Saturday, May 27, 2017

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On the next Game Show Live!....

-The Plinko record that shattered the TPIR record books....
-What we thought of "Beat Shazam" in a haiku....
-And an internet news company tweets out a new fox Show. 

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Joker....Joker.....Dog Shows!

Stephanie Panisello: From Coast to Coast, Shore to Shore, Border to Border and beyond the far reaches of our galaxy's solar system, it's time to go all the way live on....

Now here is America's favorite contestant, Pierre Kelly!!!!!

Me: Thank you Stephanie Panisello and welcome to the only blog that invites the FLOTUS, a country singer and an animal make a poor man crush.  Game show Live! As live as it gets, as live as it happens and as live whenever you feel like it.

Today's program is presented this month by Rip It Energy Drink. Memorial Day weekend is coming up, so buy as many Rip It Energy drinks as you like. Same some for your friends. Okay? Good. You're invited to the nation's largest Game show gathering. So let's begin with.....

 The Opening Toss-Up story.

The Game where knowledge is king and lady luck is queen returns to TBS. The host.....

Image result for snoop dogg 1992

Snooop Doggy Dogg?  SAY WHAT!!!??????

Yes it's true. The rapper-turned-TV-personality has signed on to host a revival of the 1970s game show, “The Joker’s Wild” on TBS. Snoop will be executive producing the show with “Good Morning America” anchor Michael Strahan.
“I’m a huge fan of game shows and ‘The Joker’s Wild’ was my favorite show growing up,” Snoop Dogg said in a statement obtained by IndieWire. “It always matched the flavor and personality of Snoop Dogg! Me and the Snoopadelic team are excited to bring back the show and put my own personal touch on it. Get ready ya’ll, it’s gonna be a wild ride!”

Like the original version of the show, the updated “Joker’s Wild” will feature a large slot machine, though mini-games will replace the straight-up trivia questions. Oh, and the set will be designed to look like Snoop’s very own casino. It’s probably safe to assume the show will be highly entertaining.

Michael Bloom, senior vice president of unscripted series and specials for TNT and TBS, said in a statement that while Snoop may not seem like your typical game show host, he’s “a great fit that brings passion to this game show with a laid-back vibe to the casino-inspired craziness surrounding him.”

He added, “This is a labor of love for Snoop Dogg and Michael Strahan, and a perfect addition to TBS’s comedy lineup.”

This revival isn’t the first for “Joker’s Wild.” The show, which originally aired from 1972 to 1975 (then, thanks to syndication, through 1986), was brought back for a brief revival in the early ’90s.
TBS’ revival is set to air sometime later this year. 

Now you know why Jack Barry and Dan Enright and Bill Cullen were rolling over in their graves.

It's the monthly segment in which who mowed the lawn well and who sneezed in an allergic fashion. It's the Yay & Yawn of May.

The Yay: Rashad & Emma. The football player scored a TD with Emma Slater as they scored the mirrorball trophy.

The Yawn: Steve Harvey. The Family Feud host had a memo and didn't apologize. And HE SHOULD'VE!!!!!!

Hang in there. After this, 2 critics trash on 2 upcoming shows. WTH? That's on the way, but first.....

(song fades out)

Wanna relive your summer blockbusters of the past? Well, there's only one place to go.

(fade to break)


Welcome back to Game Show Live! Later on in the show,  Why did Zack Snyder leave the Justice League and will it effect the way you see it?
(song fades out)
Every once in a while, the critics seem to hate newer shows.
One critic is trashing on Beat Shazam this airs this Thursday which is hosted by Jamie Foxx. But it doesn't stop there.
Another critic trashes Candy Crush on CBS. Look at it this way. Idiotest was all based on the app and it became a hitmaker for Ben Gleib. Will the 2 follow suit?
Oh and sticking with Candy Crush, one couple will be competing on the show. Go......them!
To the best of our ability.....
ITV2 has unveiled a brand new entertainment show called CelebAbility from the makers of The Chase and Ninja Warrior.
The concept will see five friends go head-to-head with five celebrities in a series of rounds, based around an unusual skill or ability that the celebs believe they have.

It all builds up to a final round where remaining friends must answer questions about the remaining celebrities. The fewer celebs there are, the better chance the contestants have.

The show will be presented by stand-up comedian Iain Stirling – best known for his work on CBBC and as the narrator on Love Island – and the winners will bag a cash prize.

"I'm absolutely buzzing to start the show and find out how truly talented our British celebrities are," Iain said. "Are celebrities fundamentally better than members of the public? It's about time someone found out!"
Saskia Schuster, ITV's Comedy Commissioner, added: "CelebAbility is the game show for anyone with an unusual party trick and a competitive nature. Comedian Iain Stirling will host the showdown between panellists and celebrities, for some seriously silly fun."
You won't be alone because as The adage goes, misery loves company and HISTORY is putting that to the test in a brand-new twist of its hit nonfiction survival series "Alone," premiering Thursday, June 15 at 10PM ET/PT. In season four, seven teams of two will be separated and dropped miles apart with two ultimate goals: navigate the brutal, unforgiving terrain of Vancouver Island in an attempt to locate their isolated partner and, once reunited, survive as long as they can. For these seven pairs of family members will having a partner help or hurt their chances of going the distance?

"'Alone' continues to captivate viewers with its raw, authentic storytelling and now, after three seasons, we're adding a new level of complexity to the show," said Zachary Behr, Senior Executive Producer, HISTORY. "At its core the show remains the same as our survivalists endure the challenges of being isolated in some of the most unstable terrain imaginable. However, this season, pairs are initially separated from one another and must navigate an impenetrable forest in an effort to find each other. Once reunited, they'll have to communicate, compromise and work together with their teammate if they want to endure the longest."

Similar to previous seasons, the survivalists must build their own shelters, forage their own food, and overcome numerous obstacles if they want to be the last people standing. With ten survival tools to share per team, enough camera gear to self-document their experiences and a cash prize of $500,000 on the line, season four will bring more sacrifices and higher stakes than ever before. No camera crew. No gimmicks. It is the ultimate test of human will. 
Here's something I played while I was in my big window office this week.
Sony Pictures Television Networks Games today announced their latest free-to-play mobile game, Jeopardy! World Tour, now available for download on iOS and Android. In this free-to-play mobile version of the Emmy®-winning quiz show developed by leading game studio Uken Games, players can immerse themselves in the ultimate game of smarts, test their knowledge with clues from the show, level up to play in some of the world's most exciting destinations, and ultimately earn bragging rights as a Jeopardy! World Tour champion!
In Jeopardy! World Tour, the game play and win streaks are exciting, with an opportunity to level up and unlock themed content in cities such as Paris, Rome, Beijing, London, Los Angeles and more! Players can compete with opponents around the world, or challenge their own friends in a heated head-to-head match.

Jeopardy! World Tour offers hundreds of thousands of clues in a wide range of categories and allows players to compete against other members of the global “Jeopardy!” community, boost their scores, and rise to the top of the leaderboards.

“’Jeopardy!’ fans are always looking for more ways to play our game,” said ‘Jeopardy!’ host Alex Trebek. “I know they will be very happy with this new mobile game that connects them with other ‘Jeopardy!’ fans everywhere.”

“The passionate and engaged ‘Jeopardy!’ audience will find so much to love in this new mobile edition of the show," noted Harry Friedman, executive producer of “Jeopardy!” “With essential elements like Double Jeopardy! and Final Jeopardy!, the mood and tone of the game will feel genuine, but completely reimagined for the mobile audience."

“Jeopardy! World Tour stands on the shoulders of a show that's been successful for 33 years,” said Geremie Camara, Vice President, Sony Pictures Television Networks Games. “We unpacked the essence of a timeless franchise and created a familiar surprise that will engage ‘Jeopardy!’ fans and mobile gamers alike.”

Jeopardy! World Tour was developed by Sony Pictures Television Networks Games, an award-winning, world-class mobile games publisher recognized for its premier games, including Jeopardy! Skill on Amazon Echo, Wheel of Fortune PUZZLE POP! with Vanna White and Smurfs Bubble Story, a bubble-popping mobile game inspired by the animated film from Sony Pictures Animation, Smurfs: The Lost Village.
Jeopardy! World Tour is now available for free download with in-app purchases on iOS and Android.
Come on Idiotest. Make it an app based on the GSN game.
Don't tell Elektra this:

If you happen to fall in the middle of a Venn diagram for Love Island and Gladiators fans (and who doesn't?), then you're in for a right treat.

Because ITV is bringing back the spirit of Gladiators for the Love Island generation... and rumour has it it's going to be called Ladiators. Yep, you heard us.

According to The Sun, the channel's latest reality gameshow hybrid will combine the sweat, strength and speed of Gladiators with 'laddish' behavior, as a bunch of guys battle it out to be the 'ultimate lad'.

What could possibly go wrong, eh?

It's worth pointing out, though, that the show has no direct connection to the '90s telly classic.

Ladiators will instead be a tongue-in-cheek embrace of lad culture, as contestants – along with their girlfriends – compete in a series of challenges testing their stamina and fitness. Ahem.

I'll stick with the 90's classic, thank you.

And I wanna give a shout out to the "Myself proclaimed" Buzz Berry of the Pacific Northwest, Claire Buss for putting her creation on the local news. Next stop: Full shows on Youtube or syndication.

I see an Idiotest on your!

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and text

We'll give you time to think after this Google Play Music interlude from.....Mika to close out the class of 2007 reunion. Let's get it!

So how did you do? Well, the one with the B- blood bag is the right answer. You get an A on that. A big A!

A little breaking news story: Madison Brunoehler's Youtube Channel has sped past 5000 subs! Hip Hop Hooray! So we decided to do another edition of.....

So Impressed! with Madi2TheMax. This time it's How To Train Your Dragon impressions. Here to make us roar is  our Match Game mistress of impressionism, ......Madi2theMax!
(canned applause button)

Thanks Madi. You're always a dragon slayer.

Last story of the day is this. Jackbox Games is developing a real-life version of Trivia Murder Party on Netflix later this fall. The program has yet to find a host.....

Holy knife in the kitchen drawer Batfink, that thundershower tells us it's....

The Lightning Rant. 90 seconds to talk about how Jim Peck killed marriages starting from.................


Back in 1978, CHuck Barris wanted a companion to The Newlywed Game. 3s A Crowd was the alternative to married couples. It centered around bosses who are around secretaries while the wives stayed home and sometimes worked on their own. The host: Jim Peck. He wanetd to make his career blossom. Instead, he watched girls arguing and reading questions about sex in the workplace. No wonder his career hath turned into a disaster. What did Chuck Barris do to deserve this? 3s A Crowd would've been a hit but instead it turned out to be trash and had public backlash to go with it. That spelled the end for Jim Peck's career....temporarily before he subbed on TJW and later hosted Divorce Court in the 1980s and Chuck Barris' game show empire by 1980. Guess it later inspired trash TV talk shows today, huh?

That's it for this week. Today's consolation prize is snake venom. It'll give you the bite you deserve.

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