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-A follow along on the Top CHef case.....
-Bachelor in Paradise causes controversy......again.....
-And we list off Bruce Forsyth's highlights.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Burnt Toasters

Stephanie Panisello: From Coast to Coast, Shore to Shore, Border to Border and beyond the far reaches of our galaxy's solar system, it's time to go all the way live on....

Now here is America's favorite contestant, Pierre Kelly!!!!!

Me: Thank you Stephanie Panisello and welcome to the blog that goes vegan in half the time, Game show Live! As live as it gets, as live as it happens and as live whenever you feel like it.

Today's program is presented this month by Sonic. Even if you a vegan, you should try Sonic shakes and malts half price by sundown. cool off and end the summer the way you go to a Sonic near you. Now eat you veggies and stare at.....

 The Opening Toss-Up story.

From Broadway World
After 16 seasons, Gordon Ramsay calls back HELL'S KITCHEN All Star Chefs, beginning September 29 on Fox.

Season 16 of HELL'S KITCHEN welcomes a new batch of ambitious chefs who will brave Chef Gordon Ramsay and his fiery command of THE KITCHEN as he puts them through an intense culinary academy.

The chefs will leave the pleasantries at the door as the pressure to impress Chef Ramsay will reach a boiling point. The contestants must prove their ability to work in teams before Chef Ramsay determines which chefs are worthy of a black jacket. The rewards for winners of upcoming challenges will be luxurious and extravagant, while the punishments will be strenuous, dull and repetitive.

Meet the 16 ALL-STARS who will go head-to-head for the chance to win a Head Chef position at the world's first Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen Restaurant at Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

The Red Team (Women) includes:
- ROBYN ALMODOVAR Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL Previous Season: 10 (6th Place)
- DANA COHEN Hometown: Emerson, NJ Previous Season: 10 (3rd Place)
- ELISE HARRIS Hometown: Newburyport, MA Previous Season: 9 (3rd Place)
- BARBIE MARSHALL Hometown: Strasburg, PA Previous Season: 10 (4th Place)
- ASHLEY NICKELL Hometown: Orlando, FL Previous Season: 15 (3rd Place)
- JENNIFER NORMANT Hometown: Burlington, MA Previous Season: 9 (5th Place)
- AMANDA PALOMINO Hometown: Atlantic City, NJ Previous Season: 15 (5th Place)
- MICHELLE TRIBBLE Hometown: New York, NY Previous Season: 14 (3rd Place)

The Blue Team (Men) includes:
- JARED BOBKIN Hometown: Troy, MI Previous Season: 15 (4th Place)
- NICK PETERS BOND Hometown: Newburyport, MA Previous Season: 14 (5th Place)
- GIOVANNI FILIPPONE Hometown: Santa Rosa Beach, FL Previous Season: 5 (6th Place)
- VAN HURD Hometown: South Glastonbury, CT Previous Season: 6 (6th Place)
- BENJAMIN KNACK Hometown: San Antonio, TX Previous Season: 7 (3rd Place)
- MILLY MEDLEY Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Previous Season: 14 (4th Place)
- JOSH TROVATO Hometown: Los Angeles, CA Previous Season: 14 (6th Place)
- BEN WALANKA Hometown: Overland Park, KS Previous Season: 5 (4th Place)

HELL'S KITCHEN is produced by ITV Entertainment in association with A. Smith & Co. Productions, Inc. Arthur Smith, Kent Weed, Gordon Ramsay, Kenny Rosen and David Eilenberg serve as executive producers.

Now is a good time to get a veggie burger, because after this, Love Connection gets a 2nd date. That's on the way, but first......

If you got a smartphone, use this next time for a change.

(fade to break)


Welcome back to Game Show Live!  Later in the program, we wanna know why Kim K. apologized for defending Jeffree Star in the past.

(song fades away)

But first, Love Connection goes on a date..........again.

Fox has ordered a second season of Love Connection, its dating show revival, with Andy Cohen set to return as host.

This is the second new Fox reality series which premiered this summer to get a renewal following Beat Shazam, its musical game show hosted by EP Jamie Foxx. Still pending are The F Word with Gordon Ramsay and American Grit, hosted by John Cena.

In addition to his hosting duty, Cohen will return for Seaosn 2 as co-executive producer along with executive producer Mike Fleiss (The Bachelor).

Love Connection revival sends hopeful singles on three dates in order to ditch the apps and find true love. Each hour of the show features single men and/or women in search of romance. They tell Cohen exactly what they’re looking for in a partner and why they’ve found it so hard to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right.

Love Connection is produced by Warner Horizon Unscripted & Alternative Television and NEXT Entertainment in association with Telepictures Productions. In addition to Cohen and Fleiss, Martin Hilton, James Breen and Jason Ehrlich also serve as executive producers.

“Andy Cohen is a phenomenal host, not only because he has brought so much fun to the show but also because he truly wants these participants to find love, and that genuine level of interest enables him to elicit both touching and hilariously awkward dating moments from them,” said Rob Wade, President, Alternative Entertainment and Specials. “I’d also like to thank Mike Darnell and Mike Fleiss, who, along with Andy, have helped redefine this show.”

“We are excited for a second season of Love Connection,” said Mike Darnell President, Warner Bros. Unscripted & Alternative Television. “Andy Cohen is a natural provocateur and is beloved by so many for his uncanny ability to bring out the most revealing details about the couples and their dates.”

“This show fits like a glove and I can’t wait to make more love connections,” said Cohen

Ante up, boys, poker is back!

One of poker's treasured television programs returns next week, and with it returns one of its most celebrated high-stakes players.

Tom Dwan will take a seat with Daniel Negreanu, Doyle Brunson and many others in the revival of Poker After Dark starting Monday, Aug. 14. Dwan, who mostly vanished from the poker spotlight outside of the occasional controversy, has been spending much of the last several years playing nosebleed games in Asia. Now he returns to Poker After Dark for the first time since the show was removed from NBC's programming in 2011.

"I travel around a lot to play poker, and in Manila and Macau people ask me about those shows," Dwan told PokerCentral on Thursday. "All over the world people liked watching those, and every time I get asked 'When will they be back?' I'm excited that now, after six years, they will be back."

Dwan was a regular in the cash game episodes of Poker After Dark, appearing in each of the four most recent seasons. His unpredictable style produced several of the most memorable clashes ever seen on the show, including one hand against Antonio Esfandiari that left 'The Magician' speechless and staring at nothing but empty felt in front of him. Esfandiari will go to battle with Dwan again when the show returns next week.

Where and When to Watch

The first new episode of Poker After Dark will air on Monday, Aug. 14 at 8 p.m. exclusively on PokerGo, with following episodes at the same time airing Tuesday and Wednesday. The show will continue to stream throughout the year on PokerGo, featuring the cash game and sit-and-go formats that fans will remember from years past.

Monday's premiere episode will feature Dwan, Negreanu and Esfandiari, along with Jean-Robert Bellande, Lauren Roberts and Bill Klein. All six players will sit down with a minimum of $100,000 with the blinds at $200/$400 plus a $400 button ante.

It's time for Mr. & Mrs. to Split.

ITV have reportedly cut their long running quiz show All Star Mr and Mrs from their 2017 schedule.
The long-running game show sees married celebrity couples pitted against each other in order to win £30,000 for charity.

A source revealed to The Sun that the show was taking a break, but admitted that there was a possibility that it will be axed from our screens entirely.

‘All Star Mr & Mrs has aired every year for almost a decade. So the fact that it is now taking a break doesn’t look good for the future,’ the source said.
‘Officially this is “a rest” and the bosses are adamant that the axe has not fallen. ‘But there are plenty of people who are convinced it won’t be back.’

The Wall now goes down under.

Endemol Shine Group and Universal Television Alternative Studio (UTAS) have inked their first series deal for the game show format The Wall in Australia.
In each episode of The Wall, questions must be answered correctly and balls must bounce in the correct order for contestants to win a cash prize. Endemol Shine Australia has been commissioned by Seven to produce a local version of the hit format, which was originally made for NBC in the U.S. by Glassman Media and SpringHill Entertainment in association with Universal Television Alternative Studio.

Meredith Ahr, the president of Universal Television Alternative Studio, said: “When we were envisioning the type of show we would want to develop with the launch of UTAS, we sought a dynamic, engaging and universally appealing format that could resonate across the world. The Wall has proven to be just that and we are thrilled that Australian audiences will get to experience this high-energy and completely original game show.”

Endemol Shine Australia CEO Mark Fennessy noted: “The Wall is a wildly unpredictable, fast and simple game show where fortunes are won and lost on the bounce of a ball. At four stories high, it’s big-time event television at its finest. We’re delighted to partner with Seven in bringing this huge international hit to life.”

Lisa Perrin, the CEO of creative networks, commented: “The Wall represents Endemol Shine Group at its best, working with creative teams around the world in bringing high-quality entertainment to global audiences. I’m thrilled to see this incredible format has now moved into Australia.”

Maverick Carter, the CEO of SpringHill Entertainment and creator/executive producer of The Wall, stated: “We’re proud to see our original format for The Wall making its way around the globe and being embraced by families in every corner of the world. For us it’s about creating a life-changing experience that can keep every member of the family on the edge of their seats, rooting together for good people with incredible stories.”
Glassman Media’s Andrew Glassman, creator/executive producer of The Wall, added: “When we created The Wall, it was always our dream to see it played and enjoyed by people all over the world. At the core of the series is a life-changing opportunity and the story of good things happening to good people. We are thrilled to be working with Brad and the team at Channel Seven in Australia.”

How cheap is this next story?

Noel Edmonds' new quiz show Cheap Cheap Cheap is a flop flop flop – just 270,000 viewers tuned in to watch the opener.

And worse still, some switched off before the end of the hour-long Channel 4 show. It had just over 4% of the available TV audience watching at tea time.

Noel did his best to explain the premise last week, describing it as “a gameshow that thinks it’s a sitcom”.

The gameshow was created by Noel and will also be fronted by him. It takes place inside "Noel's Store", "an eccentric general store filled with weird and wonderful items, and even quirkier staff".

Contestants on the show will try to win up to £25,000 while a variety of colorful store employees, including store manager Barry and a health and happiness guru called Marijana (YES, REALLY), try to sabotage their every move.


Can this be true?

Emogenius is getting a season finale. You heard right, a season finale? Will the 2nd season be possible? We'll soon see.

Time now for.....

The Dilemma Diary. Picture this: You're Nancy, and you're the first on the Press Your Luck game board. According to the December 1983 episode. Where did Nancy land on the first spin?   We'll give you some thought after the Google Play Music interlude as our Super Password soul sister Alyse Black continues Absolutely Alyse in August.

Well, now that the singing has done. Can I give you the correct answer? Sure. WHat did she land on?

Apparently, the whammy ate it all up.

I would like to tell you a story. I got an email last week from Kelsey Lee Keough who watches our show in Seattle and one day, she was doing a gig at Skycity Restaurant as she always does which, BTW closes for renovation on 9/4 and she wanted to ask why she can do jazzy arrangements of Game Show theme songs? Well, Kelsey Lee, if you were thinking of a bossa nova version of the $25,000/$100,000 Pyramid from 1982-1991 or a vaudeville-like version of The Price is Right or a ragtime version of Match Game, the first thing you need to do is go on Youtube, listen to them for a uncertain amount of time and practice for improvisation. Even if you're not a game show fan, you should hear them for the first time and then, experiment in a gig you were doing or are doing on the regular and then.....instant gratification! It'll impress your servers, your bartenders, managers.....

Holy overpriced 6-course meal Batfink, you know what that means......

The Lightning Rant. 90 seconds to talk about game show documentaries starting from.................


Game show and documentaries do mix. In 2003, we told you why Michael Larsen cheated the system on PYL. This broke the ratings GSN needed. As if it wasn't enough, they did Match Game: Beyond The Blank about the 70's version fans are known for. E! has done THS on game shows like Family Feud and The Price is Right. Even one on Ray Combs too. A&E and Lifetime even done some bippics like Vanna White, Bob Barker and more among others. Even PBS was in the game show world when they did The American Experience on the quiz show scandals. It's true what game show documentaries can do to cable and antenna TV. If GSN wants to be in on the next big documentary, then, let them do it. They've done it once and wants to give Buzzr something they can feel.

That's it for this week. Today's consolation prize is an Overhead shirt. Next time when it's raining, put it over your head and walla, it protects your clothes. No need for an umbrella. Just over your head and off you go. Also available in winter edition.

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