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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Well....It's the Big Quiz!

Stephanie Panisello: From Coast to Coast, Shore to Shore, Border to Border and beyond the far reaches of our galaxy's solar system, it's time to go all the way live on....

Now here is America's favorite contestant, Pierre Kelly!!!!!

Me: Thank you Stephanie Panisello, the spy who microwaved my kettle corn and there was no camera in it, but the cameras are rolling for another edition of  Game show Live! As live as it gets, as live as it happens and as live whenever you feel like it.

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There's also a February 8 episode of the popular podcast Anna Faris is Unqualified that chronicles on it.
There's the bell. Hang on while I get the popcorn.
(runs to the breakroom to get the popcorn and heads back to the studio)
(song stops)
Now I'm back. Now who put a camera on the mircrowave? I'm guessing it may be one of our interns, but in the meantime, we'll press on with our.....

        The Opening Toss-Up story.
If Family Feud today has all the makings of a TV-14 show, this could be the exact opposite. Live from New York, It's....The Big Family Quiz Thing?

The Big Family Quiz Thing is like bar trvivia......except the kids and the cousins can join in. There's this website:

As a matter of fact, it's on Youtube.

It's more than a quiz, it has puzzles and a whole lot more. What more can you ask for? Plus, facts to study up on your next trivia night with this:

It's for all types of parties and The Big Quiz Family Thing is no exception. So if you live in New York or San Francisco, get brainy at a BQFT event near you.

Don't shake your stir your martini just yet, after this, one of the stars of a 1989 movie hosts a new ABC program. It's not Jenny Lewis.
That's on the way, but first...

(song fades out)

Here's something new that the WWE Universe will love. Because it's wonderful than Fastlane this past month.

Welcome back to Game Show Live! What is Citizen's Arrest? A sheriff from the Maple Heights police department is here to tell is all about it.

(song fades out)

ABC has a new show called "Child Support." Although it doesn't involve a talk show topic overdone by Maury Povich, I kid you not, it's a new quiz show and one of its stars was in one of my favorite movies: The Wizard from 1989.

Mr. Fred Savage from The Wonder Years.

Formerly known as Five to Survive, the hourlong, studio-based series will feature adult contestants and interactions between Gervais and a group of five kids ages 6-9 who say the most unpredictable things. Contestants are asked to answer 10 questions to earn the top prize. If they answer incorrectly, the contestants have a chance to be saved by the five kids who have been asked the same question by Gervais. Run 3 times.                          Host Daniella Monet couldn't be more excited to return to Hawaii this spring to film even more fun games and challenges! "I’m so excited to host yet ANOTHER season of, in my opinion, one the best game shows on TV, Paradise Run," Daniella tells TWIST exclusively. "The Big Island has become a second home to me and I thoroughly enjoy living vicariously through our awesome contestants. Seeing the excitement, nervousness and relentlessness on their faces makes my job that more fun!"

First Carrie Ann Inaba. Now Len?

"Dancing with the Stars" head judge Len Goodman will return to British TV screens on a new family game show called Partners In Rhyme. Len, known for his witty catchphrases while doling out feedback on "DWTS" and its parent show "Strictly Come Dancing", will host the BBC1 Saturday teatime program, which will see contestants and celebrities team up to take part in comedy rounds based on rhyming clues.

Len, 72, said: “It’s time to rhyme with a whizz of a quiz. It’s a 10 from Len!”

Partners In Rhyme was the brainchild of BBC Radio 1 DJ and former Xtra Factor Live host Matt Edmondson, who is “ridiculously excited” about the show which airs later this year.

He added: “It’s the sort of show that I hope will have families screaming at the TV as they try and make sense of pigs in wigs, flowers with superpowers and Lorraine Kelly making jelly!”
Jo Wallace, commissioning editor for the BBC, said: “I’m really happy to see Len back on BBC1 on Saturday nights where he belongs!”

Looks like the search for the new AGT host is....over.

Emmy Award winner Tyra Banks, who created and executive produced "America's Next Top Model" for 23 cycles, headlined her own talk show, is consistently ranked by Time magazine as one of the world's most influential people and serves as CEO of her own multimillion-dollar beauty company, has joined NBC's "America's Got Talent" - summer's most-watched show - as host for the upcoming 12th season.

The announcement was made by Paul Telegdy, President, Alternative and Reality Group, NBC Entertainment.

Banks said: "Since I was a little girl, I've been obsessed with grandiose acts and performers who make the seemingly impossible possible. I love how 'AGT' brings that feeling into everyone's home, capturing the best of people who come out and give it their all to make those big, fierce and outrageous dreams come true. I look forward to connecting with the dreamers, having fun and giving hugs and words of encouragement when needed. And maybe I'll get one or two performers to smize for the audience!"

"Welcome to the 'America's Got Talent' family, Tyra! This is really exciting," said Simon Cowell, executive producer, judge and creator of the "Got Talent" format.

"Tyra is the complete package: Out-of-this-world talented, funny, brilliant and all heart. In whatever she has done, she has always connected with audiences around the world," Telegdy said. "Her vivacious spirit will infuse 'AGT' in a big way."

"Not only is Tyra smart and beautiful, she's also warm, compassionate and a lot of fun," said Trish Kinane, President of Entertainment Programming, Fremantle North America. "She will fit right into the crazy world of 'AGT.'"

Expanding the definition of beauty is something Tyra Banks has always believed in, as a supermodel and as a super-businesswoman. Six modeling agencies rejected her before she was signed at the age of 15 years old. Now, hundreds of magazine covers and thousands of runways later, Banks grooms the next generation of models to make their dreams come true.

She created and executive produced the first and longest-running fashion competition-based reality television series, "America's Next Top Model," with 23 cycles. "ANTM" currently airs in 186 countries and has 26 international versions that span from Asia, Africa and Australia.

If the American Bible Challenge needed a spinoff.....then this would help. Look at the screen.

Kirk Cameron is set to host The 2nd edition of the National bible Bee Game Show.

Joining Cameron on the game show, as guest judges are identical twins Jason and David Benham, who are former professional baseball players, best-selling authors, and real estate giants known as the Benham Brothers. The panel of co-hosts also includes season one "National Bible Bee Game Show" winner Hannah Leary and Emeal Zwayne ("E.Z."), the national spokesperson for the Bible Bee.


Now for a little spelling of our own. Can you....Sqramble This?

Hint: She used to be a schoolgirl in a music video. We'll give you the answer after this Google play Music Interlude because it's time to....

Prepare for a maximum of madness. Prepare.....for a madness of Madison. Prepare......for Madi2TheMax-imum March Madness. 

With Beauty and The Beast making its way to theaters this weekend, our Match Game mistress of impressionism wants to know...does Beauty meets Stan lee? Let's find out.

Looks like the puzzle is solved. The answer: 

Oh, hit me baby one more time.

I'm okay. 

Now we turn to the Game Show Live! Profile on....Billy Wisse.

How do you write for Jeopardy!? Ask Billy Wisse. An interview for tells us why he's doone it since 2011. When ask what's going on in pop culture, he says:

"One of the advantages of a wired world is you almost can’t avoid it. If your default screen is Yahoo! News, you go to your computer and there’s, like, seven headlines, you kind of can’t help seeing these names. So, you almost almost have to make an effort to avoid pop culture. And we’re all curious by nature, I think, so we try to stay curious. When we start hearing a name a lot, we’re like, “Oh, who is this Frank Ocean?” It’s very easy to go to YouTube and just watch a couple of videos."

When asked about that Rap category, he replied:

"We’ve done [music categories] a few times before with Alex and Johnny Gilbert, the announcer, and it’s gotten a little bit of attention every time. But the most recent one seems to have gotten more traction, and I think Alex has gotten a kick out of the attention also. We don’t want to go to this well too often. Alex has a certain personality and 99 percent of the time we stick to that personality and the tone of the show. But sometimes it’s fun to go against it a little bit. You obviously can’t get too raunchy at our show, but we try to get some things that sound a little bit goofy coming out of Alex’s mouth."

But what music does Alex and him listen to?

"Alex is a Frank Sinatra guy—he likes that whole era. I’m kind of an ‘80s music guy, but hopefully not stuck back there. On hourlong drives, I’ve become an addict of this one country music station."

And that's the Game Show Live! profile.

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