Thursday, February 21, 2013

Coming Attractions!!!

Nate Ruess of fun. put this in perspective:

Some nights I stay up cashing in my bad luck
Some nights I call it a draw
Some nights I wish that my lips could build a castle
Some nights I wish they'd just fall off

But every night, GSN puts it all together for you. On the next blog....

-We give you some ratings
-Some news to close out the month
-Some sayings from the GSN FB page on MTWI's return
-And some words on Burt Luddin's Love Buffet

GSN The Know. Come get some.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Uno! Dos! Tre! Quatro?
(theme fades out)

It's Pierre Kelly, still alive after what just happened on my way home last night, and the rain that lasted all night long got me wet, but I'm still here to talk GSN because it's time to get this thing going and Hilty is up to do the ratings for the first quarter. Hilty?

Family Feud took up the first 6 slots, but Minute To Win It took the 7th spot, while teh rest of the field had Feud. Now the cream out of the cream soda.

 It started with a dysfunctional Pyramid family, but after Whammy!, Password Plus parted the kiddie pool of Dawson's Feud. That ends the first quarter. Hilty goes to make sodas.

Now on to teh 2nd quarter.

What WWE did to Bruno Sammartino this year, Monty Hall and Bob Stewart (May he rest in peace) will get the lifetime achievement awards at the Daytime Emmys. Why these 2? They made what you watched on GSN over the last 2 decades.

From Down Under, we count the many game show successes.

3 yes, 3 game shows as seen on the network will come to Pax 2013 for Game Show Night. I wanna come!

Now let's open up the player Profile......It's stuck here......ach.....

(slam into a wall)

Whew! I'm okay/ Anyways.....

Kelley Zeringue may be a writer, but she shares stories of inspiration. She's the reason why she's competing on the American Bible Challenge this year. In the meantime....

Dorothy Killgallen of What's My Line? Fame hits american Libraries somehwere near you.....

And here's another reason why you chunked up $2 for a Sunday Newspaper.....

Parade Magazine talks to the man who is the centerpiece of GSN's empire. Let's end it with "What Does This remind you of?" For this, we go to the 2013 Jeopardy! Teen Tournament as this moment....

Leonard Cooper won Jeopardy! and $75K in his pocket with a silly answer, but what does this remind you of?

John Carpenter. A man who didn't know the answer decided to call somebody and actually knew the answer to win a million. That takes us to halftime and Lindsey Stirling Appreciation Month continues now with a #1 hit song done in a Goodwill store. Have a look-see....

And tune in once more for a hit she's got and if you didn't know, her CD is on Amazon. But if you want some dough to save to get it. I suggest you go to....

You take surveys, you shop for some stuff, you enter sweepstakes for big bucks, answer poll questions and more. And if that wasn't enough, you enter codes on social media for extra cash. Isn't that wonderful? Hit up and you'll save enough on that CD I just mentioned. We head to Buzzerblog to talk about Minute and next week, we hit the GSN Fan page on FB to end the month. But for right now, we start with:

"I Actually like this idea. The set, prize amounts and host from the MundoFOX version is all that’s needed. Bring in some English speaking families and you’re all set. Marco Antonio Regil has shown, while hosting some episodes of The Price is Right Live tour, that he’s fluent in English and is still an amazing host. He already has a great following among game show fans and Hispanics around the US after his time as host of ¿QuĂ© Dice la Gente? Color me excited."

Julia thinks I may need a color by numbers coloring book for it, but Scott isn't buying it and here's why....

"Not a big fan of Minute to Win It. I’d have preferred it if GSN had produced The Cube instead.

Also, I’m not sure if the ratings for the new episodes will be that much higher than those of the currently-repeated NBC episodes that GSN is airing.

In fact, I’d expect that there would be confusion amongst viewers between the old and new episodes, just like with what happened to 1 VS 100. People complaining about the fact that GSN’s version of 1 VS 100 had a lower prize amount than NBC’s version, since GSN aired both versions simultaneously.

I wish GSN would have revived 1 VS 100 for 40 Hour-Long Episodes…

I can see this revival of Minute to Win It being as short as the revival of 1 VS 100 though. Probably a top
prize of $100,000. Easier Round 1-5 challenges. We’ll see how it goes."

I believe 1 vs. 100 had 40 shows, but Carrie Ann didn't want another season and it was instantly gone, because of teh fact that the mob would rather be in person than on a TV screen. Glenn continues on with....

"Agreed…for the 1 vs 100 format to work it had to be everyone in studio…the online/video/web player thing was tried three times and failed miserably 3 times. Paranoia, America Plays and the Revival of 1 vs 100 all suffered from the same technical glitches and poor interaction that doomed them.

This is different…in fact my big issue with Minute to Win it was it is a colder version of Beat the Clock. the high stakes actually took away from the show, not added to it. Similar to Are you Smarter than a 5th grader. The secret here is that the show is REMAINING an hour long. therefore the pace will not be effected and as long as the host is good (and Guy was only OK…he had a bit of that annoying JD Roth I wanna be cool but really am not to him) I agree the product will have more appeal."

So know you sure know why 1 vs. 100 got cancelled. Randy chimed in with this....

"Really? What makes any of you think this will be any good? You were all excited about Pyramid and then you saw how the idiots running GSN screwed that up. GSN’s record with revivals is horrible. Whammy and Chain Reaction came from the old regime who sort of knew what they were doing. Those running the show now have given us a mediocre version of Newlywed Game and somehow managed to screw up Pyramid, 1 vs. 100, and even Lingo! That is hard to do. Until GSN gets some big changes at the top, you’ll see more dumb decisions like this one."

Those revivals just go to show you what they takes what's about to work didn't work. Moving on.....Daniel B. has an idea....

"I could honestly see them doing Supercoin for $1,000,000. Better yet, make it a growing jackpot that starts at $100,000 and increases by some amount each game it isn’t played/isn’t won. That way, you give viewers a reason to tune in (other than the obvious)."

That might've worked.  James E. Parten to end this....

"When the Peacock first broadcast “Minute To Win It” it looked like it was trying to engage in most sincere flattery of “The Cube”. After a few episodes (opposite “60 Minutes”, a deadly timeslot for any network that does not have an eye as its logo!),, and a hiatus, the sow went through some tweaks and found its own groove. Some gimmicks worked (a “last person standng” format was actually quite workable), and some did not (the “Million Dollar Mission” to try to find somebody–ANYbody–who cold do “Supercoin”).
But ratings were never in the class of ABC’s “Wipeout!”, and NBC finally decided that enough was enough.
How else can you explain selecting Fieri–who had previously been known for dissecting divers dives in New Jersey on the Food Network–as a game show host?"

Um.....because the network wanted somebody outside of their field to do the program, that's why. On to the 4th quarter.

When "3's a Crowd" ran in 1979, the goal was to match the prediction of the husband's significant other......and his secretary. Whoever sides, which was the wives or secretaries scores higher splits $1000, which is $366.66 or lower if they ended in a deadlock. The controversy of the show's nature drew ire criticism from feminists and conservatives and it finally came to a halt in 1980. Prior to that, there were many outrageous moments, a set change and Jim peck in an afro making it the only game show he actually hosted with a hairdo. Fast forawrd to 2000 and Alan Thicke would revive the program, but it went with a different scheme. Gone were the wives and the secretaries with.....something else. Eitehr way, 3's a Crowd would be a trio of a show whether controverisal or not.

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