Saturday, November 2, 2013

Coming Attractions!!!!

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-We'll get in with ratings....
-Get the inside stories on everything GSN....
-And why "The Chase" and "Bible" make better ratings inside.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The scariest thing I ever saw was....

(Halloween is tomorrow and everyone is getting to Party City for costumes to make you feel like going to a costume party. There are so many varities, but you've got to hurry and get to Party City today.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, on location at the Grimsborough Cemetary and Funeral Home, here is the monster of all GSN fans, Pierre Kelly.

(Door opens to reveal him in an office-style setting)

Me: Good evening. Welcome to GSN The Know. I am your ghost with the most, Pierre Jason Kelly. Come into my lair of games where we have excitement and surprises for you. Let's get the first period on a roll and.....

What was that?

Uh oh.....ah....oh. It's Hilty. He's got the ratings for you ghosts & goblins.

Good thing, it's raining outside. Anyways, Family Feud went first and Chain Reaction went 2nd, but after Feud finished 3rd & 4th, CR creeped into 5 & 6, with Feud taking the rest.....

But what's this I hear? Oh yeah, the bottom 10. In fact, the unlucky 13 for the week of October 14th-20th had 2 doses of Baggage and $ale in 246th, with Whammy! next and Match GAme. After 2 Feud shows, Baggage was in a double decker sandwich between Family Feud and Password Plus.

Hmm......I guess I'll click a button for the viewership averages.

This week: 311,000/259,000
Last week: 270,000/232,000

That's better. This week, the Prime time fans had a boost up 300k from last week while hte entire day had a minimal boost. That's the firts quarter. I'll take Hilty on a go on and get. Right now!

And now the ever-popular Yay & Yawn.

The Yay: GSN saluting Marcia Wallace. more on that in just a second.

The Yawn: MTWI gone after 20+ shows out of 40. Guess having 2 shows in one week isn't enough. Isn't it?

Oh man. After the break, a fun costume project to try at home, but first, Mind of a Man's premiere date. Don't frighten yourself, scream kings & Queens.

(song fades out)
(song fades out)

Welcome back to the NBC Mystery, er, sorry. It's GSN The Know everybody.

And as we kick off the 2nd period, Mind of a Man will make it's offical debut January 8th. Of course, you all know how thsi Deray Davis-hosted game goes, but.....

A late acquisition came in this morning as the original 1 vs. 100 will replace Ohno's Minute for the month of November and going forward. Last year was the last time it ran in reruns, we'll see how it does this go-round.

As I look aorund the cemetary, We find the grave stone of Marcia Wallace, who was dead at 70. Known for her work on "The SImpsons" as Mrs. Krabappel, she was a frequent game show celebrity, espcially a semi-regular on Match Game and GSN will pay tribute tomorrow all morning with her work and dedication to her love of game shows. May she rest in peace.

And finally, we told you about SKin Wars coming to GSN next year. So let's have a conversation with GSNN Blogspot page's resident fan....

The Mystery Green Ball. Mystery green ball, tell us what's going on with "Skin Wars" and whatnot.

"GSN knows this will be a failure, and I still believe this show is the reason Harvey Feud took 4pm and 5pm, considering that schedule change occurred the very day GSN green-lit this. I told you I was gonna make a BIG YouTube rant video if GSN airs a Harvey Feud marathon the day before this premieres, and I am a man of my words. BTW, if GSN airs this on Thursday nights(which I hope and beg they don't) the Wednesday night Harvey Feud block will count as a marathon.

I hope this show gets DWTS-ish ratings(if not worse) and gets considered as one of the worst(if not the worst) GSN original of all-time. I might have to stop watching GSN for a few months once the advertisements for this show begin.

GSN will never learn."

I agree with you. ANd how will it cost?

"This show will cost a lot MORE than shows like Lingo or even The Chase. Studio game shows are much cheaper than garbage like this. Yes, this show will cost MILLIONS."

Really? Why?

"Requires a lot more production and editing. On average, this kind of show costs more than a game show. Ask anyone who knows anything about the TV business and they'll tell you I'm right."

Oh, okay. That's for stopping by, The Mystery Green Ball, everybody.

And now the 2nd intermission presented by One last time, Svengoolie is going to leave us with this song.

And now, it's the 3rd period. As promised, A fun GSN project you can try at home. It's your very own homemade Family Feud gameboard.

To do that, you must need…..


Scissors and or a knife
A large cardbox box
Markers or paint
strings or yarn


First, cut the large cardboard box into a rectangle. Anyone under 18, get your parents permission for help. Next, take out a marker out paintbrush and split it into 2 large squares. After that, make 2 large triangles of 3 lines to make 8 answers. Now add some color like Yellow or blue for the board. If you want, you could add your own survey answers by blacking out ¾ of any rectangle you want and adding yellow or blue squares for numbers of people like they do on the show. But how do you carry it around? Well, poke holes in the top corners and use either string or yarn to tie the top corners. Now you are one walking Feud board.

And it's time to go trick-or-treating. Today's blog was brought to you by Masks. They make halloween look good. Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. Until next week.....scare on, playas.

(spooky laughter & thunderbolts)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Coming Attractions!!!!

On the next GSN The Know....

-We'll scare away the ratings....
-We'll scare off some news stories....
-And scare off at a costume you might try at your next party.

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