Thursday, May 16, 2013

Coming attractions!!!!!

If Ed Sheeran built a lego house, why would GSN The Know use one out of K'Nex? I don't know.

-We'll Play Doh with the ratings
-All the news from silly Putty
-We use action figures for a new show coming to GSN
-And we'll continue the class of 2003 reunion

GSN The Know. A real toy story.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Cram 'n Exam
(theme fades out)

Hey there friends....and friends of friends, Pierre Kelly once again to give you something more than what you gave on Mother's Day, and that's to watch game shows. We got nothing but 4 solid quarters for yourself and Hilty is up to make the 1st quarter stunning.\

Fifth Grader took the top spot, but Bible Challenge went back to 2nd, while Feud took 3rd including a tie for 6th, but another Fifth Grader took the 8th spot while Feud filled out the list. Now we read the card for the bottom 10.

The first 8 were a pattern of Baggage first and then MG, then the latter 4 were Whammy! and MG as well. PYL, P+ and MG rounded out the list. That's the first quarter. Hilty will go home to his mother.

ANd now the second quarter and it didn't take long to give it's mojo back, plus it's sponsorship, because they had non-related issues. So those hackers must've went to a flowers-blog by now. While they were away, they left stories on the mailbox such as.....

-The Chase getting some people in Chi-Town and NYC, including the ATL and our nation's capital.

-Sherriwed getting her Thursdays back after Bible Challenge is over with.

-And a MTWI memorial day marathon to help usher in the Apolo Anton Ohno version.

And here's something GSN has never seen...."Game Show Moments Gone Bananas." Seen on VH1 in 2005, it will come to the network on 5/27 and 5/28. In total, there were 5 shows in all.

As you may have guessed, yesterday was mother's day. While you went out with your mommies to dinner, I was watching GSN all afternoon after a quick one and on the schedule came this.....

3-5pm: Family Feud
5:00pm: Minute to Win It
6:00pm: American Bible Challenge
7-10pm: Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

To put it this way, there were 6 straight hours you & your mommy watched over the marathon. Finally, I Heard a rumor.....

....that Wheel....of....Fortune may return to the network since GSN no longer has the rights to it. If it's true, we may see old 1980's episodes in the morning and current ones by....oh, let's say early evening. Good luck with that. We turn to halftime and we continue teh 2003 class reunion with the first hit by Evanesence.

And we're bringing you more after I bring you this sponsor....

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And the third quarter has GSN posters talking about the upcoming MTWI marathon. However, one poster was thinking another show.....

"I think now would be a good time for GSN to rejuvenate The New $25,000 Pyramid by leasing for September 1983-August 1985 episodes. Come on GSN. You haven't gotten to those yet. What are you afraid of? You've 1983-1985 Press Your Luck episodes. Why not this?"

Wait a sec, GSN hasn't seen the light of day. Later might be a good time to see it. However, one says....

"Well, it is not too surprising because GSN has aired Sony seasons out of order in the past. Like Wheel Of Fortune and Jeopardy! seasons, for instance. And maybe, just maybe with the recent pickups of early PYL and $ale, they'll get to the rest of 25k Pyramid. I'm thinking they might continue from where they left off, since they did that the last time they switched seasons, but who knows. Aren't there still episodes from 1987 that haven't aired yet (on GSN) either?:"

I'm hoping.....they used to before. So we'll leave it at that. Let's switch topics to the mother's day marathon and one poster says....

"The one thing I don't understand about this "marathon" is that this is basically the same lineup we see every Sunday now. What the heck GSN? Ran out of creativity? I wouldn't call this poorly promoted, but I'd call it poorly planned with a lack of variety plus laziness with what shows to air. It blew my mind when I first saw this commercial and then saw on my guide that these were the same shows we see every Sunday afternoon and evening. I just don't get this decision, at all."
I guess Keith Sweat said it. Something just ain't right. Let's end it with.....

"Yeah, I mean, look at the schedule. Anybody who views the TV guide on GSN, or their online schedule will get this is the same schedule as usual. No one is getting screwed. GSN is just promoting these shows as Mother's Day shows. People will still tune in who watch regularly on Sunday evenings, or just want to watch GSN.

And that is why you won't see much internet chatter. Maybe small blogs, that's it."

See? Anybody can watch GSN. On to the 4th quarter and we continue the class of 2003 reunion with....Cram.

The mind of Jonathan Goodson went back to producing "Trivia Trap" for his father's company in 1984. After this, he went to producing Family Feud and a handful of lottery shows locally before branching out on his own company and making his only show GSN produced called Cram. In it, future podcaster Graham Elwood took vampires, which would be people studying 24 hours with no breaks and sleep on a test where they learn to rant from maagzine articles, walk on hamster wheels, match answers from books while blurting out a list of answers, complete jokes and riddles while powering fast vehicles and of course, answer questions while balancing things all for the sake in 30 minutes in jsut 2 seasons he made. By far, my favorite is Miss Pickwick', voice that made them wish it's bedtime, but it wasn't according to the rules, because if they did, it would ruin their chances of getting 10 grand. All in all, Cram was a spectacular version of Nickelodeon's "Think Fast" for an adult audience.

Pencils down, blog over. Please turn in your badge. It's over.

Remember to get into our FB group page and tell us about it, email either or, tweet me @Johnny_Arcade, and on the GSN forums, I'm Gameheadz. See you guys later and play on, playas.