Tony Res with this.

"I just finished watching this week's Steampunk'd and something is steaming all right. It's lying in the middle of the floor right now.
Does Ms Morgan have pictures of someone doing something illegal or what? She FAILED the challenge. Her costume was not steampunk at all.
I'm guessing it is Ms Morgan or Glue-zilla aka Ave who win the show. Which is truly sad when you consider how often these two have been in the bottom. The ad about the steampunk pet claiming these two are among the most talented builders? What a load of crap.
I've just cancelled my recording of the show after seeing one of the whinny sisters dodge the bullet again."

There's your Steampunk'd review in a nutshell, folks. It's Frank T. hughley and this.....

"Watching the guy punching the locker tonight surfing the channels, and you wonder why nobody watches STEAMSUCKED?"

Um....because it wants to be cancelled quickly? Last one from Marsha Sage.


And why are you using Caps Lock? Are you on some disease or something?

(song stops)

Now the 2nd intermission presented by It's that time once again, time for Svengoolie to have his monster parodies for this month. Here's the first.

Landing in is the 3rd period.

From the theme that pays homage to the time when Stax, Motown and James Brown were hits on the radio, to it's game board, the 1980-82 and again in 1987 game of Blockbusters focused on red vs. white, but it was the Cullen version that had a single player vs. family pair handicap match. Combine in the game of Hex board game with the letters of the alphabet that begin with a single letter and you've got a hit game show Goodson-Todman made. The reason why Blockbusters got Emmy nominations for the Cullen version alone, was because of the humor of its host and excellent game play. The Rafferty version.....not so much, because of the graphics and not an actual game board and it was short lived. And it had 2 players instead of the handicap. But either version had a Gold Run bonus game in which you had to connect from gold to gold for a $5000 payday using initials to come up with answers. And now on it's 35th year and is now on Buzzr, we give props to Blockbusters, a true G-T classic.

So with that, there's the final out. Our blog is presented by Peeple. It's like Swarm getting together with civilans in one giant French kiss. Ick!

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sneaky Peeky

On the next GSN The Know....

-Why are people hating Hellevator?
-Is CR going to syndication?
-And we celebrate 35 years of Blockbusters.

GSN The Know. See what the nation's talking about.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Goin' Hard In the Paint

(Red Robin has so many gourmet Burgers.....where do you begin? Right here, of course at a Red Robin Restaurant near you.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: It's midweek and GTK is on. You just came back from work and need time to rest. Come and let GSN to help you relieve tension from boredom. A network well-known, keeps you watching all day & night, and when you want to get back on your feet in the morning, they'll make the classics sweet, makes you want to give a shoutout to GSN, for its hard work and ethnicity. now everybody listen carefully, as we start with.....

The Starting Line

Skin Wars did a special on it entitled "Skin Wars: Fresh Paint" not too long ago. Well, it looks like GSN wants it to be a series. It will be green-lit for 9 episodes each lasting one-hour like it's parent show. SW judge RuPaul will resume his/her role as host and  Emma Cammack and Mat Gleason return as judges.

In each Skin Wars: Fresh Paint episode, three Skin Wars "All Stars" (so contestants from Season 1 and Season 2 that made it far or won the season) will introduce six accomplished artists into the world of body painting. In each episode, the six contestants, who are newbies to body painting, will compete to create the best body painting design for the $10,000 top prize. no word yet on which SW alum will make the show. Oh, and one more thing..........they're casting. Look at the pic Flasher has.

September was the first of 4 months ending in "Ember." Didn't know that, did you? Let's end the month in which fall season can be either hotter than a PSL or colder than an energy drink in our Yay & Yawn of September.
The Yay: Idiotest. Season 3. Can't wait for it.
The Yawn: A tie between Steampunk'd and Man Vs. Fly. Both had ratings that went down south and the former will get out in a hurry.
No need to slow it down, because after this, Steampunk'd takes it to a nursery. It'll be after this break.
(song fades out)
back again and Steampunk'd goes to a nursery as I promised you.....
All was quiet in a nursery,
Until the steampunkers brought noise to see.
Sabrina Soto was there,
in the guest judging chair,
What creations will they bring to you & me?
Ms. Morgan, J.W. Was the blue team,
While it rest was Red, so it seems,
but Eddie had eyes,
on 5 grand worth of prizes....
and his eyes was like laser beams....(or something like that)
Sadly, Karianne had to go,
oh, how we loved her so....
But it's another week gone fast,
next week, who else will be dead last,
But for now, let the next segment go.
(song stops)
And we will with this item.
For the first time in it's history, Idiotest had a tie-breaker. Here's how it went.
1) When tied at the same cash amounts at the end of the regular game, the tiebreaker is whichever team solved the most number of puzzles correct, wins.

2) When Tiebreaker #1 fails (since each team both solved one puzzle), the next tiebreaker is that whoever solved the puzzles in the least amount of seconds wins.

3) When Tiebreaker #1 and #2 fail, the final tiebreaker is whoever buzzed in first by tenths of seconds wins.
Naomi & Jed, figure skaters, won the game and.....$120, which turned out to be the lowest-scoring team and has the record for a team with the least amount of money. Definitely not good.
Curtain up. It's...
Twitter Theater. AmyDoutt tweeted to its GSNN BlogSpot twitter handle which is this.....
"GreatGameShows Hate the idea and ads for Hellevator.Our house hold will not be watching.Hope it is a major flop.The Chase is a family show."
Really? Next week, we'll tell you all about it. Keeping up with the segment,  she also tweeted....
"Am going to boycott Hellavator. Saw the ads. Hate the show. Will let everyoone know not to watch on FB and twitter."
Last item: *On Thursday nights, Chain Reaction reruns will air at 9pm and 9:30pm; replacing new runs. The premiere episodes (from 7/16/15) will air on this night.
It'll be around the week after October 1st in which it'll stop airing new ones to take a break. No word on when the new eps. will be around.
Now the 2nd intermission presented by We're going to do something a little different. Let me introduce to you:
Youtube Playhouse.
Today, we feature the one & only Kristen Nedopak. She is a creator & founder of the Geekie Awards which is next month and GTK will be in the back, that is the nosebleed section to witness it all.
In addition to her credentials, she is also an actress and host. But did you know she did a thing called......"The Skyrim Parodies." Here is one of them.
(song fades out)
Swingin' in is the 3rd period.
Idiotest is already getting a 3rd season and the reason why is because of how it survived despite these things: First, it seemed to survive Man Vs. Fly. It was suppoed to be a lead out from it, but ratings destroyed it in the first place, still Idiotest held its ground and recovered. Also doing it was Steampunk'd. It tried to be like Skin Wars....but didn't held a candle to it. That prompted to move back an hour and have Feud take its place. And with Hellevator coming up, It'll already end up in reruns once the season is over. Even the 2015 upfronts like Window Warriors and Winsanity isn't getting any movement. But you can believe Idiotest may end up like Lingo or Sherriwed for years to come.
Time for Stephanie Presssman to rock & sing me to sleep. Our blog is presented by the all-new Zendaya Barbie doll. Available in dollar stores now......if they have any.
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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sneaky Peeky

On the next GSN The Know....

-SW: Fresh Paint becomes a series?
-Steampunk'd goes to a nursery....
-And why Idiotest got a 3rd season.

GSN The Know. See what the nation's talking about.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Overtime #24: Asleep in the Produce Section

VO: This is Overtime. More about the network you know & trust. Here now Pierre Kelly.

Me: And it's Overtime, a little lunchbox filled with GSN goodness. How can a game show have producers? Well, take a format, make it work and if nothing happens....oh, well. But I complied 5 wonderful producers who know how to do it. So get it comes.

5. Chuck Barris

You've all read a book entitled "Controversy Creates Cash," well, Chuck Barris was the one before Eric Bischoff when the creator of both the Dating & Newlywed games did his first & only hosting gig in 1976 creating "The Gong Show." 2 years later, he made "3's a Crowd." Oh, and he used to pose as a CIA agent. That led to a book and movie entitled "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind." But he was known for raising the bar in the late 70's.

4. Jack Barry and Dan Enright

They first got together when they became a victim of the quiz show scandals, but by 1976, Dan teamed up again with Jack to create "Break The Bank." That was the start for their company to run back up again. 1977 came and bringing back The Joker's Wild in syndication was good, but having a 50's show entitled Tic Tac Dough the next year for CBS and then syndication was good, too. With these 2 together until 1986, in between was Bullseye, Hollywood Connection, Play The Percentages and more. And not only that, the company made a star out of Wink Martindale, making him the greatest game show host of all time.......of all time.

3. Merv Griffin

Can a talk show host make a game show? Merv can. In 1964, Jeopardy! was a test of answers to have people come up with the question. 9 years later, Wheel of Fortune took players on a spin while calling out letters to solve a puzzle. By 1983, it was the start of a game show revolution. Both Wheel and J! over the years turned itself into a two-headed syndication monster.

2. Bob Stewart

If you want to make a game show, you have to make a pilot after you do a run-through. Bob knows how to do just that. But his Pyramid creation turned out to be legendary with Dick Clark. By then, he has made such things like Chain Reaction and Jackpot!, turning word play into all-play. Oh, and he used to create Price and Password while working for these 2 men at the top of the charts......

1. Mark Goodson & Bill Todman

Longevity. Creativity. Excellence. If these words ring true, G-T know how to create a masterclass in how to do a game show. What's My Line?, I've Got a Secret, To Tell The Truth, Family Feud, Child's Play, Beat The Clock, Make The Connection, Card Sharks and more to follow. For many decades, reputation is built on hosts like Rayburn and Cullen, winning many awards, earning nominations and giving game show fans what they can't do without.

That is it. Next month, a fresh last week of September and a new month of GSN to produce to. Play on playas.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Let's play some more, Steve!

(Red Robin can make gourmet burgers other chains can't, and Red Robin does the same, too to bottomless fries. See why Red Robin is the best. Find one near you.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Hello and welcome to the GSN experience. We'll take you to the top of the $25,000 Pyramid without landing on a Bankrupt, stopping on a Whammy, picking a box where the dragon is or whatever. This network has done things once in the past, and they'll do the same in years to come. With this blog, it's time to put it together and do no harm. Let's get into it with......

The Starting Line.

On September 28th.....

The 2013-14 episodes of Steve Harvey Family Feud, which have never been seen before on GSN or outside of syndication, will air Mondays, Tuesdays at Thursdays at 11pm and 11:30pm.

Yep. Another season of Feud, another shot of ratings to put up with. It seems that Feud has been tearing up the ratings book one by one. Here's another thing:

On September 29, 2014, the 2012-13 episodes of Family Feud arrived. It is assumed that sometime in 2014, GSN acquired Season 14, 15 and 16 (2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15 episodes) of Family Feud, but cannot air a specific season until the end of September of two years after its season premiere.
So next week, New Feud will be on your TV. believe it!

Time to jump out for a second, because after this, what Steampunk'd did on their week off. Don't run once this commericial comes, because we will in a second.
(song fades out)
Time to jump back in.  With Steampunk'd taking a week off as did Idiotest. Something was wrong here. Steampunk'd host Jeannie Mai  is no longer featured with the numerous GSN hosts and personalities.  The ratings for the show weren't as hot as Skin Wars was in the past 2 seasons. Don't feel sad for her though, because she resumed this past month as the host of "The Real" syndicated talk show. In a related show story.....
Miss Morgan & Ava Rose have steampunk pets of their own. Voting which is which can net you 5 benjamins or something for your pet. You have until this week to do it. Want the rules? It's:

This just in...For this week, the Man Versus Fly shorts have been removed from Thursday and Friday nights. Man Versus Fly will be pulled completely from the schedule from here on out. Bye bye bugs. It was nice knowing ya, I guess....
(song stops)
Now on to....
Only one comment to share from Chad Mosher regarding the Buzzr: Lost & Found promotion. He says this:
"Congratulations and thank you on a successful Lost & Found week. I'm looking forward to more special weeks of programming that give game lovers looks into never-before-aired excitement!"

Of course. Buzzr will keep on doing special stuff in the weeks to come.

(song stops)


Carni-Poll. Where it's always a livestock of GSN goodness. First question:

 "Will GSN still produce their own half-hour version of 'Man Versus Fly'?"

Over 80% say they don't want to. So don't tell them that. Here's another one:

"Will you miss the 'Man Versus Fly' shorts from the GSN schedule?"

Clean sweep kids, 100% say no.

(song stops)

Now the 2nd intermission presented by Kiri Callaghan is in a band now called Saving April and today, they're whipping up something special for you....

And we go to the 3rd period.

Why is Jimmy Fallon getting involved with GSN? Actually, GSN did share something on their page, because he did a fake GSN show entitled "The Debating Game." Of course, GSN did it before with the old Ludden CBS version of "Password," but I'll let you look at it and see why. Here you go. It's....a Moment to Live by.

Today's another day to cue the closing theme, ride the elevator to the 4th floor to get our paychecks from payroll, ride the elevator again to go to the lobby, clock out, cash the check, and get food and pay bills and then come home. Thanks for joining us. Today's blog is presented by Burger King's newest creepy Black Whopper. Strong enough for a fats food junkie, but good for a black me.

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