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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Daily Double Bankrupt

(Thinking about taking on the Marvel Cinematic Universe the rest of the year? Let Fandango figure out which MCU flick would be available. One of them is Captain America. Good luck with it.)

VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Come on in this building on the 13th floor in the studio from the door of the newsroom, bring in your Pepsi and Coke, listen to the Idiotest theme music, you'll be under the houselights with the TV lit up like a Christmas tree and watch them fight against each other in game shows that'll make fangirls squealing. We got some popsicles or Freeze pops to make the day extra sweet, bean bag chairs so you can be next to us, as we let GSN tingle your body as if Heather Feather made a video for you. SO let's relax with....

 The Starting Line.

Any reason why Wheel and Jeopardy! won't make GSN again? Well....

GSN is moving away from shows like Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune, but this network already has been moving away from more non-traditional since 2013 for creating shows like Skin Wars, Skin Wars: Fresh Paint, Hellevator and Window Warriors. In other words, No Jackpot!, no Bumper Stumpers, just Skin Wars.

Also, GSN daytime does quite fine on endless reruns of Deal or No Deal, Chain Reaction, Family Feud, Catch 21, different versions of Pyramid and Press Your Luck and so forth. Second, GSN strives for the Women 25-54 demographic, where Pat and Alex do not pull as strong of a demo that Family Feud does. Yes, no word on Cram or Russian Roulette showing up.

GSN is aiming for younger viewers. They need a fresher look into the picture and as you can see, Skin Wars has improved well. Wheel of Fortune has not been on the GSN schedule at all since a marathon in 2010. In May 2012, GSN acquired the 2008-09 season of Jeopardy!, which was pulled off the schedule within a year and never shown again.  And that's bad news.

And finally, GSN hasn't done any acquitsitons over the years. All they care is Harvey Feud........and that's all. So Wheel and J! won't return under any circumstances, because it feels outdated once you see it.
After this word, ABC adds in a new version of an old classic. See who it is after this word.

(Quick fade out)
And we are back everyone. With ABC getting remakes of popular GSN favorites, you can add one more to the list.....

Yes, Match game. Last time ABC had it was 1990-91 with Ross Shafer hosting but Bert Convy would've done well had he not fell ill. This time, it'll be......Alec Baldwin playing the role Ross Shafer took helm and it'll be this summer to go with the 3 we talked about last week. It'll be a lot of fun.

Political Idiotest was a mess. This poem won't be.

Hey, I just met you...
And this is crazy....
So here's my Makeup Stamps....
Comment it, maybe?
As I was looking at  the story regarding Political Idiotest on the Game Show Follies page, Adam Lentz comments with....
"Besides, I heard it was boring. No money was given out and was basically just a late night segment. I like Idiotest, but that was awful.

I think Chase and CR were canceled because it skewed "old". Stupid, but sadly the way of TV life."
Yep and the Kardashians are still around. Scott Rahner of GSNN BlogSpot's page says....
"While I will admit I did not catch a second of Political Idiotest and likely never will, I think it was simply the timeslot that hurt Political Idiotest. Both the late timeslot and a lead-in (Skin Wars) that has been tested does not mix in with studio-based game shows.

I don't think you can blame poor Political Idiotest ratings on the content like you say. Political Idiotest was never reviewed nor were any previews ever displayed.

If Political Idiotest had 5 episodes, started out with a poor review of the premiere episode then ratings tank (even more), then you could say that."
Yes indeed. Netflix anyone? The talking head Casey Abell says....
"The numbers for Political Idiotest were downright bad. It got about half of GSN's recent total day average. That's a rotten number at just about any time of day. And 11:00 PM is hardly the worst timeslot on the schedule."
Yes it was bad. Even the Jim Lange tribute not too long ago was worse. DwWashburn will get the last comment....
"As others have mentioned, Idiotest is my favorite new program on GSN (now that the Chase is gone) but Political Idiotest was horrid. The tests were so convoluted they would never work on regular Idiotest and the awarding of "money" is reminiscent of the awarding of points on Who's Line is It Anyway."
@midnight did better. Way better.
A man who made Jeopardy! history, Ken Jennings will be one of the stars of 500 Questions this summer on ABC. Richard Quest won't be hosting it, but Dan Harris of ABC News will.
Also, LMAD and TPIR will mashup as one next week. It'll sure to be bananas. Here's a sneak peek.

And now it is with great pride that I would like to have the Dramatic Questioners introduce the segment for us.

Our relationship with GSN is navigating in different directions. This segment proves just that. It's....

Say what you want to say.  We start with Katie Mortiz....

"You guys should bring back the online game "phraze phrenzy". That was an awesome game."

Yep. I miss that game. On to Liz Blackwell.....

"Even Family Feud is not so family friendly!"

That's because the nature of Harvey Feud changed the questions forever. Next is Jamie Battle.

"Y'all could've kept Whammy for one episode and have Lingo followed or precede it during the 11am EST hour. Guess I'm on a boycott again like from October 2014 when it was last removed until it returned on June 2015. Worse off, this is right when my college lets out for the semester and I could have some of my mornings back to watch my show. Already ruined my summer before it began."

Yes, Woolery Lingo replaced it. GSN never had it in a long time since 2014. Stephanie DeLaney has a question to ask.

"Are those skin wars polls at the bottom of the screen during Match Game going to be a regular thing? They're distracting and sometimes they block the answers. I know the show is almost 40 years old, but I enjoy watching it."

I'm guessing it is, but a mix of that is a distraction. Put the polls on in the afternoon and it'll change. Up to bat is Roberta Watts.

"Winsanity looks like it might be a good game show but couldn't you show a promo without Donald Faison giving the finger to everyone?"

Um...yes. Here's Don Connors to wrap it up.

"Happy to hear that Woolery Lingo is coming back! Nothing against Whammy, it's just that it only had so many episodes to go around so rerun abuse set in pretty quick."

Yes it is, Lingo with Chuck is back!

(Song stops)

It's time for the 2nd intermission presented by It's the 2006 class reunion. Next week, I'll share with you a show from 10 years ago. Right now, here's my hometown guy Justin Timberlake with this.

Hot dang, it's the 3rd period!

Family Feud has been regulated to the prime time slots on GSN at 7CST. The competition is the start of network prime-time programming. Family Feud is doing real well in syndication. It's on afternoon timeslots and in some instances, weekly on the weekends. Right now, 90 slots is way too much for GSN. The reaction was mixed when I went to GSNN's BlogSpot page. Although it can easily get hosed by The Voice on NBC, Survivor on CBS, The Flash on The CW or anything else, I wished the block programming would return to perfect form. Where is Flashback Friday? Game Show Saturday Night needs to come back. Bring back Casino Night! After all, Feud is way too much for GSN to conserve.

That being said, we should leave. Today's blog is presented by the New York Met Gala. A star-studded event that features the New York Mets past & present. Watch Lenny Dysktra mix & mingle with Chloe Dykstra. See Darryl Strawberry look good in a strawberry suit. Mike Piazza having dinner with Tina Fey. Mookie Wilson taking a picture of Tom Hanks' wife Rita Wilson. I can see Gary Carter saying hi to 2 Carters: Beyoncé & Jay-Z. And of course, Mr. Met hosting the gala.

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