Saturday, August 24, 2013

Coming Attractions!!!!

On the next GSN The Know..... -We'll wub at the ratings.... -We'll drop the bass on the news stories.... -And well go electric on TABC turning 1 this year. Join us for GSN The Know. Dubstep on it!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pay what you can

(Hey there all my game heads out there, this sponsor for August is Redbox. There are over 200, count 'em 200 movies in every Redbox kiosk. Go find yourself a favorite today and watch a movie tonight so that you can return ot wence you came or find another one the next day. How's that for a movie night? for more info and now comes this.)

VO: Hey there all you munchkins and wicked witches, it's time to follow the yellow brick road to a blog with news....ratings....and something more fun, because somewhere over the rainbow.....which is the Wilton-North building, it's....

GSN The Know, the blog that almost knows a lot about everything. Here is Pierre Kelly.
Me: Welcome back to the blog that makes a lollipop guild stick them to the wall. Time to get into it and the 1st period is up. The great & powerful Hilty will report the ratings for us.

With 2 episodes of Family Feud, Ohno's Minute finally enterted the top 10 for the first time at #3, with Feud filling out the rest, but despite the very memorable first episode, "The Chase" ended up at #13. Now the Lullaby League.......oh, come on, you know who they are.

One of a handful of 3 episodes of Match game, it was in a sandwich with P+, Baggage and 100K Pyramid. After DED, 3 Baggage shows came up along with P+ and Match. Time to end the first period, Hilty, use your tornado powers right now.

After a quick TO, we check the Facebook Files on a picture you might've seen on another group page. Click your heels 3 times and come right back for it.

(song fades out)

Hey there all you flying monkeys. We're back.

As we start the second period, Time Warner customers up in milwaukee, Wi, found out that the WTMJ affilate belonging to NBC is taking GSN to a replacement file. The change took place last month after it had failed to reach an agreement with the Journal Broadcast group. However, the network is still around on their HD and digital channels.

Meanwhile, the network had the highest average of over 310K viewers this year thanks to Chase and Minute. It hasn't happened since the network took place almost 19 years ago. Way to go, GSN!

And now, another edition of.....

The Facebook Files.

This photo I just saw a few weeks when I returned to Game Show Fever Chat, got all of the FB nation talking. Let's start with Ken Watson and this....

 "GSN had First Feud and Family Ud, but now they got Flannel Feud, Dancing Feud and Kings of Comedy Feud (no Failure, Fatso, Whammy & Today Feuds)"

What he just said was he was referring to the Dawson & COmbs versions. Nowadays, it's Karn, O'Hurley and Harvey. Your Hardrock, Coco & Joe of GSN if you happen to live in Chicago. Maybe Johnathan Seward had this comment....

"I agree. GSN doesn't seem to care about the fact that they rerun-abuse 21st century Family Feud Thankfully, I believe it's likely we may see something different come the fall in terms of classic programming, whether it be different PYL, different Sale of the Century, or a new lease of Jim Perry's and/or Bob Eubanks' Card Sharks. I Seem to enjoy GSN for Password Plus on Saturdays and some Sundays as of lately."

I want to see them someday. Really. I want to.

(song fades out)

Alright, no more of that, let's get to the 2nd intermission presented by Singer and songwriter Savannah Outen is that focus of Acoustic August. Still unsigned with a record label, Savannah keeps on with her music. But in her teens, she did some mashups and here is one of them.

And we roll ahead to the final period.
A while ago, i was looking at yard sales, and I thought what would GSN happen to find shows with cheap stuff? Well, we have your answer.
First, Baggage. When 2 go out for a date, you get dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House. It'll probably cost you $50.
What about The Newlywed Game? Well, you get a second honeymoon and all, but it'll give you perhaps 2 benjamins or more. Okay, then.....what about....
Catch 21? Well, $25,000 isn't nothing to sneeze with, especially those who get busted in the bonus game and walk out with $1000. Moving on.....
Love Triangle. Bad format nonetheless, but if you get a date to break the triangle., it's around 100 bucks.
So I guess that's about it. Anything else I left out?
Oh yeah, that too.

There's no place like home, so we're going right now. Our blog is brought to you by the broadway play "Wicked." It's still running somewhat in NYC, but the soundtrack is much better if you can get it on
Don't forget to email me at,, Pierre Jason Kelly on FB and @Johnny_Arcade on twitter. We leave you now with another mashup from Savannah. Play on, playas.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Coming Attractions!!!!

On The NExt GSN The Know.... -We'll get brainy with ratings.... -We'll have heart with news.... -And we'll have courage as to which GSN program is cheapest. Join us for GSN The Know. How about a little fire, Scarecrow?