Saturday, April 2, 2016

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On the next GSN The Know....

-We break down 5 GSN shows by median age....
-Schedule changes a plenty....
-And Buzzerblog plays an April Fools joke.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

And the Award goes to.....

(think OKCupid isn't ok? Try Mousemingle. You'll be okay with Disney daters. Ok? OK? good.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: And that's my cue, hang on....(slides down pole and heads to the desk) There. Weclome to GSN The Know. Everything stripped down to a science. Whether you find one on a barber shop with a pole, GSN is right there with you. Let the striptease begin with....

 The Starting Line.

All this month we covered Door 3,  and now I get to share with you the 5 Door 3 shows according to me.

1. Debate Your Fate

Sean Klitzner and Sam Schacher took to battle in a 60-second topic race to determine the fans who wins and who gets punished. Easily, the cornerstone of Door 3.

2. 4 Facts, 1 Lie

Starting with Sassibob and ending with Lauren Elise, the show picked which fact was made up. Even puns & jokes were aside for the ride.

3. Photo Bomb

It was like a trunicated version of Get The Picture, but Misty Kingma was nice in the first season and Jack Douglass.....he was okay in the 2nd season. Even Youtube regulars helped people win prizes and cash too.

4. Room Tour Challenge

Jason Horton had to raid a house to pick a room of a Youtube star for up to $250 for charity. 3 tasks and it totaled the maximum amount.

5. Interrogation

Jeremy Culhane played a detective to figure out the who, what and where all in 60 seconds each and puts them all in jail like the crooks from WITWICS? All in good clean fun.

So there's my 5. What's yours?

Normally, I'd tell you what's on Overtime this month, but next month will be April Acapella awarenesss month. Drop the instruments....I said drop the instruments, because human nature will be there.

(song stops)

Now the most obvious part of the last Wednesday of the month. It's our Yay & Yawn of March.

The yay: Idiotest and Skin Wars get release dates next month. Get hyped!

The Yawn (Thanks to TJ Neyland):  Season 2 of Hellevator and Chain Reaction Cancelled. For reals?

Don't strip dance on a pole just yet, after the break, GSN gets the noms. Come back or else Graham Elwood would take 3 of your friends to play pick-up strip poker with a pregnant mom in tow. I heard it's a lot of fun for co-workers too. Anyways, watch.

(song fades out)

(Quick fade out)

Hello. Hope you didn't steal my pens in a blue solo cup while the commercials rolled.

GSN and the Emmys were together again. First things first: Brooke Burns grabbed a nomination for "Outstanding Game Show Host".  Even though "The Chase" is canned, it might be her year. Also, Dana Calderwood is up for Best Director due in part to "Idiotest." Burns will face competition with Steve Harvey and Craig Ferguson and Billy Gardell for the award. The Daytime Emmys will not be shown on TV......because the last time it did, low ratings caused all this, not to mention the primetime Emmys got more. So watch GSN try to get 1 on the mantel this year.

Breaking App is casting people. Yes, people who like apps. Here's the scoop via Copper Hill Enertainment's want ad.

We’re looking for entrepreneurs who have:1) Dynamic personalities2) Passion3) What they believe to be the next big money-maker in the app world. We are giving budding entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch themselves and their apps to some of the biggest moguls in the tech investment world.If you think your app has what it takes to be the next Candy Crush or Face Swap, then get in touch ASAP with the following info:• Your name• Contact details• Recent photos• Description / status of your app• Tell us a little about yourself• Tell us why someone should want to invest in you and your app• Links to appropriate app stores (App store, Play store) (if available)• Links to app or business websites

If that sounds like a job to you, email and tell us about it.

Now we go to....

Carni-Poll. Because after all, nothing is haunted like a Haunted Mansion ride. First off....

Despite your personal opinion, do you believe 'Idiotest' will still have new runs on GSN in 2017?

76% believe it will stay.

Despite your personal opinion, do you think 'Hellevator' will have new runs on GSN in 2017?

72% believe Hellevator must go.

Who would you vote for as "Outstanding Game Show Host"?

44% decided to go with the big cheese, Steve Harvey.

When the current 'The $25,000 Pyramid' lease likely expires in May, what should GSN do?

In a close one, 44% say they want different ones. Here's one....

Do you think it is a good idea to extend the Smart Money round time limit in 'Idiotest' to 40 sec.?

73% say yes to it. One more Q....

Which do you prefer?

72% prefer Super Password over Password Plus. Interesting.

(song stops)

Now the 2nd intermission presented by Time for another edition of....

Youtube Playhouse.
Today, we commemorate the 5th year anniversary of....Elfquest: A fan Imagining. Why did 2 geek girls come up with a trailer that gets the rights to it? Well, in this trailer, you are about to find out. So even if you are not a Elfquest fan, watch and educate yourself. Curtain up....

(song fades out)


Come on, Warner Bros, Paramount, 20th Century Fox or anything else, make these 2 fangirls stars. Now on to the 3rd period.

Remember the list I gave you in overtime last month? Well, you voted and The newlywed game and Lingo have advanced to the grand championship. Who was the winner........


Yes, it proved that a favorite by fans want this show back. I prefer the Chuck Woolery era of shows, because it by far took GSN to a whole new level. And to the Newlywed Game, don't give up, because it's still a classic since Bob Eubanks started it in the sixties. Thank you fans for making it a tournament we call our own.


And just like a thief who broke in your car and stole your car stereo at 2 a.m., I'm out. Today's blog is presented by Viper Bikes. Just when Viper Cars stayed away from car burglars, Viper bikes does the same. Lock it up....and let the burglars put you in a snakebite.

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