Thursday, December 13, 2012

Coming Attractions!!!!

It's here! The award ceremony you've waited your whole year for and GSN The Know is bringing it to you.

Who's taking home Best Host? What game show of 2012 made GSN smile? and what moment should the network forget about?

All this, plus a who's who of performances including the Puppini Sisters, The Screen Team and more.

The first ever Know-It-All Awards are next week. Mark your calendar for this extraordinary event.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fifty Isn't nifty
(theme fades out)

Why it's Pierre Kelly blowing up your blogrolls nationwide for GSN The Know. Has the week so far felt like December? It might be because we broke out the gloves and made you feel warm for this blog. So let's get the toaster going with a ratings binge. Uh, Hilty, got any marshmallows?

Family Feud almost got blanked for the 2nd week in a row when Fifth Grader took the 8th spot. Now the deep freezers.

Black Friday got trampled by the likes of Match Game, Chefs, $100K Pyramid, Password Plus, a double dose of Baggage, Card Sharks and a 4-pack of feud. Ouch. There's the first quarter. Hilty will stay warm in an electric blanket.

Now the second quarter and you know our annual Know-It-All awards ceremony is one week away. We'll add a few new categories I did myself, plus all the things I mentioned in past posts. It'll be a jamboree of sorts next week, but for this week, The Pyramid and DOND to exit gracefully. In t heir place, Karn's Feud and.....(Gasp) Engvall's Lingo? Say it isn't so. But to check the last time, it got great ratings in the afternoon, so enjoy it while it lasts. The latter sentence also tells me that Card Sharks and PYL will get 50 shows as a limit lease. Wha? 50? Why did they decide to do that? I just don't know. Meanwhile....

Jerry Springer did his thing as the host of the live version of LMAD. But we like to do a segment called....Oops! Where we correct mistakes and fix them.

Today, I was at the group page, and on CHristmas Day.....they showed Feud and stuff. The solution: Match game would be the show. Remember? Mistake solved. Now to halftime and last week, The Puppini Sisters gave you a christmas song, but what if Michael Buble joined in?

Oh, I get it now. On to the second half and we decided to share with our readers what the GSN Forum Palace thought on last month's ratings starting with the first week. One poster said:

"Blame The Pyramid there. 6pm was always the slot for originals, but they really shouldn't have messed with Harvey when he was dominating the 6pm hour as it was. I really didn't think Pyramid was going to do any better since it's basically "been there, done that." It was for me, I stick to Clark's version. After awhile Mike Richards Pyramid wore out on me, as I've mentioned because it's basically "been there, done that" for me. I can just watch Clark's."

Because after all, Clark is better than RIchards. Next comment....

"100,000 Pyramid did poorly in that time slot because it's possible that, depending on where anyone is, it was up against the 12:00 newscasts. Jeopardy! was its lead-in, and it didn't do that well. Might be because it was a fairly recent season and a show from 2008 or 2009 doesn't belong in a 5-hour block that some people expect to be devoted to pre-1990 programming."

And I'm guessing $25K is better than $100K. Moving right on, we have.....

"If ratings are any indication, I hope this will convince GSN to get the final 9 months of Press Your Luck (November 1985-September 1986; 200+ episodes)."

It...could happen. The next week came and this comment went like this....

"Weekends are a time for the rerun abused shows like Whammy and Chain Reaction (They have aired over and over). And also shows like Dog Eat Dog (formerly Deal or No Deal), and Million Dollar Password. Whammy and Chain Reaction did fair as a team weekdays in the 3pm hour."

But he goes on to make a change....

9am-12pm - (Whammy, Chain Reaction) The Pyramid gets 12pm hour both days.
1-6pm - (The Newlywed Game, Deal or No Deal)
6pm-11pm - Block scheduling for prime time. 11pm hour belongs to Harvey Feud.
12-4am (The following list can go to any slot from 12-4am in no order) - (Million Dollar Password, Dog Eat Dog, Baggage, The Newlywed Game)

That...may or may not work. This comemnt will...

"I am sad to see CS struggling so poorly. The "new"episodes GSN purchased should be doing better than a 146 high. Hope ratings pick up soon for some of these shows. At least the first airings of 25K and 100K, along with SP, are doing all right."

New isn't new. They're reruns from years ago. Remember? More on 9 am with this comemnter.....

"And what time would 9 o'clock in the morning in Eastern Time be in Pacific Time Zone? 6 o'clock in the morning. Hardly anyone is up that early to watch game shows, and that's where a good chunk of the U.S. population lives. After all, Los Angeles is one of the highest-populated cities in the U.S. Plus, not everyone has GSN."

Right, and morning news crushes them all. Moving on to the next week and this....

"Plain and simple, Harvey Feud works. It's not going to be everybody's cup of tea, but it has a mass appeal that's hard to beat in today's TV world. And as much as I would think long-term and pull back a few airings (just looking at how DOND and Karn Feud collapsed in ratings eventually under similar rerunning, and are now barely on the schedule), the bottom line is that he's giving GSN their best ratings, and thus it is completely justified to run him as often as possible. The business of business is business, after all. "

I think this commenter is right. Your next one has this....


I think the PM and SYndies may do justice. More MG insanity....

"Again, take a look at Match Game. The show is still putting up better ratings than most things on GSN. Yet, it gets 8:30am treatment. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to fix this network right now. The mornings are just terrible. Also makes you wonder why GSN couldn't acquire Wheel of Fortune for Black Friday like years past. They need something to fix this dog mess up!"

Same as above, but in a new time. Thanksgiving came, football, parades and movies, but what about GSN? Well, one guy has this post....

"Nobody watched Beat the Chefs on Thanksgiving (not really surprised).

No one watched Regis on Friday (surprised).
He was a #1 show on GSN and to see him bottom out like that is shocking. He was given a raw deal earlier this year when bumped to two late night Sunday night airings. As I said before, he had a #1 show on Broadcast TV. If Bonanza finds its way onto 2 channels on cable and was a former #1 show, Regis should be given the same opportunity.

Harvey Feud does well STILL. They should introduce a new season in January and promote the heck out of it. Air new episodes Wednesday Nights in a block and they get maybe 900k or even a Million. That's if they promote it right."

Why nobody?  They wanted to watch something else. Another week went by and this comment picked a surprise.....

"Start the day off with a proven winner:

9:00am:---Match Game Synd.
9:30am:---Match Game PM
10:00am:--Card Sharks (Perry)
10:30am:--$25,000 Pyramid
11:00am:--Super Password
11:30am:--Press Your Luck
12:00pm:--Password Plus
12:30pm:--Family Feud
1:00pm:---$100,000 Pyramid
1:30pm:---Match Game 70s

Whatever GSN needs to do, they need to desperately revert back to 2006, 2007, 2008 mode."

That'll work. How about one more?

"I missed the craziness, thankfully. It's really a shame that respectable discussion is hard to have with people who feel they need to go off on rants. The GSN schedule might not be utopia, but no schedule is, and it could be worse. I'll enjoy what I like that's on, and live with what I don't like without worrying about it. It's not worth getting worked up over it. "

I guess GSN may be on life support in a hospital bed, but we'll see. 4th quarter and let's crank up the noise....

Musical guessing games over the years are on cable and network, but GSN never has them at all. So we ask the question....what if they were on there? Well, for mornings, Name That Tune would be the granddaddy of them all and the Lange version would be a best bet in the mornings. As for Face The Music, it may be the same story. However, the most recent karaoke game out tehre is Don't Forget The Lyrics!, and wheter it be network or syndie, it could fill the void of Feud in the block scheduling. For all 3 of these games, they must clear any music that it's OK to use on GSN. After all, DWTS did it, but for any of the 3, we'll see about that.

And that'll do it. Next week, put your glad rags on and join us for the biggest award show GSN ever wanted to do....but didn't. It's our GSN The Know Know-It-All awards ceremony. Tweet me, text me, facebook me, get on our group page and spread the word about it. We'll be here next week for the festivities. And when I'm on the GSN forums, I'm Gameheadz. See you guys later and play on, playas.