Thursday, April 11, 2013

Coming Attractions!!!

Hey all you Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, check out what's on the next blog....

-The Ratings report will make you kill everybody....which is the other channels, of course.
-All the news without Break'n a Sweat
-What the fans react to upfront speculation....
-And why GSN may be playing dirty...for real though.

GSN The Know. A real Bangarang!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Umpire state of Mind
(theme fades out)

Why, it's me, PIerre doing another GSN The Know and last week was a thriller. We had our first ever Spot Teh Mistake blog post. If you haven't, go to the Dumpster section or scroll down entitled "Don't Let April O' Neill fool You" and see how many I made. Now that's out of the way, let's expect none in this post. We start with the first quarter and Hilty is up. Do it, Hilty!\
Despite losing viewers, TABC notched up 2 in a row for the week, but Family Feud took up the rest of the list. Now the ones to went to see "Spring Breakers." You know who these guys are....

Family Feud kicked it off first, with baggage, Card Sharks and Whammy! in a sandwich with Baggage. Feud was also in a sandwich with P+ and DED, 2 Family Trade programs rounded it out. First quarter done, I will take a ticket for Hilty to see "Spring Breakers" and break

Now the 2nd presented by
I heard a rumor....
....That "The Imposter" would likely get to the network come late spring or summertime. The casting call went out in Marchand the prize would be....oh, $25,000. Which is in Catch 21's backyard if you ask me. However, the network took it to court....
But it got a postponement as the FCC  ceases the hearing over Cablevision. The hearing will be pushed back to the middle of summer. Over the weekend, Flasher got another set pic of the new MTWI and here it is for your enjoyment.

Now as promised, some predictions for the rest of the season the GSNN blogspot site presented. Here it is....

April-June Predictions
Schedule (April 1-end of June)
-Woolery Lingo will leave 11:30am, Match Game or Press Your Luck will take its place
-$100K/$25K Pyramid hour at noon will get cutback (100K may go, 25K may stay at 12:30)
-Syndie 5th Grader, if acquired, will air weekdays at 1pm
-Minute to Win It to leave Tues. nights with new version coming in June
-Harvey Feud to take Thursday nights after American Bible Challenge departs May 16th
-Friday and/or Saturday night primetime to be adjusted due to poor ratings now
-Newlywed Game to get regular slot weekday late-nights after Baggage
-Newlywed Game cutback weekend mornings; more Chain Reaction, Match Game or Password
-Major weekend schedule shakeup- Saturday 1-9pm; Sunday 12-3pm: Less Dog Eat Dog, Less Newlywed Game, More 5th Grader, More Minute to Win It, Lots more Harvey Feud
-The Pyramid will depart its Sunday afternoon slot; but land somewhere else (Not Friday nights again)
-Sunday late nights will be adjusted, potentially with more pre-1990's
If there's any I left out, please comment. Now on to halftime and in case I didn't get the memo, we are in April Acapella Awareness Month. Here Are the Four Quarters for the 2nd year in a row with something to fit the month of April......

 And we keep the rhythm going with this link.....

You make your opinions on surveys, play games like oh, let's say Majjonng Dimensions, and watch videos like Enertainment Tonight and more among others. The only way to see them all is I want to do something I haven't done in a while: Poll....on a pole. Bring it down!

(pole lowers)

As you can tell, this pole is all-new. sparkly, glitterly and.....candy cane-like. One thing that's missing is a question on a 3 X 5 inch card. I will get the question and read this:

"What really keeps GSN Alive?"

The results go like this:

61% believe it was classics, 22% say it was orignals, but 16% say it was acquistions. rise it up, pole.

(pole rises)

So let's ask the faithful of the GSN Nation the same question. One poster says:

"GSN is kept alive by their online games probably much more than their TV channel."

True story and their games online have been fueled by TV alone. back then, it was play by phone. Nowadays, it's online with the exception of cell phone play-along from a decdae ago. Next one....

"Bad-Rerun Abuse & DWTS!!!"

Okay then....moving on....

"What keeps GSN alive? Family Feud overkill."
Um...yes. They've outdrawn the ratings book when Harvey first came here to the network. In a related note....

"These days, I think GSN is kept alive by Harvey Feud plus a wing and a prayer. But I voted for acquisitions. With new episodes of classics announced, that will also freshen up GSN's schedule."

But what's the problem? One poster says it:

"The problem I see with this is that once the Harvey wave fades, the network will suffer tremendously. They're riding on this one-hit wonder, and there are no other shows that can even compete. Look at what A&E is doing, they have Storage Wars making record ratings, but they're not leaving it at that, they're working on other shows to keep the ratings wave alive.

I still enjoy Harvey Feud, but since I've seen every episode several times already, I'll stop watching for a while. I did the same thing with Baggage, they kept airing the same episodes so close together that it just got dull.

I know that $OTC won't have a chance to pull in Harvey numbers, so I'm grateful that they decided to pick it up for us fans on the board."

And even though Sale isn't in the neighborhood of big Harvey ratings, it gives a way to make the network a boost. Now the 4th.

Family Trade cane to GSN and when it did, nightmares were to be had. Everyone wanted to turn away, but by the first show, they didn't pay attention. Everything changed in the 2nd episode. By then, saturday morning rolled around, and ratings garbage was turned in most recently. What's the problem? One: it's a reality show. Two: It should belong on another network and Three: TABC still rocks! Why can't G. Stone and his fam barter an SNES for a BMW? Apparently by APril 22nd, the nightmare will be out before you know it and Harvey will or may replace it if that happens. But you never know if something else might turn up.

And that brings this edition to an STOP. Thanks for letting me be your guide to all things GSN.

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