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Friday, June 30, 2017

Livewire! 6/30

Madison Brunoehler: From Game Show Live!, this is.....................

Livewire! Yesterday's headlines today. Brought to you by....

Sea Lions. They'll drag you into the water......for once.

And now from our Game Show Live! Newsroom, here comes Pierre Kelly!

Me: Thank you Madi2theMax, welcome to Livewire! They say tables, ladders and chairs can break your bones, but sitting outside reading the news under the shade won't do us no harm. Raw is Red, Smackdown is blue, long as Livewire! is here, let's do what we're gonna do. We're got a story to tell and I'm America's favorite contestant, because when I hit the studio, lot of news going on. So take a look at our news.................................with sass.

Once Upon a Time.....

Erin Andrews of DWTS got engaged to an NHL player named Jarrett Stoll.

The 39-year-old Dancing with the Stars host shared a slideshow of pictures on Monday from her June 24 nuptials. 

"June 24th was so perfect! Can we do it next wkd?" Erin captioned the slideshow on Instagram. 

The reality TV personality and sportscaster said on social media that her dress and veil were a dream come true, adding that her entire ensemble was "perfection." 

Erin and Jarret exchanged vows during a sunset ceremony on Saturday at the Yellowstone Club in Big Sky, Montana. 

The couple tied the knot in front of a small group of family and friends, after which they celebrated their wedding with their guests at a reception planned and executed by celebrity wedding planner Yifat Oren. 

The Dancing with the Stars host and Jarret, 34, began dating in 2012. Erin confirmed their engagement in December 2016. 

Project Kiss-Away?

Heidi Klum's boyfriend denied cheating rumors on Monday after photos surfaced of him appearing to kiss another woman.

Vito Schnabel, a New York art dealer, said in a statement to People that people mistakenly assumed he was being unfaithful to Klum in the pictures.
"The claims that have been made are a misinterpretation of an entirely innocent situation," he said.
"There is nothing more to this than I was simply saying goodnight to a family friend and then we went our separate ways."
The Daily Mail published photos Friday of Schnabel kissing an unidentified woman in a taxi in London following an evening at Chiltern Firehouse.
Sources said the art dealer exited the cab and entered his hotel alone, while the woman continued on to a different address


A Commodore on Idol?

Lionel Richie may or may not make it to the AI reboot.

According to production sources of the reality singing competition, Richie secretly met with Idol producers last week in regards to him possibly joining the show, TMZ reported. 

Show executives reportedly had a sit-down conversation with the legendary singer and producer for two hours, and they loved him. 

The sources say Richie would be a great addition to American Idol, which already confirmed pop icon Katy Perry will be sitting on the judging panel for Season 16 next year. 

American Idol producers like Richie's "vibe," TMZ reported, and he'd be considered the "nice judg

Speaking of Idol, here's a person in half of 60 ticks who'll get on one..........someday. It's the 30-second song break with Lilbumblebear which begins on the command of this word..............

Back to the news.

Idiots on Tour

Although it's hard to have Ben Gleib join in, Chris Hardwick is making ID10T Music fetival his own.

Among the many performances and events planned for ID10T: a live recording of the Harmontown podcast; a panel discussion between Hardwick and Portlandia stars Armisen and Brownstein; a discussion with the crew behind Mystery Science Theater 3000 led by Wil Wheaton; a Mad Decent-sponsored dance music tent; stand-up sets by Demetri Martin, Michael Che, Garfunkel & Oates and Nikki Glaser; plus live music from Weezer, TV On The Radio, OK Go and Animal Collective.

At least a big touchsceen where everyone can play Idiotest is on there.

Livewire! took our camera crews earlier in the week to show you how to play the new Candy Crush game show. Enjoy.

New Apology On The Block

Leah Block apologizes for her tweet about Rachel Lindsay who is the Bachelorette this season.

After receiving backlash from her Twitter followers as well as a heated response from Lindsay herself, Block took to Facebook on Wednesday, June 21, to address the comment she had made in which she compared Season 13 of The Bachelorette to VH1's drama-filled Love & Hip Hop reality series, which has a predominantly black cast. 

"I come forward honestly and openly, to extend my sincere apology for the tweet from my account on Monday, June 19th regarding the current season of The Bachelorette," Block wrote. 

"The tweet came from a place that humored the failure of representation of minorities in reality TV and belittled the significance of Rachel's presence on the show." 

Block's offensive tweet has since been deleted. 

"I'm sitting here watching @BacheloretteABC and my roommate just sat down on the couch and said, 'What is this? @LoveAndHipHop_' DEAD," Block had tweeted, according to Us Weekly, with "DEAD" meaning she was laughing hysterically. 

Lindsay, the first-ever black The Bachelorette star, then stood up for herself on Twitter, writing in reply, "Let me know if she wants to meet Lee... they sound like they would have a lot in common #ihavetimetoday." 

Lee Garrett is a suitor on The Bachelorette who recently came under fire for allegedly posting racist and sexist tweets a couple of years ago. Garrett has also come across as an instigator and troublemaker on the show, with frontrunner Dean Unglert calling him "intolerant" of others with cultural differences. 

"I acknowledge that entertaining this kind of humor is a passive and careless action that stifles the progress the black community has made in television and continue to make in this industry," Block continued in her Facebook statement. 

"It is vitally important to prioritize these experiences and help destroy the oppressive forces that threaten minority communities. My tweet did neither of those things, and I see that as a personal failure." 

Block -- who competed on Season 20 of The Bachelor starring Ben Higgins and also appeared on Bachelor in Paradise's third season last summer -- said she was "defensive" in her initial responses to angry or concerned social-media users. 


You can't make this....


Tampa Bay mall goers will soon be able to play the popular game shows Wheel of Fortune, JEOPARDY!, Family Feud and The Price is Right at mall kiosks. As part of its in2win advertising promotions, the St. Petersburg-based Priatek is expected to launch the games June 27.
“What we’ve been able to do is connect consumers with advertising in a fun and rewarding way,” says Milind Bharvirkar, Priatek’s President.
Priatek began offering games at mall kiosks in November, but its new revised app will include the popular reality show games, plus loyalty points and gift card programs. Currently there are 80 kiosks operating in the Tampa and Orlando areas.

This past Wednesday, our Game Show Live! game show gypsy queen gave us a Kickstarter video and if you missed it on the blog, the link to find it is here:
Here are some things you can get on this Kickstarter. Come with me.

Pledge $75 or more

Acoustic digital downloads of my 5 favorite songs that didn’t make the album. Tragically, some of my BEST songs won’t be on the album, usually because they don’t quite fit in with the others, or because I want to pitch them to well-known artists. These oddball songs are near and dear to my heart, and by sharing them this way they’ll get to live on in their pure acoustic form. Plus, you get a SIGNED CD, a T-SHIRT, a thank you card, and the DELUXE DIGITAL ALBUM.
It's like watching MTV Unplugged....with audio.

Pledge $100 or more

I’m a huge music nerd and I love sharing my latest discoveries! You just let me know what you’re into, and I’ll create a customized mix CD for you. Plus, you get a SIGNED CD, a T-SHIRT, a thank you card, the DELUXE DIGITAL ALBUM, and the EXCLUSIVE ACOUSTIC SONGS.
Yes, throwing in a benjamin can give you a mixtape from DJ Rockin' Robyn on the 1s and 2s, yo!

Pledge $125 or more

Let's get to know each other better! If you're in Utah, we'll go to one of my favorite coffee shops, or if you're far away we can Skype. We'll sip Earl Grey (well, I'll sip Earl Grey- you can drink whatever you want!) and talk about life, love, music, anything- it will be grand! Plus, you get a SIGNED CD, a T-SHIRT, a thank you card, the DELUXE DIGITAL ALBUM, and the EXCLUSIVE ACOUSTIC SONGS.
Or  better yet, pigging out at Cici's or Burger King or Sonic or Steak N Shake.....

Pledge $150 or more

For those generous souls who want to support my project, but are less interested in physical goods. You’ll receive the DELUXE DIGITAL ALBUM and the EXCLUSIVE ACOUSTIC SONGS, and an extra huge dose of gratitude!!
Now that's Karma.

Pledge $200 or more

I’m no stranger to all-request piano bars, so I know A TON of covers. I will cover ANY song, film an acoustic live performance, and post it to YouTube! Plus, you get a SIGNED CD, a T-SHIRT, a thank you card, the DELUXE DIGITAL ALBUM, and the EXCLUSIVE ACOUSTIC SONGS.

Pledge $250 or more

You get a featured role in a music video! It will be a total blast, but be warned; I might make you wear something a little weird… Plus, you get a SIGNED CD, a T-SHIRT, a thank you card, the DELUXE DIGITAL ALBUM, and the EXCLUSIVE ACOUSTIC SONGS. Please note, this award is subject to your availability. Organizing a music video shoot takes a great deal of planning, so I’ll do my best to give you lots of advance notice about the date and time of the shoot. If you can’t make it to the shoot, you get your choice of any combo of rewards adding up to $250.
Now, if MTV brought those back instead of Ridiclousness.......

Pledge $400 or more

I will write a song just for you, or for someone you love. Give me a story, or theme, lyric idea, melody, title, anything- you get to choose what the song is about, and I promise to pour my heart and soul and imagination into your song. Years of acting experience has helped me in telling other people’s stories. Perfect for weddings, holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, or just for fun. Plus, you get a SIGNED CD, a T-SHIRT, a thank you card, the DELUXE DIGITAL ALBUM, and the EXCLUSIVE ACOUSTIC SONGS.

And my personal recommendation.....

Pledge $750 or more

I will come to you. I’ll entertain you and your guests with the stories behind the songs, and I’ll even take requests for covers! I’ll provide the keyboard and sound system. If you don’t live in Utah, or in a city where I happen to be performing/visiting/touring, then we’ll have to add in travel expenses. Please note, it’s completely legit, and not unusual to charge a cover for house concerts and earn your money back… Your name will be listed in the special thank you’s in the album liner notes. Plus, you get a SIGNED CD, a T-SHIRT, a thank you card, the DELUXE DIGITAL ALBUM, and the EXCLUSIVE ACOUSTIC SONGS.

Alright that's enough, here's one of her songs while you make up your mind with plastic money to pledge on....and here you go.

That's all for now, but remember one thing:  Will I ever be invited to an Emoji festival? I mean, Hunter March could host it.....

 So until next time and all the on playas. 

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Head of Household Slumber Party!

Stephanie Panisello: From Coast to Coast, Shore to Shore, Border to Border and beyond the far reaches of our galaxy's solar system, it's time to go all the way live on....

Now here is America's favorite contestant, Pierre Kelly!!!!!

(me sleeping; but wakes up to the lights going on)

Me: Oh, Hi guys. Sorry I didn't sleep last night, there was a MST3K marathon on Twitch, but I wanted to welcome you to the blog that's more fun than the BET Awards, but less boring than the Oscars. It's Game show Live! As live as it gets, as live as it happens and as live whenever you feel like it.

Today's program is presented this month by Mill Creek Entertainment. To get you prepared for 4th of July weekend,

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Now then, let's start with.....

 The Opening Toss-Up story.

Knock Knock, who's there? Pandora. Pandora Who?
From TV Line
Pandora’s Box has been upgraded.

Big Brother‘s Season 19 twist will confront Houseguests with “tempting offers that could give them money, power and safety in the game. But, they will need to be careful, because for every temptation taken, there will be a consequence to face,” warns a press release that more than a little evokes Rumpelstiltskin.

One of those twists is the “Den of Temptation,” to which America will vote on which Houseguest they would like to send. At the Garden of Eden-styled location, players will be enticed by a potentially game-changing offer that will “unleash a consequence on the house.”

“Temptation has always been a part of Big Brother, but this summer we are testing the Houseguests like never before,” exec producer Rich Meehan said in a statement. “There are so many different paths the game could take this season depending on what the Houseguests choose to do. With so many unknowns, we are excited to see how it all plays out.”

Big Brother 19‘s two-night premiere airs Wednesday, June 28 at 8/7c and Thursday, June 29 at 9 pm, while the first Sunday episode (airing July 2 at 8 pm) features the debut of the “Den of Temptation.”

CBS previously announced 16 Houseguests who will embark on a new season of BIG BROTHER. This season's cast includes a government engineer, a rodeo clown, a microbiologist and a cosplay artist, among others.

CBS All Access will give subscribers the opportunity to meet the Houseguests before anyone else via a live stream of their first interviews beginning this morning at 8:00 AM, PT/11:00 AM, ET. CBS All Access subscribers can watch the live stream online at or the CBS App for iOS, Android and Windows 10, and on connected devices, including Roku Players, Apple TV, Chromecast, Android TV, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Fire TV.

The following 16 new Houseguests will spend the summer competing for $500,000:

- Christmas Abbott (35; Lynchburg, VA; fitness superstar)
- Matthew Clines (33; Arlington, VA; renovation consultant)
- Dominique Cooper (30; Tuskegee, AL; government engineer)
- Elena Davies (26; Fort Worth, TX; radio personality)
- Jason Dent (27; Humeston, IA; rodeo clown)
- Jessica Graf (26; Cranston, RI; VIP concierge)
- Cameron Heard (24; North Aurora, IL; microbiologist)
- Mark Jansen (26; Grand Island, NY; personal trainer)
- Megan Lowder (28; Cathedral City, CA; dog walker)
- Josh Martinez (23; Miami; hair care sales)
- Cody Nickson (32; Lake Mills, IA; construction sales rep)
- Alex Ow (28; Thousand Oaks, CA; eco-friendly marketing rep)
- Jillian Parker (24; Celebration, FL; timeshare sales rep)
- Kevin Schlehuber (55; Boston; stay-at-home dad)
- Ramses Soto (21; Grand Rapids, MI; cosplay artist)
- Raven Walton (23; DeValls Bluff, AR; dance teacher)

This Friday on Livewire!, It's a festival Ben Gleib would be proud of, but it's not Ben, it's somebody else. Find out who this Friday on Livewire! Catch it here!
(song stops)
Now comes the end of month part where the separate the line between who's dissing who at an award show. It's the Yay & Yawn of June.
The Yay: ABC's Sunday Night Lineup. Something you spend on you summer vacay thanks to Celebrity Family Feud, Funderdome and the Pyramid.
The Yawn: Bachelor in Paradise. There was an incident between 2 cast members, but despite that, the show had to go on. Maybe these 2 should get counseling.

Unlike Oscar speeches, we interrupt this blog with a commercial. After this, CBS gets 2 games to stick around. That's on the way, but first....
Here's something amazing every kid will love.
(fade to break)

Welcome back to Game Show Live!  A litter later on, we check in with a Schmoeville theme park supervisor on theme park safety.
(song fades out)
Before we get there, CBS, the #1 rated network in daytime for 30 years, has renewed its entire Daytime schedule for the 2017-2018 season, including a three-year deal for daytime's #1 drama, THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS, and an additional two years for network television's #1 daytime show, THE PRICE IS RIGHT. The full lineup, which was just honored with an industry-leading 14 Daytime Emmy Awards, also includes new seasons of LET'S MAKE A DEAL, THE TALK and THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL, which previously received a multi-year pickup through the 2017-2018 season.
"CBS Daytime has never been stronger. From 30 consecutive years of being #1 in the ratings, to another year as the most honored Network at the Daytime Emmys, our lineup of talk, game shows and dramas connects with our audience like no one else," said Angelica McDaniel, Executive Vice President, Daytime Programs and Syndicated Program Development, CBS Entertainment and CBS Television Distribution. "All of our talent, on screen and behind the scenes, is hard at work making the upcoming season of these award-winning series even bigger and bolder."

LET'S MAKE A DEAL, with Daytime Emmy Award-winning host Wayne Brady, will return for its ninth season. LET'S MAKE A DEAL 1 is averaging 3.05 million viewers, while LET'S MAKE A DEAL 2 is averaging 3.47 million viewers. Produced by FremantleMedia North America, the show is broadcast weekdays (check local listings). Mike Richards, Dan Funk and Jennifer Mullin are executive producers.

Network television's most watched daytime program, now in its 45th season, THE PRICE IS RIGHT 1 is averaging 4.84 million viewers, while THE PRICE IS RIGHT 2 is averaging 5.51 million viewers. Hosted by Drew Carey and produced by FremantleMedia North America, the series is broadcast weekdays (11:00 AM-12:00 PM, ET/10:00-11:00 AM, PT). Mike Richards and Jennifer Mullin are executive producers.
Don't be so Bush League on this....
Across the country, the bushcraft movement is growing. It is built on primitive wisdom, ingenuity, hard-won wilderness skills and a desire for self-reliance. But who are the best at their craft? Discovery Channel announced today that it has ordered BUSH LEAGUE (w/t), an all-new competition series where a group of wild artisans will set out to prove who is the ultimate master.

Born out of primitive skills gatherings happening all over the USA, the art of bushcrafting was once handed down from person to person. But today it's on a much larger scale with the power of social media allowing bushcrafters to challenge each other to more and more elaborate builds.

Now legendary Bush Master Matt Graham is leading the charge on a whole new level of competition and hosting an elite series of bushcraft summits deep in the wilds of Matt's home state of Utah. In these summits, two master bushcrafters will compete head to head in a bushcraft build-off themed to a specific environment, topography and primitive living challenge. Over a seven-day build period, the bushcrafters will create eye-popping builds, from tools to weapons to structures to transportation, all using nothing but their hard-won skills, a few simple hand tools and whatever resources nature provides.

Once the dust has settled, Matt will judge the completed works using the four tenets of bushcraft: materials, craftsmanship, function and liveability. At stake for the bushcrafters: bragging rights, reputation and the knowledge that they were able to adapt, overcome and thrive in an unknown environment.

BUSH LEAGUE (w/t) is produced for Discovery Channel by Original Productions. For Original, Executive Producers are Sarah Whalen, Ernie Avila, Steve Robillard and Matthew Braley and Co-Executive producer Adam Flacks. For Discovery Channel, Joseph Boyle and Dave Freed are Executive Producers. To learn more, go to, on Facebook at and on Twitter @Discovery.
This past week, Vidcon invaded LA for yet another year and our Game Show Live! match Game mistress of impressionism Madi2theMax chalked up her experience in 2 minutes that begins.......
More geekiness now in the form of.....

The Get-up. Everything geeky....with a Game Show Live! touch. Now from the old Wilton-North building in Grimsborough, here is our chief geek correspondent, Chris Killian.

  Thank you Chris, now on with more news.

ABC Talent and Casting's fifth annual ABC Discovers: Digital Talent Competition, which takes place Monday, June 26 - Sunday, July 9, is live now in the U.S. The competition aims to discover and champion actors who may not have had the opportunity to be seen yet by a team of professional casting executives. Actors 18 and older are encouraged to visit to enter the contest for the chance to receive a one-year $25,000 talent deal with ABC. The 2017 winner will be announced Thursday, August 10, when their videos, along with the other top finalists, will be featured on the ABC Discovers website. Based on the success of prior U.S. competitions, ABC is also now launching a U.K. version of the competition at The winner of the U.K. competition will receive a separate one-year $25,000 talent deal with ABC.
Ayo Davis, senior vice president, Talent and Casting, ABC Entertainment, said, "This competition is about access and opportunity for up-and-coming actors. We are incredibly proud of the talent that has surfaced in the first few years of the competition and can't wait to see who comes forward this year in both the U.S. and now also the U.K."

This year's competition site features commentary from Davis, as well as respected Casting Director Linda Lowy, who talks about how she found the cast of "Grey's Anatomy." Lowy's video features interviews with show talent, including Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr., Jessica Capshaw, Kelly McCreary, Jason George and Debbie Allen. Last year's 2016 competition winner, Beth Triffon, and comedian Akaash Singh ("Difficult People" and "The Leftovers") are also featured on the site.

To enter the ABC Discovers: Digital Talent Competition, actors are asked to create a video performing one of the comedy or drama scenes posted on Actors will be judged on quality of performance, potential star power and technical skill set. For full details on eligibility, how to enter and for Official Rules, interested actors can visit The deadline for submissions is Sunday, July 9.
The Digital Talent Competition is part of ABC Discovers, a series of initiatives that includes the annual New York and Los Angeles Talent Showcases, Actor Audition Workshop Week, Latino/Hispanic Outreach, Asian/Pacific Islander Outreach and Global Talent Outreach. The 2014 contest winner, Cornelius Smith Jr., is a series regular on the hit drama "Scandal," and 2015 contest winner Sam Adegoke has had numerous recurring roles on series, including "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders" and "Switched at Birth." He is currently starring in the CW's reboot of "Dynasty." Last year's 2016 Digital Talent Competition winner Beth Triffon has a recurring role in the upcoming ABC series "Ten Days in the Valley."

It's safe to say that MTV today announced the debut of new comedy series, "SafeWord," where famous friends become famous frenemies all for a good laugh. "SafeWord" will premiere on Thursday, July 13 at 11:30 p.m. ET/PT, immediately following a new episode of "Wild 'N Out" and as part of MTV's "Throwdown Thursdays" comedy block.

From the producers of "Lip Sync Battle" and hosted by Terrence J, the star-studded season will feature Kevin Hart, Damien Dante Wayans, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, Marlon Wayans, Kelly Rowland, Nelly, LaLa Anthony, Amber Rose, "13 Reasons Why" cast mates Ross Butler and Justin Prentice, Charlamagne Tha God, Drake Bell, Lil Rel Howery, Jermaine Fowler and more.

"SafeWord" is based off the U.K. format that aired on itv2 and was originally developed and produced by STV Productions and Motion Content Group. In each episode, the celebrity guests will partner with superstar comedians, including Carly Aquilino, Sam Jay, Ricky Velez, Leonard Ouzts, Taylor Tomlinson, Akaash Singh, Matt Pavich, Sherry Cola to help them play a series of games in front a live audience. Throughout multiple rounds, the teams go head-to-head daring each other in a variety of challenges including social media games that have already stirred up quite a bit of controversy. In the spirit of a friendly comedy roast, the celebs are tasked with taking the heat, but can always stop the pain by using their "safeword."

For more, follow the show on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @mtvsafeword or visit

"SafeWord" is Executive Produced Jay Peterson, Todd Lubin and Jerry Carita for Matador. James Sunderland serves as showrunner. Terrence Jenkins serves as host and Executive Producer. Candida Boyette-Clemons and Paul Ricci are Executive Producers for MTV. The series is directed by Michael Simon.

And now for a socially true story.

Facebook is reportedly looking to extend its tentacles into Hollywood Boulevard by championing a new wave of scripted TV programming aimed at 13 to 34-year-olds by late summer.
According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the social network is in talks with LA-based studios and agencies around the creation of original, scripted shows.

Perhaps mindful of ongoing criticism around the platform's role in the spread of fake news and its stance on moderation, Facebook will apparently seek to nip any controversy in the bud by avoiding difficult subjects like news and politics, as well as banning nudity and foul language.

Instead the TV-grade shows, which are reported to be budgeted at up to $3m per episode, will focus on non-contentious dramas, reality programming and game shows. Facebook is thought to have already scheduled meetings with talent agencies to hit the ground running in a race to own as much video content as possible.

While the company has declined to comment on the specifics of the report, Facebook’s vice-president of media partnerships, Nick Grudin, told the WSJ: "We're supporting a small group of partners and creators as they experiment with the kinds of shows you can build a community around – from sports to comedy to reality to gaming. We're focused on episodic shows and helping all our partners understand what works across different verticals and topics."

It is expected that the first content to see the light of day will be a millennial relationship drama called Strangers and the game show Last State Standing.

Should Facebook enter the highly congested market, it will need to face off against the likes of Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, all of which have amassed significant content libraries with which to lure subscribers.

Facebook's content ambitions were thrown into further focus over the weekend when it unveiled a video creation app for influencers as it seeks to muscle in on YouTube's turf.
Rumors have been circulating about Facebook's interest in producing TV-style shows since the social network hired CollegeHumor founder Ricky Van Veen as head of global creative strategy last June.

Blip on this.....

Discovery Science in Europe has commissioned an interactive gameshow with video game pioneer Atari that will initially air in the UK and Poland.
The Discovery Communications-owned channel has greenlit Atari: Codebreaker, which will launch this autumn before rolling out into other European territories.

Atari was launched in 1972 and became an early giant of the video game industry, creating successful games as well as arcades, games consoles and personal computers.

The show will take the form of a quiz imagined for the Atari generation and their families. It will consist of four rounds, the first two featuring questions on science topics, with the winning teams going head-to-head in a battle to find the combination to a safe containing prizes.
Shortform content taking viewers behind the scenes of the show will be available via a dedicated website. Atari Media Production and TH Films are producing.

How do you say "The Wall" in French?

Canadian broadcaster TVA is getting its own French-language version of NBC game show The Wall.
TVA stablemate Quebecor Content has acquired rights to the show from Endemol Shine International.

The series has been a ratings hit in the US, where NBC debuted it in primetime. A subsequent access prime version in France for has also done well, becoming the territory’s best performing game show launch since 2009, with Endemol Shine also selling the format into Spain and Germany.

Broadcast details for the French-Canadian version will follow “at a later date”.

Yann Paquet, VP of acquisitions and international development at Quebecor Content, claimed the format was “the most popular game show in the world”.

“It gets monster ratings wherever it’s aired and we have absolutely confidence it will thrill our viewers and touch their hearts,” he added.

Legendary NBA basketball player LeBron James co-created the format with SpringHill Entertainment’s Maverick Carter and Andrew Glassman of Glassman Media. In the US Universal Television Alternative Studio is coproducer.

The quiz format requires contestants to answer questions and get favorable ‘bounces’ from a giant wall in order to win cash prizes.
TVA and Quebecor Content are part of Quebecor Media Group.

Here's a Password Plus Puzzle from 1979 you should solve.

Try and solve that after a Google Play Music interlude from Stephanie Quayle about her Winnebago. Hop in!

And that leads to the answer found on the map. It's.....

She's got burned at the stake and had witnesses throw a smores bonfire. Interesting history nugget for your brain.

Game Show Live! now presents the 6th Annual.....GSN..........MID-YEAR....MIDTERM REPORT CARD!

Let's share the ups and downs of GSN in 2017 halfway through.  Starting with the good grades.....

GSN introduced  Hollywood Game Night and Cash Cab as new acquistions and Emogenius helped Hunter March launch his game show career as 2nd generation game show host. However, the bad grades happened....

Family Feud threw in theme weeks and Press Your Luck was taken off the air for good leaving Buzzr to air it. Shall I grade the papers now or later? Well......later after our Game Show gypsy queen Robyn Cage has a special little announcement for you.....

Papers graded! It's.....

A B minus. A quick improvement, but a feeling that lesser Feud may come the rest of the year.

That's it for this week. Today's consolation prize is a $10 gift card to the walk-in triple drive-thru café at the Titantron Drive-In. This weekend, rain or shine, is a M. Night Shamalayn movie marathon until 3 am. Right behind the Target which is a long parking lot walk across the street from the old Whitten-North building.

Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. Also I'm on Snapchat as MisterGSN and Instagram as Mister_WCW. We will return next Wednesday, and until we return, Play on playas.