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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nefertiti's Pyramid
(theme fades out)

Welcome to GSN The Know, soon to be your tv show, your podcast, your vlog, your radio show and of course, your magazine all in one media conglomerate. And when I say media conglomerate, I'm taking about a network devoted to game shows that's been there since the landline and modem days. Enough talk, let's get to quarter one, and from the may-June transition week, we have the shows from the son of the Bronx blog. Let's pop the sucker in.

Fifth Grader got its revenge by taking the top spot, but almost dominated the top 3 thanks to Feud, because that show was in third while Fifth Gradet ended up in fourth place. Everything else was Feud from here on out. On to the dumpster....

Jeopardy! kicks off the list along with a pair of Family Feuds. Password Plus was the olive in the moldy 25k pyramid sandwich with Of course the Feud and Super Password being the meat pattern. And we shut Hilty off...

On to quarter 2 with this weird story.....
Just when you thought it was safe to leave your alarm in your house set to stun.....

Something worse is about to happen..... back baby!

That's right, just when you thought it was safe to jump in a pool with too much chlorine, the ballroom show nobody watched on cable makes an appearance for the 4th of July weekend. This time season 5 will be in the mix. Watch Sabrina Bryan's amazing run. Witness Josie Maran's early exit. Feast your eyes on Helio Castroneves' amazing run to the title. All in the comfort of your own home. Because heck, there are other channels that have tv marathons, but only one has the marathon you want to watch. DWTS on GSN. It's returning. And just like that "Bells and whistles" commercial, it's got this....

And this....

And this.....

And especially this......
Be there or else!!!!!

Moving on to other newsly matters...

Yep, I hear the music. Mike Richards, who turned TPIR into a welcome mat for variety, is hosting the newest version of Pyramid. Now you may be wondering why the show is called "The Pyramid," and not the $100,000 pyramid by any means, well, it does something CBS and TBS didn't do justice for when they shot pilots for a few years ago, which didn't get a start in development, but GSN wanted it and if you want to know how the rules are dealt, listen to the Pyramid Handbook I have in the mail and I will read the rules to you:

Two teams compete in two games per show. You have seven clues to convey within 30 seconds. The main difference is how money is handled. Whenever you go to the titular Pyramid you play for a base of $10,000. In the main game if you score a perfect 7-out-of-7 you earn a $500 bonus plus you play for $5,000 more on the Pyramid. So one perfect round means you win $500 and have a chance at $15,000. Two perfect rounds is $1,000 and a chance at $20,000. A perfect game means you win $1,500 and play for $25,000. Of course no perfect rounds mean you play for the base $10,000. There are no bonus categories such as Mystery 7 or 7-11. If you can’t beat the Pyramid you get money for each box you do beat. In order, from left to right, the first row is worth $100, $200, and $300; the second row is $400 and $500; the top box is $750.

So there you go. Also, Flasher took this photo of the set with a warmup guy on the podium.....

It looks neat. Can't wait to see it this year.

It looks like the bible game got the longest article ever....thanks to Beliefnet. Boy, everything they said comes right down to detail.

Back to the Pyramid and if you wanted to go to the pilot, you're out if luck. You would've gotten paid 6 hours to watch the whole thing.

(current plinko intro music)

But what's this I hear? Ah, it's a Playback......

Before he was John Edwards' mistress, Rielle Hunter was on the Woolery version of Lingo. That ends the first half. Please enjoy halftime with a classic song from the one and only Taylor Dayne.

Take that Skrillex!  Now we press on with talk about teh Bible game coming in August. We start with....

"It's probably a quick and cheap show to produce. And if it pulls in big ratings, then kudos to the network, if it doesn't, then it shouldn't be that big of a loss to the network. (No more million+ dollar gaffes such as DWTS)."

Hope that will help. Next one....

I'm looking forward to American Bible Challenge. It's a refreshing change from the trash of Baggage and The Newlywed Game.
Me too. Now we switch topics. On to Pyramid's newer version and we start with:

"I would like to see real contestants, such as someone who tries out to appear on the show and has a chance to win a lot of money. Shows like Baggage are more for entertainment purposes, since they aren't just regular people off the street. And a real game show doesn't have to rehearse a script or redo scenes or search for potential contestants at a talent agency."

That's what GSN wants. Real people. We go on to:

"I don't expect him to be the best game show host ever, but he's someone age-group wise, and looking him up characteristic wise that GSN can get. He's someone in his mid 30's (young), and mature (not a goofy, reality show star), and he seems to have some knowledge in him (producing a show as big as TPIR)"
That's poster Lingofan97 talking about Mike Richards as host of Pyramid. But we move on to this:

"I can see the winner's circle now

1st topic would be 14 letter words and the last topic will be moons of saturn"

That would be too hard for the program itself. The winner's circle has been in difficulty since 1973. Let it stay that way. Here's one:

"You know, I bet they'll bring in the hosts as celebs. I just don't care how well the celeb is known or if it's a C celeb or an F celeb. All that matters to me is can they play the game. The celebs should be tested at a higher standard than the contestants are."

That would be good. Now we end with 2 shows coming in August.

I...freaking...can't....believe this. The American Bible Challenge and Beat The Chefs will be in August. In other words, by the time the kids go back in school, you would spend possibly weekends watching southern baptists get quizzed on who got Jesus crucified in one hour and then watch a chef see who could make the best homemade pizza the next. War of the roses and Pyramid may be later in the fall, but with those 2 shows I talked about, why would you ever in your lifetime, watch the new shows over 2 Manning brothers play football? Why? GSN is a network but Sunday Night Football may outdraw them in the end, plus a move to Saturdays would be nicer if they don't keep this up. I may be thinking why August could be a big boost for the network, but we'll see.

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