Thursday, September 13, 2012

Coming attractions!!!

The leaves are changing, barbecues become bonfires and football is a sport. Yep, it's fall season. And on the next GSN The Know.....

-Did Chefs fall down go boom? The ratings report will know.
-All the news that changes like the color of leaves
-We tackle around a campfire on the schedule changes
-and I'll drop in on the popularity that drops per show

We'll keep on keeping on falling in & out of love with the network you love about game shows. GSN The Know. Fall in!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Patriot Games

(song fades out)

Hello and welcome to GSN The Know. Today is Patriot Day, the 11 year anniversary of the victims of the 9/11 tragedy. We pray for those who watch over us in what would become a day that shocked a nation. First things first, please stand by saying the pledge of allegiance:

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Now continue to stand as my friend Smashcraft will now sing the national anthem.

You may sit down now. On a more and much more lighter note, let's get to the festivities at hand. Hilty is the man who has the numbers and we are set, so let's go!

The American Bible Challenge remains undefeated by notching the top spot 3 weeks in a row despite losing a few viewers. With Feud filling out 2-7, Newlywed took the 8 spot, 9 belonged to MITW, and Feud rounded out the top 10. However, Chefs dropped out of the top 40, it ended up at #57. Now the morgue du jour.

This time it was the modern stuff. Engvall's Lingo went first, followed by $25K Pyramid and Beat The Chefs. After Feud and Super Password came Whammy! and the Feud filled out the rest. Time to end it. I shut Hilty to a dead eye situation.

We now move on to the second quarter and with the way Dawson's Feud not doing too well as does Match Game, comes this piece of info:

According to zap2it, starting the week of September 17th, The Newlywed Game will take Catch 21's place weekdays at 4PM Eastern.

Also, according to the schedule on the morning of Friday, September 21st, Baggage takes over the slots of Feud (Dawson) and Match Game in the 8am hour. So Jerry Springer to wake us up and get the programming started? Sheesh. But Newlywed gains a spot and I believe Catch 21 would return. What about late nights?

Starting the week of September 17th, this happens....

*Baggage takes 12:30am slot ET; replacing O'Hurley Feud
*Baggage takes the 3am hour; replacing The $25,000 Pyramid and Super Password

All from zap2it. The two hours of Harvey Feud remains from 1-3am Eastern.

Eek! Too much Baggage! But we have snuck in something we've never seen before:

The "Incredible Dog Challenge" is on Sunday, September 16 at 6PM & 9PM. There is also a repeat the following Saturday at 11AM. This is according to Zap2it.

That makes it and Dog Park Superstars the only 2 shows on the channel to involve....dogs. Maybe the dog days were over according to Florence + The Machine. Oh, and there is a Monday, 9/24 showing too at 8am EST. now on to more news.....

With Feud becoming more popular, the NAACP decided to host a version of the show this past Tuesday. Nice, huh? Well, that ends the second quarter and we have actress and singer Stefanie Scott performing at halftime right now.

And before we start the second half, I have an announcemnt to make, and it invloves, you reading.

Starting on the week in which DWTS: All Stars Premieres, we want you to be a fan. How? By being the fan of the 4th quarter. That's right. For every wek until the season is over, we're taking fans and asking them 5 questions. I've asked a few of them and now it's your turn. It's never too late to get in. I'll be contacting interviews on Facebook, so keep an eye out for it, because you never know when I'll ask you stuff.

(song stops)

Enough of that, let's get to the Pyramid talk from the fans. When Pyramid wanted to figure out how to keep handplay out, here's why:

"They have straps. They're thinner than the old ones though so they're not as easy to see. I was wondering if they had them too in the beginning. One of the episodes this week had a close up of one player using them. I think Yvette sitting on her hands was more of a personal choice when playing the game."

See? What about this post?

"OK. Thanks. Danny was sitting on his hands, too, but the host used the expression "strapped in", so I guess they are available. I'm glad of that. Except for the scoring changes, and no 7-11 or Mystery 7, because they win cash for 7 out of 7, it is so much like the Dick Clark Pyramid. Oh, and the tiebreaker method is better than the old one, not limiting them to 7 words. It makes much more sense this way. The creaters of this version really did some thinking and made smart choices to keep the old fans satisfied."

Thanks for the heads up. maybe this post got my attention.....

"At one point Richards said to a female contestant in the Winners' Circle that "Just pretend you're in your livingroom. Calm down. For $10,000...". Another example of The Pyramid being played at home."

Um, okay. Moving on to the ratings books of both Bible and Chefs. we start with:

"I thought the Bible Show is just a one time series?"

No. It's a series of episodes. Seinfeld did it. Friends did it. Even The Big bang Theory did it. If another season comes, you'll see why? next one:

"At the end of the 2012-13 season for GSN, we're probably going to see the shows that comes from first to last are...

*American Bible Challenge (very strong ratings)
*The Pyramid (great ratings for its 6PM slot)
*The Newlywed Game (more great ratings but not as good as The Pyramid)
*Beat the Chefs (decent numbers)
*And then the reality junk....

Beat the Chefs still won't be a flunk for GSN. I have hope for the show, even if it does only last nine episodes. It won't crash like Improv, DWTS or 20Q."

Maybe Beat The Chefs needs to make a comeback. But you'll never know how it may end up. Next one....

"The ratings are still very good. Yes, if the numbers still decline steadily, it's a problem.Think GSN is mildly disappointed in Week 2 ABC debut. But just under a million. Casey really did say it best. See above.

Hey, give GSN CREDIT for trying a Game Show about cooking. Sure beats another reality pitch.....still wonder when that Court Game Show is comng with Judge Judy."

Don't think so. Not going to happen. Time for the 4th quarter.

Of the 3 shows seen on GSN, only one show is the weak spot, and that's Beat The Chefs. The reason why the ratings are down is because of the editing problems, and the chefs trying to make the families look easy isn't an easy thing to do. Matter of fact, 2 teams are in every episode, and if this was a half hour version, we would most definitely be sold. The bottom line is that having 2 teams trying to outlast the chefs in a whole hour isn't doing justice. If the Food Network were to see it, it would be the easiest pickup on the block, but if this show is cancelled, they would get it as a hit single.

Time to pick up the check and get out of here. Remember to get into our FB group page and tell us about it. Tweet me @ Johnny_Arcade, friend me as Pierre Jason Kelly or email me at and when I'm on the GSN forums, I'm Gameheadz. See you guys later and play on, playas. Ronan Tynan, take us home.