Thursday, November 29, 2012

Coming Attractions!!!

Buzzers & bells ring....and we're listening. GSN The Know hears it.

-As you go along, the Ratings report will play love songs
-All The News right by a fire
-We take it to the forums for December's marathons and we'll say...Yeah, man.
-And why Remakes don't work....sometimes.

Forget Walking. We're bike-riding in a Game Show Wonderland known as GSN The Know.

Monday, November 26, 2012

(theme fades out)

Hello everyone. It's Cyber Monday and the last one for the DWTS season, because we'll be back to Tuesday next week, because both of those will involve GSN and does. As you stare as this title, Improv-A-Ganza blew up a bomb of a ratings, but it wasn't in the bottom 10. We'll get to that, but first the top stars of teh list. Hilty?

Family Feud once again went on top, But Fifth Grader slipped up to 2nd and MTWI took the bronze. Feud took up 4th & 5th, but Fifth Grader took 6th. Feud took 7-9, but Fifth Grader rounded it out. Now the ones who got trampled on Black Friday when the stores opened and couldn't recover......sounds like fun, isn't it?

$100K Pyramid kicked it off 2 times, followed by Whammy!, then a double dose of Dog Eat Dog, Baggage and a smotehring of Feud. That ends the first. Hilty will now do Cyber Monday shopping.

Now the 2nd quarter.
As you know, Jeff Foxowrthy is known for his Bible Show and we have video for proof of how well he does.
We say goodbye to Larry Hagman. You may know him from "I Dream Of Jeannie," but he will be remembered for J.R. Ewing in "Dallas" and an episode that changed history. He even appeared on "Family Feud" and "Hollywood Squares." He was 81.
Since it's a slow week, let's do what does this remind you of?
There is an epsiode of TTTT in 1977 as an imposter, but what movie does this remind you of?
Catch Me If You Can. a 2002 film that starred Leonardo DiCaprio as pilot Frank Abagnale, Jr. who performed con jobs before teh age of 19. Yikes. And now it's halftime. Because it's after Thanksgiving, either Black Friday, Nephilim Sunday....jsut ask my friend Janis or Cyber Monday, you're in teh holiday spirit and teh Screen Team are here to put you in the mood. Take it, guys!
No turkey comas please, let's move on to the 3rd quarter. We go to Buzzerblog to find out if they're ready for next month's marathon. Dan goes with....
"Very good for the NYE they decide to pur Classic Pyramid with the late mater and New Years Rockin Eve master Dick Clark, it’s not only a great way to end the year, but a great way to celebrate Richard’s life, too bad VH1 won’t do AB (but that’s another story)."
You're right, and Dance Party USA may return to USA....who knows? GSNfan has this:
"12/23 American Bible Challenge: Great

12/24 Minute to Win It: Eh, maybe they should test how the numbers for the Thanksgiving (11/22 2-6pm) marathon should go first. Because it’s not a runaway hit for the network.

12/25 Match Game: Very Good.

12/31 $25,000/$100,000 Pyramid: I can’t complain. But there’s a lot of Clark’s Pyramid on the schedule as is and it does well.

12/31 The Pyramid: Expected at some point on either Christmas or New Years. I also thought Newlywed Game might pick up a marathon

1/1 Deal or No Deal: Why???? It’s not a horrible idea at all. It’s a game show, it does decent at 4pm.

Surprised this isn’t 5th Grader
Sorta good and really surprised to see no Feud marathon here."

Good thing the top-ranked show other than TABC isn't here for those special days. Tyler has this....

"I’m glad there’s no marathon for Newlywed Game. Feud i wish they would have done a marathon for it."

I was hoping for the Bob Eubanks version, but oh well. Scott, you're up.

"We need more variety. Why couldn’t GSN acquire a new game show that has never been aired on the network, for a special 1-day marathon? Or re-acquire a game show that the network hasn’t shown in years for a special 1-day marathon, like Russian Roulette, or That’s the Question, or Grand Slam, etc."

That would work, but Russian Roulette would be out of the question.

Breaking News update from Chad Mosher. Here it is....

As has been recent tradition over the last couple of years, GSN will indeed be also airing select episodes of What’s My Line? and I’ve Got a Secret, starting December 17th. The beloved programs from the 1950s and 1960s will air weeknights at 2AM and 2:30AM ET. The duration is not yet known, but if previous patterns are followed, expect it to be for no more than two weeks.

Maybe a whole year would've done it. It's now time for.....

The Fan of the 4th quarter. Our fan this week: Chris Lonas.

From my home state, He's a professional wrestler who used to work supermarkets. When he was in the ring, he was Chris Xtreme for the independent company Knoxville Wretling Alliance and was once a front end manager Food City before working at Hardee's. I miss that place years ago. But his deep passion is GSN, espcially Family Feud, why? Because he misses the Ray Combs version. But I have bad news for you Chris, you are the very last.....

(song stops; switces to intro)

The Fan of the 4th quarter.

And that will do it. We'll return to our regular day for all teh holiday havoc GSN wrecked on. In the meantime, Remember to get into our FB group page and tell us about it. Tweet me @ Johnny_Arcade, friend me as Pierre Jason Kelly or email me at and when I'm on the GSN forums, I'm Gameheadz. See you guys later and play on, playas.