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Buzz Buzz Buzz, so 2015!

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VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: And welcome to it. Last Friday marked a significant moment in Washington, D.C., but it doesn't matter if #LoveWins, #WeAllWin. Regardless of any GSN show you choose, it's considered equal. We're not here to discuss same-sex marriage or how the Supreme Court decided it, we're here for talk GSN. You & I are married to a TV with cable, and GSN is the wife that has a ring on America for it's 20 years of martial game show bliss. With the China disposed of, they instead opted for paper plates and plastic cups they celebrated for their 20 years of game show excellence, and with this week's blog jam-packed, it'll be the best blog this week. We start with.......

The Starting Line.

We're in July. Buzzr has been on last month. So what did GSN do to take advantage? Well, Buzzr showed that they ran a single game show 2x an hour. That's compared to TV Land running a sitcom in teh same manner. GSN, on the other hand put in new Skin Wars and Idiotest with the latter moving to 9 CDT. Buzzr ran into problems like oh say, Match Game going backwards like 2-XL playing a music tape, too many repeats of those classics and having your comment deleted on your Facebook page. That wasn't a good thing, but this past week, it all changed with newer shows coming into the forefront. This could be a sign of Buzzr picking up the pace. GSN on the other hand looks pretty good and Skin Wars seems to be their top sell. Will both networks continue to do well this month? We'll have to see about that.

Break time! After this, the reactions to the morning changes. Better not go anywhere.

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And we have returned. I wanted to write a poem, but decided not to.....then I decided to. So here you go.

Hey, I just met you...

And this is crazy....

So here's my Gorilla Gym...

Comment it, maybe?

Last Week, we told you about adding Card Sharks to another CS in  the morning and here's what you had to say. One poster pointed out....

"Taking $25K Pyramid off the schedule was a pretty dumb decision to begin with if you ask me. It will be good to see it back. Too bad we aren't getting Sale of the Century back, but this is a step in the right direction nonetheless. It would be awesome if the 10:00 AM airing of Card Sharks was the Perry version or even the Rafferty version, but I have a feeling it will just be another airing of Eubanks' version.

I'm indifferent about Whammy at 11:00, but at least it adds a bit more variety and replaces one of the many DoND airings."

Yeah, I think Perry would, but Rafferty would be fine as well. Whammy! is okay, though. Cram or FOF or Lingo would've been better, too. Zach Horan says:

"Shame they didn't air the full pickup of Shop Till You Drop episodes, though."

You darn skippy. The 1993 ones would've stayed there at all. Casey Abell chimes in with:

"Still don't think that pre-1990 shows have a great future on GSN, but what do I know? I doubt this will get GSN much goodwill from Internet hardcores, though pre-1990 stuff is back up to 15 hours on the schedule.

Whammy never dies, it just keeps coming back. Somebody at GSN must really like Todd Newton."

Guess the network wants to keep getting Whammy! on there for as long as they can keep it. Scott Rahner of GSNN Blogspot says this important comment:

"But MOST fans of classic game show are at least 50+ years old."

The reason: GSN caters to a younger set.

I think the string quartet has tuned up, so let's do some....

House cleaning. For the week of 6-/13-19.....

*The Chase will be new Thursday at 8pm; Chain Reaction will be new at 9pm and 9:30pm; Family Feud will be the lead-in and lead-out at 7pm, 7:30pm, 10pm and 10:30pm.

*The Chase and Chain Reaction will repeat Thursday night from 11pm-1am.

*Chain Reaction will repeat Friday at 8pm and 8:30pm; replacing Idiotest.

*The Chase and Chain Reaction will rerun Saturday 2-4pm; replacing Minute to Win It.

*Chain Reaction will rerun Saturday latenight at 12am and 12:30am; replacing Idiotest.

*Chain Reaction will rerun Sunday latenight at 1am and 1:30am; replacing The Newlywed Game.

So expect plenty of CR and Chase on your TV in case you miss it. Also on 7/5, Skin Wars has been removed from the Sunday 8pm ET timeslot. Family Feud will return at 8pm and 8:30pm ET. Family Feud will once again air from 6-11pm on Sundays.

Also starting this Sunday, Baggage On The Road will air in the Sunday 2pm and 2:30pm timeslot, replacing Family Feud (Harvey).
Wait a sec, BOTR is returning? I thought it was cancelled.....oh, it's in reruns of course. and Harvey Feud will go back to it's primetime ways in an attempt to add more people.
(song stops)
No joke. Chase, Idiotest and Skin Wars will all be renewed by the time summer ends and I'm proud of all 3 shows being the eyes & ears of the nation they tune in for, but Steampunk'd gets a premiere date and that's......August 19th at 9 CDT. Currently, Idiotest holds that slot, but no word yet on when it'll take a break or move somewhere else.
Now to talk Skin a story.
The top 10 had a suprise this past week when....Zendaya joined the cast to come up with a musical episode. To do so, musical chairs was being played and they had to pick an instrument and Rio rocked it out on guitar which made him the winner of that challenge. For a chance to stay out of elimination, the top 10 formed into 2 players for musical mash-ups. Exapmles included Rachel & Sammie doing Motown & New Wave, Rio & Avi doing Reggae & Hair Metal and Cheryl Ann & Dawn doing country & pop. The Mash-up winner: Rio who got the hairbrush studio kit as a reward, but sadly......Rachel was a box of mashed potatoes as she was eliminated from the program.    ANd they all lived.....until the next show.

(song stops)
Hellevator needs a trio. $50,000 grand in your hands. All you need to do is go here:
and finally, we have a segment in which we want to know what you think of GSN. Have you hated Skin Wars so much since the beginning? Were you happy or unhappy Whammy returned? Are you proud of the fact that you liked Steampunk since you googled it? Well, google no more, it's.....

Say what you want to say.
Carl Chanaves goes first....
"If you are this unhappy with GSN...

I would, but....he goes on to say this:

repeating the same foolish action, all the while hoping for a different result
(see GSN running "Family Feud" for collectively 8 hours a day, and expecting us to watch)."

Congratualtions Carl, you won a dictionary of words said by GSN fans, please stay on the line and the next available operator will give you your information in the next 8-10 weeks. Laura Wailltt Zayas says....

"Viewers buy bigger TVs, and this week GSN has chosen to broadcast all their shows in small screen mode. What's up ????"

Welp, they're trying to go even more HD in a few weeks. That's all I know. Tony Bodmer asks this question:

"Can you please stop playing ten or more hours of Family Feud or Deal or No Deal every day? Is anyone actually working there? There's a ton of other game shows. Please stop having those two shows on ALL THE TIME!"

Because 2 shows is already enough. Can't Idiotest be #3 for that? Lance Patton says:

"Why you get rid of Shop Till You Drop again? I won't be watching your network as long its gone!"

Easy answer: Low ratings. Do you want to ask anything else? Ann Rudolph says...

"Have you noticed on Match Game the set bears a strong resemblance to the confederate flag?" Doretta Lennon says:

"This is a sorry network. The idiot test host is an idiot and star wars doesn't make any sense and The Chase is stupid.
I pay extra for it but O am going to have it removed. The Family Feud is good but has reruns what time they are on as well as The Newlywed Game."

Well, first of all is actually Skin Wars and you may be sorry for that mistake and as for Feud, can't you look at the schedule on to make sure? One more from Robert G. Andrews:

"GSN used to be known as the Gameshow Network. They need to change their name again. Now they can be called the "FAMILY FEUD WITH STEVE HARVEY NETWORK"'


(song stops)

Now the 2nd intermission presented by Let me introduce to your GSN The Know Soda Girl. Now, if the Lawrence Welk Show went back on the air, it would be more of a nightclub variety and have Sonya Belousova lead the band for us. She would also host the program as well and have the CW air it. Guy & Ralna English? How about Instalokk and Lunity instead? Melinda Sullivan could be the new Arthur Duncan, Kata Hay? Easy. She'll be the Ava Barber of the 2010s. Mayeb Lindsey Stirling could be the Myron Floren of our day, or better yet Lana McKissack pulling a Kathie Sullivan, but wait, Bobby & Cissy has a new duo: Stephen "Twitch" Boss & Megan Batoon. We could get PoroTypes to replace Sandy, Gail & Mary Lou, maybe Bobby Bones would be like Tom Netherton, but on top of all this under one condition, have a Soda Girl in place of a champagne lady liek Norma Zimmer and it goes to.......Christa Nannos! Yes, my girl Christa who while I was watching GSN in my manor, her new video dropped and you'll have to see it in December by the time the Know-It-All Awards come out when she's a feature performer. But back to Lawrence Welk. get Shira Lazar to produce the thing and.....

Okay okay okay Buzzard. Longest intro ever, isn't it? Anyways, here's Christa with a Tove Lo Cover. And........Roll it Sinema!

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