Thursday, October 4, 2012

Coming Attractions!!!!

Debate's over but GSN The Know is not. All you don't need is 90 minutes of silence, all you need is 4 quarters of goodness.

-We'll tackle the ratings like bait
-we'll have a 2 minute interval on the news about the network
-We'll have an open discussion on why the Pyramid is sinking fast
-And I'll interview a North Carolina native

GSN The Know. Embrace debate.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Beat the Zombies!
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GSN The Know is on the air and in your hair. Pierre Kelly here on a wet start to October. Hoping you took a nap way too much on what you watched, let's wake up and grab some lattes with the ratings report. A rain-proof Hilty will give us the details for us here....

The American Bible Challenge stayed on top and Feud took the other 8 spots with Pyramid taking the last spot. Now the candy box that won't die......

It was nothing but Baggage in the fist 3 spots with Sherriwed next on the list, And after Whammy! X 2, Baggage parted the sea that is Dawson's Feud. That's it for the first quarter, Hilty will now take an acid shower.

Moving on to the 2nd quarter, and this week, MTWI will be at 5 EST, with The Pyramid afterwards and Feud after that. Now how will you get through 2 months worth of episodes and have extreme rerun abuse to hold you over unless they take it off for good? Now another show will air 2 days before Halloween and that's the Newlywed Game. A new season with Sherri Shepard will be on effect. More news now.....

Some members of the Church of Christ (and I know Josie is one) went on Bible and ended up in 3rd place. Who moved on? The boys next door over the Drama Mamas in Final Revelation.

Passion distribution has decided to kiss & make up with the network and make new shows for us.

And to wrap up the quarter, Tampa Bat Online gave us a list of the top 5 catchphrases in game shows and "Survey Says" took the top honors. Looks like they watched too much Feud like the network is now. Lets jump into halftime and this month, I invited a horror host named Svengoolie from Chicago. I know Colt Cabana, Liz Phair, Harry Caray, CM Punk and my old friend Alicia Queen are from there. But this horror host is a legend and here's a horror parody based on a movie....

And tune in next week to see another parody. Hope it don't scare you. Now we segue into the second half, and we took it to the FB American Bible Challenge page to find out what their favorite part is, starting with....

"I love the fact that we, the viewers can play along...especially with a dvr because my husband and I pause the show and try to guess the answers before they do....I really like the 3 part answer with 1 person playing from each group!"

Janice Middleton said it and it is easy to play along. Randall Tucker has this:

"Overall, I like everything. It's paced pretty well, slow at first then intense at the end. The fact that all the players are playing for charity, and not greed really enhances the show for us."

Right and Annette Hardeman has this, too:

"It is a slow but fun. favorite part is when they are actually answering questions."

And the reason why it's slow is because of the introductions of the teams. Maybe the playoffs will change. Kasey King, you're up, buzz in!

"I like final revelation best I think, although ALL the playing parts of the show are good. The intros ARE slow, but I'm just thankful that we have a show like this on tv at all. I enjoy watching every week, so I won't complain about that! :)"

Maybe they should shorten the intros by 3 minutes and no more. Rachel Donna Ross up to bat now....

"The Pick 3 round - where the 1 team member can overcome 3rd place and secure a spot in the Final Revelation. This is the most competitive portion apart from the Final Revelation (which I also enjoy very much!)"

That should change the game in an instant. Gayle Powell-Cooper will wrap it up with this:

 "love it all enjoy the newness of praising GOD and learning about his fighting and people trying to show their best self om tv. THANKS AGAIN FOR THE SHOW. Oh yes I appreciate the diverse groups portrayed."

Yes, everybody wants to be on that show, including anyone who's not wicca.

Thanks guys and may Bible continue to be a hit on the network. Now it's time for....

The fan of the Fourth Quarter. This week, I interview a man who inducted Big Saturday Night, Love Triangle and a game from the 2009 Game show awards. All of which into Game Show Garbage, a site run by his friends. I get to sit down with Robert Seidelman and here you go.....
(song fades out)

welcome Game Show Garbage Master. I have 5 questions, no need to have them right or wrong, so let's begin. Now, your site goes through the worst of game shows and Beat The Chefs is slipping away the past 2 weeks. Is it too early too induct it or do the same thing when the season is over?

Robert: Still too early. It's an ok show, but they do have flaws. The way they squeeze in two games in one show makes me and other viewers to believe that this was meant to be a 5 a week show. Instead, it was made to be sloppily edited to a weekly show to worse results.

Second question, Which hit is better, Bible or Pyramid?

Robert: Complete package wise, Pyramid is better. They kept it faithful to the original and Mike Richards is doing a good job at the host podium. They seemed to have gotten everything right.

Third question, is 2012 better than last year for the network?

Robert: Absolutely. Although it started off fine with the revival of 1 Vs. 100, April is when the network fell off the hinges. Shows like Love Triangle and Improvaganza got less ratings in new episodes than reruns of Card Sharks and other late-night fare.

Fourth question, If you wanted to fix Lingo from last year, what would you do?

Robert: I would have toned down the sexual innuendos of the clues and actually had both players draw out of hoppers ala Chuck Woolery's Lingo. I also would have fixed the payouts because more often than not, you'd see one team blow through the first two rounds and the dolts would end up struggling through the round and winning.
Let me rephrase it. The dolts would end up struggling and sweeping round 3 and win with $1,500 or $2,000.

Final question: If you were to get one classic GSN used to show only to put in on at a moment's notice, what would it be and why?

Robert: At a moments notice, I would show The Price Is Right. As you remember, it was taken off at a moments notice. To put it back on with either the later Barker episodes would bring in the casual viewers who miss Bob and the super-fans who despise anything and everything Drew Carey and his run of The Price Is Right. Easily it would be one of the most watched shows on the network.

That's all 5. Thanks and I'll talk at ya later.

Robert: thanks for the interview Pierre. I do read GSN The Know every week and I enjoy it.

Time to get the ponchos, the umbrellas and run in the rain. Thanks for raining down on GSN, a network you know & love.

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