Thursday, March 22, 2012

Coming attractions!!!

How are your brackets coming? The Sweet 16 action is this weekend, but this Monday, GSN The Know will be sweeter.

-we'll show you the sweet & sour side of ratings
-A candy store full of new things to come on GSN
-Comments for you to snack on
-and my dessert on Modern over classics

4 out of 5 dentists recommend GSN The Know as their blog to keep the Novocain away from the Karn Feud pain. Chew on this, know it alls.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Where the nekkid grandmas are
(theme fades out)

Hello everyone. Pierre Kelly here for GSN The Know. Nice to have you on a Monday, because the good folks at have asked me to do highlights of DWTS 14 come Tuesday...or later. But it'll be 10 Mondays and after which, we'll be back to our regular Tuesday blogging. So in other words, nothing can stop this blog just like Gene Chandler sang about a Duke of Earl. We got 4 quarters in this GSN kingdom, and guess what? We got a new prop since we have ratings taken from the "Son of the Bronx" blog. It's an old Texas Instruments computer shown in public schools from way back when revitalized for this blog. The name is Hilty as in Megan Hilty of the hit show "Smash." So we begin with quarter #1.

I will put the cartridge into the keyboard, and as soon as I shut it on, we will get started.

It was a pretty (yawn) week for GSN, Fifth Grader took 1st and 3rd with Baggage being the meat in the sandwich. The Newlywed Game was 5th while DOND tied for 9th. Pressing a button for the bottom 10:

DWTS and Card Sharks fill out their slots, while Match Game becomes the bottom of the barrel, but it shocked the world...well, the US when it came at....

#24. Shocking, isn't it? That's the 2nd highest ranking since it entered the countdown at #17 on it's premiere week. I'll have your reactions to that later on, but DWTS wanted to come out all guns a blazing, but alas it was a gun that had a cork pop out in the gun like cartoons. It went on to go downhill like skiers as Saturday night and Sunday afternoon wore on. That's the ratings report. I will shut Hilty off.

And we begin th 2nd quarter. Next Wednesday, The Steve Harvey version of Family Feud will hit the airwaves on this netwrk, but our proud ranter Casey Abell of Game Show Follies gave us this:

"Harvey Feud is rated TV-PG according to Zap2it, TV Guide, and the GSN pdf schedule. At most there's a little bit of off-color humor. No nudity, no violence. And no reason to be shocked, shocked by the show."

Okay, but why are there sex questions on the Feud these days? I'd rather bring back Combs Feud than to see that, but we'll see how well it performs.

And as of this writing, you got 11 days to enter the "Dance of a Lifetime" contest. All you have to do is upload your silly dancing to this site and you might win....

A dance with Mario Lopez and have their video featured on GSN. They’ll get two round-trip airline tickets to Hollywood, ground transportation to a fabulous hotel for a three night, four day stay, get lunch at The Ivy, dinner at Mr. Chow, and receive a complete makeover with wardrobe provided by Randall Christensen – the Emmy award winning costume designer who worked on Dancing with the Stars for 11 seasons! How's that?,0,6646571.story

You know, Card Sharks has yet to get out of 1986 and on to '87 and the rest of it's run, but its host Bob Eubanks of "The Newlywed Game" did a speaking engagement this past Thursday and....

He's going on tour with Jamie Farr, famous Gong Show judge and Mr. Lingo himself, Bill, Chuck Woolery!

One other note to pass along, next week we will kick off....
Operation Sherriwed. We will chronicle every move of Sherri Shepard's progress from the first week until she's eliminated or winning the mirrorball trophy whichever comes first. GSN The Know will have all the details next week. Now we glance at halftime, and in honor of Harvey coming to GSN, I thought I might share this with you:

Now we go to quarter 3. I posted a pointless question that asked everyone: Will we stop talking about DWTS? That was on the GSN Forum Palace and here's what they had to say....

"All the complaining doesnt matter. People have spoken in the way GSN will not watching. While I do feel people are free to voice complaints I understand and agree with the op's intent. It was mine just a couple of months ago. The constant griping gets old. I don't think it's nearly as bad as it was then, but even the newly created threads specifically created for the purpose of complaining is over the top. Maybe not to the new people doing it, but to those of us who post on here a lot it is. If it comes up in the course of conversation, not a problem. But I certainly don't want things back where they were in January around here. "

But why is it when you spawn so many topics about 1 show that doesn't belong on any network? Anyways, on to that Harvey Feud we talked about and this poster said:

"Further proof that GSN can't stop airing post-2002 Feud (as if Karn and O'Hurley weren't bad enough). Also, this upcoming March 31 will be the 2-year anniversary of the last day that Ray Combs' Family Feud aired on GSN as well (now there's a version that could have replaced some Karn/O'Hurley slots)."

You're right. Maybe we need the Combs version back. Next:

"What could the folks want? They might want the network to be cleaner, with more G-rated shows than PG-shows. Once upon a time that happened, when the phrase "making whoopee" earned Classic Newlywed Game a PG rating. When the network was predominantly pre-1990 reruns, Match Game, 3's a Crowd (blech) and the Newlywed was the most off-color programming. Now times have changed, and posh shows like Million Dollar Mind Game, not one of Casey's favorites, is PG as a safeguard if a question or some banter is slightly iffy. "

Yeah, and why was Lingo with Bill Engvall TV-14? Moving along....

"It could be much worse for game shows on TV today in the way of language. Heck, they could be run the same way that "fake" holiday episode of Name That Tune was back in the 1970s. If you haven't seen it or heard about it, let me just say that it's really something. That episode, like much of what you see with Feud these days, gets played for laughs, but I'd be willing to bet those who find Harvey's show offensive will find that NTT episode nothing short of hilarious. Yeah, it's a fake episode that never aired, but what they put into 20 minutes there makes today's Feud look like The Electric Company."

Perhaps The Newlywed Game might've changed their questioning. And the convo continues....

"They can not show Dawson's 1994/1995 version because of some contract that has something to do with TPIR. "

Oh, that's right, GSN did show it in the past and have no intentions of bringing it back. That version is owned by CTD, which has non-Sony Pyramids I talked about last week. Here's one post about the zzzzz week for GSN:

"So DWTS did better than Baggage and Pyramid, and not too much worse than Newlywed Game. Interesting. That probably says more about GSN's overall prime time performance right now than about DWTS. Maybe the block schedules have run their course, although Harvey will undoubtedly perk things up on Wednesday nights. Then again, maybe ------ has a point about why Pyramid didn't do so hot this week - after all, it's keeping the Friday slot when Harvey arrives. "

Yes, the block nights need an adrenaline boost to keep things going in the right direction. That was the thrid quarter, but we go into the 4th quarter should all annoyance...i forget...oh, never mind.

What annoys you? Your siblings? The spider from Centipede?

Actually, it's GSN's placement of 21st centure Feud episodes, endless ranting of DWTS not being a game show at all and rerun abusing. Since 2004, GSN annoyed a lot of people when they reran the same episodes of Lingo, and that drives them nuts. What about DOND? It's 4 seasons, but the reruns seem to annoy them. How about Whammy!? 2 seasons and....I think you know what the "A" word is, but it's not what annoys GSN, it's what the forum rats think about the future of GSN. But what annoys them is to take a thread based on a TV show that's popular and spawn it into multiple threads of hate for the show. DWTS has done it, but what stops the annoyance? Perhaps acquistions of classics we haven't shown in a while and new leases. By then, GSN will never be annoying.

I hear the whistle, time to quit and get out. Before you get prepared for DWTS tonight:

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