Thursday, July 12, 2012

Coming attractions!

I was watching GSN in my manor, listening to They Might Be Giants when instead of an orange-colored sky, it was a darkest sky, and it rained in the hail balls. It's because you're soaking in the knowledge of GSN and next Tuesday on this blog:

-Our ratings report will make you tickled pink
-News that makes you go green
-Our fans feel in the red on shows no longer gone that they wished they bring back...
-and I'll have a shocking blue warning on why I left a group due to an incident, and why I made the page for all of you.

GSN The Know. The rainbow that knows the network for games.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Flash! Bam! Alakazam! And oh yeah, Pie-Yow!
(theme fades out)

Hey everyone, GSN The Know is up & running, Pierre Kelly, hope everyone had a good fourth of July week, but we're back at full strength coming at you like a Freight train with no brakes. Time to let the train out of the station by kicking off the ratings report, so Hilty, kick the thing off.

With Fifth grader slipping out of the top 10, it took not 10, not 20, but all 30 spots to make Feud a ratings powerhouse. It eventually took every slot possible from Karn to Harvey. Now the derailment compost line...or something.

Password Plus kicked off the whole thing, with Chain reaction afterwards,
With Jeopardy becoming the tomato in the moldy sandwich. After Pyramid and Super P, the last 4 spots was a landfill of Dawson's feud. That's the first quarter, Hilty must put this train to a stop.

We continue with the 2nd quarter and we know that The American Bible Challenge and Beat The Chefs is coming next month, but let's talk more about the bible game as we go.....

Under the Sink. The American Bible Challenge. A game show that spans a book that is years and years old. It takes 3 teams to win money. But what it does is they cannot win money for themselves, they give it to a charitable organization. The hype was noted around newspapers, Twitter and CNN. It's hosted by Jeff Foxworthy, and what we expect is to be GSN's best yet.

Now that we've gone Under The Sink, we say adios to 2 tv legends.

First, Andy Griffith. A man who made Mayberry his town and became a classic on tv reruns nationwide also gained fame as a lawyer on Matlock in the 1980's. His appearance on What's My Line gained a following in the world of game shows. Also, Ernest Borgnine, of Mchale's Navy and of Spongebob Squarepants became the very first Hollywood Squares center square before Paul Lynde made it a revolution on the show itself. May they rest themselves in peace.

(song fades out)

Now more stuff.,1

Of the 9 female hosts or co-hosts on the list, Meredith Viera and Anne Robinson make the list.

It was an open letter to Family Feud that touched me in a way I never thought possible. Sadly, it had nothing to do with why Dawson's Feud did poorly in the ratings. Finally......

All New Three's a Crowd host and veteran of entertainment, Alan Thicke, father to R&B singer Robin Thicke, is developing a game show. Good luck with that. And we go to halftime. For this one, I ask you to stand up and do the alley cat dance, because it fulfilled my summer camp childhood at Skinner Center in Memphis. It was a handicapped center, but for everyone at summer camp in your city especially gym class where you grew up, it was associated with this man....Bent Fabric. He won a Grammy for that song and here he is to crank it up.

And for the bonus;

Yeah, but I prefer a frosted brown cinnamon pop tart and a Starbucks coffee tall one. Now the third quarter. The 2 shows I just mentioned before halftime is just a month away, and with the anticipation running high, we asked if they could watch only one show, both or none at all. We go to Buzzerblog first with.....

"I dont think Beat the Chefs sounds that bad…reminds me of chopped…in that the emphasis is on the cooking and the competition…more LIKE a game show thank say the long term shows like MasterChef or Hells kitchen or a parody like Iron Chef (which in Japan was treated simiarally to Pro Wrestling than a true competition) I like the idea of a home cook’s dishes going against a professional chef…given that cooking shows themselves are blurred in this vein (Home cooks or teachers like Julia Child or Rachel Ray…Vs professional chefs like Tyler Florence, the Two Hot Tamales or Emeril) BUT I think the host was a poor choice…you need SOMEONE with SOME food knowledge so they can say more than “the kitchen smell’s Gooooddddd” it will depend on what chefs they can put up and if they will either a.Cream the home cooks or B.the chefs won’t be of top quality…BUT it’s a good idea…and I reckon if they cast right you’ll have some Good winners.

The Bible show I think will do better than people think…but that doesn’t mean much. I think hardcore Christians do turn to game shows for some safe haven (I’m sure Baggage, NG and Harvey Feud have chased these people away from GSN for a while) so i think the show has a market…and if it’s done right it can have some excitement, but I doubt it will…however Foxworthy (who is basically the modern day Bill Anderson) may save the show from being a total disaster…like Hindenberg instead of Chernoybl."

Thanks Glenn for the heads up. How about another one?

"Matt Rogers, aside from singing like the drunkle at a wedding, actually has decent hosting chops. Of course his last show was the forgettable “There Goes the Neighborhood”. And yes the show sounds like every other cooking contest since Iron Chef, but I’m cautiously optimistic."

Right, Chico. He scrapped a singing career for hosting. I hope Matt does well and we move on.....

"I’m interested in beat the chefs, largely because it’s a show I would like to compete on, but hopefully when they say Matt is hosting he’ll be joined by someone with culinary knowledge like say Bobby Flay, Curtis Stone or Cat Cora.

Bible, (I still can’t believe they’re going through with this). I’m concerned. it might be a decent show but Jeff Foxworthy seems like a bit of a gamble. Nothing he has ever done screams “christian” to me but maybe we’ll see a different side of him here."

Marc Power, I thank you and we have another opinion....

"You know the old line, “nobody’s forcing you to watch.” If it gets good enough ratings, (I have my doubts, but we’ll see), they’ll keep running it. As someone said earlier, the people who watch Baggage aren’t likely going to watch a Bible show, nor the other way around. If they pull this off, it may say as much about Jeff Foxworthy as the audience."

Good one, Sung. We take you now to the GSN forum palace where we find this.....

"American Bible Challenge. I would really like to see that, and then The Newlywed Game and The Pyramid of course. Those should have been on the poll. Beat the Chefs I might catch but I'm not really cooking shows, even on Food Network."

Lingofan's going for my pick. What about this poster?


Can't play along with the Bible because I don't know much about it and religion.
Not a fan of cooking shows. The only food related game show I do enjoy is: Man vs. Food."

So this poster here must be an atheist. I single him out for that, how about one more...

"Would not be surprised if American Bible Challenge's first episode get a record breaking amount of views, even higher than the 742,000 5th Grader got back in April. The show has been getting a lot of attention, while Beat the Chefs has been very low key, with no ads at all yet."

Well, we will soon find out on premiere day. Now we go around the world in one quarter.

Since 1994, GSN has brought all kinds of game shows to America, but did you know they were shows outside of the US? Well, a few in Canada where. Like LMAD on CBS today, they were inexpensive at the time. They acquired USA Network original classics, like Jackpot! With Mike Darrow, Bumper Stumpers and The New Chain Reaction, which ironically, aired almost 20 years to the new version made only for GSN. Then by 2002, GSN had the only Australian game around. It was called "Who Dares Wins" and in it, you did dangerous stunts for money. Weird, huh? Today, there are some GSN programs that also have their own versions internationally. The latest being DWTS most recently based on the British series "Strictly Come Dancing." which program do you think will get the global treatment? Just wait.
Time to land safely and head back home. Before we go, I would like to give a shout out to Trey Erwin's family. He passed away this past week. May he rest in peace.

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