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Wednesday, May 15, 2019

As The Wheel Turns

This week...Wheel breaks some records......

Unmasking what's new with The Masked Singer.....

And what if the world got involved into one big dance party in a crowded supermarket? All this and.....

I can gain more subs from James Charles in 10 seconds.....

Joeykat: Oh yeah, I can gain more subs from James Charles in 20 seconds.....

Me: Maybe you should change you mind because I can gain more subs from James CHarles in 30 seconds....

Joeykat: Alright fine, name that tune.

Me: What Tune? 

Joeykat: This one. Play it Lizi!

Madison Brunoehler: From coast to coast..............

And Across America.....and the world.........this is..............

Now here is America's favorite contestant, Pierre Kelly!!!!! 

Me: Thank you Madi2TheMax and this of course is  Game show Live! As live as it gets, as live as it happens and as live whenever you feel like it. Let's get into it with......

 The Opening Toss-Up story.

WHeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel of fortune sets 2 records last week. 

Beloved television program Wheel of Fortune has been airing across American television screens since 1981, and now the game show's well-known host Pat Sajak is being celebrated for the length of his career.
After an exciting 35 years 198 days of seeing contestants take home grand prizes, Sajak officially holds the Guinness World Records title for having the longest career as a game show host for the same show.
For those who may not be familiar, Wheel of Fortune is based on the popular game "Hangman" - where compete by spinning the wheel and calling out consonants to solve the puzzle for cash or prizes. Contestants with enough money to do so can buy vowels for $250 each. The contestant who has won the most cash and prizes at the end of the main game goes on to play in the "Bonus Round" for additional prizes. He or she has the chance to choose the category of their bonus puzzle from three options.
Pat Sajak has witnessed an array of lucky contestants go on to take home prizes, since he first hosted the show in 1983.
"I was very lucky in that I always knew that I wanted to be in broadcasting," he said.
"My early heroes were people like Arthur Godfrey, Dave Garroway, Steve Allen and, especially, Jack Paar. They helped shape what a television personality was, paving the way for so many others."
Prior to hosting Wheel of Fortune, the Chicago-born presenter first broke in to broadcasting as a newscaster and announcer for a local radio station. 

But the big story is this.....

Seven thousand episodes is quite good fortune.
Pat Sajak and Vanna White celebrate that milestone on "Wheel of Fortune" Friday, a feat they say they could never have predicted.
White, 62, admits she didn't foresee "doing the show for more than five years." "I thought, 'Well, this is gonna be fun, but I can't imagine it lasting that long,'" she says. "I remember sitting in the chair next to Pat saying, 'I wonder where we'll be in 10 years?' ... And here it's been 36."
"Wheel," which airs on local stations, often paired with "Jeopardy!", is still averaging nearly 10 million viewers this season, a close second to "Judge Judy" among all syndicated shows.
Sajak, 72, notes just how greatly television has changed over the years. When "we went on, there were only three networks," he says. Cable was in its early days and streaming networks didn't exist. "We're in such a different environment, and yet still succeeding. I think that's the biggest accomplishment of the show."
"Wheel" has also earned Sajak a Guinness World Records title for the longest career of a game-show host for the same show, which he received on Wednesday's "Wheel."
"It's our 7,000th show," Sajak says to applause at the start of Friday's milestone episode. "Could someone get me a chair?"

After this commercial word,  changes to the masked singer and what you could do to disguise yourself.  That's.......when Game Show Live returns. 

(fade to break)

Madison: Some members of our viewing audience will receive..

A special offer from our friends at Public Domain: The musical via Instagram.....

And if you need tickets in the LA area, get to this.....

Now back to our emerging flower bed,  Pierre Kelly!

Me: Thank you Madi and welcome back. This Sunday will mark the very very very last episode of Game of Thrones and it's sad to see a violent program based on George R.R. Martin's books go away on HBO, but don't fear, our announcer in your head Madi2theMax is here with a mashup with another cancelled Disney show.......Gravity Falls. Roll it!!!!!

 Out of Westeros and on to this....

Fox's breakout hit The Masked Singer will be produced within the newly streamlined Fox Corp., entertainment chief Charlie Collier confirmed during Fox's investor day. 

Fox Alternative Entertainment will handle the show as Endemol Shine exits the North American production. The budget for Season 2 of the show, Collier said, will come in below that of the debut season as a result. 

He didn't break out the numbers or fully unpack the claim, but said it fit with the company's overall mission to keep a lid on costs while taking advantage of its reach. 

"The advantage of being a broadcast network is that we are home to programming for mass audiences," Collier said during his presentation to investors. 

He saluted Masked Singer as the latest in a long line of risky Fox programming bets. "Technically, Masked Singer could have ended up on any platform but you have to note that it didn't," Collier said.

Hey smart alecks across.....the pond.......

Hosted by Jeremy Vine, long-running quiz show Eggheads is finally coming back to the BBC for a brand new series. The 21st season of the show will begin on Tuesday 7th May 2019.
The Eggheads team is comprised of nine of the most successful quiz competitors in the UK. Each week, five of the nine work alongside one another to battle it out against a team of quiz show amateurs.
The Egghead team for series 21 of the show is set to be made up of the following members…

- Kevin Ashman: Longtime panellist Kevin will likely be back for the brand new series, having started on the show 16 years ago in 2003. Kevin is as arguably the most impressive member of the cast, being ranked the number one quizzer in the world in 2009 and winning both Mastermind and Brain of Britain with the highest-ever scores.
- Chris Hughes: Former railway worker Chris is also likely to return to the Eggheads panel for the show's series 21. The 71-year-old has won both UK Mastermind and International Mastermind, as well as Brain of Britain, so he can certainly give the contestants a run for their money.
- Lisa Theil: Oxford graduate Lisa joined the team in 2014 after appearing on the show's spin-off Revenge of the Egghead. As a former Weakest Link and The Chase contestant, Lisa will likely return for the show's new series.
- Steve Cooke: Steve joined Eggheads in 2016 after winning the spin-off series Make Me An Egghead. In 2014 he won the Brain of Mensa contest and this year will return to join his fellow Eggheads in series 21.
- Beth Webster: Beth also joined the show is 2016 after winning the show's sister series Make Me An Egghead. Beth, who has appeared on more episodes of Mastermind than any other female contestant will return to the series in 2019.
- Barry Simmonds: Barry first joined the panel in 2008 after winning the series Are You An Egghead? It seems likely that the quizzer will return for the 2019 series, having won the Brain of Britain in 2012 and becoming number 3 quizzer in the world in 2013.
David Rainford: 'Tremendous Knowledge Dave' first joined the show in 2012 replacing quizzer CJ de Mooi. It looks like Mancunian David will be returning to the show for the 21st series, having made a name for himself when he won £250,000 on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? in 2005.
- Judith Keppel Seventy-six-year-old Judith Keppel is also set to return for the program's 21st series, having been a cast member since the show began. Judith first rose to fame after becoming the first person to win £1 million Who Wants to be a Millionaire? in November 2000.
- Pat Gibson: Pat is a serious quizzer, having won £1 million on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? in 2004. As another former Mastermind and Brain of Britain winner, it seems likely that he will return to the show for the new series, having joined the panel in 2009 after winning the second series of Are You an Egghead? 

Having a Trutv Game show pays off and this is one of them.....

Few entertainers' day jobs focus as closely on money and finance as Michael Torpey's.
As the host of Tru TV's "Paid Off with Michael Torpey," Torpey introduces viewers to struggling student loan borrowers competing to win help paying off their loans. New episodes premiere Monday and one of the major goals, according to Torpey, is to give away more money.
The show doubled its prize budget and added a live call-in round at the end of each episode, ultimately giving away more than $1 million. Borrowers call in and have the chance to answer three trivia questions to win up to $3,000 in student loan help. Torpey, 39, has to get through as many callers as possible.
In addition to the lightning round, the show added themed episodes, including one about borrowers who have to move back in with their parents because of their debt and one focused on first-generation college students. 

We now turn to the syndicated scoreboard.

James Holzhauer is money — and "Jeopardy!" is (also) reaping the rewards.
"Jeopardy!" just hit a four-year high the week ending April 28, with a 7.5 rating, up 12% from the previous week. In terms of its fellow syndicated shows, only perpetual giant "Judge Judy" came close to that number, with a seven-week high of 7.0 (up 8% week over week).
The long-running game show can thank Holzhauer's huge winning streak for its ratings bump, as viewers tune in to see how far the "Jeopardy!" sensation can go. As of May 3, the professional sports gambler has won nearly $1.7 million over 22 games. Only "Jeopardy!" legend Ken Jennings — who won 74 games back in 2004 — has won more in regular play.
However, because "Jeopardy!" is airing a "Teachers Tournament" through May 17, Holzhauer is not set to compete again until May 20. In other words, he'll miss most of the rest of sweeps. The May sweep period runs from April 25 to May 22.
As for what he would spend the money on, Holzhauer said he's given to the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District, the local Ronald McDonald House and the Las Vegas Natural History Museum.
Marilyn Gillespie, executive director of the museum north of downtown, said half of the $10,000 donation would be used to help fund admission costs for students in low-income areas and half would cover costs for animal care.
The museum is a favorite spot for Holzhauer, his wife and daughter and is home to a variety of animals, including bamboo sharks, lizards and exotic insects such as hissing cockroaches..
In the household rating rankings that follow, % change is from the previous week; * indicates a new season-high rating; ** indicates a new season low; NC indicates no change from the previous week; NA mean not applicable.

Jeopardy (CTD) 7.5* +12%
- Family Feud (Debmar-Mercury/FMNA) 6.0 -2%
- Wheel of Fortune (CTD) 5.8 -2%
- Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (Disney-ABC) 1.6 +7%
- Funny You Should Ask(Entertainment Studios) 0.5 NC 

And you know what? I feel a nerve to show you 2 more editions of the hit game show everybody on Twitch is talking about.........No, it's not Sing Along with Devyn Howard, it's.....You Do What? here's the first the day before Mother's Day.

Watch Game Show - You Do What? | #SuperFuniverse from AdventuresOfEm on

And this for the nightcap yesterday....

Watch Game Show - You Do What? | #SuperFuniverse from AdventuresOfEm on

Time for a Gamestop Game break. Pump up the volume with this Idiotest.....

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Put your mind on pause after a Google Play music interlude  after we rewind back to this Kid Cudi classic.

Alright kids, here's the answer. The knobs on the stereo are fine but the volume is broke off. Guess your best bet is the..............doorknob. Why? To go for a walk in this nice weather.

I figured we were going to do a shoutout, but I know what, fine, roll the thing.

I'm about to give a shout out to Rebecca Young from Maine. You may know her from her cosplay days. Like.....

Image result for aktrez cosplay

Or.........this one.

Image result for aktrez cosplay

But now that she has a child of her own, she's settled up in New England. Why? You figure it all out yourself, but every Sunday at 7 CDT sharp, she gathers viewers around for a weekly storytime children of all ages wouldn't want to miss. And here's an example of why.

To do so, click on this:

Then you're hooked on imagination by Becky herself, but yersterday, she posted this on Instagram.

That pic kinda reminds me of Pumpkinberry, but she's got a long milestone ahead of her. Get on her Instagram:

And her Twitter in addition to her facebook I mentioned earlier:

and knock that 5000 follower RIGHT NOW!

(song stops)

Dance competitions like DWTS and SYTYCD at the time 10 years ago were at an all-time high. Viewers tuned in week after week to see eye-popping, show-stopping, flatout routines. But when NBC stepped in, the folks at SYTYCD did them a huge favor to give them a Dance Olympics of their own since the Peacock network already had....and they still do.....The Real Olympics.

Superstars of Dance. A program dedicated to those who dance around the world. But who was the host? It wasn't Tom Bergeron or Cat Deeley, it was........

The Lord of teh Dance and the man responsible for the smash hit of the 2000s, Riverdance.....Michael Flatley. Leading him on is former Miss USA Susie Castillo, known for her time on MTV.

Superstars of Dance differs from similar TV dance competitions in a number of ways. It features professionals instead of amateurs, including several world champions. Additionally, the contestants were chosen by their respective countries, rather than by the show's producers. Flatley has said Superstars is a lot like a sporting competition, even comparing it the Olympic Games.[2]
The winners are not decided by audience votes, but rather by a panel of eight judges. The producers felt that it would be unfair to decide the winner by phone-in votes, assuming the American public would probably just vote for the American team.

And who are the judges, you ask? Well, look at them.

Maria Pogee
Shirish Dayal
Kelley Abbey
Harold Van Buuren
Tony Selznick
Daire Nolan
Mikhail Smirnov
Master Haiyang Wang

If my blog was up in 2009, I would've given the latter a "If I say another word from You, I'll....." award because he's a man of a few numbers in Chinese and English. 

Superstars of Dance features a group, a duet, and two soloists from each of eight countries - Argentina, Australia, China, India, Ireland, Russia, South Africa and United States. Most of the contestants perform professionally as dancers full-time and several are world champions, or have otherwise achieved the highest honor available in their respective genres. Many of the contestants took time off their world tours in order to participate.
Several participants have connections to a previous Lythgoe and Fuller dance show, So You Think You Can DanceAnya GarnisPasha Kovalev, Giselle Peacock, and Robert Muraine were all contestants on that show, while Jason Gilkison[8] and Nakul Dev Mahajan choreographed for it. Henry Byalikov was a contestant on the Australian version of So You Think You Can Dance.

The panel of eight judges rank each contestant on a 1-10 scale. Each participating country has one judge on the panel, but judges are forbidden from voting for their own country's contestants. The panel is made up of highly respected choreographers and retired dancers.

Since we don't have time to review all 5 episodes let me tell you about the standings. 

Every performance is counted toward a country's overall standing, thus countries with multiple contestants advancing through the competition have a substantial advantage over countries with just one or two. The country with the most points at the end of the competition will be declared the winner and awarded the Superstars of Dance trophy.

And guess who won? 

Yep. The united States by a score of 530, a 5-point differential over Australia. 

Although it became a one-season wonder, ABC's Desperate Housewives kept them under from this show most eyeballs watched at that time. Guess Saturdays would've been the new way to turn it into a hit......or not.

That's it for this week. Today's consolation prize is  a copy of Time Killers for Genesis. Oh come on, the arcade version was better.

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