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-Steampunk'd news to ponder while they took a week off....
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I once was Lost, but now I'm Found


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VO: This is GSN The Know. The most informed and entertained blog in the United States of America. Now, from the WIlton-North building, here is the man about games, Pierre Kelly.

Me: Fierce, bold, courageous, loyal and sometimes....controversial. That's some of the many characteristics GSN needs to make the operation work. When you watch, we post it on Facebook, tweet about it, Instagram the highlights, Snapchat it or text your friends & fam about it, we're here for you. Let's begin with...

The Starting Line.

This past week saw game show fans hit a gold mine of rarities Buzzr gave us it's Lost & Found block. This week, we will focus on that special week, but we'll still give you all the GSN news that matters. There were pilots of shows that went to air and some that...well, didn't. I liked the way Buzzr is doing a good job, but let's see what my alter ego has to say about it. Ladies & Gentlemen, the doctor of classic game show style.....Dr. Buzzr.

VO: Dr. Buzzr is a graduate of Maple Heights Community College with a degree in game show classics. He is a lecturer in and around the Grimsborough area and contributed to many in the field of self-help for and He's been interviewed on many podcasts and has yet to appear in TV talk shows and daytime network morning shows. Dr. Buzzr is not an actual doctor, nor a Ph.D., in fact, he doesn't play one on TV. He's simply a game show fanatic who is a member of the Stephanie Thorpe foundation for New Media Excellence, the national Game & Reality foundation and the Stan Lee writers club. And now, coming from his office on the 6th floor of the Wilton-North building....Dr. Buzzr.
(song fades out)
Dr. Buzzr: Thank you Pierre Kelly. When I first saw Buzzr: Lost & Found, I was joyed with the rare stuff GSN couldn't do in years.  I was overjoyed with what Buzzr brought to the table, but I'm a little upset Spell Binders from 1978, Puzzlers from 1980 or that Match Game pilot they wanted for TBS didn't make it. Hopefully, it'll be another day when they will do it again. I say to Buzzr.....Well done. This has been Dr. Buzzr and I'm.....Dr. Buzzr.
VO: For a written transcript, please send $6.95 to:
(song stops)
Me: Thank you Dr. Buzzr for your insight.

After the break, Idiotest rises from the ashes of a.....dead person, but did Steampunk'd follow, too? That answer coming up. Shall I ask you not to go anywhere?

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(Quick fade out)

Back in the dog house and 2 Wednesday programs picked back up where they left off.

Here's what Steampunk'd did....

8:00pm Steampunk'd (new): 256,000 total viewers/70,000 18-49 viewers; up 48% in total viewers/up 9% in 18-49 viewers from last week at 9pm; down 60% in total viewers/down 66% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in.

Shows you they resumed to truer form. As far as Idiotest was concerned....

10;00pm Idiotest (new): 307,000 total viewers/107,000 18-49 viewers; up 25% in total viewers/up 197% in 18-49 viewers from last week; down 12% in total viewers/up 49% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in
10:30pm Idiotest (new): 301,000 total viewers/116,000 18-49 viewers; up 1% in total viewers/up 90% in 18-49 viewers from last week; down 2% in total viewers/up 8% in 18-49 viewers from lead-in
A bit of a comeback for the puzzler game. But this week will be hiatus week for both shows in order to rest up for next week's newer shows. Why? There's a GOP debate you should watch. Speaking of Idiotest....
Yep, season 3. More people, more puzzles and more of.......Ben. They need people. 10 grand will be the top prize as is in past seasons.
Now a new segment. Sometimes in life, we all have bad memories. but we at GTK are here to give you a look at the moments that....well, we need to forget. Let's take a different approach to memory lane in.....
Amnesia Avenue.
Today, it's Star Words from 1983. Nipsey Russell is hoping for his big debut as game show host after being a panelist for quite some time.  In it, contestants try to match associations to 5 words on a game board given by a celebrity while the contestant is away for a minute. I'm not going to bother putting up any clips or the full pilot thing for obvious reasons, but the pilot is there on our group page. Buzzerblog has gotten the word and gave it a.....3.7. Ouch. One writer named Christian said...
"Other than Nipsey’s hosting and the drab set, I felt the biggest problem with Star Words was the cold, sterile feeling of the interactions between the contestants and their celebrity partners, due to them being separated by a TV monitor. This could have easily been solved by keeping all four players on stage, and having the players write their connections down on cards. At that point, however, you’ve essentially re-invented Match Game, so why bother?"
Agreed. Casey Abell of GSF had this to say...
"Usually they failed, which was only the start of the problems with the pilot. In fact, the bonus round got easier because the game was reversed. Host Nipsey Russell gave the associated word to the civvie and the celeb, who then had to pick the pair of terms from a list of ten. I honestly enjoyed the bonus round, which bumped up the pace considerably and at least had some correct guesses. Maybe they just should have played the bonus round for a half-hour and forgotten about the glacial front game."
Guess which show CBS got instead?..................................................Press Your Luck.
(song stops)
Now that we're out of it, it's time for....
Twitter Theater. Many of you used the #lostnfun hashtag and here were your best tweets.
@theblogisright: After watching the shows, there's no doubt that I have Working Girl March & The Illinois Instant Riches theme stuck in my head.
Me too.
Also, it tweeted:
"TKO was not bad as a game show, but I can see why it wasn't picked up. I just couldn't get into the 3-players-a-week format."
We'll discuss that in the 3rd. Next....
@theericschuman Sep 8
'50s Game Show: Guess my job. '80s Game Show: Guess this name. Roll these dice. Shout some letters. Solve this puzzle. .
I know. They were What's My Line and On a Roll.
@wordsbig80s Sep 7
Nipsey Russell, Patty Duke, and Charles Nelson Reilly doing the bump is really all I ever wanted out of TV
Yep. Lastly....
SilverSpringJoe Sep 7
Watching Betty White on the Match Game from *51 years* ago (1964) on I love TV, sometimes.
(song stops)
But getting back to Steampunk'd......
The remaining players snuck in a closet somewhere,
but instead of skeletons, Kirsten Vangness was there,
Jeannie Mai was present,
and off the challenge went,
What will the steampunkers wear?
The Red Team had an advantage,
and Karianne was on top of the sandwich,
Charles & Eddie came in,
and so was Miss Morgan,
But we want to know which winner is which?
It had to be Morgan, as so,
With 3k of machines to sew,
but one thought he or she was best,
but worst was the rest,
Tayliss was the next one to go.
(song stops)
Why Tayliss Why?
Last story goes to Buzzr....again. Verizon Fios has added 6 more cities  to their growing family. Yay!
Now the 2nd intermission presented by I want to introduce to you No Harmony. They consist of Erin Darling and Heidi Heaslet. They got one hit already out on far. They'll make more pretty soon. Right now, No Harmony.
And on to the 3rd period.
Getting back to Buzzr: Lost & Found. Just for curiosity, I want to know for the fans out there, what would happen if the pilots were sold? Well, I'm going from the earliest to air to the most recent. Not counting is Family Feud in 1992. They tweaked Bullseye a bit, but it was just for daytime. Body Language had the 7 chances game, but went with a Sweepstakes bonus game instead. But let's go through them right now, shalleth we?
Play for Keeps: That would tarnish the reputation Goodson-Todman would have on their company. Look what TPIR did. It made it a legend. Look what Password did. Look what Family Feud did. Goodson-Todman is a legendary company. They were in the midst of the quiz show scandals and survived. There's no way it would change the game show landscape today. Can you imagine Merv Griffin and Chuck Barris being game show kings?
Star Words: Uh.....Flop. There's no way they would change it to NBC just to watch this mess. Thankfully, PYL was here to save this mess.
On A Roll: um....I may think it's for either CBS or syndication, but High Rollers would get into 1987, Wheel is still going strong and the $1,000,000 chance of a Lifetime is still on. So why would they should've air it?
TKO: It'll be a pretty interesting sell. It would've been the first Goodson game to have 3 players in one week and Peter Tomarken's first game for his company. I'm guessing somewhere after the soaps come on.
Body Talk: I think it'll pair back-to-back with Match Game, but the noon slot would be a killer thanks to newscasts on TV.
So that's just it.
And we're gone to the dogs. Before we go, remember, when you're in the market looking for a pet, please remember one thing: #adpotdontshop. Ight?
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