Saturday, August 1, 2015

Sneaky Peeky

On the next GSN The Know....

-How July was the most watched month on GSN....
-Skin Wars takes a nose dive....
-And which 3 shows should've had a second season?

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Overtime #22: Mind if I recharge your batteries?

VO: This is Overtime. More about the network you know & trust. Here now Pierre Kelly.

Me: And Overtime is underway. It's everything you needed in a plastic lunch tray with a cover on it. Recently, Chain Reaction was the latest revival to air along with the previous version and the orginal versions. But here are 5 more revivals GSN did air. Keep in mind, the 2007 version of Camouflage doesn't count. Also, this does not affect the countdown of all-time originals. This is totally a different list. Here's my list.

1. The Newlywed Game

For many years, the Newlywed game asked couples about each other. Well, Bob Eubanks did it for many years and made it his own, but when GSN asked to come back, It was hosted by both Carnie Wilson and Sherri Shepard, being the only version to be in both NY & LA.

2. Lingo

Starting as a short-lived 1987 program and ending up a Dutch import later on, Chuck Woolery was his anchor for the 5-letter word frenzy. Don't get me started now on Bill Engvall.

3. The Pyramid

Take a storied Bob Stewart franchise and revive it for a new way. 2012 was the year in which Pyramid tried to copy that success, but alas.....didn't.

4.  Whammy! The All-New Press Your Luck

For as close to 3 years, PYL turned out to be a hit show for CBS. GSN got the reruns in the 2000s and Whammy! was the companion to have bigger bucks and even fiercer whammies for 2 seasons running.

5. I'Ve Got A Secret

Teh classic G-T panel game over the years had celebrtites tell secrets to contestants. That all changed in 2006 when Bil Dwyer headed up an all-gay panel and a 1-season wonder to it.

Battery running low. Time to recharge next month with everything GSN....loaded. Play on, playas.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Unchained Mashup Medley

(Vidcon was a week ago. Your girl should've worn It's all the geek girl stuff you need to wear. Go there now.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Thanks for joining us here. I invited the wonderful Kristen Perez, founder of Game Meets Girl to visit the sparkly clean HD set for her birthday, because she helped herself to Pizza Hut personal pan pizza and Big K sparkling punch, because she shares a very important moniker on Twitch, while she sits back and watch me talk about GSN stuff right now in.....

The Starting Line.

It took 2. 2. Minutes in one preview. Steampunk'd was the one that aired the teaser after Skin Wars went off the air to delay a new hour of Idiotest. According to Scott Rahner of GSNN, On Steampunk'd at the start, ten contestants compete. Each week, the contestants are divided up into two teams. There will be a winning team and a losing team. Only one group will make it into the "manor" which holds all the winning contestants. The top two "makers" of the episode will be team captains the following week. One painter on the losing team will go home.

Of the 2 judges, Matt King wasn't invited., not the one from "The Green Hornet," and Thomas Willeford were the 2 as opposed to what Skin Wars has. Can Steampunk'd give in teh same magic Skin Wars has? You'll see why this August.

What last Thursday had on GSN turned into a Yay & Yawn of July. SO here you go.

The Yay: The Chase. It came down to 22 steps. Guess who won? The Beast. Had the Beast stumble & fall, over $100,000 would've been acheived. Boy, is he smart or what?

The Yawn: Chain Reaction. On the first of a 2-fer, gym rats Adam& Derek got the whole thing and went into the Super Chain. 45 ticks was for the $5k. The word: Cash. The answers: REGISTER, FLOW, ADVANCE...and that was just it. CROP, POOR, ONLY & PRIZE would've added another 5 grand to it, but only got $1400. That's $700 to split so they can keep their gym membership to....whatever gym their going. As if that wasn't enough, the cousins beat the ladies with $1700, $300 more than the last team they won and had Big as their Super Chain word. One goof was "Gulp," as in the Big Gulp you buy at 7-11, and that mistake cost them dearly, but hey, $1700 is enough to buy the entire 7-11 store making the manager go nuts.

After the break, AT&T and DirecTV get married.....or is it? The answer after this groovy, electro-swingy interlude.

(song fades out)

(Quick fade out)

Well welcome back our little time travelers. AT&T and GSN's parent company, DirecTV, I now pronounce you man & wife, because AT&T completed its acquisition of DirecTV on Friday, and with one fell swoop it became the country’s biggest provider of TV subscriptions.This'll include the phone company that's been around for many many years, it's U-verse service and it's bundle service for $49 Billion bucks, y'all. So here's to watching more GSN while live-tweeting Hellevator on your prepaid Go Phone you used to have.

I see Kristen is sitting indian style on the floor from her chair behind the camera guys, because it's Skin Wars story time, oh Ms. Eckert.....

The remaining 7 had to go back to Victorian times. Actually,  they used victorian jewlery to use it in the first challenge of the week. and boy, they look fanicer than Iggy Azalea, but the faniciest of the fancy went to Lana with her stunning emerald earrings. Carson Kressley of the hit program "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" came on to guest judge, because they went into the future.....(the Future, Pierre?) Yes, the future...with Steampunk in honor of its upcoming show that we talked about earlier. Avi put in the Steam Wars 2000 as the winning masterpiece and got an air compressor, but Dawn Marie was the lowest of the bottom 3 and got knocked back into the 16th century. ANd they all lived.....until the next show.
(song stops)

Now that Kristen is back in her chair, let's do....In A Snap.

I was checking Ben Gleib's instagram account over the weekend, and I'd like to share with you a bonding with a person form another show. Flasher was their to snap it.

Ben Gleib's photo.

On the left of your screen is Robin Slonnia of Skin Wars. The best of both worlds collided when he was in Vegas. As far as the finished product went, it went

Ben Gleib's photo.

2 worlds. 1 blend. What else can possibly go wrong?

Now the 2nd intermision presented by Straight outta NYC is the husband & wife team known as the Brooklyn Duo. The piano/cello combination feels so great with Youtube and this Taylor Swift cover is no exception. Take a looky.

No time to go to the blood bank just yet, we get the 3rd period.

Congrats to Alex trebek. He turned 75 last week and in honor of Mr. Jeopardy himself, here's a moment to live by.

Well normally, we'd play teh closing theme, but Kristen has decided to play DJ so we can stay here and skip Paula's Place to have....and electroswing party! Look, Kristen Nedopak and Anastastia Washington getting down. Oh, I see Lamarr Wilson and Andre Meadows alias Black Nerd Comedy doing the funky chicken, and looky here, our GTK soda girl Christa Nannos singing with a real live big band. Wowzers! This joint is jumping. Thankfully, our floor is soundproof. While we keep on partying, we're going to let you go. Today's blog is presented by Rocket League. It's like soccer....but with cars. Soon to be aired on ESPN and ABC and Fox Sports.

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