Thursday, February 7, 2013

Coming Attractions!!!

You know that song "Let Me Call You Sweet heart?" Well, we're not going to call you a spaz or an idiot, we're going to call you a know-it-all, because you've been watching GSn for so long. So Next week.....

-We call  out the ratings like finding a lost dog
-We call the news....and find out why it was past 30 minutes on by BBQ Pizza from Pizza Hut
-Our fans call out the possible MTWI revival
-And we continue sex & romance week with a callign to Love Connection

GSN The Know. It's the calling.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bachelor Number.....13......Will you accept this rose?
(theme fades out)

Hey all you Raven-tastic people, welcome to another GSN The Know. Pierre Kelly here and after a real Family Feud in the superbowl, it's time to get back to watching Family Feud. If this blackout is any indication why you had to switch to a DWTS marathon, then you know why it's GSN and we got 4 quarters to get to starting with the first quarter or as I like to call it "How Many Family Feud slots fit a top ten list?" Hilty?

As of the last full week in January, Family Feud almost notched up 14 out of 15 slots, but we go to the dead bird section and have a peek.....

Baggge kicked things off, in a sndwich with $100K Pyramid, while Card Sharks was the loner on top of a pattern with Family Feud and Password Plus. The last 3 had Feud unwatchable once again. That's the first quarter, let's let Hilty fly away!

We move on to the second quarter and there is news about the Family Trade. It was supposed to be slated for March 5th. Unfortunately, it wouldn't get any eyeballs over Spring Break, so it'll move to next week which is March 12th. However, it'll be teh same 8 episodes you'd skip over.

Also, Minute to Win it will be reviving on GSN. With news of a sudden return, the program is by far the most popular since Feud. It is slated for a 40-episode run like many GSN shows on their first season and the top prize will be $100,000. That makes it along with Engvall's Lingo as the only 2 with the top prize while others had less than that. Oh, I forgot, Grand Slam was in it, too. SO next week in the 3rd quarter, we'll have teh GSN Forums go first along with Buzzerblog next about this exciting return. Now more news.

Of the 10 ridiculous concepts, Show Me The Money was one of them on the network. It didn' t last very long.

And now a new feature w like to call....Pick A Poetry Corner. Here's James Williamson doing a poem on DWTS that came on Sunday:

To quote the late Nipsey Russell:

"Dancing with Stars tis' a spectator's sport tis' no game show, as to why it's on Game Show Network the Hell if i know"

Word. Now it's Halftime, and las week, I gave you a Super Password Puzzle to ponder. Your clues in case you missed it was....

The answer: Lindsey Stirling and she's here for Lindsey Stirling Appreciation Month as part of February, which is romantic to hear a violin over a dinner table, but not dancing while playing at the same time. She could get fired for that. Nonetheless, she is a Mormon. You heard right, a Mormon. How does she do it? Watch:
Thanks, Lindsey and she'll be back next week for another hit to drop. RIght now, let's drop our sponsor.....
They want to call you for all the surveys you take, the offers you accept, the polls you answer and teh games you play, all in the name of virtual cash. That's right, virtul cash. Your friends will be there, too. Tell them to sign up by invte and you get more points to ge whatever you want. That's Now on to the 3rd and we review the January ratings from our GSN posters. We start with:
"Good for Press Your Luck. Once Woolery Lingo comes back though we have a "modern" show back in the classic block, although Woolery can be considered classic, I don't think it belongs at 11:30am. But that's me, and I'm glad it's coming back."
Yes, Woolery's Lingo is back and here to stay. Staying with this:
"Normally I get up at 8am PST so, that's about 8 shows. And Dawson Feud, Match Game, Card Sharks, and Press Your Luck would make 4 more if I was up at 5am, or was willing to record them. Half the time I'd rather watch Live TV over recorded stuff, but that's me. I don't record many classics, just new episodes of shows I may miss."
5 am? Sign me up, dude! Keeping on with this....
"GSN doesn't have a bad schedule by any stretch as far as variety. But I still would love GSN to invest a few pennies and get new seasons of Dawson and MG. It's just so ridiculous at this point. That is a very simple way to bump up morning ratings quite a bit. Think SP and 25 K have a few more cycles in them, but a new season of 100 K would be prudent.
Think we all know how much emphasis GSN places on 8 AM to 2 PM, but it doesn't cost much at this point to get better morning ratings. They don't have to clean house with Pyramid and SP doing well in thos slots. SP has been doing nicely in that death hour for awhile now.
Same Dawson year and same MG year-plus since 2009......wonder if Chris Elliot or Bill Murray are available for GSN Morning promos."

No and No. Every Year, the network is like the movie Groundhog Day. We're past that and enough is enough. On to this:

"One of the reasons GSN's ratings are as good as they are is because of Press Your Luck. Before bringing back the show, I would only watch the channel for a few minutes so I could get the Secret Word. Having Press Your Luck back was a good call by GSN."

And it may break into the top 100 if they keep this up. Now the 4th quarer and we kick off Sex & ROmance Month with The Dating Game.

WHen you hear about Rodney Acala, you think "The Dating Game." Any one who's got modern sense can tell their parents about a Chuck Barris classic. After he branched into songwriting, he took the concept of 3 bachelors or bachelorettes and 1 suitor to ask questions for 5 minutes while being blocked from view to win a date. It worked. Throughout the decades, celebrities figured out when to start on a game show and they found one. Throughout cosmetic changes, save for the Brad Sherwood format, The Dating Game would be the one GSN would never revive....if only.

And only that cue means one thing. It's time to leave. Thanks so much for being here.

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